Which Winter Olympic Sport Is Your Favorite?

Which discuss the 2018 Winter Olympicsm which events are your favorite? Plus who much do you know about curling?


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Often run our two. Double coverage live on periscope sailor and Hulu hello Tim Miller and master control set fell out crushing Gary this hour. The Olympic star Friday Winter Olympics are Friday. And oh we watch a we watch and also what's what's what is your favorite which if Vick is your favorite thing about the winter sports Alpine skiing. Bobsled. Cross country skiing curling figure skating. Skeleton I didn't hear Skelton now see it though pretty pretty scary stuff yes nordic combined the luge. Ice hockey freestyle skiing. Ski jumping snowboarding. And speed skating all Winter Olympic events nordic combined so the and the battle monuments there to last one she's via so that's. He's shooting on skis there the other com by Mets is that the the shoot in the cross country ski while. Pretty impressive yeah I mean that's that's George did Bryant met him today yeah cross country ski eagerly foods. Packet on Mac and a love the Winter Olympics man I really do lose your favorite summer winter. Probably summer and still loves the swimming mainly ands the gymnastics. In that he only gets really see every once every four years lease on the big stage rest of some of these. Oh he's matured a sort oddly I know what little spoiler unit talked about percent of where you stand. I am actually have a huge curling fan this time here like I could sit down. And watch an entire curling match noticed with with the brewers some at home late at night. Yeah how all about the curling I all delegates every four years yeah Allen's a huge curling fans I might watched one or two or maybe its image of round is only that. I thought I like yeah I think it's cool yeah it's interesting what it is that something you and I didn't you read out what way did originate from. Wasn't a candidate I believe so. To be right that's a trivia question I've actually gotten a lot and I'd forget about it every time then doesn't its candor and due to. A force were to curling start. Obviously ice hockey. Scotland I've started Scotland sixteenth century ice hockey in my favor one. Can I have a bit of its small. Hockey background like devastation at West Point learned how to play hockey Thomas about a skate. So obviously look a lot what you think hockey's the public hockey in general is. It's hard to watch on TV if you're there the box a small feud there it's great but I'll I'll check in on some hockey. I don't know any jockey and yeah players missed this skeleton that looks extremely extremely oh boy who died July calls out porting. That or the luge it would be the two that I just wouldn't do I'll do it. I would do I know you might be asking for death wish yeah but those in my favor wants to watch. I like Alex figure skating again tying it into it I think. I mean you rescued rate I still don't understand how they generate of the list quote that produce some of that stuff. The ski jumping is so cool oh yeah I mean your fly and hundred meters. Down this hill I mean your birds up in the air America US allies fewer flights incredible changes from ski jumping to ski fly I actually think. Well look I put on a few pounds but back in the day. A little course not actually think I could have been like had the body for a ski jumper so there's one sport I think I like could have done. Those how long and lanky you know it's like it's me and means that I could I couldn't have done some ski jumping and wouldn't. You had a great event is right off the bat if yours is your longest ski jump is 980 feet. Yours would be here you automatically got six foot six to 78. So you know he's the best the world record you only. 83 feet away 84 feet away I would say my favorite one my favorite sport is that speeds getting. I it's so cool tremendous. So the last these are made its exploded I actually like short track speed skating now better. Really it's the one where remember Apollo Anton on al-Qaeda and exploded there I just find it looks like a combat sport. Like Schroeder so what would you do in which was your favorite. Both favorite is definitely speeds sitting in its short tracks beats getting a map silly you know. Did you decide one which one would you think I do hours to think it probably be ski jumping just is like my body type or like bobsled. My would be what I would like to do. Elect could do. At both have to do the ice and they're both a little dangerous hockey. And this. And the Skelton man the skeleton man I loved the tried and those dangers I get it. I'm not surprised we haven't had a death of the Olympic nine events and that's that's going to be the most dangerous events and I knew some borrower Olympics rate. Off balance out and I'm interface first off missed a little late. It looks like board what are those little things