Which free agents are "must-keeps" for the Saints?

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Friday, February 23rd

Deuce, Bobby, Deke and Mark ask what free agents are essential to the Saints' future success.


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Welcome into the Friday edition of sports talk Deuce McAllister in the house Deke Bellavia. And I am mark Menard got a great show for yet for a boat. To half our worst and then we'll have a little LSU baseball tonight a big series starting tonight at Alex box stadium as a Texas Longhorns make the trip. To batteries to College Baseball blue bloods. Wearing off for three games all weekend long and of course that lobby weather permitting but oh well hopefully will have a military base for baseball three tonight. Zach has we'll take the mound for the tigers to start in its first pitch at 7 PM at the box. Will join pregame coverage at 630 but until this two and a half hours of sports talk and we have the all time leading rusher for the saints and the Ole miss rebels. So he's radio and a color analyst Deuce McAllister in the house today. And question we have for you. Would say it's free agents do you wanna see back next season. Who can who can the team of four will be talking about that for two and a half hour also slated Bobby Hebert will join us. After the first break we'll have Mike Triplett of ESP NE of course covers the saints will be with us next hour about 545 and legion and elegy baseball. Would Brian bizarre tiger beat dot com at 615 so great show lined up for you. Deuce how is your Friday go. Outside of. The rain it's been outstanding I mean the rain has popped up a little bit and I think. He knows it would definitely need to be safe raptor on the Ali but I mean it's been a pretty Good Friday. Also salsa wrenching news the saints were not awarded. They a copy. Home. You know they were able assigned some free agency lost some create is that they were able to sound so they did not pick up any. Call peaks and that's not unusual for for the saint it would have been. Inching if they had a peak though it's well it's been a few years since they've gotten a compensatory disk a compensatory largest company Kenzie here's the thing with those picks when you talk about a last year was the first year that you could actually trade him and so teens. Think Dallas may have or. Dallas in Cincinnati Green Bay Oakland they have four peaks. Let's see if they packaged those peaks with the regular picks they have been you know maybe move up and down as far as a draft is concerned so. And at some moves assists breaking today. Russell. Interest in our interest and I I think that just goes to show. That we are now fully into NFL draft mode if you happen of that where you know oil closing in on the final week of February here and and the draft is about two months away. And that's going to be that's going to be our focus here. Among among other things of course would that pelicans basketball still going on LSU baseball policy basketball. March Madness on the way but man. The NFL draft is is coming like a freight train. Well NFL draft is definitely common but I think the focus now for us I don't know we'll go full mode with it. But will start folks and on come on with Travis Lee. Kicks off in a few days or next week actually and so. Just to be able to see what gas performed well you know what teams obviously every team will be there what team leaked some information out about a player. Who floats the draw to this you know these guys have known for the last what two months three months they've been going Indy. There will be somebody that passes I mean that bit feels. The drug tennis I mean it that there always is and I mean whether he's a first round dour dad it's a French player he's gonna hurt himself. How did. How much the NFL come on do you actually watch dues I know they televise a lot of it now on the NFL network I'm just curious how much do you pay attention to. Actually watch or just follow I like actually like. Like legitimately watch on television you watch you know watching Ian and come home and asked oil yeah I mean you can get the summaries anywhere I was just curious. Yeah yeah so. What we're talking about today which saints free agents do you wanna see back next season I think the obvious one would be Drew Brees but but outside of Drew Brees which saint free agents do you wanna see back next season. Let's start with the you do so you wanna see you back next season. Well. I mean when you. I think money is gonna draft some of this conversation when you talk about what free agents would be back that are actually Gaza. Under well not necessarily under contract force but. Potentially be back on the contract you know you love to keep all of those gas critically if you've developed from. For the last three or four years you look at the gala Brandon Coleman you know I mean just look how much of a different player than he was. Despair issue for you know whether you're talking about and a third third down situations will result situation or even in their. Run game you know I thought he was obviously a huge piece in you know obviously having Willis meet met both those desert. Freeagent so they'll have the up Sony and so whether the same standard those individual. A monster and obviously we we we talk about Drew Brees and talk about Cuba Karl. You know you have a guy like elementary you have and I'll get my full list in front of me in the second. But the religious a few just right off topic here and I mean which you look at some guys like that they were able to sign this season. You know I'm. A guy like party. A guy like. Freeney. You know all those guys were able to step in and make plays for the saints and just off top money here I think most of those guys that are. Oh were only one year contracts and you would love to have him back another guy Alex Okafor. You know he was a god I was playing outstanding for anybody unit didn't hurt and so the saint I think they're gonna try to move. Fairly quickly I know that they did sonong loans represented wood bat. So that was a data they were able to pick up