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Newell Normand
Monday, November 20th

Newell recaps the Saints big win with Kristian Garic against the Redskins in the dome Sunday.

This Hours guest:
Kristian Garic - WWL's Saints Sideline reporter


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We're back we've been talking about the election results and talking to some of our future leaders and I thought the conversations went very well and I and I sense a lot of energy and vitality and and really are looking forward to hit the the pavement running in and so that's a good thing for us focusing in and hopefully. Their level of success will be huge and they'll be able to turn around a number of issues. That we face in this community and in this region because it's gonna require collaboration. Of the entire region just not with the in this city. But on it on to talk blonde with this is Kristian garic WWL saints' sideline reporter welcome to show Christian. Newell another good Monday here in new worlds at the saints pulled off a thrilling overtime victory they're erased a fifteen point fourth quarterly first time in franchise history they've done that so. Yet that states a great month that. You know it it it's it's a great Monday it feels a little different than last Monday this was a weird game. And the flow was back and forth you we were in we were out. And not scoring any points in the third quarter. Kind of brought that dooms day kind of feeling you know going into the fourth quarter. Look guys I tweet itself and about I think it was like six minutes left ago. In the in the fourth corps right trees of the launch of about the win their their fifth straight in the superdome MP. Say to meet the Redskins in the superdome since Bobby there was the quarterback in. What I eat some crow and now I'm glad to do so but it's it the saints never led in this game until overtime until it was final so. This goes to show you there'll be teams by twenty points. An average twenty points and there. Seven game winning streak and this is when they won by three and I kind of felt like tool on and I talked about a first take which the court. Eventually the laws of average advocate that we knew they had not played a three point game or two that federal offense. All year long and he has figured that it had to happen at some point and I also thought because. Drew reason you know the numbers or what we typically see from drew reason at some point he's gonna show you why he is a hall of Famer. And he saw that there and in a final possession he was eleven for eleven. And and a fourth quarter and overtime. And actually just put on a show. On how to salute the fallen clutch time when he when they needed them to be at his best he was perfect. Drew was 29 a 41385. Yards two touchdowns and an an interception I mean once again almost a thousand yards of offense for both teams. Yeah and look it was a it was a defense and effort that. He saw some things honestly from the saints defense that reminds you that weeks one week two performance where they had guys run in three. Some busted coverages and and I'll I'll be honest and I know they lost wash a lot of wants a big loss. Gonna game I think he'll be back sooner rather than later they also lost and it's been. They counsel Austin resident Okafor Alex Okafor excessive for the season with a forty a torn Achilles but. The buck in Paris and has been at the coal part I think a lot of these busted coverage now we don't know for sure we don't know with a plea design is but it looks like me. Despite watching the communication on the field. When they threw that one pass to Ryan Grant on the sideline Washington scored is an all out blitz on Kirk cousins. I think they can crawl the expected to want to heiress take that guy and he didn't and I think that someday got to get fixed because they're down now. For this game forward with this game they're in this game it without 45 starters and a decline cutie Carl marks a lot of more and Alex Okafor so if you book start a vital bit. Saint defense. Yeah and you know it it's seen the net in the first half. Patty visit. Korean Karine Paronto. From the right here on. They edit the had a tough time dealing with them. They did. That lets get off of the line is very good. They've been banged up for most of the year but they finally got a little healthy. That's a really good office a lot of Agilent got things going I think that at times the saints have been vulnerable against the run this year. This one of those to a back down to earth kind of gain for the saints defense and you know I think it's good I talk to Drew Brees after the game and he he pointed out out out believe this that there's more growth learn as a team. From a close game like this that in the you know 47 at ten varieties and the week before the Buffalo Bills I think this. This is a humbling game for I think it has gives them an opportunity all right hey look maybe we're not as good as we think we are but at the same time. Championship teams find ways to win games like this when it's not a if he's not going your way. They battle at first I wanna see how they handle those situations when it wasn't the double digit lead and had to come back and win a ball game. There's a lot of syllables similarities between this 09 that note nineteen in the point seventeen saints team and here's one. Giver and midway point that 09 season assays were undefeated they went out of Miami fell down big time and I had the second largest comeback. And second half and the second half saints history will you he witnessed that in 2009 and you witnessed the largest comeback. And fourth quarter century from the worlds that are in the fourth quarter for the New Orleans Saints in franchise history so there's a lot of parallels and