What's your favorite ice cream flavor, What is Wrong with People?!? And more on the Early Edition

WWL's Dave Cohen tries to figure out what the best flavor of ice cream is, puts another story in the What is Wrong with People?! file, and talks sports.

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Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL first news on this twelfth of July 2008 team hey look at that day before right well happy Friday eight eve to you and yours who loves Friday so much here in the early edition that we give it its own EU. Right it is so nice we celebrated twice. Ever have to go to prison which I don't anticipate I don't plan that I don't think have ever done anything that would justify advise blog yes. I want the Paul manner for treatment rarely have you heard about president trumps former campaign managers. Accommodations. Behind bars I heard it is pretty good thing he's had his own bedroom and bathroom. Even got an office area in his so called prisons now. We've got a telephone. And a computer. Access the Internet and emails. I don't know peaking you know what's Netflix and Amazon prime and all that sounds like he's gad pretty much free rein in access to everything. As he sits behind bars and in the in awaits. Further legal action isn't the sub but he is apparently being telling. People that he's being treated quote leg up VIP at the Virginia prison where he's being human health and here in fifteen wild. Most do you imagine our current setup that the OP fees down here and there are learning of this prosecutor is that today. What does Hal. Is a ride cry David bathroom. Private shower personal telephone. Class. This is not what jail is supposed to be latte this is what you would want if for some crazy real I ever ended up Fallujah had ended behind bars I absolutely would one scenario. That I can get the same via IP treat yes just give me the man afford treatment on nowadays apparently been sharing this with people prosecutors like nah. And they're gonna court trying get him more. Appropriate accommodations behind bars are hot here's the catch that there may be your reason. For this that's not being publicly discussed what with directory while apparently. Special prosecutor Robert Muller's team. Has reportedly according to Politico been listening demand for its phone calls all hall. So there may be an underlying motive here on the part of the federal government to same make him become. Let him feel like everything's going to be O. Some may be held talks freely on his private line him behind bars. And they can get some evidence making news. Policy in the pro. I don't know this we're speculation radio and I still Politico report that he might. You know I pop that out gave Oregon on the fund started down and not think you think he might have thought out while that's printed up to 09 dollars. Maybe he didn't think it I don't know weren't. We will continue to follow this orient lets you know Paul metaphor continues to get the VIP treatment. In Virginia prison story if he ends up just like. Every other inmate. As a having to issue showers and oh yeah phone. Said toilet in the cell with cell mates right there and all that it's not supposed to be fun. Now and you know what it. Ease that three he cannot move about as he wants he can I go away once do all those things are but to some. I don't know month of isolation might be nice if we get away from the narrow littered I've got my computer and and and on and on and private TV on it's on. Oh I'm much liner notes the nice stimulus. Well boy. I can tell the one scoop of ice cream right now and scoop I've been on on the arc normal and I always have. Love cardinal. But lately that it's very popular I think you probably notice out of a look at the ice it is so many combinations yeah well there's always a Rollins and scream yeah ask mats that kind of thing yeah I'm a day care Mel or formal whatever. I mixed in a blue Barney swirl the carnal things well and get blue -- and are surely more formal things thing yeah I didn't I don't know what the name and it is the marketing. Part one are much want to revisit that yeah I just noticed when I see why don't have a right here it's time. And the the most popular. Brand new information that was provided demand Iran and socially a time politics yesterday afternoon. He got the information. From Uga and that asked people their favorite flavor of ice cream and honestly I was a little surprised to find. That Vanilla is not number one real for ages I've always thought Vanilla was the favorite. Player advisory about a combo Vanilla chocolate come off well. Vanilla is number two right walker 13% of Americans say their favorite flavor of ice cream is Vanilla. 