Who Are Your Favorite Saints Of All-Time?

Tuesday, June 12th
We give you our greatest Saints of all-time, plus we get Sportscenter anchor Stan Verrett's favorite Saints players.

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Big hour stand arrested join us in about fifteen minutes or so as we talk about your all time. Favorites. New Orleans Saints players not necessarily the best players are could be the best players but. Just tell people move the needle free EU gravitated towards them you love them. For whatever reason that's organ and talk about now I think it's going to be. But great fun conversation is were kind of in the fun and great summer world that is sports but we gotta get. Cal Los in the Myra you as a great conversation Mora had a re now 5042601870. Is the phone number. Final four to 601878. Beacon Texas at 87870. And now I mean. I said I was gonna go position by position. And you know I was brainstorming this antenna. This topic and the first thing it is goal in that and like hey who's the best players these position but I I wrote down all the positions quarterback running back tidy and alliant all the way through kicker and potter special teams guys and it's gonna wrote down. Saints players. Who while too for what the stats were all time greats are not that I just loved and at the top of my analysts. With Steve Gleason. Steve Gleason who wouldn't make. For his on the field performance any kind of of hall of fame he will obviously for other reasons his contributions. Since she was diagnosed with hail last he's just been a true warrior but Steve Gleason. The heart the soul but blocked punts and of course and I've got to factor in what he's done his advocacy. Since you were diagnosed with that disease. Thanks Steve police's top Maoist are really do. And ringgold position by position here quarterbacks. You go aid bear I mean c'mon Bobby is my favorite now it's getting to the talked him every day there's no that's not that. Actually I had tweeted out last week. My favorite part about Bobby Hebert right now. Nothing new employment but he loves. Talking sports. And he was the saints it's obviously. But he loves talking all the other sports almost even more just America ought to be guessing here at just because I love it. But lawyers are cheer him or Drew Brees the quarterback police here. I is pretty strong. You know I favored running back yes to use. It really is Stoops all you talked a lot now won about Mark Ingram how you really like. From a modern era modern day running back perspective I'm so much respect. For Mark Ingram yeah I screwed up with the steroid. Issues that PD suspension yes that's on him like that talked about. But he has been an all purpose back when those kind of guys. Are almost didn't endangered species in the NFL right. I do Smart. Hokey of course Dalton Hilliard. Great running backs. For the saints. Receivers I just LaMarcus course I love his story. The the guy who what was on nobody's radar. When he first came in Italy wasn't expect to do anything and he was one of those early projects in this offense and John Payton and Chris Johnson's first time through the organization here and it turned himself into a guy who's. In the saints' all mail him. Great receiver. Great connection we Drew Brees and while much fairer receivers last dictator so anywhere in the NF. I'll continue with my favor saints by position but really this is your show and I'll you to tell me is more value than it is here. This hour with me 5042601. A semi let's go to Ronald in Canada. Ronald soghoian go ahead. Are there. Up well. Ticker at all. Yeah it. Evil. And light at all. Players. That players with what. Well I understood me all the favor riled ran. Yeah absolutely thanks for the call no but Morton Anderson. And really Thomas More stead to form a planning perspectives all time moser. Those are guys who beat the saints often talk more stead will be in the saints' all fame when mr. Stan. No more and Anderson are Indian Pro Football Hall of Fame it's it's actually nice five Sam mills. And the saints have had. A little bit low key. Great linebackers in their history and Sam mills and swelling and Ricky Jackson Jonathan Vilma. All time guys. And defensive line offensive line two bit you know Jim Wilkes. La'Roi Glover. Fawn Johnson Will Smith Wayne Marten. Now of course yet cam Jordan on the defensive line. Over on the offensive side I mean viewed them the list of great saints offensive lineman is extremely. Long. Buddy Guy I think is why it like one or one beam with my favorite offensive lineman of all time. And that's really hero. It's hammer Walter. Jones the old hall now hall of Famer left actually split four. Odyssey ox is appropriate under Mike Holmgren but those two guys. Were as dominant. At that position as any two guys I have ever seen. Capsule will Euro off. I got and starred here on my list. Because how you think it's fun you would use that word we talk about offensive line it was fun. Two watts will hero played a watched Whitley we're both. Block. We had to move by Steve court to tomorrow because stand Brett last minute we got along program can only join us today but as a guy all of assured asked. Tomorrow about Willie rough about yet