you move stuff with him in and truck almost it's like to have trek but like the thing you trolley and guess what that's like yeah. Not a Troy that's wrong acts it would all the mechanics he the mechanic uses slide underneath cars basically what that thing what exactly that thing whatever bad. Monica contraptions. I should now my dad's probably going to be very angered me YouTube is Ellis Star Wars news when you're all jacked the man are you kidding me here OK so anybody who didn't hear this I I am completely gone bananas right now. They just announced earlier today that the two show runners for game with stones. David Benny often DB Weiss. Are going to reduce. Via next Star Wars trilogy after the current one completes they've signed an agreement. Disney Lucas film announce it today I do not know how you're not excited about this ball OK I can't get it yet much game of the announcement trust me. It's going to be us. Check it out. Coming back for just an engine Tilly Larry in Jefferson. And you to a final four to 6018 selling to sell lie and on periscope right now said the Christian double coverage under read it well enough and aka. Our two double coverage requires our second cup of coffee at least mine first for Seth had to take yourself. Black black I take my black Islam like and I got coffee. Just couldn't engine dealing with orient you. Carl I think is really you only won the you can do while your drink into any rights well that depends. Yes you're the right timid you're throwing if you like push in the know what they call it got the goblet what does that an order and written a bit. Wait the Rock Hill or as other called Iraq goals and their their push there are the stone the stone a day. If you want that's so affected depth perception. Into the brush her. If you're brushing you gotta have a buzzed it all out worst gonna really take away your bus. They'll win so I got some I've got some terminology for a Christian and you wanna brush up my nose is coming up at your favorite event it's my favorite event here ago. None of those things are true we like it was not a favorite odd you know a hold us to disrupt Joan among now do you know about bonds spiel is a bond spiel now. It is determine what's a curler competes so they're not in the match and out of the game. They're a bunch meal abundant spear yes a bond spin. As I don't know commodities and a bonds you. Once you get on the bus speed but don't get whatever unskilled people slept all right let's get the hell are like this one burning Iraq. What 21 or Iraq but hey I know not to back us official curling terminology here. It's our lives rocks it's their rules and our action that happens when a player touches the stone as it's traveling down the sheet. So don't burn that Iraq don't burn the rock as it's as don't touch the stone as its travel and she makes it directly via. If you said that to somebody else that did the interview descendants of my indictment I have a crack problem we know. During the rock. With a veto in almost. McKay let's see here how about an eight Ender. And eight candor yeah like they're gonna end the eights and it would allow our daily lives when you've done any standard would have you done. You've ended the eight eights the end aids I don't know it's a perfect end where every one of the teams stones scores points if you throw eight and for each race. For me and what's that what's the mass called. A bond spill attacks in the tournament is that on spiel the bond spews. Just an engine oil is still willing to wait so I got exactly. Correct myself here there's two different types of tournaments Kristen a bond spiel is just a regular tournament did you have this is true you have a cash deal. Which is determined which girlish compete for money. Siobhan steel and the Caspian oil fund Spiller and cash spiel which one would you prefer to play cash real justice in the engine Tilley what's going on Justin you're on donated. Since then you guys are as aware. Of the news Asia thanks. For it let that. And also on eight campaign he played great reviews will let that one of one. Well Tim is the master of that he's like the DJ back there and he's he's citadel military style he's back there you go I know our style of some vials. He's mix it up to between embrace them as headphones on everything else it's pretty pretty pretty elaborate he actually keep a log of all the songs out and work. It aren't you were first small absolutely guys that are currently in a wimp. And just just in the united curling at all. Yeah I'm on patrol is like particular. Now I you know I'm not lock eyes and look ridiculous I'm not even like being too like sarcastic here I actually legitimately like curling I would actually just a I'm like I'm one that passes soccer all time high in here I am willing blocker to war. And willing to oblige. Will the lines curling I would outlets curling. For eight hours. Over suckered into week. Eating