What's the objection over asking about citizenship?

Newell Normand
Thursday, March 29th

Newell discusses the Trump administration's plan to ask about citizenship on the Census with Matt O'Brien, the Director of Research for the Federation for American Immigration Reform.


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The wanna know Rawlins and we have a great show scheduled for you today in the last hour we're gonna talk about the situation with their B&B and what is the long term impact and new study has been released by the Jane place neighborhood sustainability initiative. And we'll be talking to folks from from that organization about the effects in the second hour. Did you know that after one parking ticket the city has the authority now to boo cheer automobile. Senator JP morals and join us talking about whether or not that should be the case and it used to be three now it's one in and a lot of people are upset by and we wanna hear from you guys in the second hour about. Whether you're upset about that issue. And joining us on the line at this time is Matt O'Brien director research or. Federation for American Immigration Reform and these are also former assistant chief counsel top ice and we're going to be talking about this. Controversial. Issues that doesn't seem to me to be so controversial is simply ask a question on the senses. Are US citizens welcome to the show Matt. Good morning. You know that every time I think of scene is all I've not seen much of any thing and it seems as though that he we go again and worrying about. The feelings the emotions. In the rights of people that are in this country illegally. And then even more incredulous is that states get to take advantage of that when it comes. To doling out money and having representatives and congress. It's insanity in New York Times ran an article last night cult New York has had been billion reasons to worry about that this question. And it points out that a lot of the jurisdictions they're complaining about these things for the ones that have actively courted illegal aliens. They now believe that if there's citizenship question on the census those illegal aliens will not respond. And therefore they'll wind up losing money or potentially losing seats in congress. Yes I mean this whole issue in and it's comes up to trump administration believes that under the vote. That voting rights act that they have. An obligation. To know who actually is a US citizen who's eligible to vote because in federal elections. Illegal aliens are not allowed to vote correct. But in some states in state and local elections they talk. And what does the implications and in the inherit a conflict between those two positions. Well the biggest problem is that we want change start registering illegally and if you wanna have any integrity into your local elections and there are several jurisdictions in Maryland. But allow illegal aliens do vote in school board elections and municipal elections. What she'd start registering them it becomes extremely difficult to provide them with me he different types of documentation to that voter registration systems. Are so poor in terms of identity management to what she's done that defective. All of us who work on this site the issue as it gets there believe in it. Think that these people are things going and voting in central and all kinds of other elections because they've been given some type of voter registration document. Yeah you know and and in what it is incredulous to me as well and I'll just read this very short that. Two individuals are looking into identify folks to get them ready for the senses now where in 2018 to census will be conducted in 20/20. And it base article goes on to say that they squeeze through a gap in the fence they stepped over to running mattresses and an old tired peered into a backyard. The neighbors eyed them suspicion Lee suspiciously you guys went ice. No they laughed. Get a word I'm looking. For folks in trying to see where they are looking for sheds garages trailers serving as makeshift homes they're not out there that too. Harass anyone in nears his new term now. As a result of this pilot program called low visibility housing and basically what it is. Is there limited people's backyards with a makeshift makeshift shed some tea and put up illegally. They're violating all the ordinance of the local communities. And these folks are going out there and in to make sure that they get counted in the census. It is considered am I cannot believe that the founding fathers countenance this. When they set up the constitutional requirement for incentives. And I think evidence of that fact is there wasn't any discussion. Of counting illegal aliens vs the distance it was just presumed insist that this was required to count all persons. That reasonable government administrators would ask questions about appropriate legal distinctions. Set give people different status is in our society. So it in in what they're saying now is that when they collect the data but the data is protected it cannot be shared. You know the specific demographic stuff that you that you collect with other government agencies because of some previous practices. It was used urine were award to two in term the Japanese that we here. And as you said there are a lot of folks were never counted and were scripted from being counted. And they're saying that the concern is that they don't trust in the trump organization of them not gonna share this information with the Department of Homeland Security. I believe