that Steve would say the same thing that was fun to watch Willey wrote block. Here is a Texan a 337 Archie Manning Aaliyah I bet Archie would be. Near the top of almost. Anybody's list. You ranked us. Kind of fair to like Bobby artsy or drew tell you drank at the top saints quarterbacks of all time your favorite the about the favorite not top of not talk about the best guys here just. Your favorite guys but will hero of all time favorite offensive lineman to watch for me. Pat swilling. Steve Gleason. Marcus Colston. You know a guy who I really liked watching too. On net. From wide receiver perspective I think sometimes is more about his antics. Was Joe Horn. Ask sometimes norm had his antics of he was a great receiver. After the saints to Eric Martins and brought that up to me earlier today on how to ask him about this. Sammy Knight Tim. The refrigerator from Chicago yeah I'd you're talking about anywhere across the league. Tex in the 512 Jim Dombrowski. And another Texan a gym to brass do little bit before. Hilo grooms number 35. Thanks in the Bible for can't pick one they received by position but coach Jim Mora. Should everybody lots more it. Could see your calls 504260187. You'll talk to stand Brett sports and our anchor and saint Augusta Milan will do that next. It's double coverage I'm Seth Dunlap on WW now saves many camps started today. L one of the cool things about me camp is what is your and with the saints would really anywhere across the NFL as you eat a lot of the alumni Reagan a lot of the old all time great saints coming back showing a make an appearance. Talk and everybody sort talking about our favorite saints of all time. Here's a couple of text sedate 7870. Never forget this one text from the 601. Child's early. Throwing the jets helmet says the 601. Here's the text from the 985 kept my binoculars on Ricky Jackson every defensive play and I certainly hats are my favorite sex though from five before. Quarterback Guido Merck and it's why his name was who we know merchants. Canceled all timer. Three is stand bred here elect is from a sports that are acre in San gust and alone can't stand Brett on Twitter page follow high standards you remembered Guido Americans. I absolutely that would you don't mark numbered by school. Here the creek power output is able to put the quarterback. Feel there. Vietnam and officially join us here tonight stansted and also a saint a gust and along New Orleans mean. Born raised and bread you know it's fun it's a sports talking conversation stand little wee Reese out GA because we thought man you'd you'd have a long list here. A summary your all time favorite since and had to be the best but who are your favorite guest. Film what is local back what. Was market we're going to Rome when they drafted him. Florida mean he really gave the offered to spark a key to the stated nor forceful career. He's also a member mark eternity. Well. And more so while brother remote whether we went camera called. Well not a kid that was the greatest thing ever. Oh well that what wanted to talk and so we. Are not a single and of course. There Ricky Jackson and and Archie. They have down. A lot of those guys from that there Siegel from that there are home. You know my team golf with what they were together. Those guys who. The productive we can't take this state together and what it meant that the problem that he will be he's really not as those quick shot. In one. I went Taylor. The net king could lose their opener and then they just they just cracked the one who yeah. And that is not well Parton. That you you can forward to the dome patrol days in. 44 linebackers. Played together we key in school for a job milk where there'd be that was. Our home I'll soul. Didn't like they're Marten. Our group and it. But Burton six they're more doubt in the world and what inspired certain. To convert. Norm on decrypt my opinion it's a multiple control team. The group received that aren't. I had so many people and I was kind of bounce in the surrounding office not a camp today hey who's your favorite all time saints and so many people said Eric mar admitted Ghana struck me stamp. Yeah I mean that he was he was he was durable we've sort of that we game. These I mean he. He was he followed in a quote you again not the most explosive guy but he got the job done critically. Yeah yeah you know I just got done talking about this last segment you never think of like watching. Offensive linemen play as fun on you you wouldn't use that word usually. I thought watching will you row of what's fun like he made watching. Offensive line play fun did you did you see a relative. Yet in listen to implement. Two. We'll more cool cool to watch I mean yeah of the group that we can move take on that some interest in the game. Back then and and his ability to. Anticipate that move. In could be there with. Just. Our unparalleled technique would switch to compatible. Views on the lot and you know integral greater than what government. That's why he's got that jacket talking to stand her at sports center anchor and saint aug alarm at stand Brett. On Twitter or else talk about this team stand that and there's a lot of expectations. Here. For this saints team how Sports