What's the ceiling for Tulane football this season?

Bobby, Deuce & Kristian talk Tulane football with Guerry Smith of The Wave Report and also look forward to Friday's Saints preseason game.

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Often on and enjoy our third hour here of sports talk saints' training camp addition the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert saints' all time leading rusher Deuce McAllister Stepan and for the final two hours on Kristian garic more Menard at master. Control taking your phone calls a 50426018. Semi tech state 78 semi dues. You're part of a for the first two hours you spent a lot of time talking about the new helmet rule has been 25 times where. Teams have been flagged in the pre season for leading with a helmet should the NFL revise that policy do you think players. I have a clear understanding of what's gonna be called a foul what's not to. I don't think that they have a clear understanding of military let's not I mean obviously. A lot of times you gonna see this rule be. Arbitrary in a lot of ways just because the officials it's almost a judgment call I don't think they're cheap and clearly call it a pill the each time as far as. I think it's more about open field play a me because if you're really honestly call that play about a week. Every time short yardage in every Tom Golan to head to head to head to head forty often to Lama at any time there's a quarterback sneak. He's leaving with a Helmand so army. I think it's open field call right. But I still think it needs to just. Now do school and I'm commonly goes straight to the source. You are running back and I guess in your career you had to have use your helmet to run over some money before every play. It's just natural instinct it though especially in space. Volquez and now let's say going forward because if you marketing arm any running back. You know. Who whoever you look. Sake on whatever whoever you might think is a top running back. And you go Loria had so what do you do you or you you turn and you Lori what you all your heart you always try to lead with a shoulder first. To take some of that impact off right. I think that's what you always try to do now I don't know how much consciously you're thinking of it. Could have a dual class that's exactly right means I don't know how much of it you've taken of it in that manner. It may cross your mind before the play starts right but when you're running. You're reacting. So deuce could. You see this season. That. Tiger. Arm a top Bernie Mac. All this time no doubt about that not visit me at is that. I think it's he would Davidson player because the macular shy getting kicked out can you imagine all of a sudden the rams during contention. And Elvis son. Todd Gurley. He ejected yeah. He says he led I just went to sell it arms well Tuesday that it is in his seat. If that would be called anyway I think you can get the penalty but who wouldn't be reject won us a thing of the 25 calls I don't think we've had any objection one night and Chris secret is that Ed. They had one Chris you got rejected. Coles play practices backup safety OK a little out towards prop nose there there has been one agenda yes so good to me that makes is kind of like when you. Luke would to explain that a millennial. Soccer yellow card red card verses a penalty in rejection so when you look at. Deuces almost has to be so flagrant that's what I'm thinking. To get rejected that is not yet hasn't upgraded got a kick them out correct but with Timmy that's not flagrant. But my understanding. And I bring back the Super Bowl win branding coach started to Malcolm Jenkins it happened so fast sort of compelled to answer the penalty but then they said Malcolm what it got a jet. He had a bit of you'll see our battalion that the injection. For more we met with the officials New York gets involved with the injection. Now the only feel official does have the power to eject the player so it was not just New York Betty Jake's a player they go back they look at the play. New York's gives it its opinion and when I say New York. That is the main official's office. Like to headquarters and headquarters they give their opinion because they look at the play as well and they cannot confer with their own site official to make. Decision or back him up on his decision. Now the old side officials say that he has the final call. I don't believe that I think the final call goals are to New York I mean because of its. Is wanting to say he would have gotten ejected. And it's another to actually Jed. Eventually they had to happen in it yet you get the penalty when I'll be agent had tried to say yeah we would reject him after it's over yeah it's easy to say you don't do is about can recall and Chris witness is that. And Sean Payton motto elaborate on this. When they looked at all the games. He says there was a few heeded that there was like a Florida happened a dozen yet just let's say 646. That all season he had all season. That those players would have been injected so I think you could see more penalties. But I Christie said one Ottawa 25. OK so. I can't cede their penalties deadly being called that necessarily the injection as QB so flagrant like ye eat you really. A human missile I have gone in there but there's truly get get rejected RB on the teach Tate that we watch with him yeah this. Two plays where we're saying. And I'm like yeah if it was a human heat seeking missiles on bail. Bond bill against. The