that's true because if you don't government recently had a number of the dot take kids who are technically illegal aliens. Where apparently so afraid of law enforcement deportations the chain themselves to the desks. Of legislators on Capitol Hill and their response to federal courts in DC would find ways not to charge them with crimes that would result in them being deported. Despite the fact that there are having legal authorization to be here to begin with. So the argument that. Illegal aliens are somehow freedom law enforcement or in the Border Patrol. Or any other party here in the United States is just absurd and so lax with the enforcement for so long that the ish no longer any deterrent. So when we think about this. This really all comes down to the appropriation. Of power in this country. In the appropriation. Of money in at risk is 675. Billion dollars in federal funding. That goes to the states for health care schools public housing and roads. And a big chance to become for me evidently clear. Why California is decided hey. One way that we can boost money come in front of federal governments to be a sanctuary state and and therefore we get to count everybody. Well played Margaret Thatcher's the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money. And and mrs. a clear example of that you have a number of failed social democratic welfare policies. That are bankrupting the state of California and the state of new York and other states that have taken this approach. And they need the money they also need to vote because the Democratic Party as a result the last election show. Haven't they ended what most average Americans considered to be their core values and so distance away the Democrat party. Trying to hold onto control of the purse strings. And to try and recruit new voters they're so desperate that they're going to illegal aliens. Hoping they can amnesty them and then generate more Democrat voters as time goes on. And it's not like this question has never been asked on on the senses correct as Depp back in the fifties this question the citizens chip question was on the senses. Well depending upon US state stopped asking it in the fifties or see a lot of credible sources saying. That the question actually remained on the that's the question near Italy introduced. Short form in the 1980s and it's actually spill on the long forward. I'm not sure and the perfect example of how insignificant. This was. No one really knows when the last time it was passed was because it was just a common part that this practice. For so long. There are some let's say that the the Blue States that are losing. In fact in 1950 the New York delegation at 45 members of the house when they asked this question in today and has 27. But that the population growth has been in other states that are low tax high economic freedom states and that's where the duke. Movement of the population has been. Like Texas Utah on Florida. That's 100% correct and I mean if you could sample of California. My parents recently visited two don't Arizona. They've been there about ten years ago and they told me the population has double and when they're asking people about what happened. They said that this result flight from California that people had become fed up. With both the misguided policies and the government missteps in California. So they're leaving in droves and they're going Arizona and Texas. So while I have you on the phone on a different subject is we now have a number of counties in California that are striking back and in adopting an involving themselves in to trump administration's. Lawsuit. As it relates to the sanctuary designation of the state in many counties say we do not want to be part of that designation. Well it's about time I mean I applied Orange County for doing that this. Notions that. States do not have to comply with that line is they don't like it is dangerous because it sets up the situations where. Whatever you feel like a lot because it doesn't support your local politics she can simply jets. Decides to ignore it and that's not the case this supremacy clause of the constitution says that relies supreme. And it's interesting because the the California attorney general's staff would be walking back his position and saying. Believe me it's important that information be shared with the federal government would not telling people not to cooperate. We're telling them how they must cooperate. An effective. Both of those arguments are foolish because. An instrument he that was supreme and they do have to cooperate with federal authorities. On issues like immigration and other areas of central responsibility. Would Nicholas socialists as well you gonna tell me how. I must cooperate on don't have the right to choose how. It's alarming it is extremely socialists I mean California is engaging in leninist Maoist tactics and it's frightening to see that happening in the United States. I mean I would. It would seem to me like and it can be is cooperative as a one day. And actually go out of my way to help lift if that's what I so desire. Well it seems to me that if your law enforcement official that you're confronted with an issue except a lot of you have an obligation to go out of your way to help beat dish to develop. To support and defend the constitution and so I'm not sure we are some assurance. That have come up with Foley's packer mania arguments about cooperation with law enforcement and and so on and so forth. My experience working for ice is that illegal aliens are an interest in