What is wrong with people?!?! A puppy stolen from terminally ill 5-year-old

A North Carolina mother says someone broke in to her family’s home and stole a puppy belonging to her terminally ill, 5-year-old daughter.

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And hope we don't get that meanwhile wall raw it's people all. This is actually has me wondering what in the world in North Carolina. A Stanley reports that some unbroken to their home and only stolen one thing. An eleven week old puppy name Annabel may call. That probably belongs to a girl who has terminal brain cancer. And has given six months to live. So police are desperately trying to find. Who stole this puppy. Stanley says the Bobby was at home the doors were locked they went out when they came back the puppy was gone nothing else is missing them. So it's a mystery that they're trying to solve and figure out what happened to the party. Either way this poor little girl who only has six months to live desperately wants a poppy Backus has as you can imagine this has become. It viral story. Social media. And there asking anybody who has any thing any information to help out. We'll follow this one and hopefully we'll have a happy ending. At least this little girl Camille we don't yet why why. Who ever them look like that was stolen insulin though two weeks ago yet that the special needs girl yeah yeah well it's finally somebody. You've developed a conscience. And had a third party return it. Maybe hopefully the sending all happened with this poppy thank you Dave will tortilla and a little bit with the other forecaster on WW well.