Where does the First Amendment stop and start?

Friday, August 10th
Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the NFL anthem protests and the subsequent debate in the media

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We are heading into the weekend it's Friday August the tenth I'm scoot very glacier where this this afternoon we've been talking about a lot it's free for all Friday on the show. If you're just tuning in he won't take you long to figure out exactly what we're talking about. I want it unwritten talk about something that I did yesterday on the show and I did it after the show yesterday. I'm I went to a man to show us house and and she's a friend. And I asked to record borrower red dress the red dress rock. I should pick somebody bigger and Amanda Shaw because Tony these dresses were really really tight. Anyways so I want you to decide. Which stress issue where. So I was literally in the closet and came out of the closet wearing the dresses at an Amanda's house the video is all on our our web site. WW real dot com you can go there right now watch the video and and you got a chance to vote on dress 12 or three. And I'm aware of the dress that you think I should Wear tomorrow when I covered the red dress front live on WW already a FaceBook. So just take a look at it it look at respond but I gotta tell ya you know men and women are built very very differently. OK I knew that before this but it was just a big reminder that we're built to differently and and you don't collect the waste like Amanda's waste would be different from from my. Anyway it was. It was an experience. Contrary to what many of you think it's something that I do on a regular basis but I am gonna do it for the red dress try and this is a charity event. So go on line just dug Google's red dress Ron and register. A lot of people to show open red dress as in drink. But this is of a very worthwhile on the charity that helps charities and and nonprofits here in the in the New Orleans area so you know I mean and actually do the run. But I will register so I am contributing to the event. Since it's free for all Friday we can talk about what you wanna talk about if you're on hold stay with us our numbers 260187. In our text is a 7870. Here's an update on our blue runner foods poll. Is releasing a movie about a black detective infiltrating the client on the one year anniversary of a white nationalist protest wrong. Course a Smart marketing. Pursue a 5050. Give us your opinion by going to our web site every if you don't I come from Metairie Mike welcome to the show. Art history and I'm good cook quote common about. The an opening game in check and Orton and and trump tweeting. I was just curious. You know for for people get that upset about something are so. What you reasoning is to not cheat to stop purchasing all watch something like football. You have to be for Haiti and me like really. Young and I have also prompts people's. Discussion on social media and now the plate and and conversations. Beecher that now these people. Who are that angry about art kneeling. To protest. Social justice will not host. And and reaching this weekend abouts. White Nationalists. Having a rally on an ever shoot out so Washington DC with. You know alternate not to like it the same time holding up American flags it will be flying confederate flags are for a southerners who. Wanna Citic and better liked about southern pride in we shouldn't be tight cheap rate that. I guarantee you that they're not going to be I think. About that as there are about these black man and also like you know ass challenged people. You know why why one it should outing. Doesn't. And about the you know vote last caller on call you all go. I have a chance to see Europe addresses online all week. No they're no sleazy is for dove verbal warning us. Okay well Witten ware that one because I'm pretty sure your optical. Well that's right I mean I got swastika is attentive to all my body and that's as soon to come out on an Aussie. And then so be careful aren't. I'm Michael appreciate that that's something that's really good advice. You can check it out on the video seals swastika is all from Nevada. I hear is attacks that says this school year looks smashing. Darlene from this is so Thurston Howell. But I don't wanna look smashing an address okay that's not the that's at the planet and Italy in hopes of the in the studio and I'm I'm reading is Lisa yes you do know I don't particularly want to look smashing I buy I want this to be like a joke. It's really it's it's it's taken off for our website or can you come to a comment I had this was just a fun thing and you know this is the kind of stuff I've done my entire career. So I thought well you know what the hell let's and what's what Stewart didn't and and have fun with it. And as some people have suggested that we auctioned off to dress after but I you know I can that's Amanda stress. So my plan was to have a clean and give it back to a from a plus Raymond welcome to our show. They screw it I'm gonna screw what it was troubled bank or heard this week that is at 