White House leaks

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, August 4th
Tommy speaks with Larry Korb about the accuracy of leaked transcripts of President Trump's conversations with foriegn leaders.

Larry Korb is Senior Fellow with Center for American Progress's National Security Program & former Assistant Secretary of Defense.

-Read the Atlantic article on leaks. 

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Larry Korb joins us right now senior fellow with the Center for American Progress is national security program and a former. Assistant secretary of defense morning senator. Good morning thanks to take the time was this we really do appreciate it. Our cause I guess we start with the leak of the president's conversations. With the Australian prime minister and with I am not quite sure it's a president or prime minister of Mexico. Yeah and it is at rest present I guess when you talk about. Some of the first off sub maybe political consequences to the president and what it could portend for the future. Well I think it shows that hey what he said about these compensations or not Iraq the way he's. Portrayed them as number two which shows the fact that you know this is not the way you deal with. Are there are heads of state other countries by saying well look I know you don't agree with may but you need to do this from me you know politically. And you know being comment telling you Australia and now you know prime minister what you know was much better talk and appalled that you. I mean that type of thing that. Does not help the relations with within the nation. Larry if you don't Emma on the German here as they have some questions Karl what it is. For example in terms of experience. Diplomacy. Talking to the Australian prime minister I think it was as he did does that to show a complete and total lack of preparation in that that that's not the way things work at that level this. Does not only yet lack of preparation and understanding what the job it is your job is to war or about the country's. I've ever worked together on issues that you care about by the bulk we have Mexico have a common interest in. You know making sure that illegal people don't comment to the other countries have. Mexico Guatemala largest credit report notes you know everybody talks about China nor are very large you're trading with Mexico's important there Australia. It is one of our allies in dealing with that situation. You know with the Chinese and they in the Pacific we have you know stage in the rain in in in north. So old. And I don't mean a harp on this but it I think he just goes to the president's. Did it way of doing things Z it seems like if we you prior gonna call our insurance company because we have a question. And have everything laid out in front of us so we we we know we're trying to do when we know what the reference materials are etc. Is it normal for a president to be prepped. And almost a script followed when he has one of these calls or is it normally as informal as was the president's at least according these transcripts. Not a you'd normally Europe crap you get you know. You know I mean I can remember when I work for President Reagan and he was gonna meet. Mrs. Gandhi who was then that you know that of the prime minister of India. And you know people got him so ready for that that this was gone and he was surprised. She's that I had no like eight and spoke much about who can go. All relations and all of these issues now obviously you're president you get knows something about every issue and that he stands right yes that's why did they get you and it gets you ready. You know for the issue that you bring a certain in all your point I mean you can say you know president trump you know his position. On you know immigration OK that's his position. But when you're dealing with Mexico you wanna work together to try you know I can't accomplish this and understand. Where he's coming from more the deal with a Australia. Or us should take in you know the cat yeah and other refugees. We had already made that DO you know while with them. And Texans in here and I would just like you to respond to this Larry because they think it it reflects on. Some people who do you know it's like pieces say my country right or wrong my country I think some people say my president right or wrong Donald Trump. And it's as me and Tommy and the rest of the media are creating. Anarchy against our leader. The is is this an effort just because people going Donald Trump Larry began I voted form or. Some surprises that are happening where we're beginning to wonder about the competency of the president. Well I think of one issue all right so not what the text you know it's about it's out of these. Don't conversation at least. I mean that's that's another you know hold. Whole other issue it's not confident in Byrd competent they're real question is is he using all of the tools that are available. To a man or woman who occupies that. To further the interest of the country and its own agenda and I think that's the real the that the real issue yes he got elected the other viewpoint. But you know let's make sure that he's able to use the argument to advance that viewpoint. Larry you gotta come back withers is mourning him enough time. For everything and this morning but. A text m.s and I think it's a fair tax that says are we sure that these. Leaks are accurate and can we trust the veracity of them. Well it is that these are pretty accurate because the two things one. We already know the Australians that Mexicans have commented publicly about this so they you know we we do know that. Did that he did this options is critical rack and and you know it's day basically. Transcribed I mean it it has bring worded and there. In LA and and it's very similar into the type. You know language that the president uses saw you know I and the fact that they they you know that they you know denounce them and everything like that. Pretty good indication that that that they are accurate but you basic football because not everything that comes out it means sometimes. They come out and turn out not to be true. In terms of leagues I read again an article in the Atlantic and I would suggest everybody look at it on national and if it's linked up to us or not but it. It's the Atlantic and it's as why leaks are so. Serious and damaging in what it says is that yes leak in the material is a federal. Offense that it's classified that. Some of the effects would be that of foreign heads of government are stable never feel comfortable at least for the time being Nampa. Candy Kendrick conversation with the president and and also it says in yell game man under three in the article. That the security agencies in this country are people within the government look at Donald Trump. As best Ed best case invest cases that do for us and at worst cases a Russian mole. So they believe because he's got section non traditional approach to government and they think he's destroying the nation they keep leak in his material. And the more materially leak. The more the president. Gets less presidential if you wanna use that phrase sore. Is less trusting of the security. It did forces in the nation and then starts acting out even more which makes security if people feel as though. He's even less competent and it's a downward spiral or do you say about all that Larry. Well I think it's a dog a lot of truth to that because basically. Most of the people working for the federal government are patriotic and they do it could not gonna get rich doing it. But some of them feel that when things happen that undermine our security today after the let the public and also they cannot stop stop that. And went from buy tickets. Even worse they are more concerned about some of the things that he's doing. And he'll say one thing but it's not correct them and many of them you know feel that you know they they have to do this for the good of a costly. And about style or substance could they be right because they know what we don't know hours and about they just don't like the ways acting. I would say the majority it's about substance rather than not style because they're worried about the security of the country Larry thank you so much.