14%. Say chocolate. So chocolate is beating the milk and butter pecan comes in third and 11%. Like cookies and cream don't. Mint chocolate chip. Chocolate chip cookie ago. Which ties with strawberry. For number six at 6%. Pistachio and rocky road coming after that I am you know I'm never had pistachio all I have just pretty good stuff. I'm not a fan MFN Iraqi road and along marshmallows in mines non non non non chocolate chip and cake batter round out the top to. Very answers I have some more insight. It depends on your age and where you live follow yes what's your favorite flavor of ice cream maybe as well so will be sharing that as we move forward here in the early edition of WWL first is actually made seventy it's 78 balm and a board. The former campaign chairman for president Donald Trump should be getting VIP treatment behind bars his towards a month. And what's very clever scream. ME here's a really tough question what to think about David denies you only get you back here. In less than twenty minutes more for snooze. Ice cream or snowball. Aria and up to pick one via. A tough decision. Have you combine them and tone ego with a cup or cone sugar cone safety town. Cop. I'll come up I got to stop the man right here this is hard hitting stuff I'll see your forecast in sports after this. Spoke severe trying to get from Canner to applause and points west airline highway it will be your friend this morning is a nasty crash just as you get to the end of the money Carrey spill way at La plaza the first exit for the applause. Donna Summers and every WL traffic senate telling us it's backing up all the way to the I 310 so you're either gonna wanna get up and Canner and get on over. Two airline or the last place you know one aegs it is at 310. To exits south to airline. And then take airline. On west into you get to US 51 in the applause then rejoin the guy ten that's the second plus exit is hearing from Canner. Toward the plots. Apparently this crash blocking one mine in most of the other lines soon to be careful if you're heading that way your forecast. He'll be to grab the umbrella to head out the door today you'll see a 60% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms some Hager rains possible some of the slower moving storms so watch upper street flooding with a high today only around nine deep. Now for tonight partly cloudy muggy with a 20% chance for coastal shower storm. Lows will be in the mid seventies. On Thursday you'll see your chance rate go down a little bit the 40%. As are seeing mixes sunny clouds and high temperatures climbed to 92 and Friday partly cloudy hot and humid with a 40% chance of scattered storms. With highs in the lower ninety's. For the pinpoint forecast center and WW LTV meteorologist Dave DOS bomb seventies. Less than ten minutes we're gonna you have president trumpets talking about it the Nate. And summit in the meantime it's arts with Steve Geller which means I get to say happy Friday eve steal a bag you gave good morning everybody just two more weeks until the saints' first practice of training camp and certainly be and a lot of attention surrounding sinks first round pick Marcus Davenport. He was. Coached in college at University of Texas San Antonio by frank Wilson who says that bad reports are as a wide receiver in high school and left college a quarterback hungry defense event. Wouldn't you know the meter. And how that we did you get to fix it bubble like seven got a tremendously. In Philly yeah. He gets bigger faster and stronger as time went old. Davenport racked up fifteen sacks his final two seasons in college along with forcing four fumbles. Croatia was extended to extra time for a third straight game and once again found a way to win this time beating England 21 to reach its first World Cup final. Merry old man who kicks scored what proved to be the game winning goal and a 109 minute Croatia you'll face France in the World Cup final on Sunday. The 22 breaking balls now accident here pretty well pretty deep to left field that sits back Brantley look I got my. Hot hot hot on her and expect it. The Astros Alex Greg this looked up eleven home runs in his last 44 games and will take part in this years home run derby during all star festivities. The former LSU tiger has nineteen total homers on the year. And also earned a spot for next week's Midsummer Classic in Washington DC. Three pitchers combined on a three hit shut out in the offense scored three times in the second inning as the USA baseball collegiate national team won for the second consecutive day defeating Cuba for re nothing. LSU Zach has got teen USA off to a solid start with foursquare whispering striking out one in yielding just three hits and no walks. And the women's semi finals are on tap at Wimbledon today Serena Williams playing 35 career Grand Slam semi final takes on Julie and Curtis who's appearing in a Grand Slam semi forty. First time Curtis has taken a set off Serena and three previous meetings. Today on sports talk with Kristian garic NBA is talking about changing its playoff format. How would you fix basketball's postseason. Plus if you had to pick one which do you prefer college football for the NFL