What's at the bottom of Bayou St John?

Monday, May 21st
Scoot talks to WWL listeners about memories they have of Bayou St John, as well as some light chat about the Royal Wedding, gun control and more

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Well it is always a manic Monday on the show and in this in this city. I am so impressed. With everybody at the bayou blue blue festival. After Friday nights I went out there Saturday afternoon and I am just so impressed with all if you. Not just those of you went out their program that they. That the people who with the vendors the volunteers. I jurors seller in the organizer. I talked a few people that a number of life FaceBook feeds or from their endeavor WL radio. And when you think about that disaster. Friday afternoon and we we all assault on the news. We had no idea that they would even be able to do it Saturday. The PD it. And I was just so impressed when I got after crisis saw all the flotation devices I mean just like I mean extravagant flotation things. On by you saying John. This is so great to see by you say John used as as a recreational. Waterway. Because you know you get a few kayaks and if you could news and things like down on by your Saint John but you know for the most part it's really not used. Now I don't know what's on the bottom. You don't mean if you if you. If you felony here Botha on. How hot I don't even know how deep. By you say John is who is super knows how deep it is to me a text. 870. 87. Temerity it is you have what's Rossum layer drives a car in the air I mean to their bikes but their bodies are you a chance. And look okay it's not that it's a big day the most pristine water weight that I mean my god it's war and it just it's kind of flows right through part of the city. So it was really good to see used as a recreational waterway but I tell you some of those people off by the time I got there. Writes at 7 o'clock. Targets at 6 o'clock get out there late Saturday. It looked like there had been people who had been consuming adult beverages for quite some period of time. And I saw all kinds of stuff in terms of different kinds of water flotation. Found devices. Okay did you wake up early Saturday morning a wash the royal wedding. Kenny did you dot but I saw some of the highlights and I thought it was interesting in the thing that really struck me of justice. Was how the millennial goals the millennial generation. Has now put their mark on the royal family. Prince Harry's a millennial. Wild party boy he Mary to force American. A divorced American who has a black mother. There was a gospel choir at the royal wedding. Do you think the mystique. Of the royal Stanley has now been compromised. Or do you see this as their as a good change. So I just I think it's interesting to see how the window that it's not just a Linux it's gen X and gen Y as well. They're having an impact on the world. And as a baby boomer I'm used to our generation be the only generation that did the early got a lot of attention. Because we made up such a large portion of the population of this country. That we define every air would like job. We were like out on a lump and a python you know python you know I haven't sicker that eat something and then they'll don't want just travels through the troubles for the sake. And so we were so large that we define every era reoccupied. When we were younger we define that now liberals are where it's a bush defining that. But through the eighties we define the conservative movement in the eighties that was something that was driven by the baby boomer generation. However now there's some competition. Gen X and gen Y they've kind of sink alike and my materials. Know when you'll make up a larger centres of population now. Then baby boomers are right Ellis co two to Jimmy is on why you say John Jimmy how how deep is by usage but we hung up. Okay he said it was twelve feet twelve feet deep. Aspirin daily did it deuces and it really go scuba diving advice and gone. I mean these are using that to just see a better. I don't doubt that there are in pain and efficient parties and anywhere so now we're finding out it might be a trophy to buy so that was actually. Well here's a Texas is by you saying John is between nineteen and 27 feet deep. Doesn't those Texas maximum death is nine feet. And fighters are joined by Jimmy aback when this how deep is the volume. Where or whatever they're called by your resume jump off the top of the media over bridge according. Leading in view of body. Of a book your room where. Only route through conflict it was about twelve feet deep could go on macros in many years. Did you ever to ever get greedy you can Abbie if you're jumping off that steel Brigitte he we could hit the bottom again. Are. You in touch via. What's don't care what what's down there. Actually there was all the entry field that used to live around the phase of the group. And nights. Seniority where you knew the heels where they are and you jumped in anyway. Well and actually each of them while you know. But one electrified era they do it heals. But I mean. Don't know if it feels not squirming around your legs and eminently reasonable I don't know about it. Well elect as our natural water wars going. Late contrary that overlooked the water. Gridiron lubricant for the code