What is wrong with people?!?! A family buries wrong person

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
Wednesday, February 14th

A family found out they buried the wrong person. 


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I headline on WWL dot com from the Associated Press. Family who buried wrong man. Sues California county KE. Relatives who thought they had buried their loved ones. All wait to find out he was alive election days later after a funeral. Sued a California county Tuesday. Jewel general. The whole works. The suit filed by frank Kerrigan's family accuses the Orange County coroner's office of negligence concealment and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Among other claims. County spokeswoman Carrie brawn says she can't comment on pending litigation. But the the sheriff's department is conducting an internal investigation to figure out how I'll care against family was told that was his body he was dead today. The mix up began when a man was found dead. Behind a store in Fountain Valley about forty miles southeast of LA. Kerrigan's father who goes by the same name misses on that the Orange County coroner's office told on the body was his son. When he asked whether he can identify the body a YE he has the says that the coroner's office told them identification had been made through fingerprints. Another family member who talked to the coroner's office that a woman told them that he had been found with his identification. And I think yeah we idea that through his driver's license and his fingerprint. While eleven days later Kerrigan turned up alive. At a family friends everybody. Hey you don't have the friend who had inflated to the funeral called the families they. Guess what it's. Looks. Bigger loops. Now in the defense of the coroner's office if there is any. Care again was homeless he was mentally ill that that the body was. Non. Necessarily visibly identifiable. Whatever issues. So they were ago. They were missile might I guess you him a little credit for gas so we don't know how the coroner's office made the identification. Whose fingerprint it really was I don't even know if they know with a guy really is but we know that. It was not there loved ones. Imagine them having a funeral home all hearings that when you know not only to find out eleven days later. Oops you feel alive at what is with people on a man.