23. Point 4% of Americans. Believe the president of the polish on the media ought to immediately destroy. Yeah actually we talked to a lot of people. We talked about it it was some well it was problem. I think it was hang on I got the sword. It was much greater when when when the question was asked should the president have the power to. To shut down the media. I think it was a 49%. Okay now here it is I'm 43% of Republicans say the truck should have the authority to shut down the media. But that was just it's the media engages in bad behavior. But 23% of Republicans said that he should have the power to shut down. Specific media outlets like CNN the Washington Post in the below thought and I agree with you this is one of the most scary statistics that anybody's gonna hear this month. Got a lot of people yeah it is now our mark question Uga. For sure it whole story when President Obama office. Using the results have been listening. Now. No I don't now are not just truly. You know treat just to get the tragedy not staged oh just. They should be shut out there. Well that's another singer how do you define bad behavior I can and and some would define bad behavior as a negative story about the president when it's an actual news story. Exactly and at that disturb me alive and I just couldn't believe that that your numbers would agree. Ramon I'm glad you called him brought that up there were so part of our our week. An and I appreciate and look at him and where did where an agreement cough cough from a plus. I I get callers that are totally supportive of of what I talked about on the show totally supported from applause. Just ran. The West Bank. All through saint Tammany parish. City. Metairie down on the volume. So you know this idea that everybody in this area is is is red. It's extremely that's not true. And thank god there's a there's enough diversity and freedom to have the diversity so we can have these these conversations on our show. He got a comment 2601870. Text is State's 7870. I got back to your calls so I get back to your text your testimony just Texas a scoot. Never mind that remind you wanna see Amanda interest three well is yeah now I would agree prevent. As one of the songs like you know I just I I just I I I I got off. I came to the station just a few minutes after coming home from a eighty silence on the quarter. Solar cells that normally kind of exaggerated but you know there was a time in my career when there were times that you would listen to me in the morning. And I would go right from being out to going to do a morning show. We'll be back. That's Amanda Shaw a man she is matured into one hell of a singer I mean she is just our blast on stage and archive and fund going over to our house so yesterday and starring in her closet trying on our dresses. I'm afraid the dress that I least wonder where is the one who's gonna win. How to three dresses cirrus one tonight. Well it's it's so on forgiving I'm Billy distortion to more aware it's. But are afraid that someone is gonna win. So is it looks like that's gonna win chemical or hold off until tomorrow morning and and decide. So you got tonight to vote when he when he gets home go to our website WWL dot com and then I think we're gonna put this on our FaceBook page WWL radio. Our view the video at the into the video you'll have a chance of oval telling a devotional pick one of the processor tomorrow and where that is or do you live coverage of the red dress front. Tomorrow afternoon. But I'm gonna have to go on like come. On Beckham really eat. Until after after they're testing every distress is very very tight. I think I need to develop some kind of an eating disorder. Between now and then a potentially Kevin welcome to the show. Given. Yes. One. Oh well conditioned bunker. And that we do not and we will be doomed to repeat it. Did the heritage. Think it is there it went on to the civil war okay are happy with respect. Aunt and they were yet. Because that is what we've got right now it's here and unadulterated. Terror group. They're better or they're all. Of the car. We thought that maybe but at all matter well. He. Bit error desperate. And we're here. We act every bit number. And I grow up they. 2120. Country by allowing that this is that could and you. Repeat that they'll in the mad men. And and we. Ought talk about these young men in an. Though it respecting. When they all crying. About that yet of what. All our population. Of error on a continuing. Problem on all probably. Just. Well Kevin a debt that that's the real centering about all of this is that that somehow lost in all of this is the real meaning to the protest in the beginning. And now it's got all caught up in and political tribalism. We really should be focusing on the real problem and yes there is there's a problem. Here's a Texas says Escude I don't agree with you on many things gonna listen to your show because of the difference of opinion. If everybody thought the same thing this world would be pretty boring. Thank you and and thank you for that and an and I love those of you who to what will come after an NSA looks