What is WRONG with People!?! Ticketed for honking at a cop

WWL's Dave Cohen and Dave Nussbaum talk about a man in trouble with the law for honking his horn at a car that sat at a green light.


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I'd what is right and people idea to tell me who belongs in the file for this one. It's in Saint Louis Amanda says that he was ticketed for honking his horn and a police officer. He says that he was at a stoplight and it turned from red to green in the car in front of him did not vote. So we started honking his heart repair the car still the damn moves or Hong get more. Turns out. It was a plainclothes police officer and an unmarked car. The officer got out of the car walked up to the man says it's your horn stock Smith replied is your breaks dock. Smith was then cited for excessive noise from a vehicle. He plans to appeal I would. Who's wrong in this case is that the guy for honking his the current Brennaman who would move. Or is it the top for ticketing against Franck as the cop I mean if if it's not I mean obviously it was cop cart that some. You know now out of line harbors unmarked you don't know and Margaret are you just used the erratically Agassi could. But it's just not a good idea and easy way to few seconds okay are now probably sit on the phone and BP let's go c'mon yet. I went about 11011000. To 1000 though. Little friendly beat beat yeah. That if they still come over it's like then you can Alam a little bit Morrissey if they're asleep or something rights and the people behind you start doing in the pencil and enlightened is to ready you know you really I sat there all change. Thank you day Africa.