When you’re paying for gas at the pump are you sure you’re paying for the gas?

Newell Normand
Wednesday, December 6th

When you’re paying for gas at the pump are you sure you’re paying for the gas?  We’ll talk about electronic skimmers.

This Hours guest:
Heather Wagenhals - A Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist


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We're back and in this hour we're going to be talking about something that many have you probably all already have been a victim and it's called this skimming technology in joining us on line is. Heather Wagoner also certify an identity theft risk management specialist. At that's a mouthful. I but you know we wanna talk about this technology because I mean it is really just blowing across the country right now and is probably many good reasons for that so we want you to analysts and on. What are the do's and don't says as we deal with our credit cards and went when we think we're actually paying somebody that we may not be paying. And it. Is when I can make a church. Off. Credit card debit card what is my best option and what protection. That is the actual appetite at a picnic art critic at bat. But they're. Your problem critic. Discipline to spending. That the reason why. Credit card and a boy you in that cart is you consumer protections that are put clay. If you charged them being on a debit card that money comes out of your account right there and then. When you charge something critics are. It beat you later and get bigger issues you can dispute it and he had a cash. But you could do something to change the law states like your. And that makes it more difficult because there's no consumer protection you know you've been hi I think within will be. Used in the air Tran it checking you know and in you don't read our partner. You know your life at its fifty dollars. You know it's uncanny way at the front bunker undercount or let them eat. Oh so you take in. Or even begin to make your purchases. Make purchases on credit. And you can at the end of which should be that functions like that perception that the card. So. Lesson number one use the credit card in gas pumps and I guess Cisco's. Is holds true for. Gross restore her I mean all these you know a year. Everywhere every everywhere yet because your account number and even morally. Occurred at. Shipment and technology. It chipping. And so you know most of healers. The proper proper. Got a chimp cartoon action. So why that card you're outnumbered can be captured. In a big country. Yeah. Ship and technology. It's been encrypted code generated. I mean try and action that. To date on such an action. It's a budget numbers that won't be. And not actual count. So let me ask you this question because it. If you're you're saying that even though you have the chip technology in your card. Some of the vendors do not have the robust chip. Software technology. That actually. Does all of that so if there hacked even though you use the chips on the card there's still maybe you'll get tiered data. Look I missed its. So show you a good chip to his good magnetic stripe is not so if you have a chip don't use the chip. And many re he. And the ability you see like a business card sticking out today so right in there. And bit. The where is the practice transaction. And. So let's go back to the debit card issue real quick. Because you now have debit cards with that chip technology does that make that any safer. It which is true action it will it be accurate count number. But even. The transaction is fraudulent use. The month. I agree in. These people. And about perception you know and that. What I teach my radio program unlock your while radio. It was a pilot GB extra money management. Because you. And enjoy it more. Matter tidbit that Carter credit card credit rating note is the ego. And what we are on why you act it's you know it's what happened to our ideology. And make a decision. Are stamped on there they're all ready cranking out the decision. And taking action in educating the engagement or done in the and that's the problem. When it comes to affect my ears to how are we able to master this you know. So tell me this because now I think it's beginning to make more sense to him. The reason that we are seeing the level. This fraudulent behavior. Relative to gas problems. Is that I. I don't know that I've seen gas pump that has chip technology. So they're still doing swipe technology you know most of the gas pumps and I guess that's why that hackers. Are going after that apparatus. Correct. You know unique and you're either. And Asia where you're at it and it did you could easily distract. And you can't you know put your technology in whatever form that you're using it that way that they end of the there's. Charlotte let's talk about that what should we look forward we go to rule pulp in order to protect ourselves. Okay so many times the hackers print out with three printers. Forward this niche breeder. They try and move on top of the chip leader. We need is not about chipper. Glued on and yeah. Chain of and again and again are you based approach. To replication port pleasure from saint. Going inside an online. Paper. They have gotten so. Hated what with chip technology they put it out. He opened the unit of the terminal. And