I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sport. Sideline toward David C would be on your radio you know I still like we've focused so much on the bad news about the saints as create closer and closer to training camp by the four game suspension and about we you know this player that plays in the things that aren't looking good but it. We kind of keep glossing over the fact that things. I mean these coming off a fantastic season last year. And yeah. The players and the coaches are even more optimistic for this year you're talking about Marcus Davenport the sense first round draft pick. Here in from his coach last night on sports talk there should be some excitement about this I'm. Yeah absolutely this saints. You you know we're just seconds away from getting to the NFC championship last year. Our young roster with another year of experience under it has the the reigning offensive and defensive rookie of the year on the team. Ass so you're hopeful that this ball club has gotten back to drafting a lot better than it has in recent history. On and this year that missing piece opposite camp Jordan we kept talking about everything keeps talking about the saints need more the past roast got to get to the quarterback. Well they they went up in trading of thirteen spots the landmark is that important to drive very aggressive move for the team. Because you have to figure they know their only. A piece or two away from that championship roster right now the saints are there they have that that means peace in the quarterback in Drew Brees and now that we did defense in the looks to be catching back up to the total offense. And hopefully that will. Translate into another championship the past season Ali sings me excited about offense and defense. And even special teams going to Campbell the biggest battles is going to be who is going to be the punt return this year that's a big a big competition to look out for Democrats on a positive is going to camp. All right we'll go for a ton more sports commute coming up in about 25 minutes here on WW I'll see you like to tell you have one flavor of ice cream one scoop right now what flavors. Cookies and cream carries and a cup there is it on account so doubt Asher count our safety can. So eco as a because little currency in their regional hold I got a sugar coat aren't and other really tough question. Ice trim snowball. Who can idiots stuffs global mandate LI AS combine it I'm easy she invokes Steve Geller back in lessons why lemons and more sports here and every WL your text messages and your forecast coming up. I'll Manson and his takes me its revenue it generates are already in the works they say wall smoke found. Yeah am but I saw the only have one scoop Yemen a single scoop and a lawful content look awfully lonely and what's your favorite flavor vise screen text messages coming up and I you forecast. Rick is sunny clouds hot and humid today with a 40% chance of scattered showers and storms some downpours possible with a high around 93 feel like the lower one hundreds. For tonight pretty muggy with that partly cloudy skies those jobs data to the mid seventies on Friday partly cloudy another hot and humid day what does that 30% chance of spotty storms. High temperatures around 93 feel like 10105. In looking ahead to the weekend Saturday 830% chance of storms with a high of 93 and Sunday 40% chance of scattered storms with high temperatures in the lower ninety's. For the pinpoint forecast center on WW LTV meteorologist Dave DOS. All we got some fog or mist reported on both sides of the lake now both sides of the river actually at Belle chase Hammond and at the airport. Right now it's 77 and at the international airport with a muggy 96% relative humidity in Slidell we have some high clouds and seventy. Three degrees nasty crash if you're headed from Canner too low gloss on the I ten over the bunny carries no way read before you get to applause. He's a favorite red in west out of Canada. Take error line this morning text messages come and an 87870. About favorite ice cream flavors. For the first time I can remember chocolate nationwide. Just nips out. The no line as the number one flavor some people text me they prefer mint chocolate chip or blue bunny peanut butter party ice Graeme. As someone says they want to growth. At the president wants the big. Lawful town says that singles coupon book lonely Americans are really bigs to you're right. Soft serve Vanilla dipped in chocolate does a text message today it's 7874. Favorite flavors to be able achievement at a combined things were just fine you can do that. You have the right it was president John talking about we'll find out after this 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this twelfth. Of July 2018. Year. Is the day before Friday happy Friday eve to you and yours. Like ice is. He wrote yes and according to run so shady man at lunchtime politics. Nine 6%. Of Americans. Like ice could parts. There's not