I think it. And I asked the results of this team special in knowing he believes. Right now they're 82 there right behind Eagles and in the NFC and uh oh like hippie but yet to go make a run on I mean look at these this schedule coming up it's certainly not favorable but it certainly games that. The little help here on defense gave a call I think we'll be back provided as early this week I think if they could stay healthy on defense they can make a run deep well. You know they all the other thing too in 09 it's similar to this year you can't create your own luck to you know yeah. Yeah yeah I think it seems creek are absolutely creep throw fortune. Look at this goes to show you if you're doubting how good this team is if you are one of the few now that are not on board. You'll you know you lose the turnover battle in the National Football League it's almost a guarantee you're gonna lose the game. First off they had a 2% chance of winning that game at a fourth quarter 2%. Chance to win the fourth quarter and a pull off but. The bigger thing and that is they've lost the turnover battle three times this eight game when extra three times and he won that game so this goes to show you how good. How dimensional out of first this team is coming to the ways that when a ball. Well you know I'm glad that aren't listening audience has a little bit and you know a sense of humor 'cause I wanna know is to Garrick do you want aside the greens are yams to go along with a huge slice of humble pie that you have to eat. And I'll I'll I'll be the humble pie with I think. A big saints fans are directed their ire at the wrong person. Injury. Nobody wants his team to succeed more than I mile everything's great the food taste better that the weather is better. It's not it's cold outside over the saints when I mean you know why would not so yeah look but I'll take green felt that whatever his policies he went Hollywood have you comedy. Well there is no doubt that Thanksgiving. Holiday is going to be a much happier holiday with this win and especially the way they won. Let me ask you this though. It seemed like in the first half. They abandoned the raw and a little bit is that is that just me or is that did you get that same sense I think. Did I did I'll hit him so it painted and I think that they were trying to have some balance to Washington was sit not a lot of routes. There are squatting on routes I think the saints were trying to get that if the running game go on and it's our set them up for didn't eight guys out of box and in. Or eight guys in the box. She's in it to get shots down field and there are what happens is Washington. Was able squat on a lot of routes you saw them struggle for the football but I think it's interesting what the saints do start to gain dual. When they start to run it right right to run the football early what they do to start oh the opening period of overtime brand of football. Yep so. They start the game running into the games like they started they were back their bread and butter and that is the running. Ironically to say it is that is the running game that is the bread and butter of the sensible. And you know Ingram ended up with eleven attempts 134 yards and then attached. Yeah I mean look to the balance between he and tomorrow. Tamara should say it and Mark Ingram and office one in particular tool out of by you and and and the and the audits you mail order to put you in the listeners. It's funny to watch things play watched Toronto march that it watching your speed the left side that sinks off at the line is absolutely. Dominant as they are done they. Where did they go in overtime where they won a football behind those two guys both times. Andy made you know 2030 yards to rip off big chunks of yards right about those two guys. As much maligned as interest Pete was his first couple seasons in the National Football League I keep got a nice little a little hole for itself a left guard and front office on the ground in the form. Come off that injury in the I know you knew that game a a couple from yesterday but as you neglect got out of one Twitter. Runoff that is just fired back today show the other thirty wraps that up ladies. You you know cleaner had a good game yesterday too and a lot of it was actually in the third quarter where they didn't score but he had five receptions and anyone York's. Yeah and that's an area that I think I was actually calm out there are broadcasts anywhere is Kobe for exceeding gave target you think you look that until third quarter. And also he emerges that's an area this offense that. This thing gets a production out of tight end position in particular cold clear that this offense gets even more gently he hasn't been the freeagent acquisition I think anybody expect them would be. Although he put up a nice day yesterday in helped this helped this team went. It might other than obviously all the game winning stuff but my favorite play was when they hit cleaner over the middle on that nothing was a third down play for the first down I mean that's something that we miss and then. I actually jumped off the sofa and you know which of course excited about that like. Look at the scene. You're back when they had Jimmy Graham that was a money like there was no money allies salute you wasted dollar that up whenever they needed their best they'll often their best way to run him down seem let him out jump everybody. Drew decent football location in and that was not a back for that is almost unfair. You have seen at the start to see yesterday I think one of the things it will I'd be remiss if I didn't point out is in at a shopping its criticism for his play calling by. When he had to have it he called his best place and that's what could play callers do. Though that's his best place and