What's going on at the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, May 16th

Tommy talks to WWL-TV investigative reporter David Hammer about his new report on alleged sexual harassment at OPSO.


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I be careful I say this but but regularly to something that was positive is that one of some of the great who won some of the great investigative reporters. Move from print to broadcast one of whom is David hammer and he's got an investigative Suri out about. Oh PPM just gonna. Hey isn't funny but it sounds so absurd it it is. First paragraph fears the dangers of the new all Ngo Armenian well documented riots suicides airborne human waste. And frequent attacks by inmates on guards. But the inmates aren't responsible for all of the hazards and was now we welcome in David hammer hey David. KRU coming out I'd like to play your music there with MC hammer he can look things up. Yet to break out for a camera now because map allegedly Africa. Teamed up with me and actually got this storytelling in the first place so got a break out Peter Gabriel's sledgehammer and. David because of you. We will do it. Tell me what what the story and covered it and I get a bunch questions for the go ahead and tell us basically if you will please. Well I mean it's very. It's something you know more putts are paying attention to now with the truth movement. Sexual harassment in the work place. But there's certain workplaces where you wonder if it's even realistic for women to expect to be treated. With respect and to avoid the kind of problems that we've heard about so much. But you would expect that day you know we will be one thing if they were being touched in you know harassed by inmates. When they're working at the jail we female deputies but it's another thing to have to deal with that from their male colleagues as well and that's. The thing that really got on to the stories and this is you know we can just take people's work for a we've really got to be spent months looking at. Document it and and and getting corroborating interviews and we talked to a lot of people that we didn't even include directly in the story and it's a real problem that the sheriff's office. It's a majority female deputy staff and is a seemed to be dealing with the sexual harassment. Regularly and they don't feel like it's being properly addressed. Do they it is so good on the back to the structure from moments he timeout predominantly female guards were predominantly. Male supervisors. Yelled that there are certain female supervises as well. We hear can be a part of the problem one of the that is response to whom we protect her anonymity. Talked about the ways that promotions work and that. You know you have to do certain things actually. She helped in order to get promoted chief she missed out on promotions because of that. And then. You have women who has resident. And we've heard from deputy feeling that there are not getting kind of support. That they need from those women either so. It's a longstanding problem that he now are hearing more about feeling like it went back. Before Katrina and but now with federal oversight of the jail. And essentially share my own gut and being powerless. Over there and they are being a federal. Compliance director in the other consent decree with compliance director actually appointed by the court. While they're working on trying to make conditions better for inmates stay. Seemed to be giving short trips to the deputies and so out. In terms of the human resources is there even a human resources department. Well there is and there was pretty human resources director who got hired. Few months ago and after that happened there was a long period of time where there was a director and it's interesting because the days that that. Human resources director that prior to that state. There was that you that there was a sexual harassment complaint on her death. And it's unclear if it ever got handle in the in the people. I don't know if you wanna answer this question or not but. Com what the hell count operation is Marlon just men running understand it's a political office I think he has a lot of political power he continues to get. Reelected I don't know of disk and here's the deal he's not slam and cell doors right. David I mean his job is to head BD administrator disorganization. And make sure these kind of shenanigans don't happen to make sure that. Everybody's doing their job to have systems in place where. The prisoners are secure both in terms of not being able to escape and their own safety. How does this compare with other jails and other cities DM any idea. Well I think it's a lot worse from everything that I read and I don't have direct. Knowledge of the other jailed in other cities and I haven't looked at B pellet that but I think it's really bad and it goes deeper than what you're saying it relates to Marlon has been because of this federal oversight I mean what we eat. I think Matt can talk more about that if he covers the dialogue and chair topical more regular basis that I get by. So lack of power that Gaza and hats. And the lack of control. After the consent decree is really staggering to me I mean I didn't realize. Just how little power he appears to have now is that a cop out. I don't know but you know. All of this stuff appears to be out of his hand and that's something that you know voters should be concerned about Egypt got reelected with no. With no opposition are together another term and the question is. It does our elected representative actually have any power there. Well so did it get worse after the did the minister of federal administrative whomever it is took over. Or was that part of what they consent decree came in I'm confused. Well it is in terms of his control in terms of sexual harassment center. Yeah well it appears to be getting worse and there are concerned. Can send monitors. Of the compliance monitors. Are wrote the report earlier this you're talking about overall conditions getting worse. And so. You know there's. Enough people there with the federal control change in the leadership there with art director. Precisely because things are not going very well. So. And and that but sexual harassment has not been key focus. And I I think that with this story. I hope that it becomes more focused because it's certainly a problem. David Cameron Devin WL TV investigative reporter great story along with Matt sledge from the had to get here again David. Right they died thank you sir pledges always. They cleared it out today.