Which Saints Stood Out & Who Needs To Step Up?

Bobby and Kristian break down the Saints game vs the Jacksonville Jaguars. Which players may have cost themselves a roster spot based on last night's game. Plus, we talk about the lastest from LSU's camp.

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Super Friday welcomed into the Friday edition of saint training camp. Sports talk here on saint radio WWL in government dot com cajun cannon Bobby Hebert. A crushing dark here with it until 8 o'clock night Tim Zimmer taking your phone calls at master control. They are open at 5042601878. Text 878 said he still unpacking last night's 2420 win. Over the Jacksonville Jaguars for the saints in the pre season opener for the first scientist we fourteen. The saints win their priests season opener post-Katrina. Covers ocean football for the applicable Jonas. At 435 to LA issue and spring practice they'll have their first scrimmage of this of the fall should say. Tomorrow Scott Shanle Sobel chip it ten years in the NFL. Analysts foresee EST get his thoughts at 635 on yesterday's pre season opener for New Orleans Saints again. First impressions overall body have they changed after a night's sleep as to what you saw. Last night for the saints and jaguars in particular the safety and it's the first team unit that did give up field. No not really. I guess you don't like is there was one practice that was kind of ho hum and it is special teams so I mean especially if it is the first pre season game. So you can have ho hum pre season games get out ho hum practices. You know like I said last night I just like. Because who you come on now who's playing. You know I have the canned jarred and or Drew Brees the world playing that well what do you do in the first one Robinson to see come a week from. Almost begin movie get ready for kick off next Friday night is when the cardinals on the town. Can we get all the fast start do we win in the first quarter to win in the first half is that those are names you familiar with. Now Sean paint to evaluate the whole team but it from a fan's perspective. That's and you really have confidence in the team and and that may be not this saluting their press clippings. Of but to have so to speak a dominant defense where that was Devin not obligate come against Jacksonville. As far as that dominated the fits it and and you know light and as a fan. You wanna see that there's nothing more. They when your defense can eggs but that you fans attended cheered louder the New England office is also I mean when you look at it. Christian. I mean all of a sudden look at them and notes and I'm saying whoa. That did do we even stop. Jacksonville you look in it it really on both sides five drives five scorers. In the united took command knows that the first time. We even made a play was William Mata had mine is to tackle for loss to start the second quarter so I guess colleges is appointed. Within a first quarter considering how well we had practice and how much passion. And emotion there was showing throughout training camp that from a deep into perspective. So it was somewhat. This supporting it in that way but I think there's a good a team to play a team like Jacksonville. And how they're structured. They get a chance to win in the trenches. It's back in a mile and so I think knows a good person. Pre season game to play they get to team like the jaguars. Because when you look at Jacksonville. How can you know I'd say they were amongst the best. In the AFC lectured admitted that a championship game. And now we all know they lost that a patient there right there in the fourth quarter. A would delete so. Who would lead so I look at it a good opponent to play indicate called the pre seasoning get ready. For the 2018 season. I am not trying to let anybody outlook ridiculously steep but that did not literally did not tackle well but the alternate and we can say that is. Looking Havoc on lives any portion of practice in the in the twelve days leading up to this game so that's why I'm will cut them a little bit of slack let's see. If it improves on Friday are blue and a food opinion poll. On line we activated elect come after the first pre season game who hurt their chances of making the saints' roster the most. Cast your vote on line. W google.com. Linebacker Colton jumper. Cornerback Dovonte Harris. Quarterback TJ Williams who we got outs for about a week after rip bruise saw. And go down in the second half run back Shane Vereen. Or if it's an output Deen Mohammed and by adding its it is not like I have two choices body who we linebacker Colton jumper. Also Al Mohamed called the jumper missed two plays rugby open ideal yeah. Port port capital port angles pour technique in general Atta said that they. Hadn't done a lot of tackling in training camp but this is stuff that's pretty basic fundamental things that he was missing out on an out could be Mohammed. But it it is acting you're pretty quickly because he's getting buried on the depth chart pretty fast especially from. Year old Elliot the night he had last night. Yet it's all about. Would you put on film. And then matter what you accomplished last year so. And then also divide the Harris you know he's had outstanding pranks and what are you gonna do and game. I mean you can't afford all of us and you gonna stubborn opponent and you have a critical penalty go get shoot and mortar one. Well no busted coverages what he's had in the past so he really went divided Harris I would say given opportunity we're in the penthouse to outhouse. So to speak when you look at last year he started very first game is a vikings. And it was definitely that weakling and we see them get it done in practice we gotta do and gains