you know he was what third data they actually picked up. Throughout the throughout the season and so. He he did a really good job and so to be able to have him back in no injection. You feel posing your parts. Those you don't have to worry about as far as snap his concern I think than always helps you know when you talk about winning that third phase of the game. That is Deuce McAllister saints radio color analyst all time leading rusher for the saints. He knows what he's talking about folks and we'll have Bobby Hebert after the break joining us talked talk more about saint free agency. I'm mark and our stick stick right here. We got more sports talk for you all the little 630 tonight and an ally she baseball. Hosting Texas lots of sports action. All weekend long right here on WWL. These guys again and Battier they'll always Deuce McAllister and sports salts. The saints getting set free agency getting ready to begin L issue in Texas in College Baseball this week and the the wind down of the college basketball season case again and pay logon on but first of slow and I'm being told that is officially joining officially a grandfather now that true. Yet I am officially. Grandfather. The last night that I think well. And people out of prop Papa. And I look problem grandfather. Better known as Papa Bear. But that that they call him now look beautiful little girl. Little right now. Yet and it goes so. I think every year here is would be the early eighties he's got a real warrior. Would be. Is double here on forward to it but it's especially the you board but he covered the world and you love so probably. A lot of emotion you know oh. Those people for. You know born. In obviously that first drink is so. There and now with the program. What's the baby's name. Are. There. Analysts analysts neighbor wooten gradual aces. Bob Vienna you guys ask them -- hours ago I know long night for you you you did to new commitment. Well good thing you're economists who acted in the correct it is. You know you know outwardly. Google well so. Look forward. But flies dislike. Be born and in the united he's there in England well so we get the mom Marie Caitlin and unbelievable. One repeat. I'd probably bet for an. A lot of forward and he does to a side of the birds so. That beautiful. That the you know you don't accuse. Signaling. What did he can you you are you a UST Houston and Baton Rouge what's the weather like over there. And clear in it like it is in Albany that I what was that'll. Right now while Ireland and probably guys that though it might. We've played some baseball and tonight. Well. I don't look at the economic solvency. Look it's funny enough right now it will look at Lebanon and the like you know they'll put some people. Well Nestor. LA issued to distort program's second only did so I can almost twelve. Titles that they have by themselves so these are the two story programs in College Baseball in this this is a big big series and a lot on that. This is big there's a lot of our regular season series in Thomas baseball as you'll find an intelligent baseball. Well being like. Like you critters like post season baseball. The sort of FaceBook is telling you know we looked at an authority decided Daytona 500. Well I'm not saying is that Allah the most news that they're it was two years feeling each other out kind of a super regional site bought. Police to this story probably you probably. It says college they all they collected it easily and I considered it is like USC. Where they'll be in the regular its exit. And it would LSU old son you recognize. Who was deliberately in law and not talk about. About it they're began when you look the tradition and probably won't have LSU and our taxes to pay for it is the but I think it's great for the fans. I think they'll be probably not baseball. Especially that is sort cracked retreated to university. But we also talked earlier in the week your nine deuce pretty extensively about the NFL scouting come by and it starts up to this week in and in the course of the go through. Most of fifth anybody you're paying close attention to only point out some names of the other day talking about but. Go back to list a union dues may now as far as the areas of need. And you know any time some big guys particularly in defense of Lyman run the good side that you know they do well on the bench press. And the big guys do you know do well in the forty odd days they seem to get a lot of attention. Yeah the because it is. I don't know got to work out Olympic RO. A work out all of that there's certificate to anyone it's been in. And that is predictable. Becomes. Who and the fact that all let eyes were on the shuttle. You know. My friend who there mu receiver who work being done done law when he said. In a combined record you know openly in the field attracted you will definitely important to. And you Jack prevail you like or to forcibly caught is that he didn't see would go about there. Yet there is kinda showcase. You feel that the they're football is now the what you figured great workout warrior great football player. But I think we've really. There's greater your risk today is this here. I agree work out you know work out Lori Bjork grateful for chip using the oh indicate. Directly elect. It's a lot of doubt that the utility vehicle to be. You know you can increase should be beat the factory and I. And so that it is how you move you how would you argue here in the different group did put these two outputs here or. Likely it is now the matter. Leo good merit probably develop and learn how to view football player but a lot of skill and it was eager he was born. And it has that ability to. Aides again I cage again enjoy you know you knew grand baby congratulations. Our rights come embattled at DePaul and there is you callers and Alicia baseball tonight vs Texas but first up here is a CBS have been. And welcome back allow a degree when Deuce McAllister ID ability LA shoe baseball tonight coming up. And 545 Mike Triplett ESPN and espn.com. Coup was the NFC south and know the NFL for ESP will be with a stopwatch. The saints and which free agents will