What is wrong with people?!?! Walking on a wing

A passenger on a flight to London decided he was tired of waiting to deplane. 


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Not passenger on a plane that landed in London was not happy. I in fact was very frustrated and really one to get off the plane. How bad so badly that they open up the emergency door and walked out onto the wing according to authorities. The incident on New Year's Day took place thirty minutes after the flight landed at London's stansted airport. Where it had been delayed. OK so it lands in London and the like we're just gonna have to see your strokes are it's frustrating I've only sang god had that happen once in my life when we sat on the tarmac. It was on my flight last summer back from Puerto Rico before the hurricane we gonna wonderful vacation to Puerto Rico. But we got out under the tarmac in Puerto Rico and we couldn't take off so we sat and we sat and we sat and then finally we took off. And when we Ole lonely landed. We were late because of the delays so did you navigate sports so we just have to sit there I. Waiting for gate to open up and I got to tell you it was awful. It was yeah eyes it is very buried them but not enough to go out on the wing you know I didn't ever consider opened the emergency door and walking out under the wing fellow passengers video the incidence. And you can hear the man's saying he's fed up and now waiting any longer. Police said yesterday they've opened a complaint against the man for breaching security and do them yeah. The airline said the incident is now in the hands of authorities. Insisting it was a flight from Madrid. So Spanish authorities are the ones leading the investigation. Says the plane took off from Spain. Even though it had made that landing. In London international. Incident out say this regardless. That guy goes and they want. With people file about it was a whole lot longer after that point before that plane never took off again yeah right going where they eventually. Wanted to goes so vehicle put them right in right in there right in the file.