Illustrated today Erin talk about this in about fifteen minutes or Escude meal was not Sports Illustrated it was another publication who wasn't. It was a lot kneel on the sports who put out their rankings today so the saints are gonna win the Super Bowl Sports Illustrated yesterday. I'm going twellman four and losing in the conference championship. Those expectations warranted Stan. Well he he he if you look at. What they'd be Hitler and how close we came to the couple tip your game you know get to. They used to say okay we you know that thwarted because councilman in the because he's just came from young players. You know usually they make that leap victory your won't be too. It is it will allow players may make the lead on into. Them you know start. And you have the you know Lattimore. And there. Though Denver as rookie of the year and those guys. You broke apart that they're both going to be able. Ball and in the wisest thing in the ball last year. Really helped Drew Brees well on the awful. All the way I think people were ordered to go back to. What 2000 that would Opel 2002 born here in Kabul importantly. We did a great job as a middle. They were counting will be needed to early in the game set up the prayer in their late in the game from the o'clock with a lead. They're the critics that the work I think back to that. That awful game. Last year which was about as complete football game and any team. And that one drive quality quality they'd never do all. Those. If they knew it. Then you know there's no reason why there shouldn't be goes on to extricate corporate figure things out first month well Mark Ingram. Our home but. You know you is in Davenport is what he looked like he could beat. Four. Cameron Meredith is is it is another. Significant contributor and often been a lot and use. 75% of what he was grabbed you mean that just that power to handle that it was and that that pass rush. Is is supposedly they can be scary now Noah and so you know they're always momentum you know seems. Cammarata the gate. Hot that the net that seemed to carry over and you know the thing that is something building. All and that they become much according you know that does that comport itself and and also question you know beat you if you get a key. Mean if those two things that schedule sets up the book like that to be out there if they play well. Ended just a matter of of the key players. And they they should be right there. Mark Ingram Smithson the right portion of the season you're right that is a very soft opening to the scheduled since haven't seen. And quite a few years EL ST you're sad about this defense right Stan. I am you are okay so I know this is inside your fraternity a little bit here running I asked. Why in the world is ESP n.'s FBI had the saints defense as the worst in the league this year I saw that idols last week. What in the world. Demons are gonna be the worst Malia and everyone of the bat on the multi rights. I don't know whether with a capital calculations that cable with all of that because. You've got you've gotten to be clear. One in camp Jordan before. You got beat quarter in more somewhat more secondary. I think Markus Wheaton is going to be bigger more important and so coming back this. And then you've got you got of the young guys on though and Angelo and or force called him back on the net debt debt by. Been ranked in the middle that's spot opposite. Can Jordan I think that's going to be that's going to be critical because it is. Along with him in rank it if they can get that pass rush. Called from the other side and you know could cut look like. You know he he will be in the development is incorrect guide. What minute and then he's been plague of injuries and local schools went in and he got in the but it is that in court and give him and important. They're nowhere quarterback ago and then. It delusional. So just secondary guys particularly the country they know quarter currently sit back there have been here gripping can call. So far quote seagate and in any minute. Yeah he was good today he was Rogen stand so I'm super excited about can crawl in his future is human grade number two across from Latin mark wherever it's a hard breaks then hey I really appreciate it thanks so much for joining us. And I keep on keep and it really the vessel of fallen on Twitter thanks so much. Who dat Mary goes stand red sports center anchor and of course send guests in Milan and New Orleans in. Born raised and bread at stand or at. On Twitter has a couple of tax day 7870. From the 251 Tom Dempsey and bill Cody. Your favorite players talked a lot about that Tom's Dempsey kick. Yesterday his tech from the 985 Michael Lewis the beer man. Great story. You can weigh in on this your all time favorite saints 5042601. It semi is the phone number. If you're on hold would get to you after CBS news and I had mentioned to stand there. Some predictions. Very bullish on the saints who get to those. Talk about our all time favorite scenes the Santa beard and the best sinks at that position of all time we kind of went position by position. Maybe some of mind to stop my lowest propositions. B Steve Gleason. Willie Roaf pat swilling. And it's a Bobby gamers and Alzheimer