be back for the black and gold also his thoughts on a drew reads his contract talks more than likely will heat up. Next week in his senior writer type of a deck Tom battles all be with us to talk about a big weekend for LSU baseball. And an issue basketball on the road as Georgia and baseball a three game series beginning tonight at home. Against the Texas loans into lane and Ole miss cynnex and a boxer right now and do something they started a four O clock and was it a missive to. Normally. Yet to lay was up one nut and with a two out homer. Ambien Ole miss was I think it was hit by pitch and anyway we get another run in to make it 21 ohm is right now the ninth ranked rebels at home this week he's. Also deuce you talk about the pelicans Bakken. X and I we on this the other day. Against the Miami Heat and no this is going to be crucial down the stretch of the season dues because now. It's open about from those five spot all the way back to about 918 and it's a tight it's a tight tight window and and it's going down the stretch newstead. It could be. Debt tight between. Whoever the Fuzzy is no to aids CD is but then also you gonna have a two or three teams it like in man tenant. Evidently it kind of limp. Temelin go be a headache yeah it's an eleven to be ahead 844 alive and well you know so really mad T you know eleven made going to be headaches may be eleven falls off. But when you look at the pelicans right now they've they've got they had 25 games yup. And you know they have played better which is which is really I have played better owner wrote then they have at home and so. They have got to take it man is of that home court. Feel a little whatever Bob what do we wanna call it. He got us our ticket home on him because if you can take care. Of your business at home you know Meehan some guy talking about it earlier today. Of those 25 games. Is fifteen and T in good enough physical B sixteen and you know is that gonna be good enough to get them into the playoffs and you know hopefully it abetted and distant at at the eighth seed. Boy do so it's interesting too early ESP in that I had this hope that the yeah FBI. It's probably won't sole major college basketball programs and we we saw we saw this earlier this week is Matt Damon did this then this is the big time when they're under its. But you know it's been going well. Oh yeah I know it's been horrible damning to the extent of of of my should share ST to this is sit Dicks did a good idea Dan Dan you talked about oh hole. I mean we're talking about faces a long time faces of a mean if you don't by the fun and I'm not equate it time that if you talk about who is the modern day guy did you know the modern day it was of the Wes would. And you're talking about a guy like my suggesting I mean we don't delegates yet to championships and so forth in this era of basketball and unravel some of the great eras. From back in the day and you know coach wooden was policy that does face the end and I'll draw up a means a great Kentucky team did so for. But now days you don't you don't get much bigger than they might she says. Well I mean when you eat eat you talk about duke Carolina. Kansas U this is the Michigan State DNL rookie test down. That's the FDA dancing role in Beatrice in this seat if something breaks. Before the turn I mean because like we sit we're less than a month away before the tournament as an out so you talk about some of the great players or Collins the one and done guys yet. Maybe not being able all eligible to play and suggested they need to do do they needed it they go to Destin what is called me they gotta drop the hammer now because. You'll want do is coming up you know four years from now you can like you did lose a little bit here and take the kind of car ride to the winner yes are you gonna do some NASA town induce on the volume Beatrice and see if they do something because you know all the reports that I really haven't seen. The NCAA is really not involved when right now. The FBI has won its ran shell and so the NCAA. Has gotten a little information. But when you see like even former LSU players quarter men and another four or senate GAAP. Food. He went even in L issue when his name appeared in the ledger he had already left LSU but his name was in their market. Did you know morally and so even when his name is alleged that they have. It shows up but even L issues it hey look we are talking about it. My duke releases same thing instead we've been in touch with the NCAA we went through everything that we. That we should have done. And we haven't found anything and so you've got some schools. That are putting their statement out you've got some schools AM we don't have come and you know it and here's a pain. All this information. Was. Gotten from Andy Miller who is a former. NBA scout. He was a little rough yes he was a little rough or all a scholar ruthless. He was a little ruthless right all how he went about and recruiting key use all the guys that he recruited he then sat. So he's got a lot of money on the books for players and even even so some of the guys that he signed. Obviously he has money on the books for them as well without just talking about when they went college would talk about when the deal is Meehan seal. Wide and high schools so. It's been going well is just not college football I mean is just not college basketball as college football's will. The bay may have just had been exposed and that when hit you know YouTube you'll see you'll see something. A blurb are two worst school gets in trouble. 