were this pre season. Are the regular season to get their trust factor another. One you know we look at who's gonna pickle for Mark Ingram. I think Jonathan Williams family took a major leap over Terence west. I know. There it's worth a look kind of like unique Christian he looked a little chunky. You know I admit it I'll look at and a silence and think that that's fair and it is that like that asylum. In a pro pot or selling. But. Right now Jonathan Williams heavily as the league guys leader as far as the bulls to slight running back. Big bosses God's gonna get opportunity but if you look at Jonathan Williams and his doll. He just looks more like deuce ad and I'm not deuce Mike Moore kingdom and what I mean about that. When you look at markings. Okay. Like 510 to fifteen Jonathan Williams six foot. 2218. And that range and then when you look at Boston sky. He looks more the scat back. And now he can run. Between the tackles but is not like all of a sudden ground and Powell. When you are attending to in the football that you and a ball to Scott who's like a compact compact 56200. Pounds with. Right now it heavily sedate to take deuces placed reduce keeps you do marking his place it would be Jonathan Williams. Terrible news for former LSU tiger running back Darius Geist. In the pre season opener and he has a torn ACL. Likely to miss the remainder of the season after having surgery sometime after the swelling goes down terrible news for. Jerry's ice in the Washington Redskins. James all of into world as longshoreman and you to a 504. 2601878. Text 878 having your first impressions of the saints after their first pre season contest to win 24 when he over Jacksonville this is saint radio. WWL. I welcome back to sports talk back to the phones we goat that nation. Longshoreman what's wrong offshore when you're on WW all your first impressions of the saints last night the pre season opener. A thank you Christian Bobby and Tim L master control Matt thank you that my call. Eight Bobby and Christian I don't know what the speller. Are well on that he'd been the plot the ball obviously and maybe not the best beautiful drop that we would like the secret. It's brief three and those who spoke on. Some positive things in an a couple of bright. By that I I'm bit stood out to me was I think straight onto Mitt. Many I thought he looked great it's good grabs it positive yardage. The most talked about job million. I think Bobbie you agree or disagree I think he could it be they got we need to carry that load expect a lot more intimate now. Because on one particular play even went before your four Russian 46 yards and a TD. Play in particular. Looked like he was down it was a crowd. Would be tacked on surrounding. All the sudden you see it legs Chernin is come out. Gained another 67 yards out of an outlook that right off. Yeah Jonathan Williams had a long gain of thirteen yards and listen to the advantages opportunity. You know four carries like he said six and a half yard average per carry I thought even bosses got the one opportunity he had. He gained seven yards and I could see bosses got. Definitely getting more opportunities whether it's against the cardinal outlook. Out Bebop and got it he can contribute. They did eight. Like he's gonna you know that might be dialed in order return on gimmick than maybe cheered between Tuesday. He adds to be a competition at the ring out the best and everyone you heard it all the time it going back to bosses got I mean. He excelled at Louisiana Tech you know when you look at breaking tackles and gaining yards after contact. He average you know five point seven yards a carry so. All of as many as one run seven yards I think this they think they don't want to see more. What he can do whether it's like you said the rest that are pre season or come this Friday against the cardinals. Our. You know when you go out to San Diego a new pricing is the charges because. He sings like that he would excel. Even mortgages that are thump and our practice time environment public could be a gamer in the ad that nice kickoff return on know we had. What it was a penalty where we city the I think that nullified out posted a 41 yard return. But as a lot of competition between him or Brandon Tate there. As a returner now I think Brandon Tate because he's received more than 200 putts are right at that. That that easy he's been a returner a ten year career he's had three for a touchdown. Were bosses got. The big play he had a special teams was a pig which are not necessarily. A par returns so pay is a lot of competition but. I think Boston Scott is right where he needs to be to compete and you know they obviously one of to succeed considering. You know whatever your draft pick and and they want. Especially to Skiles who are like OK we are doing the right thing as far as to who we drafted and who invested money in and Boston's W a 67 round draft pick this kind of like a free agent like Pierre Thomas. So the cheaper option in all things considered right cheaper option may entity would get the betterment of these over the tenure thresholds so yeah that's that's him that's a million and not a million dollars oppose what you're paying Boston's got it all things equal and they're gonna take Boston's got us there return guy. Yet not out of the Christian do you trust the trust and that is gonna feel ten out of ten punts. See that battle so I didn't do yet yet that's exactly I would say even those pre season. Put him back there is a par returner yeah if you follow these follow the game doesn't count but yet to see woody can bring to the table blood. Listen bosses guide from day one even militaries in mini camp he's played a lot of confidence. Annie looks like he