agreements but of course in armed. This is going to be people talk about but you know Drew Brees the quarterback is not last forever just as safe and IKEA for a quarterback hasn't come into via. The hole in. Meant server with her breeze and might b.'s in next next step just like you're acting honors and was without quality. He. Went into whereabouts right now honestly just and here's why I get a he always a better future but. Will his new found window of opportunity the saints have. At the same traffic quarterback around one. I'd be highly disappointed. If they drill on the oh yeah if they draft the one before the sixth round out be highly disappointed. That the man just simple Justin. Question could I yeah you. But probably ear you think you regional. That's not your focus right now your focus should be how can we get. This quarterback back to a suitable and we can get up there. By and continue to fortify the defense and give us some more weapons on offense and we don't address the quarterback of the future when you need. It in the future and it's the reason I completely agree with Christian here just in his. Because today's NFL on the way you develop quarterbacks is completely different the Neiman ten years ago you can in one drafts. It's been proven right you go out and drafted kid and really anywhere in the first three rounds. It hit on that guy and they can be successful immediately writes it's not like he got to develop them for 234 years. He can draft him like oh let's say in two years. Brees has this million straw arguments and rulings and haven't guessed is precipitous drop off in mesa OK we got a draft somebody this year. I can happen they can draftsman that year he could be a playoff caliber quarterback back here rent could happen. It's already two agreed to back. In a few years now. Alan what look I think that given the opportunity to saints have and that is a very good want to be in the NFC champs of game and and the super wal next year. Why would you. Waste their resource on a third round pick you don't have a second round pick or even. A first round draft pick and draft a quarterback that's not gonna help you get to a championship this year and 2018. Your resources should be devoted on. That guy at 47 did you between seventh overall is gonna be a complementary piece that'll contribute to your team this year. And think about this just in what the needs this team has on lobs to the question to. Would you rather them drafts and an impact linebacker with that perspective can come in and start in the middle orange rather have been drafted quarterback that wouldn't play tournament nutrients are. Via so that's kind of where rhetoric as they can win now I can win titles now I think. So I just don't think they have to go. Get a quarterback now they might find somebody Chris you know this when somebody in the middle rounds there won't take a shot sure yet look the other thing too is linebacker what. Wasn't too tight didn't mean he can make the case today the saints need to tighten their third download. I love your tax doesn't immediately need Allah just a level yet prominent outlook I will be passionate Phyllis that they don't draft a linebacker. The first couple picks this year I'm gonna go ballistic if they need one. And ate meat one I still maintain if they wanna taking care of that problem. This last year. And might not be sitting and home. Last week Justin and until he thinks the fogleman we Tricia and I. A Christian what is neo when you talk about her yard. About tell yet her heart out derailing sheets on a girl and she's okay yeah. When my son needed to calm. Rough grow fast that's writes yeah you gotta directive given to sweepers by the skip or third I don't know what I've bizarre to begin sweeping. What is the skipper third of that tells that is. They skipper did a skip is the captain of the team. And decides the strata makes sense I know I kind of figured that was it derivative oh you know skipper if it's this huge job to tell the players where to throw their shots and win to sweep. The skip also delivers the last two shots at the end diskette must begin at all types of shots so. The most important player who third is the one who. For the third. Are made or vice who throws the fifth and sixth rocks of the end. Let's begin at all shops especially the one hard her heart her hard hard hard nicely earlier real fast so that when you hear them like shouting usually it's her heart her guard. Hope I'll pay were Martin's stuff ran it. Or scared. Larry Jackson what's going on Larry RW well. They get a field and it hadn't thought about my favorites and then oh the duke. Yeah from the world downhill racing. The likes of ever everybody's been down it not to think everybody on the planet to store. And that physical store. And did some more of Colorado opened up a professional. Course. And you'd be expelled into what that looks like when you're there in person. Messy