What's the key to a long, successful relationship?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, February 14th

Tommy talks with Andrea Syrtash, the author of Cheat on Your Husband (With Your Husband), about Valetine's Day and relationships.


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And clean this up apparently I was speaking to two kitchen cabinet I think every company hasn't. I kitchen cabinet you know I mean you do it right on the hall. Apparently I said earlier I tried dating when I was married and it's been worked out. When I meant to say well as I tried dating. After I was divorced. And it didn't work out that's what I meant and Atlanta you come out that ways and I'm sorry budget and so two days ago. Bombs. But I'm sure I dated a that's night it'll never work out for you I don't think. Seldom. We'll find out though because our next guest he would tell you how to cheat on your husband David a while well your husband. I don't have autism well now. Andrew you have no idea there watching me slide it die a slow death in the air any you know they're doing their renown and cut my oxygen supply enough to Matt Holliday didn't. Painful or. Hi good morning had a Valentine's Day. Now they might it even your what your husband how did they are out there when you're talking about maybe at an have been dating while Mary I'm sitting here doing a great weekend. It would play well with you I wasn't. Like I don't really dig a hole any deeper and during. All of the forces finals I guess now would matter and we got the point. Let's talk about post Valentine's Day and how what it is it that you can do. Take keep that fire alive and make Valentine's Day memorable memorable and can you just take the funky if it's not there. Well I mean look. I know what the commercial holidays a lot of people complain that they pressured again no no need to go to Byrd. Pretty big banner and great just trying to calibrate it. It it used to put it and tanner and a great relationship and work a bit in our everyday life. When we reduced mine call or and I think. My big Mac as it and now. As to what the law that that little thing you're gonna do. In a partnership act and you know the new that there. Which unity solemn. Yeah I would you stop paying whether you know bringing and hours writing a cart it anyway partner means you. Taken out the track. Even if it's garbage day injuries at. Mainly they're. Healing doing little things for each Saturday at show. You're currently in the prior Hitler in about. Is this an opportunity Andrea to perhaps try to rekindle something and if that's the case. You can't go from zero to a hundred bright don't have to kind or canyon. Well that and in Ramallah that the law that I mean it you have it. Had grown man and a lot of times you know. It going to be awkward and pull it out in your partner and that what is happening there in camera. So they're away. In Indy again you know kind cock at what you and the positive way the biggest problem. I want couple that are this at a site equipment and currently. It is top and I'll bring that you never do this anymore. What that meant it and and that is no I'm out. Talk about what you you met go well you know we're column memory card it would be we tried that again. Did open up the conversation and then. So Pakistan can and eighty a big part cameraman and keeping it alive in. Pat and that opted president and then that literally get hugging your partner at the door early Monday. And that the Pacman getting you know and again these things on these things matter. I'm just trying to save the only oriented here Andrea so what if one partner says. We don't talk anymore any other partner says we don't sit here silently anymore which. What happens then. And saying. Not like on new entity and happens online. I think you know. I think that what. It is so that we can all but because not ever going to need to communicate that and I'm gonna wait till 10 o'clock certainly feel for. A perfect. In the year and I appreciate you work in the sand. Up. And running. It you guys have not had help it communicate one an open community. It's really important to. Again. And a pot it away here after partner like that it not mean you're in. That was like I loved it means in this week. It means being there and that shows that high and an acknowledgment. Helped. Long term relationships I mean we forget we treat strangers. And batters only trigger partners. That we need to remember to acknowledge each other's. I remember reading a book knowledge gonna segment is unknown today is are you busy day of days but. I'm Sean Payton wrote a book a boat coming years saints coach NBA kind of forgetting about on levers anniversary or. On Valentine's David David just. Currently running out and buy an inexpensive piece of jewelry because he was in the position of course to do that but he hesitated then he regretted it when he gave it to his wife and coach Jim I'm paraphrasing now out of this now. And it seems as though she seemed really is he said it seemed as though she thought it was out of place like it was a last minute thing so and on back to what you were saying Andrea about. The large dip or rather the small things. It's not about the price of it it's not about the cost of it it's not about you spent X amount of money on me it's about you know me ranked. That's exactly race if you've seen me you know me new. At card goes a long way means it he is why is it really injured being. How people will run by an actor or. On the way and buy and operate analog beacon that there is their last there are no pot and if you put in Japan being. Mom make your partner dinner I don't know what I'll actor is in Obama. But but and I don't mean to exit boy I gotta be carefully examine everybody's feeling Sydor and business but. Palm did to its two to realize their way home it's Valentine's Day. And then like for example would go to a drugstore and by the one rose that's already packaged up that's not full and anybody is it. Not really that you can frame it creatively it can buy this single rose. There are all really back so hard. And then I'll go over better. Yeah but you know none of those are left now on the story yet now. You know have Bieber date you happy birthday you scratch off co worker and right in her her name probably not. We're happy anniversary when it. David Wright is you have time not to make any exactly the last minute the going your leg breaker yet something. They made it happen part take the time it right at angrier at selector that acknowledgment. Com but it yet it's not about riding. A bike store and buying expensive thing. And I've seen many people opening revered record he gave me my aunt and the like from. That's right earned it. And it is that not that they're now in day. We'll see you should draft the flashlight battery is editors and enter quickly on the scale of one to ten me being a mess where would you put me. I'm out there and what you I don't know attendance and the message that. Have what you it that way at eight or nine because you you're thinking and happy being in single out people like correcting those. A native alarm primarily and now I think it's bad and it's been a lot. If only I thought about it Molitor and Jerusalem house and what are you gonna do right into enemy eleven Gillard. Tony quickly about your book. And how people get it. Okay well I've written a number as bad looks and two blocks. The oh. Even in the public hearing happened in one of them all I now called. Pregnant in which we can talk about another time. For people trying to get pregnant would help navigate directly to through that there's a lot of continent they're united airman aimed. Not a meeting Andrea or acts. Yup I know a lot of articles about but I end. And more. Most telling could be tricky it's SY yard TA SH sued Sander reassert cash dot com reduce surgeon. Yes Andrea your Mac dot com and if you don't know how to spell it. Remember he got there has been Whitner on any of fine. You remember that second guard this very important that barrier or you have a lovely day it's a pleasure to talk to you always and and I'll be in your husband have a great day. Happening now a T same year apparently she married at such. Andrea assert says Shaw threw cheat on your husband with you Hus the. I AM. Beyond a ten on the mass scale I am just a mess but it's not about me.