What is wrong with people?!?! domestic dispute with a parrot

A resident in Loerrach, near the Swiss border, called the emergency number Monday to report his concerns about loud shouting from a next-door apartment that had been going on for some time.


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What wrong with people all palatial Calder investigated domestic disturbance near Berlin Germany. And man was reportedly arguing very loudly. With another resident of an apartment. Police arrived to find the man was in a heated argument. With his girlfriend's. Parents. A terrorist. Death Contras abraxis DeVine then it was a 2.2 year old man and his girlfriend's parents he said he had become annoyed with the Bernard. And he began yelling into yards of the birds started yelling back and barking in Baghdad and hope apparently imitating a dog. And they neighbors. Said it was so loud they thought that someone was getting was gonna get hurt. They thought that this was going quickly in the right around. Cops say no one was hurt. The bird was not harmed. So they left without chewing through these numbers cautious though that didn't. At the bird off to safety Euro and you're going are still working with them air it. I don't think you're gonna win that argument I'm so sick and mad. Thank you Dave what were always people out.