how would like to go how would be a bucket list for me. To go to the Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics I'd be all for that and I'd love to see. Just an am of the CDs are magnificent athletes that compete these games but you're right Larry mean CNN person out I'm sure is quite impressive. I mean that the majority of people could not all would not. You know I mean they just couldn't do. No I mean I mean just watching and I've seen all the replays I'm like re Pia what happened Lindsey Vonn with times on down there and I can't imagine. And it's it's look at it and our TV I want to guarantee you doesn't do it all just sit back and allow want to buy apple. You know if you you got to make take a break in try to call Earl Clark Corey Perry shot. Very maturity. Toggle switch thing is it that little disc of adults it's not who's close to the old RS. Even not tipping off the rack you don't and you gotta get up and he mourned again. So if you hit at the irate that you could. He'll play in one sports. Meet one athlete one of these events what events would be in Obama during world dream world he had a fancy world obviously via. And world a bit downhill skier. In real world I think you know and 69 a could have been a cultural Asia conflict in which we got it pushes and propagate just. Court only a culture hold a pollster. He'll let you know I'm on notice and that a lot of these terror and Olympic Games have some innuendo is that you can totally turn around. Just like we learned that what the mechanics use to get on the cars. Our reports that this call. And today. The more deals would use that phrase describing is on an entirely different creep hernia. I have had a few prefers added you have run and a few of us unfortunately I haven't fortunately. For me in but he had a term reaper. I'm a fan boys now are and what's the what's the hammer Christian thanks Larry my fist. That but well yeah in curling what's the hammer. The last rocky throw around city got to drop the camera via a day and drop the hammer all right who gives a deter some curling tech terminology here. On double coverage really good Villa. We have all Olympics fourthly at every night duke I'll pick one pick one regular education yet and giving the toilet if you check in or out of tune it does look. I'm going to football season's over there's nothing else really on TV that's worth a darn except for in practical jokers which he should been allotment to watch repeatedly like I do. Other than that it's the Olympics. That's okay you'll be like that's fine but at the Bali tonight to be like when we get off perfect. I double covered or CBS news update back with more turn terminology from a curling we're gonna hurry hard here through its regular very hard to this breaking them. Russia fast. Double coverage here this week on its new whatever. W have you -- the Christian. So. We haven't even really started its 118 draft. Look braves' Tim Zimmer. Our intrepid producer comes in and says hey I got between nineteen saints selection according to Walter football first off. I'm running and entertainers that I should go on the fact that. I can't believe so nice out there really producing 2019. A mock drafts and interviewed colts you're looking between nineteen ran aren't. You filed a 22 is well who. After Josh McDaniels is not a thanks not an area I'll take engagement ring but I'm now but I think simply that. There're there are outlets out there that haven't between nineteen draft class are draft. Projections in mock draft pan am curious now married young weights and okay do they have the same state inside statements to him from from Auburn. There and AM date 32 over also means that hey you're the saints to win the symbol Tony team. Well hearted Scioscia that if I was a betting man right now spoiler I am I put money on the saints right now at their sixteen to one to win that title match. Now I'm too tight money. Well and it. Maybe need to talk to better X rhetoric scholar program last actress and you get a gentlemen I got some. Better NS pointers do you know that it's wide and you know what the differences between. Big ripper shoe and a slider shoes you out Madeleine is let's do that group something. So they can stay stationary on the ice but the other difference yet what has spikes the river by has some spikes on that I imagine yes so one of the grip or shoe which you would depending on if you're left with a right footer which Saturday. Apparently machine you're on what are your shoes is the grip or the other ones the slider Hewlett push off the ripper. Slide down there are fewer sweeper. How Casey you're wearing two different shoes yeah how about half as bad for you hit stilts and use the attack. If what year I guess who muted ripper it's the foothold in the ash used the push off from when he delivered the stone. Which city in the hack it's the foothold it's like a little divot in the eyes she might not