What is Wrong with Alligators?!

WWL's Dave Cohen puts another one in the What is Wrong with People?! file.


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There all right what raw animal well animals cats and malts I got two stories here I you want to hear the Gator. A dictator like you your first you get the perspective on the other one we have 21. Animals' stories. Are you kidding me. That's what lawyer Jennifer resents he says after she crashed her car on I 75 in southwest Florida she told the Palm Beach post she thought it was. Some sort of box that Rana and front ever vehicle. But now it was that it was indeed an alligator she hit it lost control flipped multiple times pol. But she was wearing a seatbelt and escape with just bruises and a little cut but I'd be a reminder that it ends a lot. That thing proved to be real speed bump it and Libyan real Dan and I 75. Residents he said I've never been an accident before and the first one I'm in his car vs alligator. Autism congress animal yes oh wait that's not just wait because coming up on when I tell you I think maybe the animals are out to get us I'm just saying. In India in one day we get to stories in a first is alligator sabotage dentist or lawyers car which year what happened at Wal-Mart with the deer at stake today all right.