What's ahead for the Saints and Pelicans?

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Friday, February 23rd

Deuce & Deke look towards the Pelicans' last 25 games, then talk Saints offseason with ESPN's Mike Triplett.


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And welcome back our amateur sports hockey is degree when deuce McCallister I'm dig Bolivia coming up in this now we are going to be vision and Mike Triplett and ESPN espn.com. Talking about the saints so a top free agents who he thinks will be backed. Who designed so it's I work a deal went and then also well with the saints may be looking for out on the market. Possibly his take on their brood Drew Brees is such contracts and their contract talks had my trip that points maneuvers in my trip that also. Senior right at tiger may die Tom Brown was all be with us talking about the big weekend for LSU baseball and MSU basketball Jones tomorrow afternoon. And you did does double double LSU basketball and baseball again tomorrow than there will carry both big games site as a Georgia. In an issue in Texas gained two at 630 tomorrow. Night you can take to do city 7870. Induce a free agency when he comes out. At the add to your first contract deuce home when he came up to where you were you giving to be though the final year of your contract a soulful than you his term about free agency. Take us through that point. In you'll you'll career and as far as. Well what was her role is gone home and obviously remain with the saints but. You know you get comes upon time we were every every player's gonna come. Toward the end of any contract or several contracts and that the talks come on you know are you gonna resign and you know what's the deal to be a unicorn about the team's. Oh is that like for you. Let me go way to give you the list of players that are freeagent OK okay he's Gaza exclusive rights freeagent Zan Wu was one of those and we know he's assigned an extension with the saints. Jack Allen is another got an exclusive rights mean basically. The saints. The if he has listened three years of experience and the same to basically the only team that he can. Negotiate we're doing there are no the negotiation with a obtained. The restrictive free agents that the saints have Willie Snead David period ailment bro and Brandon Coleman. Those guys have the option to sound with a note team and the saints have the option to mix that. That that contract may also. It's like to Lithia Busch deal was that year. One line of sand in many in the in the McCain came back and that one in tidy in our Josh he'll destroy Israel which oh and they also contender. That player. And you know you talk about based on his position that tender could be. 2000003 million dollars based on his position you know when you contender in the first round you content in the second round. Or you don't have to put anything own it as far as the tender and so. In order used to be the poison peel. What some teams used to put in there and so Pete and have a lot of cat roam what they would do. Assay Elisa Cleveland sent one he's got. What they would do is A okay well this first year. Your contract is going to be worth ten million dollars ten in assists. No signing bonus or very small signing bonus you know maybe 50000. But we're gonna give you a ten million dollar contract and that's all accelerated guest is cap this year will put team don't have any room. They can't go inside and that that that player. Or they may put some other mechanism in Arab and a lot of teams. I think that was even negotiated CBA where they tried to. Shake on it or avoid poison peels because Steve Hutchison is the war and when he left Seattle. To go to Minnesota they put it in his contract and that was one that date they -- not like as far as their poison pill is concerned but you know. That's what you do for some of the restricted free aged are restricted freeagent drives we know drew Keeney Alex oak forcing your Kilmeny. Uncle Toni may gain chase when they nuclear are sterling Moore. John Phillips rep feel bullish John Jocelyn Revis that. Gerald Hodges Michael Mahdi. John Hughes George Johnson. Jonathan Freeman Kassim metabolic and audit Cole. All of those guys are. Just name there's twenty of them. They're on restrictive creates. And so those guys obviously when new year comes it and they're freaks out in about ten to freeze out anybody and so. For the saints we cattle wanna know which player. Do we think that we have to pay out of that leagues you know that GE U can't afford to lose and obviously. We know it starts with Drew Brees echoing in New Orleans he's going to thank you for calling WW oil. A decent. 000. Let. Me. You. Could act. Back law. Well. Watch where you see. Through. GA. I don't feel like kind of that would horrible side. Well if you go be realistic about it. He is going to give you some what of a deal. Just because. If you win it purely awful numbers. His contract should be high. But I ache I think his contract is gonna fall somewhere in between on the Los. When he won and Tony tomb to probably 25 to 26. Per year. That's where he's not Follett. I'm able what you start to see. Jamie coop Lowe did you know what what seven and a half and then you see the new deal that Alex Smith agreed to. You start seeing some of those deals. Drew kind of pushed the envelope a little bit if you won't to. I don't think that he wall subdued and I think he still will also give the team some flexibility. But at the same time the teamed and wanna disrespect him and offer him. And it will be fifteen million a year. I see that they. And up and do. It. It's. A real treat. To do. But but but but but. But if you do him like there. What miss you see an end to the other 52 players that'll make you