be. Open. And there. Better and and the tactical retreat at. One big game a week off in. And all that has happened in this jurisdiction this past week where they actually broke into the machine. And place their apparatus inside. Of the magnetic card reader. From the outside and and close the door now they tried to distract somebody who wasn't distracted saw what they did and they had in a long arm. You know that went off when they've when they. And a breach the machine. In an auto captioning guys all from Florida is our call. But that. That's I guess that's the thing you know so what you're saying is you're better off get nodding cargo on inside paying for the gas and and and just go to that inconvenienced because this is really getting to the point where you you may not ever now. And you know you know when you get credit card you know seeking. Lee come. Cheap. Readers. So we're taught in the ship itself larger than (%expletive) (%expletive) from readers. They are so well you know in light into the machine. What your credit card go. All out our it's gotten bad. You start reading encryption code making captured. And make in his car. Now there's a I noticed the other day for the first time a security seal. That was on the card reader at at a gas pump or was and I'd not seen that before is that something new that's out there. Well and he could be something that is out there or again could be scammer trying to make you feel comfortable making a transaction account. Well actually looked at all the pumps and they had it it was kind of like almost lakers and Department of Transportation. Type thing or or whatever. And I not seen him before. Think mr. then in your area. To get shut up or some level of confidence that. The question is how are in our eight month chart. Yeah well hello we got to take a break if you stay with this we wanna hear from you guys are what your concerns are what your thoughts are and it. The year any uncertainty on your part give us a call 260187. Near Texas at 870. 87 they were talking next Heather long and halls sues a certified identity theft risk management specialists and she can answer your question. Will be right back after the break this new rule Norman on Demi don't yell. We're back we're talking to Heather Heather walking the halls as certified idea and if identity theft risk management specialist somebody get out there and other that. I hope you know my we're gonna go to talk lines we'll talk to Deborah on line one what's going on Deborah. I'll make it you know. Boom excuse these things go. Me. And I. We'll get a problem. I want to do. And more. While saying it did not permit it to bang action in important areas where you can and can't. These 20. They don't know are being sold or criminal activity that it's not like it's a special manufactured. Shia. So there's any number of manufacturers of this equipment there's really no. Audit trail of folks you know where they have to prove that they're actually in the business so that's how these hackers can get a a hold of all this stuff. And manipulate the legitimate machines. And it forward in order to do you know commit they're frauds. It. And tying maybe. Maybe that's an opportunity to try and regulate this a little greater because you know that the financial impact across this country has to be huge are you aware of any. Studies as to how much you know this skimming operation really affects folks across the country. Well I EEE. Like AT and watch out for is that the report and tell you. What percentage. Broke. Where broke books a defrocked. And you know we all are getting activity might get the hearing about it. Eight crawl into it. Bad bad sprained. You know. What Cohen I'm really into it because we're hearing that we think they you know we are hot Armani more EBR. Stolen. How are better at a lot of art absolutely this senior citizen groups in. I was in law enforcement for forty years southern houses sheriff attend. And we would deal with that. All the time and I agree that's probably one of the greatest. Areas where we have people that are fraught had defrauded from their money let's go to a lot of wanna talk to Deanna Metairie what's going on Dan. Yeah I'm here what about that one that we can label on it excellent idea. So those are different technology held there. Back and then he and Barack is all. He he's an architecture. You know I don't. It's not about the main east and people. You know we pavlik yeah I tore cartilage or any of people have been it was difficult to get your car is quite sure to go walk into. See the cashier. The tape for your gas and know that you're king forest and and enter secure urgent action but even want to be captured. You know pop out to be standing next few immigrant story right ear hearing on your hip. I could wave my. All well and capture. You're near field communications corporation. So we have to where let's see now. You know talk in the US Garin. You're athletic under fake threat and seeing it live your life and I'm. Let's go live to talk to John in Slidell what's going on. Eight. Annual job norm your jobs. Guess the problem what can. I don't know I. Have a little the loans cash and its music turn your. Or are our. I mean we. Catch. It uncle and it being. Here. Yeah and actually keep track they need me. Democrat ticket