remind us because they get to interact and every day and seeing what an awesome cool funny guy he is away but. Watching drew who's gonna go down as I think one of the top three quarterbacks of all time. And he go wrong with that you can weigh in. At 50426. So 187 you asked the phone number you can send me a Texan 87870. Let's go to Larry in Jefferson Larry here on WW well. I'm good brilliant let Eliot go into. Next. That way. And maybe we needed to stadium and crack. A hell like them. So they're Larry. We lost slammed a Mac and on the other you know aren't our. Favorite people in line and number 81 vote action. Doug Atkins favorite beer so I got a bunch of guys on defense when I had Jim walks when Martin Will Smith Joseph Johnson. IYY. On why him you'll hum islands but I'm curious what is about you not me. It was a great big even for his position. He received agency on the field. Extremely athletic in Wednesday when it's great that. A lot of offseason work when devoted to lecturing. Is now strewn lot of these guys had two jobs. Yet extremely reckless jumping in early in the oval format. And because he came here. After pretty much a full career with the barriers and still played. With abandon and partner drive. And you do a great job on some. So part. Yeah and that exists in some guys is DNA. Like it was for him absolutely thanks for the caller let's go to Gary and lake view Guerrier on WW well. I paid. Page at me on like to get everyone. Memory would mind favorite ones. Their name with Dave went solo and viewers at ten interceptions. Probably in the first party maybe 6971. Also like Charlie Turkey are. Straight economic side armed him. And also come on our new running back he has my favorite Panama. So I wanted my Tuesday. That's who was the first guy is that I I didn't recognize who what's the name. I'd Dave quit so did let's see. Yeah he's on the big cart out that we want the safety that we are the candidates in one scene and it. Hollywood the first years think you know Jim Taylor and those guys. All morning you know around that area. There what and that and the kicker Charlie Dougherty yeah it was our first saint kickers there you go yeah. I knew jerky I did not know what sort of like that's. And you're opening my eyes somebody and Dave whistling at a check him out they always have seen in in the secondary among the whistles a little thin for me. I had a deep way Amer earned Tommy Myers. You guys under rated for me really Jabari Greer to her might go down as the best quarterback in saints history but it is not way emerge probably Jabbar regret. Harper even for the time news here annoyed and a lot of love it's pretty darn good safety. For this team. No big expectations for the saints this year we all know that. But it's some national media outlets. Adding to this that pressure for it is that are adding the expectations that he is. Sports Illustrated restored to a stand yesterday they had the saints going twelve and four. Open for remember Vegas nine and a half is the over under win total. So Sports Illustrated says take the over take the way over there. For the saints twelve is a big number to get to in any season. And I especially so. Hear what the NFC the way it's loaded the schedule your first place get your gonna face the Eagles the vikings and the rams along with the NFC south this so it's up. All Wenzel lots. You're asking me do I go closer to nine point 52 I go close of the twelve. Maybe some are right in the middle. I only ten and a half. I guess that's closer Amanda Mathisen I'm probably close to 9 I really am. And it's more about this after the break born or keep talking about your favorite all time saints rim would wrap this in here. The saints are predicted to win the Super Bowl. By Lundy sports they do a great job this time a year every single year with there. Pre season predictions they predict who's gonna win the division win totals who's gonna win the Super Bowl. And they've got the saints. Beating the falcons in the NFC championship game and they've got the saints beating the Steelers. The Super Bowl. What a wild ride that would be we get to that do you think 5042601. Late seventies the phone number onset Dunlap that double coverage on W York. We're getting some great names sheer balls on the phone lines and sex line Skoda text line here at age 7870. From the 985 a sore remember we got Jeff Blake first hour free agency I was pumped about getting him didn't really work out but didn't throw great deep ball. There's decks and I have five Hilliard Eric Martin Devery Henderson come to mind every course is so explosive so fun to watch on the field was me. Sammy nights on the text slime a lot of texture Richie Jackson here. Dave way Amer get some love. What do you think come weigh in go to the phone lines talked Iran in New Orleans dry and you run away and duet. Well. I. Got. Our. I. Yeah indeed snow wouldn't even still anybody study of IAS Sammy naturally stole some people's thunder. In the NFL was so fun to watch. Literally one's. All timer all I'm quite a little guy in the league. Lane some lumber landed the are you settling in the big and that's all I remember about him no doubt. Agree one Y and right down yesterday should've it was