talking to police about anything. It was they're gonna get something in return and be ones who have committed crimes while a plea bargains to cooperate. And the went to witness the crimes wants some kind of immigration status. And there are numerous federal programs that allow for wind pushed and agencies to do that there's as he knew pieces. There's a program under the violence against women act. So a lot of this is manufactured outrage that is designed to support the Democrats overall plan to get a massive amnesty. Well Matt O'Brien directory search for Federation for American Immigration Reform we really appreciate you joining us and we appreciate your insight. All right he will be right back after the break we wanna hear what you think and what do you think. Should that question beyond the census. Simply put. Are you a citizen. Under you tell me 260187. Or Texas 8787. On Debbie Debbie else we'll be right back. We're back and we're talking about whether or not the citizenship question should be on the senses and in award would has come up in it. In this situation is any number of issues but really it's all about. The money and are talking about that the census to determines how 675. Billion dollars in federal funding is allocated to states and localities each year for things like health care school public housing roads. It also determines how many congressional seats and elect coral votes. Each state receives. In how the states will redraw. Local and federal voting districts. Virtually every major institution in America relies on census date. From businesses looking for new markets to the US military tracking the needs of veterans and the list goes. All and all in an all in all and as it relates. To that so it is the benchmark. Of how a lot of expenditures are made a lot of decisions are made and then that's why it's incredibly. Important. There has been and from the onset. Of the census in the very beginnings of this country a battle. About who's in who's out. What's in what's out presentation of the questions how they go about doing it whether they marketed leading up. To the census. And and all of these particular issues because of the economic. Impact. And I don't know about you but. I think it's important to know. How many citizens are actually here and how many people here. That are not citizens. Why why would we not want to know now the interesting thing is the detractors. To the Department of Commerce who is actually in control of the senses that are proposing that this question be put him. Are saying no we agree we think there's value. But. We don't think it ought to be on the census question there. And the reason they don't want and on the census questionnaires they don't want to see any move afoot. That we recalculate. All of this says as a relates to who's here legally or illegally. Who's here. On a tourist visa for example that me. Be renting. An air being MB or short term renal. And the census people show up in April lot of senses for. Because they're not asking the questions. As to what their status is in this country and they could ultimately be counted. In that we're far. So that they don't want it denote any they don't want any of that because they don't want to be. Having to face the downstream implications if they lose numbers that they lose money and they lose votes. And they may end up losing. Members of congress. And there's there's been a study already done as to. What. States may or may not lose. Some seats in congress as a result of the upcoming census just by looking at. Population trends. That are out there that exist at the present time. So there's and there's this conversation it's gone on. And in fact they're proposing that organ may pick up deceit or Arizona. Colorado. Texas picks up three Florida picks up to North Carolina picks up one Alabama loses one Minnesota loses one. Illinois loses one. Connecticut. New York. West Virginia. And Ohio lose one Michigan loses one. So there's any number of of things already going on that they're trying to figure out you know where this ultimately is going to be in so why not I mean I. I don't know about you guys put. Why not simply find out how many citizens actually live in this country and don't we have an interest in knowing. And isn't the census. The best tool available to us in order to determine. Who's here. And who's not here. I don't know you tell me give us call 260187. NER Texas at 878. Saturday will continue this conversation and do you think the citizenship question should be added to the census under per ready modest opinion poll. 100%. Of the respondents at this time saying yes. We'll be right back after the break this is new rules on debit Libya. We're reckon we'll continue our conversation on whether or not the census ought to have this citizenship question included on let's settle on one talk to pat and saint Tammany the welcome to show that. Statement call now airlines currently is that. Done genealogy lord several years and if you look at all previous. Census documents. Basically what they actually also whether you're a citizen has also. What country. You're a parent came from a mother of four and where you actually belong on so on. The and I think just continue to do and edged the issue of better idea. Would be. You know aspect as far as. Out genealogy and now stands is actually common problem they injuring no one. Generations the. And pat that's on the long form correctly there is a short form and along Foreman the census and and they try to get as many to fill out. At least one or the other