Where to eat for Valentine's Day

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, February 14th

Tommy talks to Tom Fitzmorris about the best places to eat for Valentine's Day.


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There. And thin usually do didn't. Chanting Allah moody and the flu illnesses Helen and you do about new. Oh there's the blues show. And you know I find it find that they put a little too much Rosemary on that from me but look it's it's all good. Where have you eaten lately. Good question he had prostate dinner yesterday evening we party we did indeed we had a path host of people standing around in the parking lot and spilling out all over the general neighborhood. And a lot of porterhouse steaks were being eaten by people who were not quite as big as the stake was to. Com where was it. At the Crescent City steakhouse that's an old wooden oh really. Consistent. Old styles steak house. It is the first place that never did the sizzling butter things poorly and it and where did that where they located. It's on broad street at the corner of saint Philip 1001 broad great neon sign outside so for the people don't know where hang in around did they ever get a neither did ages 10 yeah that was just it was a party for everybody has you know this was tomorrow morning for a and everybody was in a lot of people worry anyway in costume. And 20 or heaven a few drinks you know how it goes sure. Date so did you we'd like did you eat every time somebody came in like different groups how many stakes did you shut down years you're a little racers they are nice enough over there to save a table for me a huge hit just a small table although this and we went up to its six people all of items and if people were coming in to tee meet with you end a had to wait outside and I would think you would be nice and ultimately well to stake with them also. They they wired or waiting for me I tellem you know this is when I have run out of that space is at my table you know one what can I do and so let that that's it you know if you if you wanna do what you wanna do it it's nothing organized particularly when I first started going there on our Mardi Gras. Beckel G-20 five years ago I was the only one there. And and it has just grown to be a big tradition not just airport or steak houses all of the city or I get in on my table is a great. What's a big tradition is Valentine's Day in a push yet Ash Wednesday today. People then maybe you're just waking up and a fog thinking 00. Lou what do they do they are their place is tonight that are still taken reservations zinni that you would you recommend in. How what about the whole state thing would you go to steak house today on Ash Wednesday. Hi guys think you would do it only if your flaunting tradition but. Meant that it's not so I would do create and it's argued that. That's true that's exactly right and so anyway. The the rest maturities were all bent out of shape because here one of their best holidays for bud just sheer business. Is it you know not what it ordinarily is on the other hand it has been worse Oreo but for five years ago. Marty Roth fell on Valentine's Day and all they've they wanted to cancel half that but it was a not to be. And everybody one on one of being happy enough for any help. Silly it is not my that's the long way of saying you keep you'll find reservations around town at the places that you would think of going to it's it's harder to think of what's the perfect place to go on Valentine's Day. As you know because this. Involved in most cases. On guy. Detecting. The special likes of a woman and and I've never been any good at that now hardly ever met anybody who was good at that and so it's just. You know you view we hang on and and hope you're doing the right thing my wife just walked in with a and the English premier you. She too is she talking you. I said Tommy and you know yeah well that's true it's it's it's too Tommy's year. So anyway oh we have an extra dose of this this year anomaly did we have Mardi Gras and that Valentine's Day. We also have. Our anniversary which was two days ago while so a lot a lot of stuff going your entertainment are aggressive and my birthday abut that to three weeks ago. Annan. So win agency to in terms of spelled picking up place that you would want to go I know you know much on a chain restaurants. So where would you tell people if they're just waking up slapping their forehead saying oh my goodness it's Valentine's Day. In terms of reservations at several what you. The first thing you think it's okay. What is the restaurant that we consider romantic and nice and and pleasant and all that and with the ones we would go to if this were just an average day. And go and especially. Those where your regular customer. And that that's where you should go. Because in case. They do book up you know there are always a couple of tables sit around waiting for one of the regulars that come in most restaurants do that and if they know you very. Else feature. And so that's that's the first place I'd look and then the second place I would look or the author of the fourth but would be anywhere outside the French Quarter. It skipped unless you you know you wanna waited out and hang out in the bar some which is nice enough but. That that's. They're going to be busy because the flights are are tough getting out of town. And they they're talking about it. Really peak flight's leaving and you know this they have to tomorrow and Saturday so there are a lot of people core wandering around the city going to all the name restaurants and taking up a lot spaces. At that they don't deserve it but you know. Wanted to Fitzmorris is doing and and nine. I have no idea may never know I it's just. My wife is very special tastes. In in food in restaurants human she's more into atmosphere and service that she is into food frankly she would be the first to admit that. And so that's what you're after anyway you know you wanna go to a restaurant it's beautiful win. Oh give me an example of one that and it really hasn't hit hard yet is it hasn't been open very long but. A Fleming's that it's a steak house it's a chain restaurant of I think at a Houston is where their headquarters in but. They're they're really. That's a really beautiful restaurant this is a right over by a lakeside home. And it's about my wife just loves it because she Lloyd who likes the look of the place it's very comfortable with services all over you all the time and them making a big special deal out of it which is exactly what you want on ballot Wednesday. And only one quick thing you said is about the man taken their read the restaurant do you think it goes that way that it should be Valentine's Day about the man. Showing his love of the woman and unnecessarily the other way. IE I never had any luck trying to go to another way it just. It's a I think it's it's can I can't think of a way to put this discreetly. Put it most of it. All up it's some. It's one of those things where but the lady. Is really in command and the guys suggest a long to pick up the check union new rule. Details like that mean. And and just let it be you know it's it's for the ladies really and which is a wonderful thing I like ladies do you like the problem. They can be expensive but I level pay before you go yeah can I plug my show today now apps please I can't. Jacques. Saloon is here with us today. And that 3 o'clock on one of five point three FM HD two. And he had the news that breast and over a Metairie road. That was discreet little French restaurant shut due to lock button that closed about a year ago and but he sees his work and pretty hard and I bumped into elements of well on the show Matsui which are doing so interesting guy. I tumble towards good thank you for a three year time and I hope UN and the lovely mrs. Fitzmorris have a great Valentine's Day also rely.