weird I've what we shall listen every day but I journalists agree with you. That's okay. Unless some cocky guy coming on here trying to change everybody's opinion. My job is to come on the air and just do a show that's entertaining. But in the process. Hopefully I make you think. Is semi golden just make you change your minor change your political party as some might gold. Michael should just help people seek an end and help them analyze the the issues of the day because there's so much BS health care. On both sides. Did it's it's hard to find common sense. And it's a common sense approach that really drives me. To do the show every afternoon. From general Richard welcome to the show. Skewed toward caller my does start to a couple of weeks ago but. Actually go out and about. I'm very impressed by Oakmont and factual book. It's not easy. Try and you are coming down he's better ballplayers and actually insult them 00. Protest about. In I really don't understand we've come in broad and if you look at trump he's banging the drum patriotism and in his own words saying you're the most pro military president ever. Yet when he had a chance to serve yet not one to three. Yet five draft the sperm and skewed point one per bone spur spin. It kind of amusing and it gauger opinion on well. I don't I thought that there's any doubt the president troublesome Monty at the white privilege granted to did Darko to Vietnam because he had some influence and had some outs and there are. You know there's a song fortunate son by credence Clearwater revival is all about you know I know senator son. And it was about people who were being drafted who didn't have on any influence or Armani or anything in there in their lives that would help them. I get out of the draft. So yeah there's just there's there's so much hypocrisy there that what's what's most scary to me about the hypocrisy Richard. Is stats that so many people. Buy into it without even thinking about the hypocrisy. That that's what's really scary is that so many people or so gullible. And they don't think about anything other than a well that's what he said in and if he says he's that the greatest military president that he's the greatest military president. And right now it's kind of a joke because. You know we were supposed to be all settled in free of any problems from North Korea and North Korea is now saying that the United States that there. Policies toward North Korea or gangster style. So it doesn't sound like he made much headway there. No and I agree you know I probably couldn't name calling saying good. Insecure when you do what he does not Twitter I think that would be pretty good work for. Thought about it at some point you know you you you've got to stand up and ensure that your you're tough enough to take some take some criticism non. You know everybody has to everybody's face criticism especially if you're president of the United States. Richard have a great weekend down on the buy you like to color show here is a Texas says. Please. Let the people know from the failing New York. I guess New York Times has made 25 million dollars last quarter thank you Donald Trump. This is a really good point on you know these newspapers that were failing as president process. They're Macon box. Because of trump. People are now paying attention more attention to the New York Times in the Washington Post. Then before. So he's really had a positive impact bashing the media has really in some ways helped to media. And one of the one of the newspaper says. Democracy dies in the dark which is a great slogan. If you're on hold hang on I'm screwed it's Friday will be right back. That's right put on a red dress tomorrow. What's red dress well eyewear that's up to you. Go to our website WWL. Dot com view the video about astute coming out of the closet. For the red dress front. And down vote on dress number 12 or three. You know I I had a purely I offenders of people and I apologize for that it was not my intent to offend anybody when a certain irony to develop an eating disorder Sorkin lose weight to do it's its address. And there are people who do have fun eating disorders and I apologize if you work. If you are center by that. On to serve a light show and and and I'm not perfect and and there are things that did that I might say and I'm I'm going to be. I'm going to be I'm man enough to say if you were offended I do apologize but that was certainly not my intent. Tom but yeah I mean distress I I feel like I can eat anything until after after tomorrow. Is releasing a movie about a black detectives infiltrating the Klan on the one year anniversary of a white nationalist protests is that wrong or is that Smart marketing. As a blue and foods all 51%. Say it's Smart marketing 49% say. Is wrong give us your opinion at WWL. Dot com from the North Shore Stuart thanks for hanging on welcome to the show. Hello Stuart. Okay. From New Orleans said Dorian welcome to WWL. I get out on picnic McCullough shipments. Expert. Here are actually. About air and down at our. Outlets that are really rushed at your end of the local level house. Ain't