there. It's the push off that when you deliberately stoked this riveting stuff president and now I'm on I'm given as they wish or play I cash field. Here maybe after the show. Well liked to tweet he sent me the mean he sent me. Again if you item yet where I hit fewer is his fuel shovels. On on ice in there. You know they're brush and it as they're trying to get away I guess alcohol beverage of some guy was a big beer yeah beer bottle and your violent into. A hole carved out in the ice zealously as mica and Earl now I don't. We might do that I think I get down at any other. Terminology you muscles or oh look I got a whole bunch reduce throughout the show how about you know the rockets with a stone me that doesn't it about the tea line. The T line I don't that is it's align it seemed laity. Watching don't know if the ship like ET my I'm not that I noticed my amount out of my curling knowledge but according soon. Dummies dot coms are getting this current. I think that that's that that's appropriate for us is very appropriate other line on the playing surface that runs through the middle of the house now do you want to know what the house's. I'm guessing that it's deceit. The house also known as the range this is the name of the giant bull's eye. And either into the sheet of ice a consistent set of calm center circles called at 128 foot important for and the button so basically the target. With a trying to throw the stones. Reggie at the teal line. Middle of the house the house is basically where they're trying to throw themselves. You know curled using curl the stones. Down give me an idea of what our audience might be saying to us right now. He met her I think he was Happy Gilmore at bat that I heavier more via the FW Moore is at the always elect school when is what the two winners. On the bus he had to and his followers Billy Madison Billy Macedonia. So in there in the the at what the academic decathlon at the end there and they ask Adam Sandler. In a question patriots' top picketing in these like your rambling babbling. Nonsense may note may have made no point nuclear points whatsoever and were all dumber having listened to it. That's not how I feel to be out hey here we're giving people an honest curling education. For an event that only comes around one time every four years so you'll thank us later. Well I bet you'll have people listening to this program. Well appreciated that Tim. And Yahoo! I don't know well this is kind of harsh. Now and now. Well man than this people would agree. Bad guy assistance that's taken it too far I think. I'm I don't know. We're trying to educate you and save time AB editing and you here's the truth though there's people out there and roll their eyes right now. They're going to be sitting down with them they've probably and adult beverage in their hands in like 45 days late at nights sitting next to leave your body there's a name their wife. Or something and they'll be like hey you know what that is honey. It's stone ms. thrown down there to the house and you can burn a stone either. No you don't wanna burn stuff don't burn so don't burn stones. You do that he's sage advice on number affronts to get kicked out of the bunch deal. Well the Tesco via the site of the bodily whose cash doesn't. There's not a castle probably temperature yes pride in response by margins of the bunch and get criticized LA earlier from my mind Scottish accent look. I can't do one but it was at his mind that was the whole point is that it's that ridiculous. Phone lines open at 504260187. Text 87878. We'll give you some more terminology also. Taylor of the saints' roster stands right now break down the strengths and weaknesses of the black and gold. Roster headed into the 2018 season obviously is gonna change a lot also Kobe cleaners tenure in the world does that. About over MI BM 24 hours hey why I can only get away with this I know you're dodging masculine thinking a mile lost. The pick six treaty year do we have an update sedate them. Or do in a Thursday it yet today well today. Crisis talks stills probably mattered up under who might be one and I'd out of Syria liable Miley and I am I was terrible. Mean I lose I am I honestly think I went to intent. The five I had my aunt protesting if I lost because of this guest celebrity picker whatever you had it right in mid city is good. Bright image so do you turn it over to Brian image city. He's had he's is that every united he's supplier guys don't trust supply guys dawn. Double coverage here on W two well enough in Dhaka. Going up next hour since the human. National signing day part two tomorrow since speeds on Twitter cover Ellis recruiting for rice is he country. Dot com phone lines open final four to 6018 semi tech's 87870. But this the saints' roster currently quarterback we know right strikes this team running back as well. Wide receivers Larry that I think you look at go oh it's it's up there in terms of