When will the Saints sign Brees?

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Monday, March 12th

Bobby & Kristian talk with Deuce and ESPN's Mike Triplett about what's taking so long for the Saints to lock down Drew Brees.


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All minority on this Monday addition our two of sports talk while the men cajun cannon Bobby bare Kristian garic. Throughout free agency the first two weeks of free agency until March 26 each and every day here on sports August 510 we'll give you are free agency primer brought you by the good automotive group. Everything automotive under one hood and this is the latest. Surrounding the black eagle you heard there in a sports flashed the same tickled by Drew Brees trying to extend his concert or sign him his contract expires. On March 14 the start of the new year in free agency as well and apparently there is a interest and mutual interest on both Jimmy Graham is the hat and a New Orleans Saints to reunite. The off the talented and are of very talented also often injured tight end Jimmy Graham back to new worlds at the trading him and 2014. To the Seattle Seahawks another name that could be on a reunion was for the New Orleans Saints I'm told that. He robbed Patrick Robinson for first round draft pick has been courted by the New Orleans Saints feel him out for an interest and possible returning as well one of best slot cornerbacks and the national. Football league especially last season. No he put himself on the map Christen. Last season. Posted excellent tickets aren't. Yet he's like him if he put himself on the map a last year the amiga crystal Rosie and my five picks up. I mean how lucky we kind of molded him he went to Sam the eagle and he had one good season remember. And then also an eagle threw cold to millions of with the Eagles. And to look at like slot corners. Against supply and demand there's only so many of them. I was reading I think Larry hold it put this in the times BQ and I thought it was Aniston. Because I still think you never have enough cover corners. In listen I'm Malcolm Butler fan true main Johnson. But then. The deal would have paid him at least thirteen million. And dollars in stimulus continent Padgett Ramos and Erin Coleman. About that was innocent. We look at Jack he's been Jacksonville's third cornerback I would Jalen Ramsey and AG bully who they got from the Texans. So when you look at dual quarterback that's why Jackson those differences so good it was because of Ramsey an employee but. If you look at Coleman his skills as a nickel back in the slot. Was at a very high level now. I think when his ability to would you do it and let's say he's opposite a Lattimore first down. Like its first down then. Let's say you bring inning in nickel or dime marvelous it's obvious passing down you know Q on the outside you move him inside the disliked situation. In the slot receiver like an accord dime. Situations so I think. Idea that he would improve our secondary and ideas costly as costly obviously. As a trimming Johnson. But you know with interest and I think he'd be and he's considered one and advance. Just shows you how hard it is that's why when you look at. The safety we brought in Coleman from from the elders. Like he had a season with seven interceptions. And with that you'd get five plus that is Impreza does the why here's Erik Cole would consider wanted to best. He's never intercepted a pass in his four year career. Christian. Pick a body is now past the pin admin targeted downing coverage skills but do I think believes that Warren. So I just that was there's and you would consider wanted to best like Geisel wanted to better as the images in the jaguars need not that does not have interception. In a four year deal so I think as good as. Patrick Robinson and what it comes to the Eagles I still only now he's as good as Erin Coleman. Troy Chris Nader is sit tight we'll steadily come back to sue B and house here on sports talk on W to do well enough of a dot com. Say is colorless an all time leading rusher Deuce McAllister had some advice for Zach Strief before he announced his retirement we welcome in now deuce. And house was going on news. Can a man and I'll look. Exact street you knew from his present when yet announce your Domino's ordered you told not. I Antarctica and elaborate your you garden route granting problem. Your new year written awkward weird stuff around and arms years and ordered calls Gerber. Told you get to this being out car. Man you have you have done something really really special board. Christian Barra person by who when you think about all of the people. Just a small bit small bit of salt water your success. Here. It just moves. I mean investors you know you'd you'd use old ankle so they complain that part and it and it's nearly impossible not sure cheered just because. You are so thankful or the journey the journey nurture and support. I do say he did get choked up the shore to times of three but they did he dig gather himself but. But to me he was get real emotional about. Being in the huddle and playing with Drew Brees and playing that first ballot hall of Famer. And how much