44 bay may have pain in a player X that are about. We haven't seen anything it's been probably toward the thirty years. Since we seem a case like this with the NCAA and college mass. Yeah and you can go and look there's a little what they do they've got a list of idea about the you know in the teams that are genocide in the FBI probe they break it down to like. Family members of players that have today could be implicated in this state talk about schools. They talk about formal players that way it's goose it's it's a full breakdown in addition very inner. And hears it here's here's the thing about debt. Right there's only about twenty yeah there's another fifteen to twenty. That they had even released yet moon and it and so that's just let's just say at the left side. Of the polls. And I think most of those guys are Nike. What happens when the a releases bears. You know because they either they regularly got a you've got to Reza Florida I think he's been only one has gotten off a mean you got took person you. Shooting six net we're involved in this raid and so when they start. Talk him or when they start squeezing them. Who else comes up. You'll be very generous to see is close it's always is now there's no quince is that this thing dropped right here before conference tournament time and also. The eve you know getting close to March Madness because this is going to be a story a cloud hangs over the tournament this season no doubt about it. He's long he's deuce McCallister on disability sports opens a 639 and LSU baseball that tiger has taken on Texas. A ballot to ranked teams into would be more prominent programs in the history of college baseball's throughout the night right here on tiger radio WW. Out to the phones go let's go to Paula nor shall call thank you for calling WWL. Couldn't get. A decent and Nepal eagle. Our commitment to decay in. Other nations has got baited people. It originally new birth rate. Which are things BOJ. But that question there's two. Did as a player to replace respecting secretary but Carol. They'll borrow. So guard has been in to leave full partner in the Indy experience for. At what point do you think your mark in which you take a little. Of maybe pick in the short field. In bigotry. Is part of that decision making it gets married to do you. Think. They get that we. Well and what you look is expected it would go into. It added in the article. Well all you got anger and use they'll. Be you want my honest opinion. Go to pay. Mogul Heidi and I mean towards in in my career where I feel like that I've done. I know full well enough I mean you always want to win a championship but. It. Even the UK could you always injury away. From the abbey and it played here. So what we're where's the compromise. This again to be in the moon though. Asked which of life on this list homey what do I want what you did and this phone I love the game and I don't get rural. You play because you love to yank him but to also wanna be compensated. So. The way that in a film works. Even though it's a security. I view deal and how many years actually guarantee. 123. It's not all five bank so you really all three year contract. No and that's your body may break now at any point in time. That contract. For three years. That's what you get. So yes you wanna win a championship. But he bogeyed two months. 260187. You can take this at age seventy eights and the in the end do so demands in the like you said later you know and on. Like an Adrian Peterson for instance I mean he's he's a accomplished just about everything he could accomplice but he wants to get to assume boys I don't want us. Well how will take a based deal. Give me incentives to go and earn it. To go get a ring and I doubt that at that point I got to zeppelin gets it going good I mean now. I have accomplished enough home to feel I have gotten my money may two big conflict did so to speak yeah. But now let me see if I can ultimately get that that that Marie. You can't be mad at a guy like Mike Mangini no precise and oh yeah official. Absent them will we saw in the NBA league they US open a million dollars on the table. And he took a billion always San Antonio and want to what in the end it didn't work as San Antonio. But Vinny got a second chance and I don't know goes late or go out right we noticed he won't play from eleven million ballots walked away in that that's what's gonna table. And I don't what don't I don't do it again it was since he left him. He. Go to now until. You go to the house bill 2000 jail today look. Do you contribute content from this what we don't do okay. I got his cousin Gregor here but I analysts. Seeing everywhere about the party you and our remaining all of it. No he did there's no lie he had he had eleven point here eleven point two more million dollars with Indiana. Already there I do is stay there I do stay employee op. Als is I'm still a million dollar deal would leave minimal for their veteran says it go to San Antonio. And they want to lose and a year but the need to do to get it right lacy would go to state. But he got his ring known they west. There's there is is it takes. 5822. And that's the problem players are playing for money and that car. When you go to work what are you go to work for me it didn't go to work to. Makes it limits a gay if I am and I yeah. Yet again like a business standpoint especially at their level you have to and not all players. Make me into Dallas they're very few to make means a dollar us. And the lifespan of a player in the National Football League that is for US three's less than four years maybe three point. And yes. Sosa affected add up at this say he's begin to give them give them nab her a thousand a year you factor in and of times for years okay and then you look at. Just. I have a job cities and it teaches them what you're putting in twenty years with ideas of what in the drop asunder like dead. It it it debt is an opportunities and and to set themselves a financially. But does have them or is this coast own peril Tyrone is still got to go go work they're very few people when it's all sinned Dundee and make. Our tie on a money to lawyers they had to do anything have to football. Now they got their demands in sales but no addicted been not that many people that wind up making a ton of money to whereas I'll either do anything into football. But McGee he's still angle much of Bruges those suited house yeah. Exactly you got there I got insurance and not only that it just goes to the house and me you don't nice upgrade is gone drugs and in if you're healthy you but the facade to the do. 260187. You can text the city seven needs and the LSU and Texas tonight 630 at times so indium first it's on WW.