so fun to watch go to Dave on a cellphone David you're on WW. Correct. In a lot of old times at the bit watching. So he would have Archie. Double what it comes to my child again but I picked up. Biggest unsung heroes. Of the saints in the past. Eat at sit back Tommy I. Or he'd get hit like. He's don't watch you don't hear a lot of people say much but I like to watch him. He had no and you know what David he makes when everybody does these lists. Top fifteen top twenty seats Tommy Myers. He's usually on you lay on that list somewhere. So he's definitely worth thanks for the call him to weigh in on this still final four to six ONE seventy so I'm a lot of football report. Mark Bernard. Davis this today. Shot out to him but they've got the saints winning the Super Bowl this year and saw that far fetched right but here's the (%expletive) that's not farfetched Barbie and the fun part. About their prediction where they have the saints winning the Super Bowl. They have in the NFC championship game. Atlanta and New Orleans. With the Atlanta obviously. Trying to win to go play in the Super Bowl in their home stadium much like. Minnesota last year. And others that sailor march that he can I agree that at present if the saints falcons route Horry is not on the national radar. It will only after that. Can you imagine. Saints falcons New Orleans Atlanta. Late January. In one of the domes firmly here. Playing for a berth into the Super Bowl what shall be in Atlanta. One CO one fan base would never forget that Sid got the saints winning now one degree credit. And they also have the saints beating Ben Roethlisberger. And the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl. I am not about any publication this is where this publication was little credibility because I don't know how you predicts. That this Steelers. With a essentially the same roster for the most part at least the major pieces is last year. Are going to get past doing are gonna get past. A Jacksonville team which should be year older and better with a young defense. And adding more pieces in the draft for the defense and why they Pittsburgh get through that. Big Pittsburgh. Are not even on my radar. As possible Super Bowl champs right now because of that are down your step. I think you're due perceivable. They have they have the town on a distinct unit put together in the playoffs are okay it could happen yeah it could happen much like LeBron. Landing here in New Orleans could happen there's a realm of possibility that can happen. Can't beat New England in the playoffs the only chance they have is avoiding Brady in New England M also apparently not playing Jacksonville Jacksonville beat him twice last year. I mean you guys think they're the best team division they're likely gonna get home field advantage at least through the unit divisional round so it all comes down to whether planned a conference championship if they get there. And I think if they have a better record the patriots they have a relief it's Ottawa and Heinz Field and they almost need a last year last year with that one. You know was a Jesse James catch that was ruled incomplete social well. They should've won but we're talking playoffs. Ben Roethlisberger in the playoffs is much publicized specially on this program. It is never beaten Tom Brady New England in the playoffs and he's also never won a game regular season or post season. In Foxborough so forget that fifty mile has home field advantage like most people think it. So I see a path but it's gotta like if there's a path there's got to be a big. Maybe the job in New England for real and they have an off year and Tom Brady you know doesn't play at the Tom Brady expectations is a lot of big ups. But you know if that happens the Pittsburgh does have a chance to slide into that number one seed. I yes. I mean. Me I guess that while I mean last year they live with the Jesse did sketch so there's there's a possibility I could see it and I guess. That publication does it look it's not them. The Sports Illustrated yesterday I may was two days ago now. They released there. Pre season predictions offseason predictions and they got the saints going twelve and four if you said last segment. A lot of wins with that schedule out as they a lot of wins baskets. It happened you always see teams do that teams can navigate that meat grinder sure. But you're talking about again Eagles. Vikings. Rams. Falcons twice Panthers twice I don't like the Bucs will be the big problem. Then you've got to play the Steelers. The ravens. And only the browns of the Bengals will be a problem. The Fed isn't a lot of football games to get through. Where you might be the favorite most of those but the law of averages says you're going to lose a good portion of of their close to toss ups. Well. If fight it if I set the over under Tim at eleven point five there's no way you're going over right path. No away and could happening out but you're a betting man. So. Now I here's section that I finally 7870 of the season to go badly. You could do a worst saints ever pole there are plenty of Lhasa last. Go to army in essence it to the pessimistic view there probably would be a lot of laps for that. There's one name on the text