which put more versatility. Yeah they're aware. You could be. All we're about to go to court where each. Well there was an don't there was some people who looked like they were involved in activities there were allowing water from are you seeing turn to get in their mouse. I would not. There. I Jimmy I appreciate that information here's a Texas says it's fifty feet deep a gift right. I don't I don't know I just thought it was interesting because. Is sealed this activity going on there and I don't know you don't you just have to what the bottoms like India and you hear about all this stuff to my DNA of animated steep enough to where. You know if you thought if you're Bolger Dockery hit some rusty thing on the bottom and I guess it's my guess it's all okay. Anyway up later in the show we'll talk about they'd be I guess it would be called generational warfare. We'll talk about this idea. That colonials are now having a mark. On society. And millennia have now made their mark on the royal family. Now if you're a millennial. Gen X or gen walk and I welcome all of you to our show. Because got a lot of jet next gen Y millenniums listening. Is there anything about the baby boomer generation. That the baby boomer generation has contributed that you appreciate. And if your baby boomer. Do you appreciate the influence is so far from more O'Neal's. And gen X and gen mark younger generations. Do you appreciate. Bear influence. Our city our country and on the world. Or do you present will talk about all that later in the show. What is it that you learned over the weekend or earlier today about the school shooting in Texas. That makes you think maybe we can do something to stop school shootings. What if guns had bio metrics. Biometrics are gifts this uses an available technology. And electric your phone. To make certain that any gun can only be fired by the owner of that gone. Is that a good idea. It's my understanding that our guns we biometrics or soles. In Europe. But not sold in this country. I mean I think they're they're close to having them on sale. The NRA seems to be rather vague about whether it's or if it says that it's not against it but there are some aspects of the NRA didn't make it seem assists are not really crazy about the idea bio metrics but should every gun sold in America from now on. Have biometrics. So only the person who buys the gun. Can fire it. And that means is that. That pond in Santa Fe Texas. Could not have fired the gun because his dad bought the gun. Now there may be ways to circumvent that. But is that a good idea. We'll talk about that time as well. Also on today the city of New Orleans officials say flew to Atlanta and they're making a bid to host Super Bowl 20/20 four. The overwhelming consensus in the NFL seems to be. The New Orleans is the best city to host to a Super Bowl. But the Super Bowls they're going to cities with new or newly renovated stadiums. And so I have always gotten the feeling that. The NFL is. Is using extortion. To get owners and cities and states. To all get together and either building brand new stadium. Or. Do major massive renovations of the state. I I was in the dome a lot last year. For games. I don't think the dome is outdated. It might not be as fancy as some. Some stadiums but I mean it's a hell of a state. Mean do you think we should feel any pressure whatsoever to to upgrade to totally renovate that did Mercedes-Benz superdome. If you wanna join us for the comment about any we're talking about this afternoon a number is 2601. A seventy. Every coach 504260187. And tech's number 877. Here is a text that says is. What if we held responsible gun owners responsible when they allow others to access their guards. Yeah I mean that sound like a no brainer and and and I mean that's that's a good idea. So in some way maybe. This kid's dad would be accountable for what his son did. Here's the texts. What I wanna know is did may again. Signed god save the queen of oh sing my my hug him dispose of disposed to say did she sing god sees a cleaner in my country tis of thee. Could read her lips second realist I I don't know I cart record charted more sick person. No talk about the royal wedding and the impact in the when he does have had on the royal family now and a and a lot of other things. I'm scooter your old hang on we'll be right back to your calls WL. Yeah I mean the NFL kind of acts like a bowling. I think when it comes to new stadiums I thought there were some times recently when New Orleans should have been awarded the Super Bowl when it was almost as if they were holding that. Honor over cities that would build a brand new stadium or do major major. Renovations to their stadiums. And I don't know that there of the Mercedes-Benz superdome needs that much renovating. And yet it seems like the NFL kind of holds that over over cities now Wednesday it we're supposed to get the Super Bowl for 224. But it's not official yet. If you wanna join us with a comment our numbers 2601878. 