squat. What message he sent into the other free agents that possibly will only join your squad. They've done that. The me about it. I'm. The unfortunate but it do it and and that the and I think that would be pretty much. I mean. On the computer. Entrepreneur might go for that strategy. In light. Way it is they'll be the same situation he suffered this year and is just albeit. I can't really see nor has given him up a three a full year deal if it isn't just to spread their salary that are signed a bonus out. I mean he's he's he's Briscoe will be on a one year prove it deal again. It happened in. I'm me. Like with pat well well I mean do you really contract. And I'm at the big book about me me without my year. He's got a children can be Hilton. They would do I think we both agreed there if he can prove that he's helping the and he can give eight nature. That make sense. I appreciate Java that might and I mean. Codec. However Carter thing we're very much you'll remember a while back the bullying situation that took place in reaching Antonio and John to Martin. He bizarre. Bizarre situation. It went down today involving John them on deuce and I will look trying to explain this send. Make some sense of there and explain it via I mean as this game is played this is something that. Obviously this is bin care in the Don them on since his salad days will lower again today and just moments postal continues on WW. It was a big deal back in when the two played with the Miami Dolphins ritzy eco NATO who it was considered one of the better. Offensive lineman in the NFL of one time in the and his former teammate Jonathan Martin. What today the former NFL plans on the mom was detained. And a Los Angeles area hospital. Where he went to seek treatment Friday. After his threatening if the grand post. Led to his former high school. Being close some day. This is according to someone that told different sources including USA today. Maarten. Was trying to checked himself into the hospital a call on to the person. Who reported this to USA today. The undivided I'm reading this some USA today be individually believe responsible for the social media post in question has been detained in our investigation is ongoing. A clone to the LAPD. Now students at Harvard Westlake has to in studio city receive an alert before a scooby gang in. Stating this coup was close. I'll senses police spokesperson. Tony Quaid told USA today sports that offices. Offices from the department of non Hollywood division respond to the school at and it's a grand posts by a former student who is now an adult. Need to believe it was done then Marten. The post was when you're a bully victim. Any how are your options or suicide or advance. Monroe any photo posted to verify these against a grand Macau. He used the test eggs has saying homer Westlake and has take Miami Dolphins. He wants attended calling Westlake. Before he went on the play at Stanford and dread about the Miami Dolphins. And the course in 2013 was his. A known national media situation when he had a running with Richie telling the au faux Birmingham at the point in time. Deacon in that pitch you can actually tweeted out I was file on this earlier today a little bit and he. Added. Inca needle might bouncy. James Donnelly event and in TJ Taylor. As well but woody head almost has to X. He put it on saga. And it looked like oh books shots as far bullets you know you know but just when they when you shoot it's it's free but it was a shotgun and he took a picture of that go. On the bay is. With some book shots. And that's when he wrote that stuff on there Heston involvement has today on Harvard with sleek and you knew. Win may close a school down because they look mandate they play animal we don't know you know you're not talking about you came in became blame it thank you when you talking about. Some go happen nervous who in you've written and allows the key is. Right now. Annapolis if they can find out how to get to make delegates. So EP. I tell you what. Builds an airport and and at what's the magic word did you you don't say that airport VO MB bank. You go to an airport in YouTube folks you give an Atlanta talk much in front of class somewhere. You say you say the word moment see what happened to. They lie ahead TSA already on the flow you'll be down so that that's his right. Social media yeah right now as. As how alert. Is that law enforcement and school officials are. Are meant to reconfigure whatever we go figure out as a country. You eat you can play like that and that this is somehow seduced it goes back to win you know it's serious childhood days is Haskell day Easton it to produce back. Only yes but going oh yeah he he definitely did you do wasn't slow and he you know Neeson hail Mary. He he goes and stuff and so whatever he Dele whip. Hopefully he can get some help and you know get some treatment for himself. You before he hurts himself a somebody you know exactly right because. You you know after a play like that don't know Newton. Very bizarre situation there a formal. And if Oprah had done been more nodded to Gregory in just a mini or social sites and in baseball. As much of Libby was to give us his take on the sites from DEA agents and then the saints may be pursuing. During the free agency period that begins next month and I also get his take on it Drew Brees contract situation. That's forthcoming plus LSU baseball tonight a 630 at down the Serbian first it's the tide goes. And the Texas Longhorns all three games can be her right here on tiger radio WW him before did about a male news here is a CBS a date. And welcome back my children coming up in just few moments of the little saints free agency. And then if there efficiency the first to Metairie the Gregory Gregory