but more people fell short form and long form. Right well the thing about talking about basically is that documents. What like I guess 194. Should speak for the forties. And that's why. You can basically bag man. The fall on this date field outweigh actually Tilda apply. The people that went from door. Has and when it bitch. When people would tell name. Majority it's. That they would dispel some people changed. One. Generation city. The main thing is there. Summation. On its all the. I think it's very useful predicted. This country on. Right already pat thanks so much for calling appreciate those go on to talk to Derek in New Orleans sorts that you Derek. You know it's become it's become who are rarely serious. It actually people in this concert audience. Namely new Democratic Party that no one at this question on the center they wanted to be legal. They want to do in this space. That is were great and by. There's quality. And they are trying to do everything eagle and they wanna beat all in all. Just just the matches when they do take total control. If you'd think you're right there's gonna be other. They're each so control. To these people. I don't know if there and opened the don't usually go out on. You actually think there might as seventy data when you do it total control of every. I. Where you know oh. You know that the and it's kind of interest in the little disingenuous is that this cuts both ways write in vote Blue States and red states. It has if you look at the red states that have the cities that Houston Dallas and Austin obviously in Texas and in Miami and Orlando. In Phoenix in Arizona. These are all areas that have a large undocumented population. So you know and Atlanta Georgia as well so this cuts both on the red states and and Blue States which can only here. You know the Democrats getting all up in arms about this issue and any time Eric Holder the former attorney general rears his head. You really need to be concerned he heads the national democratic redistricting committee. And he says his group is gonna sue the trump administration. Over all in out and any goes on to say. This decision is motivated purely about politics well there's no one better than Eric Holder to know. Whether something is politically motivated because he engaged in the entire time. He served as attorney general. You know it is you know you know. It is it feels so but he it's. Be growing not apparent he keeps going in the directors gone. Already Derrick thank you so much will scuttle on one talk to nick and Greg know with say neck. Nick welcome to to show. The incendiary out. From the border. Or more. Watched via. Mexican Hispanics you know run them beech wood they're everything I own bag and border was secure. Like Louisiana. Some people want to strangle congressman on yes sort of thing it. Electing eat legal immigrants caught into the country that's been on a number of administrations and lifelong Republican. Registered sixty. Now call problem would be it would. And you know that you you are earning one thing in his administration of justice always teaches you seek so stop with your parents. So you have a very difficult problem that you have to deal with. And and it is why don't they are it was in Kirch for immigrants in this country. To exploit them for work reasons I worked for a large business and San Diego. And no matter maps can we get some work its. And but as well it worked for. You know to work in a specific location opposite we're 11. And one job at the end of the barriers to you there. Each has about outreach. Let them go to the corner store. Knew they needed food compact and an hour lock up the business. So you guys serious situation you don't talk situation to deal with that has been about we all decked. I think it's gonna take a portion of the two were solid but did try to do one. You create an antagonistic. In my apartment once yes that's not good. No not at all but the fact of the matter is why should states be rewarded for violating federal law and and then the numbers get the count so they get more money in more votes in congress that's part of the rub. It done. And on May much. Doesn't make much sense to me. If you're on all available come right back to talk lines when we return we'll continue this conversation and on the for ready monster. Opinion poll do you think the citizenship question should be added to the senses 93% of the respondents say yes we'll be right back after the break. This is fuel on debit via. We're back in we're continuing our conversational whether or not to citizenship question ought to be on on the senses and their advocates and actually want more questions. There are those that want to know people's sexual orientation and gender identities member of that community are asking. That be included in the senate in the yes senses as well because they believe that that data helps them. In in developing whatever it strategies they have around debating issues such as bathroom access and and other things along those lines. So there's even pressure in other areas. Two and more questions to get more specific. On on the senses what's going on one talk to Mary in mid city would say you merry. I if I am in there doesn't. And I'm asked that question. I would refused to answer. Lying the cut I have done can't afford to different times. And on so when I would approach a house where you hear people speaking in Spanish usually. As being would be afraid to answer to your academic a ballpark figure appears scaring people off. I want. I'd do if I would approach an ounce