here. An articulate Jack it's like the court nominee and it actually is a friend who I. Arm and then and protest at an issue that when people that was I've pretty severely injured one approach that they are counter protesters there. The thing about. Because I feel like I inadequate media and they're really. Well. What what the curtain and protesters at the power. You know. That kind of lasting emotional adamantly and poor people stories and there. There a couple of key hit it well and it worries them. Are necessarily in Asia. And ask them people feel about. And it's a lot about the media coverage a albeit at them. Well Hersh your very Smart dory and true to try to analyze the media coverage because more people need to choose to do that because if we if we are. If we are brain our shores we are. If we are. Taught to think something by the media we've we've allowed that to happen. Right exactly an inline easy and it got my. That's human beings feel at least he hit on it kind of you're you know keep them and it's easy to to listen. But found by. We aren't I do openness and I've proven this on FaceBook a couple of Tara said it's just it's amazing I will put a headline. That doesn't even go with the video. And and and that people respond and they criticize. Criticize me. By the headline but what I've done is said the actual opposite in the video civic duty to take time to view the videos so that the sport speaks to that laziness. Written bar Ling and in and did I let go by and kill the story. Probably aren't just because. In the immediate. Remember. And hi my worry about it is that it's going to be perfect echo chamber for people are. An important topic to talk about. For further. Well actually I. Figure absolute right of auditory and I'm gonna try to see this weekend and if I do and I expect you all what get a job we talk about it on on Monday afternoon. During I I appreciate you finding the show recently and John hybrid appreciate you like telling your friends and sharing it with your friends because side. You know like I need your support in the afternoon from 14 here. And I during thank you. And from Biloxi Joseph you're on WWL. For what happened is all Pamela first time caller thank you whip within my include seven she. So code that would mean this is you side up. You know opportunity or not formally comment he made about the disorder. You know. What people were it. Present conflict that some of our press ordered that all over written you've probably wouldn't what black belt early on that comment. You know you know all the Obama did not see you know it. You know not out on there. Well you know sometimes right sometimes receive things out of out of ignorance and and to be honest with an if if I don't I don't have something in my life say to Drexler directly to stay in touch with it there's always a possibility that I'm gonna say something it's insensitive to somebody who is doing what. Absolutely. Are in our armed. Now me but you know it's we. That. You know in all there among all of the people. On. And you know. Oh. We. People. Don't. It is not our congress and or part of it into. What part. More or he would president. Well and I would I would hope I'm I'm gonna move on jobless are really appreciate you listening over the years and neck register Dolan still witnessed. But you know we should support the president and whoever the president be as we should want that president to succeed we I want truck to succeed because if he fails that's not good for America and and I am part of America. If Hillary want and she failed that would not be good for America. Here's another song that is connect kind of remind people like me who were wearing a red dress tomorrow. How to act in the quarter. Yeah c'mon you're dress you're gonna act like a man around mar command to our program it's. I'll have to think of a lot of real masculine things to talk a volatile market addressed. Hey man Soledad saints game yesterday. I skewed we'll be back in terms of your own. I'm gonna put him over address to don't call gray Davies. I'm going hours during a red suits the dot I heard they did did did you pushover in the red dresses like garden later that evening in various. Places sudden I'm not sure of I have to come real authority to do this server address artist I don't think I'm going to be elect is the worst of red dress that I think is gonna win. Your vote dad I'm I'm gonna have to have. Really not degrading the whole afternoon is going to be interesting to see how this whole thing works out because you know we're gonna be lied. From the readdress run and party in the French Quarter tomorrow afternoon on WWL radio what FaceBook. And if you're out there in it have your phone with you and I've checked in and you'll see the events live as we as recovered. Here's a Texas says are sure glad we didn't have a budget draft Dodgers like Mohammed Ali. Who also I didn't serve because he didn't believe in war how convenient. It was a certainly he was certainly physically able. Oh my god this is just such a right thing to to a to address I really appreciate you sending that. First of