7870. And we started off by talking about time by you bungalow and and how phenomenal it was and everybody recovered from the just the and people came back and it was a great playing Saturday and Sunday. And I and I I was asking questions about are you saying John 'cause it's done it's or it's it's not often used as a recreational waterway but it's a nice waterway that runs who part of the city. For Kennard Donnie RWW well. Page. Like goals. Sam back and our guys felt like they're being amongst the about nineteen which sixty Asian. In the weeks ago. So while city while my lord to go get stared. At one time we went up there. In major it was sure I mean by saying Jong. Because that was filed out later that it was put country. On a slow. To street level you know you're protected. Michael Levy. But they completely drained right city are about abrasion that guy mention. Earlier. Am not pay it turns around and it deals big population state grad and big. This book coming out of pop to sit it was probably. That was very. What kind of fishy think they have invited senator. I got some cat Unscom and the way. You know should it is kind of like I just bought yeah it goes all the way to go away. You know may be done to view cart on no one's on channel four maybe he should do a fishing expedition device saint John's. I. Yeah I will Donny what they say you just saw you just saw marine life now aren't on on the bottom and and you know junk. Actually not match. We do this right there sitting all you know is gone and blue zone because our operations you know turtles. The ticket ambiance out there or did you said. I Donnie I appreciate that call you you know this is that this thing that I love about to show I mean you can tune in on any given afternoon Monday through Friday. And you never know what ridiculous worthless spontaneous information you're gonna find out about I mean I'm learning more about by you saying John that I ever thought that I would. What would even want to know. Out of Covington Scott you're on debit have you well. I don't I'm gonna. On the objective by amateurs but are I don't find it to be very used you know Stanley type setting couldn't quite work more. And someone breaks in my oh. My wife now has really expensive paper only. Useful weapon you can access. But would it be worth it for you to to have a gun did only duke could fire and then if you fill your your wife he would be gone by her Oregon in other words word. With the benefits from that safety factor outweighed the negatives if you happen to buy your wife or god. Didn't use the running to a cost issue could mean firearms can run anywhere from. You know 34. Took fifteen or remorse for specialties. Not every couple can necessarily afford to have multiple multiple tomorrow even let alone. So what what what what would a garden will what's the least expensive gun. But you could mean I don't I don't buy guns so what's up. Could you think you can guess I should beat you Google chief from the street. I'm a object. Are so two or three had just. Since that. It's a two it was kind of a trick question so too is 300 bucks you can get a gun is to is the 20200 dollar gun gonna do more than 151000 dollar gone 15100 Oregon. In terms of over or use not to Richard's book comes out you. Jump in and just come out to you that I don't know the more going to and so necessarily the answer Amish huge advocate for better access to quality mental health care you. As the judge from what I CO religiously regulators have. In our state government doing it's not even close to be in a part. Yeah I diet I got I a gray area I agree with you went on on mental health and also while I liked the idea of universal background checks I think there are some things that can be done but I'm against. The concept of us new gun control percent. In the that the challenge. Issues this young young demographic is it's really real simple because aren't. Politics do weird Erica talked indicated that seems to keep to and so sort. Assume you know I would have loved for that attitude do have been prevalent and east Jefferson when I was there because into border talked to me just. That. It is it'll take time but I. He's got dot. I gotta I gotta go for CBS news. You know sometimes you get the impression that they dig the NFL is holding cities hostage you know you either build a new stadium horror spent hundreds of millions of dollars in renovations or you're not gonna get to Super Bowl. Let's see what happens Wednesday because officials in New Orleans have flown to Atlanta as you have heard. And may have been invited to bid for the 20/20 four Super Bowl I have felt like in recent years New Orleans has been ignored. Because we don't have a new stadium or we haven't done major renovations in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. And it just it seems like it's wrong for the NFL to put that kind of pressure on cities and states when you have something as good as the Mercedes-Benz superdome. If you wanna join us our numbers 260187. In our text. Is 87870. If you don't have it to get it go to the App Store the radio dot com app favorites WWL. And you could listen to the show and all of our shows anytime anywhere. And when you favored us you can now find us easily on FaceBook and on Twitter from the nor short Tom welcome to our show. The you back a little bit these are so. Right here at city park. Let me air or darker on Internet. Already there. They. Are regular rates. We're an extra. But railroad trestle or something by the the overpass. Anyway. Yeah it was shot the part that would bring you could think and they're almost as good as its space in the spirit. Do