and somebody's speaking Spanish I hear them in their muscle in their voices. I'm a couple of tournaments Spanish but no they might not answer the door. So I think this question and it was sworn to secrecy we're not supposed to divulge our hamsters hamsters were like seventy something years. There is that for pan I interrupt for mine only my way of protesting client said it would increase answer that question. Well are you familiar with the questions that are asked on the census. Yes it's been about ten years. No I mean I mean age. And male or female. And and then they go into very descriptive. Questions about race. I you know why. Black African American. American Indian or Alaskan native Asian and Chinese. Filipino other Asian Japanese Korean Vietnamese native Hawaiian. Or money in Chamorro. Samoan. Other Pacific islander. I mean you know it gets pretty descriptive already don't you think you could back in. To any number of issues as it relates to immigration just with the information that's being provided now. This well you know or may not be as small at the intent was of the Republican Party. You know to do this for purposes that deportation. But the fact the facts ours at the questions that are asked already I'm sure that there are people that fear answering these questions by even just saying that the elite team. Well. And by the way Latinos are not the only illegal immigrants in his country enough not by any stretch of the imagination. There where people who refused to answer that question. Including African Americans. Because every day it's that they didn't want to stereotype. I can't tell you some of the answers to get me and I really don't think that's to protect down and they said that since you're asking me and that is I'm telling you. So I guess it begs the question why do we ask all of these questions if we just need to know and number. That's still and then another thing is that there are some groups that you'd listed a whole lot of people but you didn't mention Brazilians and my husband was Brazilian and he did not like being locked into. Latino and Latina category. Speak Portuguese correct. Yep it in itself but I mean you know when you look at when you look at the former mean there's a lot of descriptive. Categories in there that I think. It would offend people already. I'd I'll find some of those others a lot more offensive than just simply asking our US citizen and do you believe. That people that are here illegally just because they resided in one state or another that state ought to be rewarded. Financially. Or with more representation in congress as a result thereof. I'm I'm I'm not sure I can answer that question I finally had to think about it. Aren't you know that that that's really the threshold question that's why a lot of these. Governors across the in many states of lightness because they're gonna suffer economically. They believe in that they think that's the motivation because there illegal population helps them financially. And there doesn't seem to it seems a little backwards to me I may be wrong and any. I don't think they need that and then I heard part of part of your program that's sort of the man comment about the genealogy that was quite interesting. In now and make all that's necessary and now it DNA testing. In has. Well I don't go there. I thought I. Well Mary thanks so much for Colin and we appreciate your time we got to get to a break if you Arnold stay on hold let's hear from 260187. Near Texas at 878 said how many. And upper body in my opinion poll do you think the citizenship question should be added to the census 90% of the respondents say yes will be right back after the break. We're back and we're talking about whether or not this simple citizenship question oddity. Placed on the US census form 325. Million people in in the United States and when you look to getting information as to the number of folks that are here illegally. The first sentence right is. Very difficult inaccurately counting individuals in this population. And it's a complete estimation method is the line one talked a market Hammond which you marked. Yeah of course the question should be next on a sense as a means. I don't understand you know we we've we've been in the term when you know simple questions and simple. Pocket pistol applauded bulging like I mean would bet from you. Are you going to be tension that's in the mob. McGraw she's not a machine support for us citizens you know in the you know let's talk about my spoke about how negatively affects. Though people. Well you know that's often overlooked Solomon askew because it's not often that I have people calling in saying that would what is your wife's view. Of this whole illegal immigrant population. Or are nor conference because she's Filipino community that you know that they actually are. To contradict what he beat. Innocence. But you know. In this country. You know. You so there's a legal options and like so you know you know you. Go back. You know Democrats set up talked to a completely frustrated by the fact we're trying to figure out a way to reward folks are violating the law out waiting outside this country for many many years. Trying to get in and knows that weight and do it the right way they seemed to suffer. And it works to their detriment. Four bit or. Because. If you appear. Well you know lets you know you you are illegal immigration if you want. Marco got in Iraq because I gotta get to a break thanks so much for calling I appreciate the insight. It's now time for the cash contests here we go.