What's up with the Harrah's deal?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, May 17th

Tommy discusses the Harrah's deal, which passed the Senate with some amendments, with Clancy Dubos, WWL-TV's political analyst.


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I don't know it's gonna van rouge this Harris casino thing and it seems. To not make sense that maybe an unknown I'm talking about Clancy Dubow assurance right now double WL TV political analysts and a friend of ours morning Clancy. Lord. You that you don't happen which is talking about trying to understand murderers do understand that. The chaos theory a. I'm telling you. What sensed loses Harris casino thing many Clancy. Well. It depends and we doctor. Brinkley. If you listened Jews Arabs people. Remembered me. When they compare themselves through casinos and the country and how that you're like then. And what day. Typically in this city considering the size of the gambling markers that are. The court and numbers and they. Manipulative and usually anger and people are concerned about. What are your local businessman. Earlier typically doesn't get the ball well because in the park Robert Lane. Has there ever been raised in the political contest. In the business community's well known and well respected. But he always kept a local while but yeah. You know well as by writing a letter to the other expressing concerns and then people coalesce around you know. Cookie note re talking about terms of okay well. The water by a man went and upon what there are giving. Aaron can do better. And as a result of that and I'm gonna give it to the Clinton emerging here. Is concerned concerns expressed by that president I'll vote against the bill in the senate yet and are. Well yeah CB Harris you know. Changed. That much better deal with a straight and the city now as a result concerns that works crap like that there. The critics of the bill have been very successful at the state a much better deal. But to build hello I. Wanted to concern as an expert and why we do open it up a bit and what we're doing it right now. The answer that narrative as well. The market constantly changing and they are right and marketer certainly changed a lot. 24 years ago and it will look after the you know our plight and 10 wait and changes. Our two decades ago egos here and elsewhere. Got their revenues about 78%. From gambling and birdie. On related activities entertainment hotel now. Look at greater than elsewhere. You know make all the property and money and pure gaming. And the other brokers. Not gaming which retail. Restaurant and entertainment. And arrow here in laws has been limited by that cute and doing these. So that they're trying to. It looked like kind of flip the script of reservoir. And start to look more like they're successful. Or casino. Business model. Which is correctly wrote dependent looked like. Pure gaming revenues in war or something like hotels and restaurant and entertainment. And it actually got the support of the hotel. And rational thought. Community here renewal an extra Albert Jaeger it was a bar so all programs well. So you in the boat and come away confused as well very good. Out of of the bill was impacted heavily in the senate. Or senate committee. It was amended again on the floor so it passed one boat despair and now it goes and I. Well in court. And how can neither could Kerkorian those amendments in the bill that would be governor. Who has said he's not sure yet they'll or. An entry in the struck an amendment that will go to our committee where it. Could be rewritten or. In Terry in terms of yeah I don't know other states are best practices whatever that is it normal to renegotiate a deal with six years left and not put it out to bid. Probably not but it also not normal the legislature. The pocket unique heritage the wall floor to see you know it is like straight legislature if you look at. Baker or anywhere Mississippi. You know basically when they are likely to get renewed all to do was have the ability. Requirement which is basically an after match up you haven't gotten invited. And they have a part in the bed with the Russian blah blah. What the locals would this state like our outlook legislature. That basically. They live picture it is completed it objected to get started. Check that Ritter Ortiz okay actually again. And they'll owe a lot more restrictions on building hotels and things like that so. Hit it but it can look at the model or call models that are out there will be the it is it seems like usual and they would come from record during this year's early and Harris responses level that they're unique. In the in the country are probably like. But that they needed to keep keep. People are gaming business going because. Casinos want him well including carpet life and their role. And in the lowlands. A shelter that has been so good. When they bring in there high rollers they don't have enough. Really a girl hotel or. Another local hope out don't care reforms. So rhetoric. While. They were missing Clancy one day educators on. I'm only like to be here promote. Where it is right now and I tried to live I could not get any signal lap of the an update Aaron people modeling among themselves a lawyer. Number crunchers and it does work done. Bill to concurrently ability and get a better deal. Very well. Not the concurrent you want. Anybody who's an observer of the of the Louisiana what are. Even old veterans. Just quickly are scared to put a bill in because literally it it could come on move radically different. And then it has again approved by both houses and our moment while also. Aaron real world would elect larger electorate numbers but you know Jerusalem known quantity birds on the. He'll learn hand tuna butch and I think. And there's a record or a pure roll and thank you Clancy appreciate you time for you today Clancy dealers WW LTV political analyst.