slam and I am not gonna put touch with a ten foot pole here in the people keep texting about one way or the other. You might know the name speaking of were sensible time and it's not for footballers. What remind everybody your first look at these mini camp still. Try to continues tomorrow and then Thursday 11 AM to 1 PM give or take a little bit. Added saints camp on airline drive viewing is three in the gates open at 1015. And it's free parking over a baby cakes that restaurants Fauria and may have food and yes even adult beverages for purchase out there. Details are online right now WW all dot com and you can sign up. To be the first to know for the saints with a RW WL saints text alerts text the word sports to 87870. And you can sign up mess is data rates may apply that we never charged protects stricter provider. Pokey guys' job. Now we miss them that structure all time saint. Tim I have an ass use your favor regardless of how good they words dim anybody that tops the list of disguise. You'll love watch for whatever reason. I mean how could deny go John Carney especially with the isn't famous jacks though it played. Only because some of Jim Henderson call John Carty could pretty much out bench anybody on the on on the scene he was like that's strong as a kicker he was which may be if you would put more work into his leg. Not a suburb body but. It. A little bit which isn't jacked punters and kickers lately you know it was a little bit Jack's. Will lots. Watson and abraxis isn't all argued the skinny little rookie walking around I mean he's. He's got the ball to the FEMA however weight program and conditioning and strength programs they're doing there the saints now Susan's work and just. I said Williams. Mara. I will. Watson bond bill Alec a lot I mean after ticket reports on the practices go to the weight or meet enough and write. A lot a lot bigger and a dollar better. And we're talking World Cup next hour. Gonna bring in Stephen Rea. Who joined us for years ago it be a lot happier discussion if the United States and it but it's a great term I mean this is one of the greatest tournaments in the world. For girls are mr. they are not the next month is going to be a lot of fun. For an even casual soccer fans are really mean I didn't check out a couple of matches just in some of big names are big teams are drawn. But it's did 20/20 six World Cup it's cute little bit play. Right now and it's I Morocco or a year. I'd triumvirate. Grouping of Mexico Canada the United States in North America and its bidding on the next World Cup so I believe to be North America or Morocco. And there are some funny shenanigans behind the scenes we know feet five is very. Acts. For bribery that's how Carter got its. There there's doctor may tell Russia got this World Cup so beat but certainly not an above the board organization I think everybody knows Alice camels there. This I think will be locked up North American pro wasn't for that it's. Now you've got to gets what's the number they have to get to Tim 120. Right now there are. About 54. Of these delegates. Committed to North America there are just under thirty committed to Morocco. And what about two or three months ago it was supposed to be a lot like North America is gonna win this vote. In a landslide. Now all up in the air a little bit. Tim they are using goalie who came here in the studio you seem a little bit concerned about this I still think this'll end up in North America it just makes too much sense but reporters are sand. Everything they've heard it has North America giving us but you know with fifa. Anything can happen and with the labor issues and things that have gone through with in the past with other countries. Liking cutter and things like that he could go to Morocco I mean let's not let's hope that is in the case but you know North America would be a greater a better place for the World Cup. Yes they have and many had a World Cup here since well the women's World Cup in 99 and we know what a memorable event that was that was. The most famous moment in women's soccer regardless of it was bring Jess into the United States is once. America being great hosts for this is safe. Of a budding. Soccer market there's no doubt I am not saying it but this is on par with the Big Three I do think it's on par cocky about notre talked about. For early trickling I think there are more soccer fans in this country right now. But there are hockey fans knock DS is on fast believe it's televised and well we know that soccer has armed special leave his televised but nobody gives it the credibility for summaries of. Yeah I think with your host country here you basically get to you know I was that hosts the World Cup and you'll get automatic bid into it. Some Muster Mexico US and Canada all three get a bit and maybe that that's what hurts their chances but I think that at least the US will get him. Mr. Yeah I this is true with the top opium habit. A man and in bad flashback to watching that. Basically elimination game for the USA. Last thing was October September October so talk about that second half of next hour. Take a break for news what are we come back. You know of this family can never stay out of the news for long.