What is wrong with people?!?! The nudes button it up

A Slidell nudity park has decided to layer up for the winter. 


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Pages speak with that we're making national news not only for being called but also for the way that we're reacting to it. And the nudist park in Slidell. With the fact that that it brought this one's. Apparently someone asks asks the nudist. At the nudist park in slide now. You know hey is called as it is are you Britain clothes on he also walk around naked and their response was we may be new artists but we ain't stupid. According to Travis Davis who does maintenance work at the Indian hills nudist park in slide now. I have no I didn't know there was a nudist park up there by. Clearly never heard about the Indian hills news. And you eleven yet not. My dad if he says the they do put clothes on when he hits his hopeful that there is little bit be up there and I see which it did. He was fully clothed and in fact wearing layers from had to do as he responded to calls of broken by apes. From the prolonged freezing temperatures the last few days. At the nudist park on the show are so now wrapped your pipes mean some bird something a little bit different. For folks out there and a half and added Indian hill holes Ali at stake today have a message come fly and a cracked from the conflict for its.