information. We can we look at you. And I can and as. Everything. Is winning your credit cards at urged action that can argue. More. About you but cash. We flew under there. Oh. Yeah in dog I guess everybody is collecting data ended duel and analytic Sauna data last year buying perk you know patterns in your travel patterns and then they said you know all cons are other technologies to try and advertise certain items to you based on that so if if you kind of water remove yourself but for being bombarded I guess Heather which is saying is cash as a way to go them because they've they've done collect data. Rush is that the elected data and and that you know. You know I Illinois they credited cool cash is asking me you know. And some things never change in house. Rather we're gonna have to take a heartbreaker that it would CBS news you're able to stay with this does we'll go back and ours are all Roddy so. If you want to hear from Heather about certain technologies that are out there give us a call 260187. If you on line old and stay on. We're coming right back to talk clients out of the break. We're back we're talking and and other wagon halls certify an identity theft risk management spells shall lose him and get it out again. Analysts say I'm getting there. We'll go to line five and talk to Gerard Ferraro what's going on Gerard. Thanks Lou. I somebody like from. Smoked chair. Critic al-Qaeda critical about what or minimum payment you know it's called them. This is year it was a opener but it's good to please. So would and I canceled so what should do to protect myself since. Heather any advice. So. You're you're a security numbers to medical and medical. Team. Not only use your credit. They can capture and use your insurance that they are able to get your insurance. And then there are significant occasion it is pertinent. Has allergies if you're dark and it crashed in. You're treated or something you know it could have life threatening. You know. Consequences though. You can do. Locked down and expertise your credit. Each and every bureau has an opportunity to reach your credit is either low or no depending on. And you don't need your credit but I do lock the real estate. And mortgages. Credit and a I don't want anybody using it. And by and are eager. I knew that creek a people's 63. To two men who is that true. On state became the legislation the sit in every area. They them people financial hardship or are retirees. They can actually eat at but not all they opera that. Check with your local. Your. Estates. Attorney general. Yet to be the state attorney general of the office of financial institution mr. are. All right thank you for calling. We are getting a lot of text you know about. Certain other types of technologies so you know when you. When he sent two years your phone every activity that occurs every time your card that she's do you recommend that. Absolutely you should have alert you know meant that to you because. And that way is it your unit that aren't you are your only option. It debit card if you can't for whatever reason for credit or are at a credit card. And it all option then tell me. China and eat shopping. It would be better now because again you know 48 hours to be a transaction on a car. Obsolete. That you gotta say that at any pain in the leg he can get this help or that all 48 hours for your is the you've got to do. Plus total on one would talk to LB in man to bill what's going on LB. Very noble book or go back there'll come from it to your earlier. That that ticker you're gonna talk about the BO beyond what what that is that upon celebration sticker. Are they ever saw that I toggle the annual Emmy and you'll whatever. DOT spoke about the Calgary that ought to be sure that when you're giving out again entry in the Gallup yeah you know Beagle Jo march. Joked that sticker broker and it could mean that the owners of the repair afterward that that that pop and you might not begin with painful. Yeah this was if it was weird it was right over the card reader. In unfamiliar with that. But it looked like and I didn't I didn't have my glasses are couldn't. You know CNN's. As I'm getting older. See less and I in according to my Wi-Fi here last. But you know and that's a well you yourself denied hitter. I'm pretty carried out there it is it might have been in the long leash crucial good sport. Builder group to look pearl so. So forward it's fourteen concern I would hope that brought in the won't get one bite and are. But there are exactly how they operate at the I appreciate it. Well we got to take another break Heather Wrigley you'll stay with us and we'll come back to the taut lines to 60187. Near Texas at 87870. Give us a call we wanna hear what you think and we have Heller wagon halls certified identity theft risk management specialist. I got it will be right back on WWL. We've been talking about it's gamers and the challenges of using your credit card where there has a chip or they're still using the magnetic stripe and how otherwise and halls of certify an identity theft risk management specialist at the guy got it down and other. But I'm. Has been with this but through the hour or so and how the tell us about where your organization does. Well I didn't hear different. Indicated that I am get well radio. It can also be on