much we can agree on any more in this world. But apparently ice cream is one of them yeah that's a nice 96% of Americans eat ice and that means only 4% don't know. Who are those weirdo who's. This survey also found that number one is chocolate. With 14% of taking that it's their favorite flavor 13% in all 11%. But a con. Followed by cookies and cream and chocolate chip chocolate chip cookie dough strawberry pistachio Iraqi road. Chocolate chip and cake batter all the tick and our man listeners are taxing a sedate 7870 stores flavor for me. Ben and Jerry's America cone dream into a bush pistachios. Definitely my favorites is another attacks. One of my new favorites is any time Vanilla ice cream on a carnival cruise PS stop so that's not there. The second time this week people talked about carnival cruises out years the burgers thing right now that's out there as an as it is only on an island bankers Ben and Jerry's cherry Garcia. And then there's this person people always have to do this they whenever I asked about your favor whatever that was there may have some and you can't get anymore KNB chocolate the kind of an I know. Then and there yet Iran also found that as a while 96% of Americans love ice cream. Eighteen to 34 year old are more likely to pick cookies and cream. And chocolate chip cookie go even over chocolate and even know. Darn wow and as said by people 55 years and older. But are con is number one even beats me no. And chocolate obviously on I was like dad's favorite I always thought he had actually went and got a scoop of butter come on the other day and had won in years and years and years. But it was sitting there and I said I want memory. So I had line. Potter come on now what about the Colin thing yeah I you know did what if I ask you EU wanted to copper tone what he sent. I would probably. That's crazy you know it's not crazy but I'd I'd like Canada cup but an electric car and on the side on this guy maybe yes it is indeed that by itself alto that sugar got a little safety come waffle cone of waffle cone her cup paces income dividend wow I see other banner. In Indiana and then. Hey to each their. I will not judge you know for that. That so many stories out of the one more with people filed today I don't know where to start how about this one imagine you model amber dean. And you brought it to the gas station to fill it up I've mentioned on many times an enemy dram and van driver right next year decides to pull away with the nozzle still on the gas tank and such elaborate any on fire follow authorities say that's what happening Kirkwood the subjects. With the Lamborghini erupted in flames at the suburban Saint Louis gas station. Hopefully that full coverage can imagine having labor union and it Uga you rather have but I don't imagine what full coverage costs all current colored 50000 dollar car yeah yeah. Big big arguments and way police say that they've valves that's supposed to shut off when that happens did not evidence to add fuel sprayed. And all over the place hitting the hurricane and performance engine. Causing the blue Italian this super cars to league night in flames says it was completely an accident and no one has been charged rarely. Yet nobody going. Yes. Asthma. Wow I didn't which Hillary needs of the gas station of the times clue gathered apparently a pair friends one bar red 11 about a blue won and they were stopping for gas together. I was inside getting. A bottled water once the players are if that's. I exit to the videos on FaceBook and your government Missouri grenade to get up their ears and Monica are what is at some plants are keen the stuff though. We see him around town here once in awhile and you know Marriott so the minivan driver goes in the one. With people file Heidi tribal way would they get nods and gas nozzles still in your tank you're not does that even happen not tankan. Mean especially with no pay at the pump thing now Armey you've you've got to. How is now and they went and they came out that forgot to add now to put it back Adam. I've left a cup of coffee on the roof and I've done that and driven off several times several time. But you know you're thinking about things in your gas and up in the but the copy up there it just seems like the right thing to do and that is our whole way I hear about. You just sit. Might be and I look on the back window in this coffee casting a narrative down there. You have these things in your car called cup holders. Yes suggest you start when you get your coffee instead of placing it on the room go place it in the car now let's dried up so it starts in the right place at that you stop and go get another company just say delegate I usually Saturday held within it and says sup for the punishment. National and state is. Not you are confessions I hope that helps cleanse you know there reform and I someone else how well I ice cream. Our snowball you know one or the other Dodgers got a real ice cream I got a lot of