What is wrong with people?!?! No cold chicken, please...

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
Wednesday, December 13th

Serving "cold" chicken can land you with a fist to the nose. 


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You know house sometimes we. Do a story out of the one. More with people file that we Jones-Drew and I have a follow up on one we did back over the summer all off follow one gas and then apparently there is justice for people who end up in the what all good people file carriages we accidentally Shane somewhere in her own on and I don't know how we appropriately Santa all I thought yeah if you. Nathaniel and let's conscious Mets have now entered guilty pleas. To charges of aggravated battery and cruelty to children. They are the Koppel who were in would bind Georgia in June. And apparently get very angry. And a restaurant because they felt that the portion size of their chicken was too small. And the chicken was coal. They get very angry with the mother and daughter owners of the restaurant. Things got heated air out Carolina in the chicken by an outfit yet Paul Gigot so the owner. Gives them may refunds this year you know take your money back yet I believe it's a lot of him out of here here. I called the cops. Wellman Daniel on the times you were so angry. That they then punched the owner of the store breaking her nose non aligned served fifteen year old daughter now old yes. So there are now about going to jail. And oh by the way there was viral video of this also relic that helps. And convince them to plead guilty to the charges. Rather than stand trials may go cold. Undersized chicken out does not justify punching. A woman and a fifteen year old girl it's more than just the what if people file but it will land you in Jane average are.