What is wrong with people?!?! Rat on a plane, do you still wanna fly?

A rat makes its way from the tarmac to a plane. 


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It's we're talking earlier about a guy get angry and got off an airplane by opening emergency door and walking off walking out under the wing because they were delayed and had to sit down the tarmac and he was having none of that. Around how about this that would (%expletive) me off foul on that plane about this a plane. That lose and Oakland international airport in California and was forced to cancel the flight. Because a rat. Got on board to one of the plane hole. The airlines as passengers were boarding. Actually at Portland. And a flight that was bound to have four Oakland again as. When a rat jumped from the jet way onto the plane. Passengers already onboard got off on the plane was taken out of service. How the 110 passengers had to re re booked on another flight later. To Portland. Ha all right so that I guess that's Oakland the mountain which took too long but still ill and I don't care. Why don't what does it matter is I'm rat on the point. Releases its size and nature problems that fluffy and I didn't commit at gantlet and it could cause some pan out health. People jumping up on seats and screaming and hollering you know one that bird. I think I'd rather fly with the rat and get where I'm going on time this is true then flying rat free flight. Never had a collar professional exterminator. And Oakland and the aircraft who would I tried to concern was that rodents can bite through wires and interfere with crucial flying. Device slices. A systems. Against. I still think the risk.