that seemed flat pattern down the middle that's a very successful play although they don't run as much this year. But just like the run a plate of Mark Ingram down on the left side behind. Behind our stand behind Pete that's their best play he recognized that it got the best player in particular on a two point conversion critical. Two point conversion for outlook Tamara the kind of ball game that's their best play. Absolutely route Christian if you couldn't stay with this through the break I've had a right to the talk lines when we return. The diagram Kristian garic in this is Noual Norman on WWL. Rebecca Kristian garic covered every l.'s saints sideline reporter will go straight and talk lines line one Lyndon Metairie what say you Linda. I I have a question for Christian art I was that began yesterday. And it was just. Unbelievable what should I should I mean and we conceded that voted for many years. What I thought was the most amazing thing I've ever seen what is. After the game was ever out all the players were on the field and I'll swap impurities. I think more that olive me if sanctions are going on we've. Sport and with the whole world in general I know it was not televised because one it won't bird that's there for the network. That kind of some of that. Some bad activity. Could be shown on some of them. He has yen it sports or something like that I think it would be a wonderful. Opportunity shadow market is. Trump real sportsmanship. In football. With a high language assailant I it would assailant I just think it. At times they have done that on or. Isn't as good at it in sportsmanship in these guys. Alternately play this game. There. And true that there meet at. I've never seen where I mean acting you know some players to work and you know with. Other players on other came and possibly right before we debate you know gone out on an accurate thing but they looked like. Actually provoking at the end of the fact that he wondered again when you're just pour it on to the woman didn't believe. It was making me. Almost all the players are taking off their. Dirt cheap initial deposits and. That's common occurrence. It's common occurrences today's at a though. Art it's a common occurrence of today's NFL we do that a lot you know they do you a lot. I've never you know ankle at one of acting. I mean not to not to that degree I mean like I act and you know it could happen from and aren't you know and interest by. Lived there and make your point it's all good it's all good food. I know that Turkey already today is due and it's and it taste even better on third. And. Thanks so much lending you know Christian one of the other things lots had a great game. Fit 522924. Before. Two for two an extra points and also Mike Thomas yeah yeah out again six but 91. You know six receptions 91 yards. Really came through as well. Can't guard Mike Al I'm actually just watch in the final drive there with the saints when time development 31 cent in overtime then Mike comes at a reception. The play started it's that that that drive started a little strange because of the Redskins actually pull off an interception with it was a penalty. Indicated that in such and Mike Thomas. The next play ripped off about twenty yard catch and run. And he really got the better of Josh moment if you got an extra four yards it still able to get out of bounds he saw he thought. I think jot a trick Josh Norman and thinking that he's a step out of bounds of the student feel for another 45 yards in the resort for big Mike thomas'. Has been sensational his hands are unbelievable. The strength of his chances is incredible and he stood up view one heck of receivers got the second round will for the second week in a row my vote is still. Camara the in the heart is gonna team in knockdown. Oh yeah and he wants of course we'll great balance you'll me it's it's it's come on can't look how about the ability to double that ball and they and and holiday and great hand eye coordination get it to the end zone and the very next well two point conversion. Scoots in he's been I said that they drafted him tool that I thought that this was the rookie of this class and it all been impact full. But I thought he was gonna have the biggest impact because of the office that is gonna put him he put in who's in Paula please who's going to be in the football and he's had a tremendous impact they haven't had that dynamic in this office says they traded artful. Few seasons ago now Chris continues stay with this through the break. Sure that guy and we'll go back to the did talk lines but I just wanted it in in the second half of of this our. You know two to talk about with next week's game a little bit to present that's going to be a big game. And will there will be so big showdown they are out Allah they lost this week which is. Probably good and there may be we aren't able to learn some things from that from this game film. Going into your next week's game. Yeah look I think that this is close game Israel look at that I wanted to lot cleanup for the saints sure the rams are going to be a little ticked off. Given out with the vikings put on a pretty yeah this is should be a great game next Sunday Aussie rules of the house. Stay with this if you want a line please lower common right back to the line to we come back this is dual Norman and every Dario. We're back with crushing Garrick dubbed every else saints' sideline reporter will go to bill in matter you what say you bill. They is why I think one of the places when it's got from rich and challenge. Windows catch and they lost but I'm and wanted to let its a lot of people who later in the. Well the tents that it all off wasn't it from the talent that was from bomb the muddled it. You know though it was rumored that the intentional