belonged he belongs he's not been overwhelmed. Four catches the ball salute. You know you'd be interested to see you know you have to have about a backup. Kind of during the same type plays that Alan Camaro would run and you wanted to stay healthy and whether that would be ashamed marine our bosses got I think it was ten. To go the other guy let Shane Vereen really think he showed a saints of the pre season. I'm looking at a Boston Scott and I think it is he is an opportunity to return to policy fields and cleanly. Yeah I think he solidifies himself as as that return guy I don't. Bobby tell me if I'm wrong I don't think that they're gonna go all right let's see we can carry a player for both want for kick returner once upon return know so it ideally they want want to handle both. Yet because of limited roster announcement that Rossi as you can afford to do that but. But you cannot have. A Bobble punt return and you lose presidential Elmo. When Danica we commonly lose the Monte Harris when he granted to them in the try to peak and both that a kind of plays NFL's two good that you cannot have that. Yet to feel the ball a 100%. And I think once bosses guy gets his hands on the ball. He definitely is nifty she's shifty. Kick return the flight and balls there and upon return that's why I would just throw bosses got out there is a punt returner. You know like OK like maybe give Boston's got a game and in you know give branding Katie game. Now I want to Villa today upon until late the ball yeah that's Al go bring a it was like well we like to see more query Terri has been on the eve has got to stop them and force. The opponent the pledge to hold the data be the case of Friday is the cardinals. The backup our CBS news update launch from a thanks for the phone call it that James in New Orleans Derrick in Baton Rouge and you to a 5042601870. Text 87870 Brooks who Pina. Covering LSU football for the app you'll check on on LA issues are set for their first scrimmage of fall camp are blue room foods. Of people online at WW dot com after the first pre season game. Who hurt their chances to make the saints' final roster the most linebacker cold jumper out of Tennessee undrafted player cornerback Dovonte Harris cornerback DJ Williams. Went back Shane Vereen order that's been out quit dean. Mohammed cast your vote online at W him well Michael Moore calls at Bible for. 260187. Bobby Christian sports bottles audio on this Friday afternoon. Body Christian here on sports talk full lines are open at 50426018. Seve text 87870. Other NFL pre season action tonight the Atlanta Falcons are on the road. To you on the New York Jets UC San Donald make his. New York Jets. Quarterbacking debuts Detroit. Why it's rather wrote for jockeys return Jon Gruden whose return to the sideline that kicks off at 930 without incident jets at 630. And also on Saturday Minnesota takes on Denver at 805 along with the LA chargers and the Arizona Cardinals at nine. That will conclude week one of the pre season. And of course last night Bobby also saw baker mayfield make his pre season debut with the Cleveland Browns a gut tea what I saw a lot of highlights of pre press. Why is at least 50% dongle aboard what is the largest colony on some up by his ability to yeah oh yeah no you counted pocket it is and how opinion. Cheer for baker may feel the reason why. I think that anybody that is gonna walk on twice two different places and succeeded level he has I think trophy winner known. He has been haters you know like make me feel mean. Think about it he walked on it fixes that walks on and Oklahoma. And you know you don't remittance of losing his Heisman Trophy winner. This that you wanna compare the John immense odds diamonds well it is. Not on the level of bigamy field and bigamy was more discipline. And has more pocket awareness within the pocket so. That's could be Keegan is that you can extant please defeat pleased that it failed to make withdrawals from the pocket and listen. Now. I don't necessarily think just as we begin last night he's just RD one. Look it's our right to know what was he nine and nine. Heated through and completions so is it we're sad to see you can bet our estimate. When you get a C baker mayfield and their but I'd. He had any knowledge that no he's not the starter right now I'd from the first game now the browns would it have to lose only 11 gain. The past two seasons but I still think. Who jacks is gonna go with Tyrod Taylor the third season. They're truly about change the culture and competition. It would knees would say that they commit filled by the guy that you want me. Start week one. Well not necessarily a thug who's Jackson. Because what does days so addictive mayfield on their own form. Ourselves and our the struggle they won in three. And and you don't want all of a sudden bin Jim Bakker may focus Colombia coach was to keep his job he was to win. So I think the border transition from Tyrod Taylor. Who put it this way whatever happens in a pre season. The coaching staff they gonna go to whoever gives the better chance would they think to win. And get off to fast are hopeful is not a fast start because the saints are awarded those games the bigamy trying to win now that there's no way in hell we should lose their growth. I mean I know that's happened in the past when an upset. But no that'd be human disappointingly this Tyrod Taylor are being committee feel. As they should take care of the Cleveland brown. Back to the phones we go Derrick on line three. You on W develop their. Eight hours one. A couple of comments one oh in the press writes Redmond ripple back at like this you're at war and it as a whole. Bode well a few more reps from more players that this but I don't