the weaker portion of this roster along with a linebacker along with tied him. Well I've I've argued really sensible part of the season that. The reason that the states were so terrible on third down and have a slot guy then Willis needs your aggression and obviously wasn't there at start of the year so. Some underlying issues that they've got to get that. That position taken care I don't think they necessarily need both I think. That look Michael Thomas pro football focus this lease earlier today that when he's in the slot news by far the most productive receiver in the league at three point angle news. 07 yards per route to run. Gains which is an incredible sound and every time your battery out baby got all are not saints gains on average three yards when he was in the slot. But if vague if they get a tight end its I think you have to address here. That it'll be okay slot receiver especially maybe in the draft that tied in big need for me option. For YouTube I would him. Mandela I think Kirk I think you see the saints where. Where was Greg Olsen drafted. Net debt by seven in California. So I mean a tight end I think is a real possibility for the saints in round one I'll be OK with that. I guess I would not be okay with a quarterback a new to the linebacker and he got Angel only come back and they got AJ Klein at center of the reviews on on. Him his name is mixed in along with and is alone I think that it was actually a blessing in disguise I think Craig Robertson. Playing on defense at linebacker and allison's lonely stead only help this defense too and ought always miss that tale I thought. Had his moments where he was really really good as moments where he was exposed a little bit so a linebacker upgrade. It depends on what to do it can even Carroll at safety as to whether you're a draft there are addressed the safety position you know Raphael bush is likely not only back. We'll get into that tomorrow as to who who could be to cap casualties have to be guys at the end up saying AC later they released a fairly obviously. But some breaking positions you know it's in terms of strongest week is out to wide receiver tight in the linebacker as a top three no teco. Yeah I'm going and linebacker. I either eight tight end or slot receiver either or others think they absolutely must address. Now it's a little more depth along that defensive line change because of attrition well what do let's bring in Okafor back but I think you have obviously repeated his injury history more depth behind that. It fairly now officially being release from the kind of saw that coming so more depth on the defensive line linebacker is like one AB NC for me Christian and just. I'm going to be hard and you're retired here and talk about that fifty to eighty Wallace Tex I'm more people care about curly and soccer. Come on man knows his audience what audience. You you may be yet. I enjoy watching curling sake solicit support terminology from current drilling so I'm I'm Connor and out of them but I had a few more here. Now let's see here and you know whats that tell you what the delivery is known Hillary is now. Now like telling basement baseball right offense that's when your push in the rock yet. They actually throwing the stone the other into the surface he can Aussie is rock according to this. Born. You don't bring the Iraq dreads off jumper in the Iraq. I think that's pretty much (%expletive) I get and so there's members of a curling teams you've got the lead the second the third in the skip the lead you know that is. Members I would imagine he. Is. The guys the very front of the rock with stars push and to get the energy. Well he throws the first two rocks and many sweeps the next subject. So how little the strategy is like you know we'll cut was the description of what's the the intangibles you looking for in the lead. Re going to bring out member crew express our brake products and who waited obviously you want somebody that must be very good at throwing guards and the strong sweeper. And according to what's an arm. Question I've NATO and don't tell it would regard this. I don't guards the first stones can you not expected to score those actually a Boston Bruins and the accuracy throwing those two stones to guard against where the other team might throw. There's not a dead Nixon's the the only Baidu is the all the time when he talked about throwing stones and positive way this offensive threat. Yet these these stones cost 40000 dollars. Assess his answer yeah without. Upward of 40000 dollars to fully out for the club with stones. One and I like the vote about like the meanest and then I'll just I'll just throw us a despite those bumps light Beers on the eyes you go much cheaper. Titled judge her great reasons this thread the sport of curling. K you can play at any age. The rules are easy to learn you don't have to pay a lot to play you don't have to be good to play. And curling is