What is wrong with people?!?! A guy steals 2 packs of beer in a dry county

A guy lands himself in the "What is wrong with people?!?! file for hitting an officer with a case of stolen beer. 


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What is wrong with people a year ago a Florida man has to store clerk. What would happen if crystals of the year. Really that's what this Associated Press reports that way past the police say Christopher Maxwell soon found out. Sebastian told the TC home dot com that 33 year old Maxwell entered a convenience store. At 2:30 AM. But was told he couldn't buy beer because alcohol sales arm and in the city between 1 AM and 7 AM. You know most of the world that's kind of like the case yeah that have yet again next year or so people and the reason why you can't buy out all anyway. So you can after 1 AM and until after 7 AM nobody here. In response to Maxwell's question the clerk reportedly replied. Well if you steal beer I'll call 911. So Maxwell grabbed 218. Packs of Bud Light in left anyway other years ago the clerk followed throughout her promise and called 911 police found Maxwell nearby. Widths in eighteen pack any January guy and officers say he struggled to. When they tried to arrest them don't know he remain in jail as of yesterday and charges of petty staffed. Henry on a police officer apparently patsy patsy patsy apparently one of those eighteen pact ended up upside if they cop where. During the rest don't do that process now hope will happen if I stole some why. And are no man. One. Wrong with the people well.