What is wrong with people?!?! Alvin Kamara may find himself in the file

Alvin Kamara may end up in the "what is wrong with people" file.


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I'm thinking about put Melvin Tamara in the what is wrong with people file lots and did you see what happened after these books tied. The but he actually climbed all the league jumped up his arms over the railing a pulled himself out and got into the stand Jesse did. Here's the problem with that. He had to get back then. And come into the game to score a two point conversion. That's like at twelve foot drop. The that is a very high point yeah stands and I'm thinking oh my god what if he heard an ankle exactly or I need. Getting down from there. I was really worried about that sure. I know he's excited I know he's a rookie I know that it was just thrilling. To score that touchdown which didn't do anything until they tied it with a two point conversion but. Pushed really hard to have a yacht counselor our side do you EB stayed up there any longer they might dim a fifteen yarder yeah Ivan you know right and I could make that on the extra points her baggage may be would have been an answering tick up I don't know normal for that on me but it. That worried me. And I'm you got to be Smart. In the way you move forward in a season like this where you have a real shocked. They're doing something really special so what do you think does Comerica on the want war with people. And for jumping not only opt to the stands been climbing into them and then Evan did jump all the way down. David what he's now what and we didn't look past night you'd give a vast.