wheelchair accessible than the reasons quicker and it's not bad income. Most Canadian car alerts. Most of mark our Canadian coast 32 point 3%. Had an annual household income of a 100000 dollars or more. Well not bad sign me up not a bad winner eleven I would imagine rock god in you don't Barak's now via push rocks on the ice and you get a little broom. Near your you do very hard it's pretty good stuff I would imagine those sweepers got some pop by four arms man Alia. Mean like there may not be in the fittest shape otherwise been. Clark -- I think definitely it's a combination on this and that look they're not. Siren went to basketball players football players yet they're saying that they've got some they've got some gains in there and their arms I'm sure I'm sure. 100000 dollars I'd I'd add vitamin a 1000 dollar lead I'd like curling for sure we start up a a New Orleans curling league a double coverage curly able to. Tommy how many how many players are on our our crowing to. Well according to this or four. We got three we just recorded a one right here we is decent what else to sign up we'll form our double coverage curling team right here no. It's a money outside of debt of W Bobby can throw football but he you know he's not that I'm too impatient for that I'm not. And I and I was in Seattle known as Bobby would be good it heads curling bit of snow there and you don't understand them. It is it is clearly a terrible skip Williams communicators at. Yeah I mean so nobody is not the guy hurt her card yet either play god I'll carry high. Alan Metairie was going on how you're on W well. Certainly curling it like shuffle board for drunk people they hit they could. Now. That they get other people at a poet which could rock. Yeah mentally so you're definitely do a buzzer on you give the buzzer on on curling my yacht the united should note not massively. Well it it's just a result our sport figured out that. Other people help you which apple board on. Mr. Rubin yeah I agree it is a bizarre spore or what about most of these winter sports aren't bizarre the skeleton delusion I mean even ski jumping. Speed skating is a little bizarre rally evangelist skater on you wanna lake Skinner LB's been launched itself passing. Here. Bob Slade McCall bobsleigh here on the official in which side that Bob's first bobsled Bob Slade Bob's Imus be the British version bobsleigh. I can do overs accident. Alan salesman. It. You bet it's like shuffle boarding for books and so Al says about or is it shuffle board in first overview what is an arson unit racial towards sober. The Emmys ray. So maybe the other way around yet by the other southern cursing your kid way off the rails. Terminology are currently sports that men don't get off the rails tomorrow we'll have what you ask for a Christian and we will deliver. We'll have our complete skeleton education skeleton I can't wait did I cannot wait that's my favorite one. Blackhawks in the Zone Diet yes that's rule number one of skelter and hey are you into the Winter Olympics final 4260187. Week. Taxed 8787 in if you are what's your favorite Olympic sport. Activity we're happy event is it Alpine ski Skelton curling. Figure skating well here I got look I've got an education on the text file like this admittedly not a Hugh turley Bob so just read what I what I am. Are speaking my diary and Savannah doctor protects the battle for a gardener talked about earlier is thrown to protect the stone you. Think is going to score so it's not the first stone thrown don't throw the first to own it thank you final four. So this is bizarre way is there another double luge now and in others. We'll find out double coverage rolls on your own WL IMF and uncle. Actually no answer Christian from a texture here. It's my hockey background my family up in Alaska somebody asks about hockey goalies why is there no. Ever wonder whether so hockey team is found somebody morbidly obese who can skate and play goalie is mass would cover the entire goal. The national limit on the size of a person but there's limit on the patents the task can only be a certain size of the guy might be huge. But the the pads on and would be really small so he'd just take shot after shot to be you know on patted areas and music god first also. Having played goalie what do you love about them let's avoid the antenna guy big guy getting him but no patents yet oh here's antibody put look. And that's a good thought but I'll tell you this having played goalie. It's your best skater on the team he's he's your. How likely do your best athlete. On the team so each. He hit it if he can't move through how fast are lightning quick here reactions here you your reactions have to be. In order play goalie it's. Me it really truly. He watched goalies they're usually in a six to rain 63 rains they are tall madame big they're not big but. Playing goalie it's all about a race and angles that's just trying to do you trying to