Whats that smell in Jefferson Parish?

The smell in Jefferson Parish is suspected to be coming from a landfill on the westbank.

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Jefferson Parish officials today tell us what's Danks inherent hand and river bridge. And thank Dennis nastiness from Los staying across the river from low perish landfill on the West Bank. Apparently they're going to also released steps on what they are due to try and fight. The stanch. I'm not smell the stats have been there and are average but apparently not at a time when the winds are right in the conditions are correct. To get this nasty odor but people who have experienced it say it's it is god awful it's just the worst thing average just nauseating. And dizzying and just a really strong disgusting notre. No thank you. Thought I do without you and I am glad that in my alma matter have never had to experience this and during my visits there and and river ridge. It's never been an issue would look forward to hearing this afternoon now with the parish officials have to say about their investigation on. And what they have to say about what they're going to do about it stay tuned as we like to say in the business for that. The loudest vaccinated 7870. In response to our news story about today's news conference in Jefferson Parish. Addressing the horrid smell many people have described coming across the river. And inherit hand river ridge. That it appears is coming from the landfill. They said please tell people who complain about landfill smells that they should not be allowed to use the land fell. And did deliver what's their own garbage has tagged man up butter cup. Wow. If I had some rancid smell wafting over my property and I think it'd be pretty upset tip. As persons as they shouldn't complain about and shouldn't get trash service. Okay we'll hear more about hazardous person probably lives right across the street from the landfill and justice a little spot in. I don't know I don't say birds that the man and a butter cup is that hash tag. That they used few balls texting us and Ashton had to work in texts. Carolina. People also texting today it's 7870. About our reports that. No more room service very few if any hotels are offering room service and a.