Redskins. Was once again where he got the late hit against quarterback run against cousins. And then the other one was an established. Well it induced the way to rules are structured. You'd think you'd have been justified in the event injected according to a 1010 and he probably would have gotten rejected assure you and other when I mean both plays he got a penalty on Reverend Wright but for sure Obama got kicked out thinking yeah. So you would not have a problem because it was that plagued the okay yeah if they got and see thing is getting they would bet. Is if it's so flagrant. That even if you've been object of that yeah hell yeah I mean I don't care if it's for you Timor against you cannot do that no player is gone. But and I think it it somewhat Linwood it's just a penalty now could be a costly penalty to caution became. You don't want a player that maybe is bang bang happened so fast. That he'd be rejected any surely he should just had a penalty called against him instead are about ejection and affect the whole game. Combat for Patrick Joel Marques a tie this sports thoughts here on W to do well. I want to back to sports talk still to come. Gary Smith covering Tulane for the way report and contributor for the advocate. When we report also but John do say according to the advocate Brooks to be done both Lamar c.s and Justin McMillan. Absent today from practice. Could they be looking at transfer possibilities are options. Was when jock who later on. Market slide go to a mark you're on don't we to do well. Media was going on ya. Know. Would have been reading on the Internet sources Terrell Bentley in the chi. She should back. On there he. Gave each with the U. Oh please. Check up that crew that. The only board wanted to and it. That was promised when he was at the habitable or. Toggle. You know what you. The Italian Vogue thing to do markets and everybody that's all all these kids are doing these days if they don't play immediately are. Are there is Ian skipped over playing time UC transfers and a quarterback at a at a high rate that we we've seen traditionally and I think that it's something you would Joseph borrow got there that's why low that's why. Coach and those Ron had always maintain steady hard and fast that aids a competition gone. To compete in now after that maybe they'll lose the competition they wanna hold talks that's that's kind of the way go. Well bar. To be totally objective and millenniums of probably hate. Is that they wanna avoid competition. Not everyone's going to be an NFL quarterback. They might think they have the ability of being in a fellow quarterback. But you know living in the real world. So is saying you gotta be promised to recruit you. You know remains. Well when I'm of the competition. No the best the cream rises to the top. So what I'll look at it if you afraid of competition you ought to be handed something what are you truly earned. So well all I know is guard Derrick UP. If you win the job you're in a job you don't win the job in pockets he may be wanna go a different place. Not necessarily to prolong your career. Just because you wanna play. A lot of times you have a lot of individuals pie in this guy. The offing to going to be NFL quarterback. Andy are delusion. That they have. No idea what they're getting it did it might have always been praised throughout their life. And say this and dad's gonna car. Would not be realistic yet not humbled themselves. Through truly achieve great things. Look at Drew Brees. You know it raises from. Austin, Texas. Now they're great state of Texas did you recruit what I faxes to your right he uses state of football he went to Purdue. Now. Listen you gonna compete and fight. As though that it is a big deal if you wanna transfer but at times. The first time. You know situation. Doesn't work. A player and transfer. I want to beat a guy. That's why Christian dues iris make make me feel. You might say well. You know make him if it would do different schools but he bite that you buck the odds all walk on at Texas Tech. And Oklahoma. And became the number one overall draft pick to by beating the odds. So listen. You've got to have confidence in the ability. And you gotta go their produce but you have too many players. That sort of thing I can competition. And the give of the goals and did it do you think you have to go somewhere else. Why not by AQP. Where you and when the job. And if you don't land a job well aren't you originally going to college. To get an education so you get a better job. In the future. Or have an opportunity. There it is too many damn young players think degas art of pros. Big delusional bigot I may not realistic to know the opportunity. Instead auto focus it on their education. And to better himself no matter what the field. What you wanna be an engineer. A Doctorow whatever it might be so would you advise me to both of those young players. Kate and who knows now become outlook she's just real north she's played her position if you wanna play in NFL. If you wanna. In the NFL think yeah a big time athlete. You have a I agree enough skill set to play the next level many of you know than quarterback and ain't gonna happen. Now it might be in January actress to help LSU. Would you skills and our appeals whatever because I think he can excel and a high level but does say Darcy is evade NFL quarterback. Come on his mama MI thing I made on of on the ID number realists about that. Because I think he's good enough to