Friday took in just trying to keep them off the ground and not the Europe tiger or Joseph tell we talked about drew. About you take about you know an all out stress and pressure. That could sit. Which you distribute the Iranians that it broker and to think about all people don't call you tricks you. Capture the threat you know army missed a block or may worn earlier on and sold a lot straight slaughter purse even though. On yourself already. But with the no art works I mean I told you even took up a little bit today. Still leaguer who. You know to try to get to work to be true to work more you know the Jack keeps it should call Robert Moore. On third. Area Mena on her but it's still dropped two wanna be the best and so. Wanting award EC early compete. You don't wanna let it Alberta and arm you know you have to go uttered an excuse to do your. Now was this when you look at would Zach Strief woody accomplish. You talked about a mentor everyone has mentors Johnston home. Help put them to be pros pro and you look at the tackle position where we at right now with Toronto Armstead. And then Ryan ran chick. I mean who I think we agree hands and obviously of arms legs they held I think he's in the top three. But is that kind of maybe the sky's the limit as far as as far as Zach Strief went and woody accomplished. That Ryan rent check can even build upon would Zach Strief accomplish as being reliable at that right tackle spot where not only Pro Bowl would possibly all pro as he continues. To develop considering you played every snap as a rookie. Well rehearsed or are there. Or work out why aren't there aren't there are. Expert partner art art course it relates. To corporate know what weaker or. Or be looking to be you'd go. Out there at all. Tour for for the coaches what which on were alarmed colds whether. Carmichael whoever it may be maybe a strict. The challenges gentle arms who. Even have to come for at least sixteen games in refugees. And did what we want cheap this year from your. It is the third torture strong arm of the air right now and they are a little respect them because they know what. What he goes to a award goes on the courageous. Are there. It compared you know it is it is to hear and to go out and just couldn't you earn it respect and Kara. Take that sort of took an excellent for a ranch. Like Hitler. Obviously named her a little more real ball and you changed note some your strengths or weaknesses so you have to go in and cleaned some. You know. Yours call. Ordinary car beer call meager record compliment. So four years ago. He asked continue to develop Willard war for your unit developed with. What we cleaner and and and into and who and then whatever on the tightening may put out out of you know. What are called leverage stale sweat the small children to complete your entry into the well. But how are dead you know which is go work into that there and that's what happened. Now does when you look at free agency are coming about and in every year. Who's going to be naming a splash or the players it's consistent. Print did she tell you look last year. AJ Klein Alex so before. I mean why and all of a sudden saying well we go to syllable would you sign AJ Klein Alex although formal look how significant. Those two signings or if you look in your crystal ball. What would you say right now may be are certain position mine and go to player what error you think the big targeting is it. A combination also you might target is player but is also a combination of the player and the costs are what is your take right now. We free to seal on the coast is around the corner. Or were just listen Mickey listeners on all leading up to distort. We know they've warned to address and it still aren't borders Tibet are at source. Are you know we don't know. It's all horsepower comeback in an MB the Gerald player he was last year shall or for that important to keep and ears open to. Tribal interest or whether rear seat in the orbiter. Field position we know that pharmacy. Cold windy and into it in the due date or try to make the most latched move market call second. You know whether quarter. Well right now they're integrity. You know to my knowledge that your alerts now but they have tendered any of the war. Three H stats bowls eat call him. Home. A miss it one more attention or vehicles. And so are not at all portals are all going to be looking for depth. He's going to be looking for three and transport receivers concern. Another position you know they try to figure out what you gonna do it. It is all in couple years you had two really good as last year. You know. Well what what do they do what to do position obviously as interior were killed and take a camera here. And the people. Sister Erica leak actually entry in any any water the end are we could put a little all right Kirk. Get beat. Riding an eight at duke and and now the good job of that so don't ask you now with Zach Strief for sure retiree. And as actually was coming Maggie Lou's Keller Monday. That is all of my is actually grew retiring it looks like you'll. Signed cal on because it a market out there that to me that that is critical and crucial considering the number of