you think they have ideas Asian carp in there. Are. I don't know. They're gonna be dead but that's that's that's been in the news today about you know their their their brands aren't. Some people affected Don to be precise about it earlier. The supposed to taste good. Yeah you go go well it sank they would certainly more fight ago yeah. And brewery. Though we police. Especially down mayor. It park islands in that section of the spear. They're the revenue. In the air. On the outside that you'll there. And it would put a little slow. But at the flag and let you know fish were released to go. Or say whatever. And what they call opened deal that would at all. He caught fish you took some of the current and brewery. Or do something somewhere associated with the brewery their separate it looked at it and so there was worse and and it would help in finding out outreach it migrated from we're great we're leased to where they. They put it finish here in like Archie trying to find a pattern serve but the picture out there. Really Eric my dad works for Jack's going up by my dad worked for Jackson and I didn't even know that. They say if you break coming with just seven in the in someday look at city park will go after. You get with a great for a cure you wanna there look for it appeared he tried to get that there. So that the most expensive they are here remember what it was. But big it was newspaper. You'll what effect would come this would work well here is do you expect the upper single Payer gives you money and you were opened. Shell out there who rarely walk. Interesting information Tom price you are sure there was just. Here is our party must opinion poll this hour do you think New Orleans has not been aborted Super Bowls because we don't have a new stadium. Do you think that is coming to play. Give your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com we'll give you an update on Manny just a few minutes also let me remind you that you've got a chance to win 8000 dollars in cash. Just do what you're doing right now listening to the show on WW well. You don't have to have registered anywhere they're not gonna Troy your name all you have to do is listen for the code word which is coming up right before the top of the hour news at two. Venue text. The code word 272881. And you automatically eligible just just doing that to 1000 dollars. And Beth Healy here in New Orleans was a thousand dollar winner recently in the intercom national cash contest and she did just exactly what I explained. You need to do I got a text. A few minutes ago from somebody were talking about the millennial intact which will get into more later in the show. The millennial impact on the royal family is it a good thing or is that a negative same. And its export up an interesting point. During his time in office. President Obama was referred to as. Being a black president. He was perceived as being a Black America. Megan Markel. Has. A black mother. But she's not perceived in the same way. I'm not sure how to talk about there's other than to say is that. It depends on. It depends on a person's overall look. At it. I don't know that that's fair. Mean certainly isn't fair. But I guess that's something that we're gonna start to to pay more attention to as we evolve as a as a society. And I I'm sure you've noticed there are a number of commercials that now feature of biracial couples. An icy biracial couples. Every day. In just under or what's in many of them are our tourist I'm sure some of them are here. And they're not they're not all kids they're not all like teenagers and summer baby boomers. Some are gen X Jim why millenniums. I'm just seeing more and more fat and it kind of warms my heart. To see that. If you wanna join us with a comment our numbers 260187. In our text is a 7870. Here's a text com Donald Trump calls MS thirteen animals. Why not call white school shooters animals. OK I mean why not I mean they're a decade and in Santa Fe Texas. He's an animal is a punk he's a thug. I'm gonna problem without. And as I mentioned on on on Friday this idea that. MS thirteen gang members are animals. Do you think about it that's an insult animals. I'm scoots for coming back. On debit you'll. I was a lot of this going on in the city over the weekend. Lot of people bang bang and shot killed. And it of course it's you know it's it's it's almost every weekend. So we should be a bigger deal than it is but a but a bunch of 34 shot and killed. Over the weekend. And is this summer continues to approach were still in springtime and emotionally pod. As stir the hot weather arrives of people are gonna get more frustrated and there will actually be even. More murders I hope not but that seems to be a pattern for Metairie Leonard here on WWL. Coup. That couldn't quite. I'll let you boring now. Differences and receptive. Oh black people. You know you just let it go and really go at. That point out. Well I just think it's an interesting it's an interest in conservation I don't know find faulty cancer Stewart and I got a text that said why was President Obama referred to was a black president and make it Markel. Who is on the AFLAC has a black mother why is she not to refer to his blackened. And I know I know I know people who have of black parents and on Darryl everybody's different. So you don't