want that you have Bobby is happening or repeat Jonathan William ball it's got. Even Michael Boyd more in the upcoming game. While they Michael Floyd the reason the reason why you see a much delayed arrival brand in red tape didn't get a whole lot of offensive snaps viewer calls well. Trey Tre Evans. I got to ask you this they're Alex all on one or two plays at fullback so it's hard for me to say I'm impressed them I think they're trying to because they're so deep. Even at even at running back they're trying to create a way that he can find his way on this roster because I think he's in jeopardy. And you know you're spending those mentioned teams but you know when you look at it. James. That. Average group below average only had sixty place. You should especially barrel off its its drug choose should have sixty flee the 65 plays at the minimum. And somewhere 7070 fog is we knew we are more prolific offenses. In NFL also. That that was somewhat disappointingly. We couldn't convert on third down the beginning Linda. Being 511 of 45%. Admirable David is kind of struggled. Get an opponent as the game when you put in different bodies out there to stop the office on third down it. Well they had sixty plays and that that's why did its. It's almost at a point where a lot of times a coaching staff. When you do have limited snaps you could tell players. And that's why I was saying about boss that Scott. You know war or Boston Scott and Brandon Tate in the return game this is your game. Hopefully get opportunities to show the coaches something but like revenue splitting with that game. And it might be might have won it impressed the coaches are maybe even a couple. Verses if you haven't into our game. You can you could double those opportunities in. So Obama mad that's hard the guy we wouldn't try to dwell on different people. Like you jaguars had 66 plays. You know that's about right you're trying to have got to give it some rotation. And elbow but we only had a sixty plays at all that the team. Barnett got a text here at 878755. Meaning two year old Elliot is what we need he was given the quarterback fits now to say this it's worth pointing out Google negate now yeah exactly it but. Here's what I think you gutsy because when you start having days like this in games like this. It now forced the coaches ago okay what does it look like against the better competition let's see if you can have some snaps against the cardinals. Ones or twos not threes with of the ones so that's what. You'll know how to treat they are by general Eliot and look he's a veteran he's done in the league for a little while. But I think it when you start to see him get those snaps with the ones that meeting go OK yes the coaches are truly tree by the square. Well. We have encourage Iran Elliott. But he's not a virgin in the NFL I mean he played 38 gains for the Packers. So he's well he's a sleeper. Was this we were because we don't necessarily follow. Packers football. But I he's played 38 games and now. Christian Methodist last night he hears that he's a four year veteran twice Richards years of age at a Toledo looks the part. 63 two for the five when they have this new widget to lane. I said watch out for these veterans you know even from the blockades in mini camp deuces all of would you probably the five year got a serie accused unnamed. Three guys. That are competing with these young guys and and you wanna always catch the codes that digital film. The one game in nab a databank indices and haven't three sacks. But a saint and he just came on board went in OTA's and any can agreement training camp. Which Iran Elliott has been able to deal with the team's facilities in mini camp. And now we even bring an end George Johnson Christian. Look that we see them do in this state uniform last year yet I have to sack used part of I have to sacked and had two quarterback hurry so. That that's intrigue when you look at the guys that. They played it for an NFL. And it changes scenery a different opportunity. It is might and might be deadly the magic formula with the need. And now he needs to do that being Elliott is. Okay it was gonna would you do as the car is what you gonna do in practice but he's big catch an ally as far as like. I don't know that I second quarterback to the ground without looks like that. He would had a sack him practice the bottom line is we've been taking notes on him and practice. And he's had success. But I don't know who's gonna have this kind of success I mean he had. Other main races. He had a career night pro yeah that's all pro if you look at it. A great Judy was third in tackles. When you look at it behind lose Loeb and and and Lawrence doesn't know what the cheers got Armand de Oro or several yards but you'll look LE two halves sacks quarterback hit. I'm hopeful loss and he knew we talk about ball hawking. Whether it's interception or pay go over the ball not only sack the quarterback W four so formal we add to those in the new autos the main thing. He had a tackle specialty. So when you activate him or game day he might be a backup. And my game in that rotation again maybe 1015 snaps. With the and you can count on him or trust was special teams. And then you have a tackle he was not going to be a weekly low note that. I don't know what he's done in his career but I but I would venture to say. The angle it is for the year and Albany college in Green Bay he's never had this kind of game where it is pre season artery Lucy's. Text here dates only Sony's David on a lot of considered a lock on the roster a starter at this point it of that is. Definitively yes and yes come back for James in New Orleans. The sports talk here on. W him well. Just reading the headline on our