Beers and all of it's a line. When you look at that right in and left tackle position and not and is he initially you play left tackle what you want acumen guards so. To me that that's going to be critical. Eating that can be addressed debris is see it and our address our. Dick. I think you think global forties the year. Global what you do know is you a little bit. Of all back if you don't did you guys or let let's concern you know if you don't Beecher which you'd think it could be you know swing trap or. You know obviously Pete that ball back now you don't wanna keep. We want him to. Stay here so it's snotty words to say look we have to go on Friday. Back. Yet you wanna bring some audience about what it's hi all prayers are maliciously. If you lose 10 what what you planned for court back. In. You know who got to be because you have you are in the building. But still need to. To. Deuce McAllister here on. Saints radio ID tells between six part of our crew an all time leading rusher. Deuce curious how like your your tweet last night he set out to the saints would Judge Judy point I don't watch like hey when you deal done for drew reefs. Error arc arc you know what letter from bigger and grow but pretty. Old. We're. Seeing today. And has. This is probably just me and morsel that would demand in the business. It. And probably well business eight little. Only at all. So to be able shouldn't all Arizona should all do embers and also because they'll all do it to be able to eat. Out dirt has all were all neat. He who box problem so. But feel that there's a deal and some work and maybe some language that's your playing partner I mean because. Let's just Uga beat group I'm morally Smart there's dirt dirt dirt dirt. Group right now. 800 now big partners. But I think they're pleased. Or automobile. Deuce McAllister and the decals are twice as good so we appreciate things dues Troy and Ager and sit tight you're about that a news headlines. But CBS and also Chris Millar a local news and write or talk here on W well enough on the dot com. Yellow social media platforms Twitter FaceBook it's an answer and NetApp. The body. Around this time a year. I have a disdain for FaceBook. That is like the cesspool of rumor like it is blown up. Has blown ice ice offer undermines his friend of mine whose cousins friend saw Jimmy Graham at the walk ons at such and such place. And it's like okay so now that's the which is plausible makes sense that he could be. In the world are our I think Mohamed will listen and airport and he told me and you come here are designed to read yet so just I mean again. I get it understand it it's it's saints fever it's sinks the balls he's 24 hours day seven days a week thrifts into five days a year year and I get it. But there's times where is it just. I can't see that and I would like to think that by and large between me are the esteem. Media members would have that time formation out before it be on FaceBook in particular is not a lobbyist who currently that. But it's just like he just kind of stirs up boomer oh well it depends who's FaceBook right yeah I am sure now it's like. A general manager walk don't walk on location in general the that's. You know Taylor pictures and I guess is that walk ons right now we're okay and privilege it yeah I'm not saying they're not I just think that sometimes it can be. A breeding ground for. What of fake social media via via. Sounds on presidential mimic back the phones ago. Adrian engine until it's won major think repeated. He'd. Yeah outcomes you know like airline on the in America network programming. I ever heard saying saying quote you're Graham if you were. On now is do you think anybody on the ankle felt on accompany. I think that there's mutual interest on both sides have been expressed through each other's representatives without a doubt. Now hero without a doubt I think how think that yeah. I know it yet it's like. When you think about OK when you negotiating. In trying to maximize. And next contract whatever news you weighed the pros and the cons. If for instance. Brian pace who's with the Chicago Bears. Okay you know Jimmy Graham come on you Zimbabwe that. The nodded the bears organization. So what would be a time a contract that the bears that opera just hypothetical situation like OOJ thing you know part time with them. So like like what would be a scenario whether bears. Are gonna give Jimmy Graham. Let's say ten million language maven to seal the bears getting AV ten gain a year. Now I think Jimmy Graham be foolish. To say it is safe to only give me eight million. I think you can parlay that even to a longer more prosperous future. In the NFL if you hooked up with the likes of Drew Brees. Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Well it took me mr. Drabinsky. What does it. That is around you come out and comes out if it's if the bears are offering ten million dollars in the same town budget office eight long term you don't want my can make more money justified when a suitable. You walk together for average guy in the money com widgets that opposed it. Your vision of noticeable in Chicago is a long shot right now that's it won't happen which miscue when it now and looking at 310. You're 31 you're at the back into your career now the numbers show and he's always before the saints traded. I wanna play the mile quarterback than Drew Brees well now he's got an opportunity to put his money where his mouth is. I understand that you maybe want to play for the rebate Packers and Aaron Rodgers that would be a bad choice either. But man and you tell me that if I had to forego two million dollars. I'd rather forgo it and go play with the guy that knows vigil they. Because you get a sting you career. And on and all of the few you be more prosperous. And now how he would have to be the man here anymore like. When you know he had to be he was the main guy he'd be like the third banana and what I mean by that now they have times where he displays that you you got to score in the red zone hit hid the reds on to our zones last year led the NFL. But you got now Michael Thomas and out with a Mara. But he came double team every one so then you have success in that regard. So again not now the team is cares it almost not even though there's salary cap situation Kristi might know this. You know it scares me because they wanted to do his form in the past. And end up paying sixteen million guaranteed at a murder. And he committed suicide a prison as Hernandez the patriots. If you had Jimmy grand and Rob Gronkowski. Because I'll tell you would Belichick and I'll what they wanted to do a Tom Brady. Was to have those dual tight in that worded defense cannot be right. And I don't know what dead pages do willing to pay eight Jimmy Graham but I would not blame Jimmy Graham. If he could get paid it's over to saint especially. If they gave more money now there was even though you got a bum familiar with the saint solvents and all that I think that would carry a lot of weight. But let's say the patriots to draw firm. A million dollars mourn the say hell yeah I'd I'd be New England with Tom Brady to gronkowski AME Cologne Davids and be hard pressed to win. And chat and be a big challenge to trying to stop that accommodation because they've tried a formal. In the passing word but it didn't work long term because they're Hernandez got in trouble. Patriots. Have 23 million dollars of staff salary cap space. Will the saints so but an eight million less than this thing it's kinda rough at the average enrolled over three million dollars from from last year. I think it's. It's he never know with the blood Tommy around got I mean in in Tyler Grady would not be against. Rob Gronkowski and Jim Ingraham to throw to amicable. No way I would neither am what I gonna write my I mean again like Drew Brees. Tom Brady in there arises could throw Jim Ingraham open look I think there's a real feel of hey Jimmy come backwards started to come back and finished when you start to hear the bad blood. Complete Leo for like a. Hi this takes people don't realize OK he would likely be demanded he drew it meant Jimmy Graham solved. He came run block it out go to put him alongside the tackle now I'm not saying he would never be there but they'll put them in the slot are raw pot on the end. To influences at the spread out the defense. Where united trying to send edge putted tackle in the run game that's all health of the running game. By spreading out the defense. So there's different ways you don't have to just smash laden. Be a whole we Brenner John ties and security and it's deviates have been in the running game so. You could still have a top notch running game we Jimmy Graham. He just utilizing different than your traditional tight end Ryan Chris Troy new to a 504260187. Me. Mike Triplett from ESP NN Sony's report currencies Jonas next here on sports talk on W him well. Christian a body here on sports talk full lines over a 504260187. Text 8787. That's hysteria Drew Brees to negotiate the team's oh it's got its own and and Mike Triplett and my two went on Twitter. ESPN inflammation reporter covering the saints. What do you think the polls elimination of the blood pressure than that nation is right about now Mike. Lola. And sure. Tactic it's true. He really wanted to go. To golfers would be there. Quarter. So he you know buying out. A call the year. That it. Hello. A yellow one of the vikings wanted them for 32 million a year. I'd now like it. You know it's now likely to greet January think it's a lesson in lower depending 32 area. Then I'll leave it right right he knows the arc it is knows that the interest level and you know to take in about it or. So why him. Impression from an area where it is. That they're just treating it like the real that might as well and stay at 3 o'clock. And as we've seen every time meaty you know the city cooker is longer it goes views at the relationship. You always take it to the last minute. You know he's been in 2000 problem that meant missing policies and she answered even in 2016. About doing it deal toe but if the game week. Or both of those cases I would have told them what it is due this month earlier to I would that the commitment that. I think that it topic you know this opt out and operate in what stupid again picked off or the other like are you gotta respect that. Now Mike I save