What's next after the firing of James Comey?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, May 11th

Tommy talks with William Banks, Professor of Law and Professor of Public Adminsitration and International Affairs at Syracuse, about the firing of James Comey and what happens next.


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The present in the United States and Russia and an investigation and James told me it is they're saying now wanted more money to ramp up the investigation and that was one of the reasons that he gets fired. William banks joints professor of law and a professor of public administration and internationally international affairs at Syracuse more answer. Rewarding career thank you that talk about Russia and in the investigation. And the FBI and who's compromise when it comes to doing this and who should. Continue the investigators. Right it's. Admit your your looser actual many of them were called in January December January smooth so. Prominently in the news that the Obama administration concluded. That the Russians were working very hard did influence the outcome of its wanna succeed election. Using. Internet and other means to try to world plant false information and two sons and a bit also found that the the direction we're attempting to influence the election Saber. But then candidate trot. Lived there after one investigation began early in the senate house and congress net you began its own investigation. And it was struck because. Attention focused on national security by Michael land. In his eventual firing and only recently has focus return to. What actually happened what to do do now that the president has fired the director of against called me. Suspensions are ramping up the game the president did this because she's you triggered via via I was getting too close. Personnel currently in the white couch. See now here's my question professor. You know the results in if you cut off they had this nickel dime that I don't think that's the way here because snake seems they have a lot of heads and an and insanity you know and to send talking about firing combing seems like this investigation. Is still where it was it's not gonna. None of the evidence is gonna be lost or anything like that rang. Because if you're exactly. The career people in the Justice Department the members of the senate and house. They're bound to a poll move law and follow the constitution that should be looked at them do their course partisan. Division doll that's you'd would have on any issue but I think investigations will continue to. Now the president had to find the new director of the you know even though it has control of congress are open maturity. He has been on the one who passed Muster will be fought by the member Republicans and Democrats troop you know sufficiently independent to. It's don't want our stake in the investigation. One other thing that confused me is. Forgot who was mainly the chairman of the senate. Select many IE AD whoever was saying that Daewoo. Something about evidence but the FBI can't turn over there evidence to them and confidentially. Oh whatever they've uncovered so far. Well they're running parallel investigations via via. It's and outs and very. They can share information and unclassified form of course a lot of the personnel stats and what not cleared clutch by Marshall. It it's not clear whether there looking at the same things about it you know of the senators make pretty good our house that you read over the sheer emotion problem. The chairman but they're back on track now the senator making good. It was indeed a testimony in the last days. Call me. And then by Sally Yates the former acting attorney general witch fire by well. And buy a beer in which. A carpet that. And that deleting. Investigation further into the weeds about what the administration or transition team's potential Obama. The Russians want. And I wanna wandered too far in other ways that I think. It is important to ask you what could they have done in terms of collusion that could be proved. And what part of it is illegal and is part of that. Proving in some way that the outcome of the election. Was affected by the Russians. We're you know that's a great question and where we're in uncharted territory here because we never. Which states discovered. Significant foreign potentially interfere with our democratic process the lobby of course. It's important agents around. But in terms of trying to manipulate. The polls to manipulate voters opinions. Through electronic means to spend a lot of money on advertising. Which falls. Statements about candidates like remembers seeing that the towards the Internet rage. A lot of this was done electronically. Respect that that the trump campaign or the current transition or member trumpet the straight and more involved. Via walk let's hear him could go could range anything from trying to obstructing an inquiry struck injustice. So lying to officials making false statements to that the most extreme. For treason. Trying to undermine the United States again at lunch I wish to go about four. Quickly the it'll mess up in the White House yesterday to photographers were in there with. The president Lavrov intensely active and saying the White House photographer and a Russian photographer. I don't think the White House released any photos they need the media got it from tasked. The Russian news agency which I think is kinda embarrassing though White House and does that say anything about. The who's who's in charge year old or who's. The is a White House up to the challenge at the Russian space in terms of the yeah understand when trying to answer professor. That producers I think this is a very odd person series in the bench true the White House useful for over the course the last three of four moms. Even managed to doing well that didn't anticipate the reaction to call me that they should. And you know priming the Russians against. The day after Coleman's slaughter and of course was sure. Coincidental but it looks very bad in Brooklyn. Apartment for true and should do such pictures should jets. That the lightest of 11 to realize that the president was talk in the Russian woman you can be investigated as a ball election. Especially to his Leah Ankara and spread them as a middle all of this thank you sir appreciate your time. You were helping combat William banks professor of law and professor of public administration. And international affairs at Syracuse.