grounding at the end of why Kirk cousins or regulation that's what. That was huge penalty. Penalty but I know which I just got a lot to the challenge the play the game again. And which player reference anywhere. Challenge but we waited at the five yard line and it was close. You know it was clear that clearly. Because it out lap. No on apparently. They've wait it out with a challenge. Melville the end since a runoff because the office of penalty. Like at its ground it's not like it's off what. I'm out. They would have had right exactly and they don't and they not made the challenge that would've had the time on new wooden had a two notable that. On. I atlas V was desperate that point actually no doubt about it. And that's part of the deck creating year old looked kind of thing running I mean you know yeah Andrews air your own fortune for sure absolutely little I wanna talk to Derrick can you comment what's that you Derek. So he went the fact that Drew Brees you. All about. He went in front of what don't we pull. All of these. I would have. Thought there were no injuries. Because when 100. Per common. It's more. What is the quarterback all. Internal review any form or is that there was no vehicle which was a little bit of this. I didn't see at NC a player talking about it that it would surprise me if you Google that was to a solvency. Just because its earliest and the big game for him in I'm sure the league office will look at it if collectors appeal will there captured Soviet. That unites 141015 dollar about 151000 dollar fine and we letters paycheck but I mean I think of the date unit ladies and we're about about winning games not took away at fifteen point lead. There in that are. It. My correct word the only victim respect he did have a sack yesterday yes well I want. Little outward nonsense woman in and out he got them. If they vacancy that would. You know you'll be voted out in here prompted. You know it can be either who have more than Biden knows our intern who it was like notre. There are gonna. I'm gonna go back and watch on it felt game past bodily share if yeah it's Disco I am as a shameless plug but as a game last night's debate description provided by the UFL we can watch the coaches. Right and you and I can watch it watch it. It's pretty I'm not like in Aden dorsett August Eliot. When I watch what would tease what's absolutely well. But Bobby watches and it's really fascinating to see some stuff that normally wouldn't see if you all want to view and slow it down and really watch you'll you'll educate yourself about the will Christian were you thinking you know these stats from the I. They get hit it's not me keep an with a book that. I live right here copious note taker and if you write down everything you're you're study hall excite us Thigpen who is on top of the right outlaw everything. That's the beauty of the Internet there is little line to the doctor Michael in the nor sure let's say you Michael. Page I don't know man out caught tape a warming you know when it was about with rock solid I would about a hundred outlets I but it. I think that actually don't they don't understand ago that they could not. At 2% chance of winning super. And we we get bitten built. But I am not get shot out to be banned because. We had other accountable Floyd. Oh want to comment. Equipment other tackle and delete them while the dollar and nobody there so that it monetary. But I mean it out that beep and then you know when a school. The first part ago they went that extra point they compared to order okay. And then we don't that it compound stop war and they become an outdated dramas and don't it would an on and we we we come out there. Shall idle either they should get a shout out to honestly is an anti tea. That stop on third one win the really look like they got together the first of their games over the around the clock and make that tail red that played beautifully. It stopped short Rafa are the first down at navy and other. What that pertains company they are a little. That included Arnold and I think the sanctity can be week which could be doing and we we finally in the you know coming. When everything look so terrible made it look so they mean they covet it and so. Well thank you Michael weir preach calls crucial me ask you this you know we always. Coach Payton gets his criticisms all the time. It but there's a part of this it's seems as though there's this cultured in the team. Never give out. And it kind of came to the forefront yesterday I mean you could put replays you can mansion. That you know they could adjust that that third one. You know that thing was huge. In an outlet to two other plays later all the difference and no in the world and you go from that many points down to three points up and you win. Look I think that's a reflection on echoed it's a reflection on your quarterback as well he you know I think some fans learned a painful lesson yesterday that is when number nine into the game don't ever leave you're never out if he does not about how daunting it might seem but. I think the older and you you've let large groups of of of men and women in. And large teams win when H genuinely care about each other and in like each other. This the kind of effort easy because they don't want it to end they wanna have success they wanna see the guy next to have a success and I. I think there's something to set for a team. A lot of times chemistry can be a tad overrated but I think in this instance. Because of the way they play for each other I think it has a huge benefactor to it it situations like this. You know some teams focus on the outcomes what I call the watts and other team's focus on the YMI here. And that's the sense that I get with this team must set it last week they were smiling they were happy