all. Mohammed Ali's our president is dead but he he was now provisional president. Secondly. Mohammed Ali did not brag about being the best person to represent the military. President trump brags about being the best person to represent those are the best military president's first president for the military. Any skipped out of the draft he dodged a on the other thing is Mohammad Ali was highly criticized when he did that. And I remember. On. Mohammed Ali did not make up conscientious objector. That is a legitimate way to. Not fight in the military. Conscientious objector is something that was created by the military. Itself. And that's different from. Dodging the draft. I'd debut on Demi WL. Today scheme you know and I don't graduate you. Most. Yes and so on should I thought. But I do three point arc and a fellow. Player protests and trial. The first one. Part of you. People. Lee stayed there. First Amendment. Available at work. And it's a total no. Just for clarification Matt note for something similar. Bad your First Amendment right does not just disappear because go to work. They are not break laws if you speak freely. Work. What happens is that at work on ball. As the right to determine. What you'd say they'll say. The office. From timer were not sure so so. It's your First Amendment that would not. Check because speak your mind you know break the law. Outward. But but if you're your boss has no rules concerning bad enough to that point you'd do have freedom of speech. Proper points and when your people coming. Right. Not true second. Might it be. It's not was trumped. All. I can't stand is over steps in overreach. But. Gripe. Is. That I did. Well. Try to define patriotism. And the protests. And then. You know it's like there are so. Yeah. It really. Well I Notre Dame also of people are very offended when I try to set the record straight and explained that I am a patriotic American and if you disagree with me on some topics that does not mean I'm not a patriotic American. And it is my patriotism. That did tell it comes tells me inspires me every day to come on here and try to set the record straight using some common sense. Where where'd. I agree with you on net and got our point my point. Is that. People realized that deep president of the United States or really any. Government later. Is not out. By federal law. To insert themselves in June that the price. And trumpet breaking the law. And. Before. Somebody. In the. But that's. It's so important that we understand that. The president say it is not about the law and that he would actually break the law. Yeah. Advises. The NFL. What to do about those players. Know Dave I'm gonna have to I would have to leave it there I appreciate the call you know I don't know if if if expressing his opinion is breaking the law if he did interfere as the president private business we'll that would be a totally different case. Look we we talked earlier to the the the young man who is playing Michael Jackson portraying Michael Jackson in the musical. MJ alive. Which is tonight the Sanger and tomorrow night at the center 730. On. During the conversation when he talked about what it was like to portray Michael Jackson and it's all live I mean this guy's really singing honestly the debt. I I talk to somebody who saw the show in in Las Vegas instead of protesters' eyes so you can like live. The Michael Jackson experience tonight and tomorrow night at at the center. On he also said in a conversation that he police Michael Jackson was murdered. We're gonna post that conversation. I FaceBook page WW radio and in just a little while OK so first. On your total did this on Africa and then Weezer covered it. Now Toto has covered this Weezer hit hash pipe. This is Toto doorways are. You know what. This is gonna be Tuesday's text off song will play the original buyer Weezer MO played the cover by Toto. You text me tell me which one you like best time Stewart hang on we'll be right back on WL him. While we just to run out of time I had a blast today area we talked about some serious stuff but it was sort of response I don't forget to go to our our web sites WWL. Dot com. And view the video of me coming out of the closet wearing American red dresses. And decide which were used to pressure where tomorrow and then also represent our post had on our face to face later. WL. FaceBook radio on FaceBook one thank Dianne Newman our program director Todd Manassas or show producer and you know our studio producer. And right now it's time for the 1000 dollar intercom national cash contest the code word this hour is follow. Text FL all F text FO LL. OW. 27 to 81 that's text follow FO LL OW to seven to eighty point. Next door coming up right before the top of the hour news at 5 o'clock we never charge protects an individual plan Texan generation if I please do not text and drive. Are we gonna like going on this weekend stay in touch with a solid no FaceBook WW already you also to scoot on a year FaceBook page and it's a Graham. And thank you for being part of our show have a great. And safe weekend we're back Monday. Bloody New Orleans.