iTunes Google away in. An. Been moving to an indicator at the beginning of the year. Coming. And each week I'll keep me approached her money management and expected to again. I say more. And at the same thing goes with our identity. You know we already know to. Download the latest anti pirate got where we. Never let her credit card I think. And it is the waitress or waiter. Edgar. Someone else. To process the transactions. So. What we do is. Another way they can be so Latin. And I got a book coming out at the beginning of the year how money credit and you. I'd local identity theft fraud in camp and I have to take credit. Match. What it is helping you like. Me in the state remote but it. Unfortunately. We we know we know what the risks are and we still take it. And probably because we don't have a complete understanding of the breath and depth of the risk. But I we can't count and we square you know and her the like you guys. But in particular occasion be that. So we're on attacks on we have someone a Texan and says I'm getting ready to go out a town woody green. Drop card be better than a debit card and that never heard of that. That green dot card go to our you know those are prepaid debit card again. The problem what is that you are learning that cash up front is like standing scratch. So you pay premiums so if you wanna of 100 dollar card you're paying a 1104. Or something like I don't. That he but it's still the same thing eager defrauded you've got actually Yuma. A credit card you don't situation many people try and action I know it. Until they prove you do. And that's the beauty and that's why you're looking for credit cards instead of a car. And if he can't get them abstract the main priority financially and credit is we're helping average financial. Because it leverages. Certain area. Yep we're all on one talk to Tim in Lafayette what's going on Tim. Good morning. I'm of course and maybe to network. I. Wrote I cared heads not their record. You could have it would have been pictures and home where it may be. And that may have a risk well we admit that. We've been talking about that four alana you pride just turned on so the health Heather you know. Suggest go ahead and other. Yes you need to be careful if you're not go inside. Bab shipment. Nature and get a receipt. And as Indonesia can't qualified for credit card or you work it in your truck upper a company. BP can get a corporate credit card help for you. Again that activity that their product is that you might be risking. By paying at the pump or where credit card numbers. Pretty yen bastard thing. And Tim Heather has said that it when you use the debit card you're the one chasing the money if somebody defraud you if you use the credit card you just reported to the credit card company and they're out there money not your money. Got I appreciate that Health Net in an area. Well great well I'd. Heather Roger I just got about a minute or so why don't you give us your view has summary of what do you suggest that people do especially as we're heading into this. Christmas season the things that you need to be on the lookout for. We need to be a well we're doing we need to be careful and act you know transaction terminal. We need to make sure that we're covering our members were typing in numbers people are looking over their shoulder. They're taking photographs of your credit card in line your all your card out. U mean hyper vigilant as they see it cameras are everywhere they're not just electronic. And most of the time to get scanned at their low tech packet. And bill. Go for the gratification. Where the convenience it's like the dirty work. And to the convenience store to pay your. Make sure he can't covering. You're in big picture typing in Europe and critical look at want to get your card number. And watch it on your card. You know all you do the apple payers that digital page with the Google and things like. Make sure you only turn on her and he or near field communication when you're in the action. Keep it's somebody on the street can arbitrarily and you. And you your critics are good for me. What have the thanks so much for joining us on a show we certainly appreciate the breadth and depth of information you've been able offer us have a happy holiday season and I'm sure I'll be reaching out to you again to get your own show again thank you so much. Might let her make it a proper day. Thank you that tether walking the halls from unlocked you're welcome Brady go we really appreciate it will be right back on WWL. On a tax line doesn't everyone have the choice when using the debit card to push credit card that's what I do I never use my password numbers early on in the interview. That's would have otherwise and halls that suggested that you do have that choice and she suggests that you choose. The credit card portion. Of it because it provides all those protections that we talked about. Stay with us in the next hour we're going to be talking about. US recognition of Jerusalem is Israel's capital smarter and on and why you joining us will be doctor Harlan Ullman. Author of anatomy a failure he's a formal naval officer and an expert in his field. Look forward to hearing to what he has to say about this decision. Stay with us we'll be right back this is you'll Norman on debit area.