getting it thank you for calling WW. Today. I mean they do to to let that thought he was well. On how well they. And. Or the thing I think we're going to be gene I'll get good dude get all. Play together and that the next is that it got yeah I felt that way before I mean not fit in France Britain to break the. And would operate. But. Think we got the boys a couple of good take it beyond these. And. Get around would you have been on the data coming up because he's gonna get some days to view you know he would 127 to this is so you you obviously wants a standout and you know we keep the authority the forty yard dances and obviously go to the bench presses that those gallons of the big. Yeah and Gregor Gregor is opening also on Kama. Both are no no no no fallen Lowe would just it is. I mean we want to admit editor that didn't translate into play in those Sundays a 100% now there may be a piece of that you can pool. But. That didn't necessarily translate into being a pretty good player on Sunday. Well. This we know long art. The curtain straight and that but I could get up pointed. Out that we got all. People bought that. If they're healthy. I mean that would that would be equipment critical questions you know are they helped. Because that they I think if you have. These peed in an armed stated. And that those two gals on the left side and you know Larry Wofford and whether it's Zach around ramps it. Own right. I think that you've got no if not one of the tot lab I definitely to top three. And if they can play all sixteen games as well as in the playoffs stance. Yeah they didn't exactly. Get. It to play all sixteen games come opposite well if bill and it. Got so excited about this team this year apart brick broke now. What's really say about local baseball I get to about that I think. Ellis you went totally a really good deal to beat teams this year it's the only sport that my. School to get the still play which would then meet in a bigger. Idea about that. Well I'm John I'm trying to get the score a bit because they started at 4 o'clock. Two lane and ohm is on commercial that last score was on those 21. It was it was 21 earlier and obviously LSU plays. Texas tonight they're looking to bounce back after. Obviously a disappointing. The TARP is coming out two outs in the bottom of the fifth. Ole miss was up 21 I was about ten minutes ago they were in a rain delay. So. It. And right below him and will will will see I know bonus for Avaya they're pitching staff was one that they were excited about it and we talked about two lane staff. You know what deep than that Mo. Their pitches they were they were a bit bigger audience DX eleven Kos you really did did by desire or some big big pitches and she's got. I think his shoulders and was like 631. This shows 163 minutes six force exciting and a 68 pitcher they say he's done that by design and no and so little Beatrice and see how that matchup and gold because Europe and Oxford so and that's how does a telephone nine course you know those two teams play and they Syrian Tulane on there well there. In regional play in the in the course. Do you own misses I thought of the game preceded that Denham and and the country in this week's a poll so. And that's a tough when that day that's one of those ones that viewers tuning to do whale. That a bowl will former -- always be looking at tournament time you know. Or early in the season they played you know the old ms. at that too many still has played long beach state so to make cuts until non conference games to. That's what is about this about that schedule how you schedule those teams and how you do against him and and his junior conference and we talk about it yet that's what. A lot of smaller Thomas of particular and our state south link talent to tally followed because. Allow those schools they play each other they play Louisiana Lafayette deeply to remain deeply LSU. And then their nonconference games they won a blaze of telephones who SE has taken on the 25 ranked team in the country this weekend. In Connecticut so it's all about you know what day they're on though like. Jimmy's anymore you gotta gotta scheduled tough or you won't reap the benefits late in the season he going lot of gains and if you haven't played anybody gonna committee looks at that. Tonight at who became Samuel on as pelicans. They're a slight favorite over the Miami Heat game which so they need to take care of business. Because things don't get any easier for the pails that their last Tony found gains they got a tough tough straits. Including several games in a row. Come up in March when they had their maker of game against the pacers. Coming up next Mike Triplett talk to us a buzz of saints free agency next year on WW. It was a New Orleans Saints in the NFC south and ESPN and espn.com. Mike trim Britain joins us now trip. Glad to have you on the program deuce and I hear it. And your thoughts on the saints. A top tier free agents might go once you point to and know the ones that may be it's come come down to mourn situation. Well I think if it. Personal things for him and I think it's one of the best things about why people could Urquhart treatment. Couldn't think the clown nose Cuba. Of decent salary cap shape and they don't have atomic they're gonna lose and free agency I think. The war in that regard expect ago over peca or is that you've got the listeners and Karl because. They haven't. Made it time and effort to return them yet and as corporate dryer it's great deep respect around each of the last couple years so. I feel like he's a guy like you know where are better because there's potential. Wholly different art opera elsewhere article written any element. If they are great starting job and starter money. And that do