cut the as you watch watch hockey enough you'll see the goalie for some breakaway two on one opportunities they're coming out of the pot. Yes the reason I come out as to could decrease angles for shots in this day. It must likes on soccer like Aaron Simpson thing there calculus has the I don't get your I don't Gator sports club and paid. I don't you know they we should mention here in case you're just joining us wanna leave really superstars in the NBA budding ones that Crist up or easing gets the slightly towards they seal the that's awful via nog and just another start going down and yet it's huge loss for for for the nexus richer. Big upset college basketball and Kentucky lose in the Tennessee best of this the first time since 1999. The balls have swept the wildcats on the hardwood in one season pretty incredible. Volunteers now their fifteenth in the country might be the best team. In the SEC what people are talking now about the SE CB in the best conference top to bottom. Basketball wise in the nation I don't know if I quite agree with that I think they're pretty deep. I don't know if they have the elite team is gonna make you bigger on the tournament. Look I think there's parity Cal's basketball more so this year than there ever has been now honey you're seeing the amount of big upset he saw saint John's beat. Beat duke the other day I mean Virginia's team that it's sneaky good there's been a number of top ten upsets there's been more turn over I think in the last decade. The top five teams in college basketball should make for an exciting March Madness. We've got this incredible influx of head coach is great head coaches with Bruce Pearl coming back to Avery Johnson will wade this this conference is no joke coaching us. Yeah it's pretty. It's pretty special. You got used to get that time what march 9 tenth eleven that's a rough around the time when they had via. The selection for the turn it in did you see what will wade did it to his basketball team. Whether they ham salad via ham and cheese sandwiches man after two lackluster performances in the SEC. I think this is great Allison Miller got pushed back on what wade said Al you're being too hard wall. He said look guys look too comfortable these players look too comfortable he locked about a lot crude for two days of practice would let him. Will let him go in the locker room. Made a washed our own clothes didn't let that didn't have the trainers wash their uniforms or practice here etc. and instead of didn't steaks and fish and also stuff. For meals not ham and cheese sandwiches eyed little humility there I think maybe the bin Simmons here. Kids including Ben himself could use a little bit and humility and Sierra. Hey it works and what reel off a big win against Arkansas policy policy of what kind of impact this has at this might be one of those moments where it can be a bit of a turning point for the season. For will wait and Ellis she tires a wanna see what impact that has and he he announced that in front of a from a a monthly meeting with the coach. Here's the section the final 47 he said he did Christian just columns of the best athlete on the team. Asa typically your you know at the youth level whenever I mean house now I didn't now look I just. Capital be able to skate decently. Hi we got another upset alert college bass woes would be bigger American studies its weak fourth in the nation Michigan State who a lot of people that went in the whole thing pre season. Lost three games already but they're down to Iowa 8987. With under three minutes of play. It Tom Izzo and this could stay there is going off there are Larry Nasser. I mean they are under eight absolute firestorm. And you have to he has to think that that. Scandal at Michigan State has taken a troll on that basketball team the athletic program and Tom Izzo literature man and I have. I really hope that. When everything uses investigated that Tom Izzo is clear that say I hope that I hope the investigation plays out as should it too because I have. Really respected him throughout his for a thought he was no one of the real good guys in the industry and I hate to be right about that but yet not Michigan State's there in. Look at when they. When they were due RO Foleo they're just as it it's a really really tough subject for me to talk about. Though the Larry Nasser. Of course it's official putting is still tourism ACL AC RNC. And they'll. By all horse won once you've Bruce Pearl he's he's got a program rolling to be a dangerous team in the incidentally terminal double coverage rolls on an X our national signing day Sam Spiegel and next hour at since fees cover LSU for a C. Country dot com double coverage said the crucial phone lines open at 504. 26018 semi tech's 878 Seve will continue with. Curling terminology ridiculous pick. Which are Olympic sport each week you gotta give you some of the terms. Of said sport. This is WL investment account.