play pro ball but not necessarily quarterback. Now who's not a guy Miller's Matt Millen and he's our graduate okay yeah magnolia and Libya he's a left handed Baltimore left handed quarterback Jay Dario graduate -- transfer was asked not I see iris Baghdad. He already gets kids and while he graduated. I would look if follows him for the best opportunity wherever that might be because you already graduated. Look at the school is a priority and you gotta respect that so I would not have any problem and him leaving dues because. Listen he graduated. And he took advantage and opportunity. And now he wants to play I would not have a problem that you know all the problem for him also know when you look at it everybody's artist art can't. They're ready starting camp and but OK maybe maybe I was the magazine NFL quarterback. I don't know I don't know who know not what I mean he might he might be like Danny handling. The best case scenario who knows but. I would buy him graduating got the best thing ever did in his life. For his future. To support himself and his family by getting their colleges opinion of 22 lefties you know there's not one quarterback. In the NFL it's a left in right now not one. The last touchdown pass thrown by lefty. Wasn't when he fifteen you know was Dez Bryant. There's no car left Anderson an NFL cinched it. Think about it's a right hand to cut. Colleague while you have Michael vague Ron Amadon girls who can't imagine if I have come a left hand I'm going to play baseball so any idea of what can you pitch. Peak. How welcome back to sports thoughtful ones drove a final four to 60187. The text 87870. My weight too early to 23 man roster projections of the world saints one point oh we'll talk about that next hour. First though Joseph Amanda was gone Joseph you're on W him well. Anger quick you unclear at riverbed Davenport yeah uncle Joseph helped to sell. What's the story on the sports hernia I'm here. Well sports hernia Vieira like groin pull Wie that well I hear we're just saying because it has a deal. And the past they've had now this is when they had a doctor issues that misdiagnosis. We we that's been well documented and attack. In the past groin injuries. Have turned into sports he has groin injury have flags and all that and Joseph the bottom line is this thagard because you got to be held to run. Whether it's in your memory you know play through a sport turning at a high level does the Margaret know a Will Smith Will Smith Sylvia if they're all of us so we're all bitch at about wills but it wasn't as productive but the back and his season he was dealing with sports are it's a limited if at the sport tourney and he still out doing some stuff with the trainers and even man his position coat. So yeah if that's the case and he's he's roots of doom. Sosa would show. Listen I know he's the go to University of Texas and our city with the Texas San Antonio. But we still expecting big things have Davenport. And what I say big things I'm just talking about by candy held the team get a handful of sacks. I mean that that's that's what I'm looking for. Hopefully Okafor is ready to roll day one. Train Hendrickson out thing is now he's another one stays healthy I think he can be. Clinton I don't Morrissey pleasant surprise I think you build upon when he was healthy last year but it. Listen to save Davenport. Is all of a sudden they'd book can visits have been an every down I was at a camp jarred I know. He has a ways to go because what would you do library right out of. And as a personnel. Okay just out you gonna be against the run. By Teddy Ginn tribute in get a few sacks or you know quarterback is quarterback courage winner Harvey described it. I got to see him really got to see about a fourth reason game. Allies in the it is maybe it is that that injury at the Jones referring to does but that's easily won a six week covered. Yet depend on about it but about six weeks to name but if that's the case you shut him down all and he not even out doing the stuff to he's been out don't. And prepare itself now well so and the Sox residues Joseph that to death I did it right now. And if I didn't know one and have seen it okay reduced over the point I'm making if he's continuing rehab and and not just shares and down you would shut him down completely yes that that's why I can't believe it's could be. As significant groin injury and we talked about this before what Georgia growing you can't fight through it. You gonna make it worse you have to let it healing you know what a comeback tour early because bin. Then you're really saying is so bad. Jerry Smith act gear Smith on tour of the ray reports are gonna not too angry waving Gary. Overalls high expectations for this Tulane squad this year how they embrace and so far summer camp. Nearly every eat eat the players. It interpret it that clean it up and bury any. I think I ever doing great now and definitely gonna happen. Date and that date they think they're going to cheer it is no slam dot mind me. Big you've got a lot of content and the bank's sixty quarterback could. The last three games last year averaged about his record he yard gain that Gerke yeah Russian girls urging game. He should be better here they got an excellent receivers and here I'm alive and art of war two. It sudden passing attack that running. They're gonna be a lot more potent and again I and in the years to repair. But I. They still don't have a lot of them are in prayer and the art one key