you don't have a milking it on that at all. Now I just think it's how we it's just how we perceive people. Myself my is not fair. We have not. Our producer in the wave but you know that's not lack 10. On the are really Leonard is this is the first time I've I've I was confronted with the so I you know I'm I'm still processing it and I'm not really sure. What to say others and it's just he's a perception of how we perceive people it's not fair but there's are a human perception in. You know people who have one black parent and a white parent. On everybody's different and I guess some are I'm more associated with. I'm being black has some more associated with the white involved that's not fair and it seems to be the reality. You know well come comparative data with so you know that and no doubt. You. It shouldn't you know you certainly should not be judged I mean you know it to designate to say that President Obama is a black president. I'm not suggesting that that's a negative thing. You know Bart up to this point in our our our history you know that has been perceived as being negative thing but. Oliver I would never for him as a black president. In a negative way anymore than it's it's a negative things nets meg Marco is I've just seen as. And as a woman and a nod and a black well. I would appreciate it. Another good day. I appreciate the call. Here is attacks two that says I thought about Megan's mother I words. Oh and I love the old TV show the Jefferson's. But Megan's mother. Was like we see love do we see. Just using that as an example. Well. I mean you know that you ever since that was phone and then of course you know one of the great things about the Jefferson's was the the couple it was Lenny Kravitz mom who passed away. I actually think she. Should it commit suicide. She was the third the black mother of forget the guy's name is. But the white guy that lives next door and this was an upscale apartment building on that these cited for New York City. And there was a mixed couple there and I'm disrespect in the seventies but yet this was back when. You know Norman Lear was taking television to the limit and a lot of controversial things were dealt with. Some it's interesting that some of those things they were so controversial back in the seventies. Are now status quo. If you do have a comment about anything we talk about our numbers 260187. X Tex ever say 7870. Have you learned anything about. The shooting in Texas and the killer. That makes you think ferrets. More can be done to stop school shootings. That's coming up next hour also later we'll talk about how the millennial generation continues to have its mark on. Society in this country and around the world and the millennial generation has now made its mark on the royal family is that good or bad. I'm Schuett she and we'll be back on WL. There is no better place to hold a Super Bowl and New Orleans has been invited to present. It city this city our city. As the host to the Super Bowl 224 I think we've been skipped over top few times because we didn't have a new stadium releases it seems like her because we didn't do. Major renovations and I think that's an active extortion by the NFL. I here's an update on our party must opinion poll do you think New Orleans has not been awarded the Super Bowl because we don't have a new stadium. 79%. Say yes 21% say no you can give your opinion. By going to WW well dot com. I'm gonna subtext here is that the give them the mother of the next couple on the Jefferson says Lenny Kravitz mom got her name actress was. Our Roxy Roca. And she died apparently of breast cancer I thought somebody on a show we're committed suicide and I may be I may be also maybe somebody else. And then I just got a text from Somalia said you wanna start a race for this country. We're all in the family back on TV. Just thinking. About some of those episodes of all in the family and and I I'd like to think that we've all laughed patent. I'd like to think that there were something so fundamental about. The conversation about race in America back in the seventies. That we can always just kick back in and kind of laugh at but yet I guess in some ways we would be sad that more progress hasn't been made. I mean a lot of progress has been made but we still have. A long way to go but you know sometimes I'll beat channel surfing Aussie every on of all in the family on and I'll stop and watcher for a few minutes. And it is amazing some of the things that they got a waiver saying back in the in the seventies. But it's I would hope that we can put all that in perspective if we actually saw today. It's time for the 1000 dollar Entercom national cash contest and the code word this hour is over text OV. ER. 272881. That's 72881. Tex now you can win a thousand dollars in cash just for listening. Listen for the an extra work coming up right before the top of the hour news every hour now until 6 PM. 1000 dollars is up for grabs we never charge for text an individual plan text and data race may apply please do not text and drive. I coming up in the next hour have we learned anything over the weekend or today about the school shooting in Santa Fe Texas. It makes us think we can now stopped school shootings. What about bio metrics on guns we'll talk about that when we come back and every of you well.