website at. WL dot com scoop comes out of closet for the world red dress Ron. Check out the article when video it. WWL dot com the redness wrong about this weekend attempts that were on the force well the Yemeni Tim. Are by Kristin ten resolute as good and addresses who. All know and look for a finalist either one of interest beyond its bow as not judging scoot I don't wanna. Have to sit there and judged too and it knowledge we could do if you does this proper away going scoot. I think he. You use it looks looks fine. If you words. But the Mitchell Lavin mentally that last night six tackles is impressive again in limited action. Left to deal with can't though with cramps last year made this roster but one of the things I think its tree about him body is the place snaps inside and outside. Yeah. And and and that is so critical. You know deep tackle. Very similar betray him racing but I think even has more flexibility. The trade Hector dependency is the motor. They both high motor players. If you can lead the team six. Not even assists six individual tackles. In a quarterback. Hit. Quarterback hurry hi everyone to describe it he had two tackles. Follow lost so. No he he's just have good old boy. I mean you talked to him. He just sounds like a football players and he loves football very coach who will you do whatever the coaches ask him to do so. Knowing he needed type player that dove NFL teams so well awareness scouting department. That and that. Another words you've got a sleeper. Other teams nobody Hammond. Like you said the flexibility it needed to tackle. And would you put him at. I mean I can remember him and Arkansas in noses to it I don't remember him being that dominant you know college football this. I did yes he's moved abroad and graphic tied in front line. I think it may even have a full back at one point wants Emmys with this is. Like three times in Arkansas and here's the thing you mentioned about me and again you know you know better than me but. He's an effort guy but also he's kind of limited though he's got one movement's top power he relies a lot on powers not do a whole lot of speak Russian but. Then again if you're rotational guy you can be a you can afford to be a little bit more one dimensional. Well you diseases stay healthy. Autos and then you watch him in the pre season last year. He had a strong pre season. You know on the previous season to make the roster. And then you know he only played images to gain before he had been as seeding in the entry. Ending injuries so I think he's in their plans. I think he's more comfortable. He's obviously. More experience. He feels like you belong so now he just he's avoiding Andrew but I think he's deadly in the saint plants. Come back for change in the world bobbing in English tourney to a 504. 26018. Semi tech's 8787 a blue recruits opinion poll online for at WWL dot com. We've after the first received it which saint hurt their case the most to make the roster final roster linebacker couldn jumper cornerback Dovonte Harris. Cornerback Pete. That's been how quick Deen Mohammed how about LA issue as well there installing the large video screen in College Baseball check out the story on line at. WWL dot cup sports talk Bobby Christian you're out saint radio W to do well. What about sports talk here on saint radio to the phones we go to James. In a while you're on WW could melt names. Saying what. Christians by matter ya know I GG yeah. And random well in point Randall being in the kind of it's yet to be what not a thing is that they really endlessly. I don't. Our preference is on that first series is ready went up and down via. Right yet yeah I mean come on that. I don't give his high school college to pros you give of a fifteen play drive. And you know he's showing pay to be Milligan had dinner salad global getting animals the field but that's where they'd be game counts or doesn't count. You never wanna be given out that's even beyond a double digit drive fifteen plays this. Since I may we need to get the ball in the first quarter. Yemen and another point what. No I think that we you know you talk about maybe you can elaborate on them blog is about me in B pay up big plays in big moment in critical moment just differences. With a different in that strip district that what I don't remember that name even if you going to be graphic here. There were ordered to Jauron Elliott when he whipped a ball hawking and puts out the ball listen. What's awesome. You know unit sacked and stripped fumble on all adding even recovered because it lands and elaborate just knocked the ball out of the best one thing Ricky Jackson itself that. And a lot of young players you know big big get so close that it quarterback. That they just want to now the rules have changed EC man I want to knock the crap about the quarterback I'm like go for a ball. And knocked the ball up visited that that's even more important. I mean just almost take go pro German Gregg Williams saying this and and even old school and Jerry Glanville and all the quarterback has it in his. In his hands and knees and get rated throw it. Just almost go break his arm and it has always been a whole terrible just target the ball. Ready for years with a phone call the F makes it a call ready for your chance to win 1000 dollars and then become national cash contest a code word this hour is. Wise. Tags WI SE. 272881. That seven to 881 takes now and you can win 1000 dollars cash. There's a very next call words are deported topped an hour every hour. Now through 6 PM 1000 dollars is up for grabs waited for your wallet. Good luck from all of us a Debbie Debbie L. We never charged for tags but individual plan takes in data rates apply. Please don't Texan drive.