snowballs on love them. In the summer it is mandatory but no. Year round ice cream right page here about stormy Daniels yeah got arrested in Ohio strip club. After she let patrons touch her breasts all violation of state law and allegedly. Put her breasts in the face of patrons. During a stop on her let's make America horny again tour did used. This. Is easily the cash when she was here. Is under it was like mountains of cash and all of her attorney is saying come on this was a setup they've put undercover officers in the strip club. Does today's police officers have nothing better to do with their lives they indeed go let's stormy Daniels touch them with her boobs and faster. She's expected in court today on a misdemeanor charge thank you Dave without him less than twenty minutes or more person. Here he is a stay of nussbaum's theme songs are better liven directed WW LTV pinpoint forecast center and say happy Friday leave it is. Friday. Are you doing. Poor guy the order over there yeah it's good it's good Emma happy man tomorrow is Friday and asks is that will trump everything else in deeds. But I must favorite flavors of ice creams to be thinking about that. Kind what is your single favorite flavor of vice and how do you wanna serve copper Kona what kind of count. And if you had to pick I Trimmer snowball which wouldn't be in the meantime let's lock yet and I. Actually the pretty simple and pretty simple decisions on the larger scale. In the meantime. Where's the rain and Allegheny Margaret today how much they eat what's the forecast the. A typical July weather that means is going to be I wanna out there and if you're lucky you'll see one of those storms this afternoon. Normal day for us today hi runs on three degrees temperature may be Smit above normal but about 40% teens for stores today so. Little less coverage that we saw yesterday by. It's gonna feel about 10105. This after. Right as we head into the weekend tomorrow. More or less the same off Friday Saturday 30% chance for rain highs around 93 still feel like a lower 100 some days slightly better chance for storms at 40%. Anorexic maybe 50% chance we head into Monday through Wednesday of next week affront stuck in Cuba be close enough to west to Derosa better shots. On her friend in the tropics nothing to worry about for us on. Now now well Chris is now a tropical storm well up near Nova Scotia this is gonna continue racing although it isolated. And bringing them nice not a tropical system but a big storm system out there. So that we had that way into the red at some barrels to kind of lingering around just north of the Bahamas should be between the US and Bermuda. Next couple days there is a chance by 50% Kwan hurricane center could try to redevelop it as something. I'm not into the gulf of you know nothing we have nothing where about the golf that'll on the Caribbean this time what's the weather like this to appear in Iceland. Iceland to. It's not IC thank crazy cold up now it's not. The remnants of tropical system heading their way now I think it's the what is right now 49 at Reykjavik the capital there at the high today is gonna be fifty to reap the submarine that's COLT took a I. It wouldn't be in both 49 hires 53 at least it's consistent. They get some sunshine about highs in the fifties lows in the forties I mean so you know. You ever been woken up unexpectedly by something in the middle of the night of course last night for some reason my wife was talking in her sleep she hollered something at my watch what. She woke me up by at and compared to what happened to a guy and Polanski New York not so bad. Central New York man got a rude awakening when a large snake fell from his bedroom ceiling and landed on him while he slept. Wow the New York department of environmental conservation says one of its offices responded to the call from a man who had a snake in his bed at. Yeah. DC officials say the opposite determined a six foot long red tail boa constrictor had escaped its in me is closure and another apartment. The agency says the snakes fell from the ceiling on the downstairs apartment where it landed on the man sleeping in the bed he was not injured. The snake was returned to its owner. Kucera match what you get out sized. A boa constrictor fallen on it. The constrictor Mineta part of but I imagine his heart skipped a few feet. What's happened in the ceiling fans which it was off but he with a bleeds broke off in the night. Might it hurt the fans off the blade breaks in falls on. And heard the crack for rate falling what does that analysts than a few six that you feel so that he knew. Freak meet. You can imagine that I and a old ceiling fan once in the light kits fell off the part with the bulls on it landed a new yeah I'm one of my feet. That didn't feel good but nothing oh broke. It was is like anybody yankees you're not you're asleep. And then when he's crazy weird things happens. And it takes a little while for the brain to