What will fallout from the Comey book be?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Monday, April 16th

Tommy talks to Richard Benedetto, Adjunct Professor of Journalism at American University, about the political fallout from James Comey's book.


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Some would say James commie is morally or was morally unfit to be. Has the FB IA and that was him from the interview last night it is 617. And we're talking to a friend Richard Benedetto adjunct professor of journalism and American university in a retired White House correspondent good morning sir go. That by the way it was from ABC news. Courtesy of ABC news so to Richard did you see the interview. I did I only site they're did that keep interred on anybody saw the whole thing. I don't know that I think that there are those people Brad might get the people who who ate downtrodden people action people who elect them didn't. Right there with you Richard that's what I think. I had to get a bit early that's Mike's excuse. What is your take away from the clips that you saw. Well I think that I did. Kobe once again has put himself in the middle of a very big. Controversy set himself up being more police captured ever but you know that and such itself up to be morally period every. You usually get right to some trouble because. You might get some skeletons in her own. That being said disease. That they did really kind. Tweaks me is the idea that this meant it was a public servants. And gain all the information because it is Japanese public servant why would he tell. Everything he knows he's come out and and do this is his set of personal financial venture residents come out and do tell those stories back at that time when he should have been so. Anti Richard there reminds me of there are some people that. There is some talk show host national talk show hosts that say. The country is falling apart yeah I have the answer I can tell you what it is. Gaby subscribe in my newsletter for twelve many five tomorrow. And I own if you then I don't know why you would unless it's for. The money so will listen is this just a lot of white noises this ball. It you know people the people's party made the decision by genes called me forward in a pork. And some people there very few people that mixed feelings about it I think it he didn't say anything. But he didn't say anything in this league it is in your view that we re DP the murder scene there bird. But the but the thing is that people make their decisions here. People will boo both questions go on these motives. Lighting needs so these things we're here wait wait you're making big money up for that. Back to the music inflicted Manning I think he has some. Some concerns about how did operate blog during the during his time is that BI director. And other public you know true true actually in. Public. Oracle asked who it was the FBI director before army who would be objector or for that before that. Except for. Robert Mueller was one. And I'm trying to think of the other wanted to remember I can remember it looks like they're well. That's one thing get up. This idiot in the control room Richard Jordan tells me Paul Tagliabue. That's the kind of help I get just so you know. Homily this is true quick Susan Collins. Senator from Maine. Said commie stuff making investigative judgment and started making political ones you think it's accurate is with glitz. Just slap me in the face in this whole interview was when he said. I guess at that time it massive influence me about the political situation any thought he should come out with the information. I don't know if you saw him on July out of of these talking about an October zoos are about October on and on how to trump people can get man. Is it any thing I think that turning election toward Donald Trump's. Toward Donald Trump's. Favor but I don't know is something in the day the first two things first off frigid. Amanda took copious notes of everything that happened right now that's what do you based all of his recollections on. Could remember whether politics influenced him or not. And and if they did you should it have. Yeah well I think it's you know the idea that he made the announcement in July and July of 2000. Sixteen that Hillary Clinton with was cleared pretty much cleared from their investigation. And and email situation. For a look at them that they had to an announcement that should not have been made by this act. Correctness and the attorney general and the attorney general or some designated attorney general who was not present the FBI. Want the FBI to be in that sounded to me like it convenient to set up. That the Obama administration might put in there was not it's the FBI. Because guys. You know there yet because reputation of the the American public are pretty strongly positive. And and now it did get reputation the FBI as a result of all this has become very very very shoddy. And a question behind that Richard is was it always this way and are we finding out more or was it never this way and this this is an anomaly and that's why we're here in about it. I think that there's always been you know get the Justice Department that comes under the purview of the present states. President appoints attorney general says sometimes the FBI directors appointed by the sitting presence sometimes you come into he's doubled over from the previous administration. But he but even though there's there's sort of a quiet guy independence to the FBI agent general store bought. In and day in this Justice Department and and and why why wouldn't you attorney general in the middle of all of this. That would be Kingston. The Obama administration is looking for coverage use the FBI to be either suffer. Night thank you Richard I'm glad you go to the time when the so pleasures only secretary weren't you have a good day Richard Benedetto adjunct professor of journalism at American university and a former White House. Corresponded.