everything. And this is on these January 30 personal wins he does admit he's a quarter and yes I horror and you wrote this piece. And if you have two years ago Bree says don't follow one year 24 point 25 million. Dollar deal. And and you look at net where we add value was speculating at that time. That you thought I expect even though water two year deal worth 25 million. Per year. The saints guarantee mourn 25 million it will be a lot more. How do you change your mind in six weeks 56 weeks RO weary at right now. As far as withdrew it in negotiating an important states are considering. Is coming out the war. No I really haven't. Bobby. That's still kind of expectation. I will be surprised to decreed that the 26 of 27 million. Because kind of what they've done it pretty year. What people what he deserves spectators are averaging salary. And where he would take me home town discount or code is a group. You know sort of wondered censor certain last year in new York and the bigger deal. They needed a push for marriage statutes is that final display without listening to be very clear there won't we were prepared at or near its they don't want a superior suffers career. Oxford to restrict or ears are there. So I think there will be. Maybe closer to 2627. And I don't know what it. But I bet. I bet there's only about one is what security on our third you're the Pavia deported and outside the editor surprised if they recycle the or just eat dirt cheap on the other corner Contra. Yeah I know Mike educate me. Because when you look at the dead money there already have been money hit a bullet eighteen million scheduled to hit the books. So what BA cases and nobler in theory it could be a one year deal even though they say is that three or four years ago to spread out gunning it to explain that. The food addiction. Well our demo I think. Football fans and trying to learn about art Ebert is to have figured a lot of what you're seeing it within that contract was the first time I've ever cedar. About level. Good to make it one year deal put call the five year deal. Where it all with years that automatically only so that they gave. You know put the cap process that was buried. And I think they will probably try to do something similar aware. Probably everything he yet this year practical goal of the atmosphere so according regarding our that is out offers quote quite. But that seen anything yet money's still exists and it went that is. Whenever Drew Brees does retire. They'll have an eighteen million delicate. Here but the next quarter that will probably be a draft pick. Polls are cheaper back who. You know who is not making twenty years and they can afford that in and whatever use that as but I. A lot of that and and that's the ones that are wiser or pay your or your part. They don't want a scenario where Drew Brees separate career injury. Forty million left on the books and it is and you know it can't compete next year so. So I have a feeling that whatever it is the only work will be pretty close to what is cap number this year. Yeah and you go to a bag in this article it was in January 31. Mike ruled this Mike Hsu Madea's paean. And my god but this is like right on high you're in that it. Would the saints really consider letting the greatest player in franchise history walk. We know backup plan in place yet I mean. I mean I think god through reason is a good dude. It and interpret that. As this thing is by you know what I mean and that's about it the greatest player ever. That helped them back up plan nine. You're at and the other day I am now Hillary I think they're getting this deal done. I don't think there should Wear so why risk it letting it drag out this is Saipaia picked out that. And on the boat right now. Kirk open at least Keenan Burton secret daughter into the all the back a couple of what it gives I think there are no breeze today. But you're right outlook. I think it's OK. To wait until acted reasonably use in Advil and try to draft pick our trade upper trapped accurately. How you're the guy in the bill. I had a but. You know they're not a position to drop to a this year if they have the maybe they can let your Brees walk with the 27 pick and broke her back up big electorate reasonable but it would have been bear record to stake their replica old. Courier got to be it is sin might give all of a sudden Drew Brees was adjourned would you not we are playing devil's advocate hypothetical situation. To be debt and demanded Ocala seven emailing applause anarchy. I don't know what it. But it. Somebody might pay that debt is crazy somebody might guarantee. A bubble and what one team Mike Mike talk him off the ledge please please welcome off the right. Hewitt you're with respect breeder preparing here. Two years ago they would let law of dissent read go last year where. Earlier but now. So there are in the lunch I'll run the great that the line. That. He. Picked as the quarterback in centers globally can go there now rebuilding in people. Right Mike Triplett US inflammation reporter covering the saints we pursue the visit might. All right Erica there's like this sport's all body crushing your on W to do well enough maniacal.