What is wrong with people?!?!

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
Wednesday, November 22nd

Do you know the difference between pumpkin and sweet potato?


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Wrong ways people are even on this day here I love the mark Menard in the file. Closure anybody in America can't tell the difference in pumpkin vines we've presented by audio and he can't tell the difference. But it's what I don't understand and I to me. A huge pumpkin fans Miami pumpkin champion I I will root for pumpkin every day every night out with slippery and a dollop. Don't cover it and a dollar and a dollop of whipped cream and I'll just take a little hair of whipped cream with every bite I don't wanna overwhelming because I enjoy the pumpkin. And you know it's amazing with pumpkin pies they they rarely screw a mob arming and I've I've had real cheap ones I've had frozen ones are. They usually have come up pretty good and you like does either way out remarks that he just cannot tell the differences again in this case the sent me so he's easily. Please he's happy either way I bride that does land him in the what's wrong with people five tournament thank you are.