figure out what the world is going on. That you feel so you poor little dance and I don't just about about my wife talking honestly and waking me up much better than a snake or ceiling fans following. Thank you David David has from a hundred direct from the standpoint forecast senate. Sports with Steve Geller is up next. Again if you're adding drama like tanner to applies we have a nasty crash on the I ten over the bunny carry spillway near the I 55. If you want to go that way we highly suggest you either go to airline. Get off and Canner may be at Williams or Loyola head over to airline or at the 310 if you make it that far as the last place you're gonna wanna be able to get off. If you had nine. To the plots or points west and scoop of ice cream right now I'm going for a sugar town. With Orleans and cream that would be the way I would get the zone inspired by the fact that we have a new list. Of American's favorite ice cream flavors more details coming up after sports. With Steve Geller. Happy Friday Steve thanks good morning everybody the saints had high hopes for defensive end mark is Davenport has traded up thirteen spots in this year's draft to grab him. He dominated the opposition at UT San Antonio but there are some concerns because that was against low level competition in conference USA. Davenport college coach frank Wilson says. Any doubt about it the six foot 6264. Pounder who could match up against the guys from big name schools was answered at the Senior Bowl. He was tested and stretched thin cloud that he would he would be who he was. I think you the question that's solidified his spot. Fans were just fourteen days away from the first practice of saints training camp. In Russia the World Cup some are calling this year's Croatian team the greatest generation of soccer players there and who couldn't agree in the states and Todd play this there are variables down into the air. Are you much you Giggs scored the go ahead goal in the 190 minute as Croatia stoned England two to one it was the third consecutive extra time win for Croatia which advance the World Cup final for the first time they'll face France for the title on Sunday astros' third baseman Alex Bregman is keeping himself busy during the all star break the former LSU tiger will not only be playing in the Midsummer Classic next week he'll also be swinging for the fences as a participant in the home run derby which is Monday night in Washington DC. Bregman at smashing nineteen home runs so far this season. And it's a ladies semi finals they at Wimbledon it would Serena Williams taking on Julia gorges and Italy curb there will face how Leno host the pago. Williams has a career now item one record and semi finals at the all England club wins by Serena and Gerber with senate a rematch of the 116 Wimbledon final. Today on sports talk with Kristian garic MBA is talking about changing its playoff format. How would you fix basketball's postseason. Plus if you had to pick one which do you prefer college football for the NFL I Steve Geller with early morning look at sports. Steve 96% of Americans you guys. So this something we can agree on in this country everybody loves ice streams 71%. Of those surveyed by you'd go according to run Thursdays on time politics. Say they eat ice cream year round only 19%. Say they keep it only for the summer months yeah I mean why would ice him all the time. And I think some people to come in from the cold you don't wanna eat something cold but it's ice cream and so. Yeah unfortunately snow balls that are hard to find him most snowball stands around here unless it's the warmest months of the year but you can get ice agreement the story any time of the year so I told you you get one stabilizer trim what's economy. Deathly going to be cookies and cream of the you always to go to for me right is it on I cone or in a cup. Elegantly get a cold and some. Some sprinkles on it is rainbow sprinkles chocolate sprinkles rainbow sprinkles all a while I'll. Are right at look at account as. A W sugar coat shirt round now waffle cone that safety town. You're get in the feared and I if you had to choose right now between a snow ball and it's device and what you don't know who that is a tough one an illicit stuff earlier on but I'll take a snowball older an ice cream cone. It is just I snuggling up with this noble in New Jersey. I have a lot more affinity for nabbed there you have those lousy so don't call sounds terrible snow cones of the worst thing in the world folks have you ever travel. And there's snow cones available don't get. Their big chunks of ice with the flavor which is not a sir up it's like a light liquid poured over that it's all gathers at the bottom. And the ice is a waste of your time just getting to drink the Serb after it's all over yet trying to crunch into it just it's not good and yet to big waste of time and does that taste is doesn't mean it's it's like that it's noble now. All hail the snowball.