What is wrong with people?!?! Stinky is a disability

An Indianapolis court official was fired for installing air freshener in her office. 


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I you wanna play again after first time this year we're playing it who belongs in the final. Indianapolis. Is being sued by a former court official who alleges she was fired. For installing air fresh owners. In her office. Yes and now I hate I don't like their assists. Air freshener there's. In other ones that occasionally spritz you with some flowery smelling. Mist. But she says she did it because she had to quote combating co workers obnoxious. Chronic. Body odor true. Boy and a mix half with you there if that's gonna cover it up a a man so not only do you have lists. Of whatever flavor of but air freshener she selected but she said she did that because. Another Carter just don't apparently didn't either Wear deodorant. Ever reduce federal lawsuit says she was fired last year for creating a hot style work environment. After the smelly co worker complained about the air freshener. Wow man that bridges claims are firing was unlawful. According to her association with an individual with a disability Mendes gets complicated but boy while she alleges the co worker's body odor. Is it protected disability under the Americans with disability. While my god just thinking as a disability Friday. That's the fifth set but at the at the 88 prohibits discrimination based on related anyway so here we have this very stinky mess. One person do arrests. Of the you know they're fresh and you know indistinct in Diallo's. Body odor. So let's play the game. He belongs it looks around and Moeller and how long now. So view shared a cubicle or office space was someone who just don't you think you belong in the file for putting in this air pressures. And a Ottawa went to Christie had. I just today it's about all you can say something good news about parents she said she couldn't say something because it's a protected Isabel I got his stinking it disability Moscow life. I I'm more I'm all right David like has put on both in the sky hook you ever known anyone who just stinks in an actor how to handle. No I sure haven't you're lucky. Hey. I've had to deal with that in my professional career a couple of times outage is just some people who just apparently don't like to pay it. And don't don't care for the snowed here I don't know man but it's yeah how do you handle that that man you just thank you smell like. Garbage can you please do something bit. Yet you say something then that it is a really help you wrote they must know I had this guy I was angry and found a complaint against her for putting in the air freshener. I guess he wanted to smell his own static.