player in the Notre Dame transfer for a team who has worked are urgently went in this you know these are some stage in the first week. I'm international. The year that he did cry it is an app niche in the so probably a better physically. Eat eat you up a chronic problem program but that the deadlock in and they built on a con a margin error. Actually I think their capital well in there and put into it seems like that we need to get it. Well now's word I was glad she no you lost one contributor potential contributed. How'd you like the debt so far or do you think that they have enough depth and he even though that margin is David in as far as for them to be successful. But the non-GAAP it. Eckerd there it is not quicker really loudly that it. Update happened in. A pack will be your partner and he. The persecuted the. Kerry we got Gary just seven assuming you have been SL connection we're here like every other word so. I suicide. Reconnect with Gary Smith IMF you have to have a two info balls of course actress and they'll get backed Patrick to match at times all the sports thoughts here on. Don't we don't well. Gary Smith and garrison and onto owner. Covering Tulane the wave report also contributor for the advocate Gary so we had bad connection about reduce had a question for you get back to that you're. Yeah I think though I had axis basically. Outside of the receiver being out for the year the transfer. What do you think about the depth the overall dip even though we know that the margin of error is Steve. I think they have that much better depth now but that depth is young guns but last year curtains are been pitching and if you think about the political. I'm a lot a lot of it back I think they have five guys that wouldn't be that year figures. And then the first year that we Brit came in and out battle late start art and there are. Back out he couldn't do in the third year that the gap is coming from the bird is back there. Court is. Not there yet seen it got a good core of juniors but not out of junior. Adapt it to the freshmen sophomores that. Out yet or bury album. Rated in the Katrina Europe and that. But there are people now until eaten art equipment there. Now. Gerry two part question. Obviously we all know Jonathan banks would be means that a team. Timmy he's the catalyst obviously but if he improves as expected. The offense will be much more formidable. You know elected point production after scoring 21 or fewer points six times last season and that was there to bottom of the league. On third down can burn so that'll help whoever whatever cars on defense. So what you elaborate on that jesus' followers that there are scoring ability. In the when you look to the strength of schedule. And I was talking we do secret cinema this wake Faris. Now Wake Forest as I do whipping boy and ACC anymore Arnold thing. But get him at home. You got to close to eight you look record three bogeys then there in you could be you Arabian at Ohio State. Do you perceive them to be three you know going in and Ohio State game or what in and just talk about the production would again have. All the profits and a jet Jonathan banks where this Dane age uniting and have those 1713. I gained an abacus more. I think eight I think they need to be very well I think to get where they wanna be it will be. Public art movement. Consecutive bowl game they don't have their quarterback even that it would gain that. But they're made the hour and it in the ears. And I inherited that we've actually beat our eyes out or in the all of but it would be. Will it be years ago. Pat them on time but until we beat any higher power happened in that there's been 2010. Workers will be remembered would be what did it in and the military that I haven't changed but I think the way. Changing the culture getting the guys we think it would negate that would be in the good start actually think that we are in the pivotal game he. I think he'd been caught in the happened that there are being its own game like they are not out there projected starting quarterback even the and the an effort by the way to end game and evidently. In the never beaten out by carbon now in parent and he would go to Danny age and it sort of southern and operated in the dirtier actually never he'd never been papered it to Georgia over one year. You almost beat Georgia Tech as well. It is to try it I'm proclaim to learn. And get on. Pat being yet they need if you hear from them activate the would have been two years they're meant to be. OK but not great they're young and cheap. They're gonna out where this team. We get to that ball game I think that that's mainly on financial need to be in not depicted quarterback he immediately quarterback. And he showed that and so why regain last year didn't do it purple we. Jerry Smith as Gary Smith on tour that we report also contributor for. The advocate Gary to big shoes to fill Marvin moody and large granite linebacker toggle of those two players. And they're terrific athlete on either incredibly clear creek and eat you. You look at art and you know why I was sent to it. You know it's not hike in our on now you either to the army for. Martin duty. I know earthly idea like what Urquhart you look at it that potential market. We went to lean in there and gotten. In big east into the army got a lot of ability and my grandma like that that got the art it legal partly. Can't compare him but he uses Omar is the model saying he still hold the ride to get on