from the first play of the game they were smile. I mean in the game hadn't even revealed itself yet. And then it was the same thing tonight but it was they never led. But yet they never gave up. Now and I think again that that that shows you just how much resolve is on this team. That this team a year ago two years ago would've lost this game easily. They were lost it they they were having come back and committee to close just because. I think there was a bit of defeatism. That's the word. On his team a couple years ago because they've seen things go. Against them for so long that they concert go here we go again another. Close loss and and this one is they can't turn the tables and they believe that they can win games that's a dangerous thing when you believe that you can win games like that that faction. Come down by fifteen in the fourth quarter to the show you how dangerous. Exactly who wanna hear from you 2601870. Where were Kristian garic W the real saints sideline reporter talking saints will be right back. On Demi don't yell. We're back to have Kristian garic W every hour they sideline reporter on the line now where we'll go to line one and speak to Manuel in Kenner what's a human while. Yea right guard and yet quick question. To wonder what I'm global status or. A car all and Lara waltrip Sunday's game against Bryant who's who's gonna need awful. Christian you know the a kid Carl I would I think you could get him back this week alone linebacker AJ Klein marks a lot of more suffered an ankle injury early in the ball game yesterday that he's got 5050 don't know yet don't want speculate as to. There is availability until about Wednesday we see the cracks participation report but came across tweets of the last night this I would that great win. And now time from our turns out expected to be back on the field this Sunday against the rams in Los Angeles. Yeah ya gotta feeling we're gonna need it would be the way to rapid movement volume. You know though this column thank you Manuel. Pipeline. On and on the tax line Christian yes the saints played good deserved to win but had not cousins threw that intentional grounding that took them out of the field goal or arranging them probably kicked a field goal and win game at the end we dodged a bullet on that one. Did you know part of this whole thing is that. I and I know for a fact they didn't think that this game was going to be tied. Now and Youkilis. And looked the other thing too is. Sometimes you steal games that's a part mats are what happens I promise you if the saints are playing in February. No I don't look back on this game itself not wasn't a real win. Rather real enemy you know he's sometimes NFL you still gave it just look at what happened in the Super Bowl last year with the patriots and falcons having. Nobody thought that comeback was possible it's just when you have a leak quarterback. These things are possible and we have a team that functions in an in and in an excuse at critical moments. These are things that happen absolutely good line three talked to John van rouge roots and you John. All right. Thank you taken follows. Talk about league quarterback go at it just mentioned. What do we know about the status of this contract in the I think we proved he proved last night. He has all quarterback we need to continue to go predicts that view is especially with young being. Yeah a look at ours any kind of grow any kind of held its us contract they're not gonna talk about it in season that'll be 78. With two in the offseason and look I think when the saints have a success that there haven't this year. And they continue to have that success which we all despite them having I think Drew Brees is very much in the plains in the offseason to get a deal done I think they're also. He's fine with being on account of a series of one year contracts nowhere you know oddly they know he knows that the saints have. Rebuild this thing and he's ready to go for another couple of seasons he has to chance when this bowl perhaps is though as early as this year. Absolutely got to take a break we'll be right back we're cresting Jarrett sideline reporter for WWL and we'll sum up the aisle last comments on the saints games they were at this will be right back this is you'll Norman and everybody else. We're back and we have good Kristian garic WWL saints a lot of report Christian on that on the tax line there seems to be a little controversy about that 102. Run off you may have to do a little bit more research on mature. Which wanna talk about the the tense second runoff for any right but it Bob their telephonic rounding out on the ground gaggle Bob Mitchell's common interest dude he's gonna continue this conversation sir do you get any more information about and it seems as though were blown up the text line that you're wrong on that particular point but I'm with you Christian. I audio. I think I'll gladly be wrong I watched the game over here three times sort of on the boat gave that so what are you last thoughts real quick got thirty seconds gone in in next week's game. And they still want but you'll take it at this point. It's not matter to WH treatment nine would be would be really special saint haven't done that since 2009 when he won thirteen. That would be awesome and I know that everybody's gonna have a much better Thanksgiving. Week with the saints' victory and obviously. Tulane win in an overtime L issue winning as well amid it was just phenomenal you know beginning to end. Great weekend let's hope for him anymore. All right well we really enjoy the sun days summary of today's game were Christian thank you so much Christian and I hope everybody enjoyed. Talking about the election results and bringing in some of the newly elected council members. That's all important.