What's going on at the New Orleans City Council?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, October 12th

Tommy talks to New Orleans City Councilmember Jared Brossett about what the City Council is looking at today.


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We're joined by City Council member Jared percent to talk about what's gonna happen at today's meeting good morning sir Iran or are you I'm all right you. Good tell me what's gonna happen at the council meeting today. We got a couple of issues that come come across the bears. One enemy we're gonna this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Can we are having sponsoring mammograms for city employees. We're gonna have so mom. Some that this year. And different. Organizations. To speak about the importance. Getting check out. To detective. Any any potential cancer. I'll we will also ago probably hurt the city's. Civil service commission. Approved. The new paper in police department. Of course that is important. I will be receiving communications from him off the approval. Daddy coups the that raises. Almost all officers. Let me ask you one thing and I'm going to mention any names about the debate last cycle one of the questions. Was about improving. Com the police force and in some answers were given about Tom do you raises some answers we given about something else but. At no point did they may bring up the money is there are people are just not applying his errant. Not people applying recruitment. The application will love the let me put it that way yet not yet. I would say probably not enough. But I do believe that the data that the national. The problem. Applying. To law enforcement. Agencies. Of course what you wanna make you aware we do have made thirty. 830 cap limited form recruiting classes. Bet dictated by the federal consent decree. Now we eat we eat. The cheese. It's only case by case basis. That the judge judge Morgan has to review. Why it. You know we continue to recruit in this Tuesday. This is. That's in the same increase page will help. Provide. Forward to retain the rates. Recruitment. But we support. Quote we have put the money and lives three years we get 50% when we came in. What that must what we did a 50% raise but of course. We're now 2017. To 28 scene in. You know health care costs have risen. But. We all are and actually we account we investing money and help police the bomb went. You got to continue investing in the prevention in the community policing. Anything else or bullets you know. That that's really about it. Looking forward to like getting getting started meeting and getting press nights is thank you so much yet again today. And I councilman Jared percent about today's meeting.