the debate occurred in the and they're too big time players but again there Q big time player and not played much yet that they're going pain you're gonna on. But what I'm doing that in the first two years we did a lot beat it beat that went up a broken at the line there but then I got a lot of I prevent that. Ten yard where it from the come what yard gain. And both of those linebacker pat he could make up to them that they are will be really think about it that way early in the year and they can start. I am making that play could be the different between what it. Jerry Smith act garrison is on tour of the wave report thanks so it's our present right. Sir diet in connection problem that is not being worked in radio and it. Now no worries got to fix placement. I come back for Patrick imagine Slidell next here. On sports talk on W two well. Sometimes conversations. In between breaks are always interest they know we just talk about how united state is such a melting pot and you know well we were it would talk about deuces. Birth name. Two llamas and it's not spelled with a W knows I would of them. Do you know why in US and accustomed to do her autonomy in old testament to your mother your mother here you mother and he said you know one of them on. You are I'm sure me you know that the only man on the planet. Was a person to Lamas under wants some if they're forty and older. And I need to check them out but anything younger than that then yes I conceived yet. Outside of that do you know of any any. Fans and were content is an ad name my kid after you whether it's last in the first and yeah I know last man for sure real problem yet McAllister yeah. Pretty well did all right first name especially among the edges deuce on the loose I can see dues this out a few room deuces well yeah yeah. But none to say I worry about eight while you we do as I could be agent on this. We need to get you to do it to the second commerce. But life a little sticky dunes and that's not I don't and your money. It makes you money it doesn't you morning he wants to beat you certainly. Yeah there's bootleg canyon and we don't have any tumors the you know of course now. I don't know if I don't know whether I get it sold to stick over the head I know though me and I wanted to get the Eagle County court he was the latest is. We got new Rico over a Kennedy you know yeah I actually wanted to put Steve Cordova and in and the rank of me Patrick techne W support. He knew it either agenda browse DO hours the court to check Christian and I ski. Kicker nick and Steve. Actually I Scalia like Colorado a whole new adherents argue not all this state run I don't do it hasn't been talk of West Point. Movement that has so crazy could skate that. As it is these game against. A big man. Life like three or. Our agenda browse my colleagues was hurt and no I did I just wanna see the could take being checked on the I'd party a party said that my marine days are over man. Sixteen year outlook I know I was no Laura tough after I said see you later I'm now well Chris you we got it done Q and you know you week we keep our them. Because you didn't know out but I knew the part of a group and yeah I've done a great characters you've got off a now I know none and now this is there that play within the rules and I did not know that don't look players' side here not no no Bobby. And and pretty. For what the rules say that did that if they don't apply anyway and he will be an encrypted juggernaut Christian would that only to weigh on American news tonight is I get over your vials had the same through no that's that's got a big. Does that sort of talk how. Does a solid throw with the Biloxi shocker most of Arizona writes yeah okay. I mean. No. It's I think and it's taken that or hit it. But I had. Let's say what they cajun cannon advocated pea shooter. Because I'll tell you I think I hid that you do OK able to wasn't hardly go far enough I did that or are enough so dues collected so. I think he's told the sort of form mesa hasn't heard of but. How did you get the nickname do dues it was a Little League coach. Yeah MIA a middle school most Kukoc basically could not say the llamas and he saw at any use lane looked out at stake in idea nicknames. You know what you what is your family call you door. You know and and some coaches it's dealer's super idea and the second a towel until you know saloon called reduce and he was already huge Alabama fan base to palm. David Palmer was you know have an outstanding careers early David Paul Moreno. Unbelievable return it within a vikings yeah. But neither does not know is that who you talk going to be and so bad they say well ally deuce you know on whether that's woman call in so. Voices are becoming like that's how you introduce yourself. After high school I mean because it allows in high school a lot of Al Cusick but it grew up would while Muslim name but it became deuce. But now you know really really after high school and college. That's late does that weigh in over 22 analysts. Yet while who are war two and high school to the you were too high school you do lose Dublin views all of that business. Coming up next our doctors say when anchor and reporter for WA FP in Baton Rouge. Also Al Adel part of the real pro prep insider. Some accusations being thrown about. Towards brother Morton. Still to come also my way too early that would act rejected 53 man roster I'll explain next Ali. Educate me help me out this sport saw here on W well.