little disappointing. As he's been so valuable. By it's solid this team is it that you got in free agency directors and expect to bring to the so. If you're going to be pretty good shape and I think that it was a span. Portland they spent last year and added that later in war bird who's fairly expensive and prepare. Tech game in a decline Alex Okafor and I like that kind of. Mike how you doormat. There are. At everything okay queuing teaching and saying you know this is roll too for us speak to Mike Triplett on Friday afternoon you know Iraq. Well. He's in Serbia and restaurant. People are I don't know I got to cover. Yeah I took them but it's not. Thanks come in all man and I kind of feel like you do lose will but I wanna shift to folks a little bit from free agency and when you look at the draft. Places of the where do you think you know saying goes and an and they do base a lot of awful what they do in free agency but we're gonna just upload that and Lynette just address. Well. Analytic and you know. It's such a leisure tech. Player. But this is the old amber at available player here because. Chair can count on the draft earlier query. They picked at 27. In round one and then have the end of round. So. What. I dollars a year drought this year you might want. So they just you know the glaring need I have probably drink is that deeper approach than not know and what they're irregular Alex Okafor agreed to read and come out the articulate their number one. The if the by the guys just like in it might have to do that created the and then I think whenever you need it it's tiger and and you know if you really wanna make sure you cannot count on that our guys step in right away beer cart that you learn to separate agency to. Bring them in their two biggest. Our lord position and I want to let me interrupt or are athletic on packer. Who covered by it and on an island and got a glimpse of our oil. That's odd theory I think they might at some good options Detroit have a good. And another kind of needed is receiver that another or it might be some options available. Police round block depending on what they're gonna do well it's pretty good restrictor bridge. There's a question do you see him moving back with 27. And this is basically basing it on them hitting most of their needs and free agency. Yeah it would make sense that it was back room. Herbert Carter and I've ever been director which. I think we they'll black out. What what or I wanna pick approaches. You know them move 56. Decades we never see them back. But it would never do it. But it'll be where we are in I used are all. That they're right beside the it would be sicker workers are some from there rather have that. Warren pick in round war. Which we might turn the Mike now when you look at did this some of the things free agency was. It's easy come upon the top tier guys that at a position. The saints have the luxury of pretty much. And house like you said to me what they've done the last few years they feel like they've got some people did come through this system. Is there one down there did you feel that they can identify. And target and be like you know I this is the guy we feel like it's really gonna put us over the top in this area all they pretty much subtle what they have in Ken house when their roster. Well you'd think he'll go out and do a couple of people likenesses. Well. They're an aggressive. Erica they're an aggressive in free agency Tuesday and like that aren't well elsewhere. I think. All we really stumper today they know that they'd be right side jeers bird they usually. I love that back in there to hear create entry. Like I would be surprised to see them try to get a Pro Bowl tight like Larry war for our area. That'll help but our guys that could potentially start like major decline. Their interior. And and he. And you know corporate large area here on his gym program I think you'll be too expensive and there's some history there obviously. That. As a real are. A little curious to see if Perry. Talk to each other. And then two quarterback of their trade or Lester Malcolm Butler and jobs open let you know wait pages straighter for. Markets Peter are you surprised. To see them dip into those guys are you and as well where are they try to come with a couple of starters created. Trudeau would you working on odd then that they're by no what you got coming up would you Woodson was focused on the future and how make a value on social media. Well I'd been doing this says it. Wrote about the group and and actually go it is. A come by preview and now all. It's a polka are probably going to be a week or two away from. Maybe senator Drew Brees and Summers are strictly forgotten what it's about picked up here and it's so obvious to an account well yeah like a Butler. And Drew Brees is all about come into the right number right trip to the. Yet now the music insisting. On Twitter well I think the pew I'd still. Be tackler. Why he's in the year two or three guaranteed years now to look at the last two years. I think so I think the opiate lines are quarterback. I think bowling is going to be interesting are that it only. Want your years or are there. We don't find out it was dome put dinner on how about that. Like it. Mike credit ESPN espn.com. Take him out can follow him on social media and it would and it might trip the trip thank you so much for the time we appreciate. Thanks RR ILA issue baseball verses the University of Texas. Two teens and have six national championships apiece that is second in College Baseball history only to southern cal they doubled up on that they had twelve. Those two teams square off a three game series starting tonight woods on the network it's 630 a seventy Amanda tam L issue in Texas here on WW.