What should we expect from Tiger baseball?

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Friday, February 16th

Deuce & Deke discuss the realistic expectations for the 2018 edition of LSU baseball with Tigerbait.com's Bryan Lazare.


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You're right it's not the data come at the Kyoto it you know the O all you browse all joining us now. Bryant guarded. Reverse order before baseball tonight you're at PO box really unite the deceit against Notre Dame. Ask your bottom ought to Puerto Barrios come to town Missouri. It gives talked about the tablets are respected the SEC is all the commitment I think I get an directors to. Little more money into the former coaches. Broke amateur Robert finally kind of what would have been a make or break year Avery got an Alabama. At a fourteen teams Bryant only to do with losing records at this point out Andy Kennedy. It's a step it down so they going to be its data to go to Ole miss and Vanderbilt and other than that everybody else this conference got overall winning record. And I mean you've got the team that are you know it might make these make it to mean think about it. You. All printed every. Ear and remembered there. Program under investigation. It to their return orders are now because yeah I. Look it is most people. You know most people are not being put curled off. At the end of the year we root corroborate what a copper heat humidity coat and years and. Mark later Auburn in very good. Thing. Auburn all anybody out in the great see what this belief is is creepy connected. Yet he beat this year you know they make it seem you know Kirby are. I think would come up battery. Like you ought opera and get he beans and into the NBA. And the need to come out on the or our member or. Legal actually get gain. Both are much improved. With new coaches. A little weight got ot tell you. Want to mark eight. At at the door in the or. The electric game market we and it would be in the dirt and then. They're bad player Michael Porter got hurt one minute in the first game in other. All he may come back with a yen Hubert or. Not. Brian wind and just a follow up a little bit about just a college basketball landscape particular for the ACC. Does it continue to get better does it continue to improve. Which you know maybe that three of four other teams giving in nature I think that you feel comfortable with seeks. I'm probably lean him more problems today at seven or eight grain just because I feel like that. You'll have a team to get hot. Right there at the in Indian and and make a run even though around they may they may amendment would be a lot right now in the SEC tournament. Yeah look I think it can't. You and you know to see that go Napier NCA tournament Alex you and they'll that would be here on we recruit. Vanderbilt and Kubrick got ten players in the country coming in next year LA issue add three of the top. 25 though go to acute pain there ought to make the NCAA tournament this year and they are going to be. Significantly better next year yeah ot think they're opera and beat it going to be you know strong. I think the one thing. League at bat or not copper and not Cobb and won them a look. At two very good wind. Again accused emission. And I think every team in the way you look at you need to. Not copper went yeah I think. The future is looking bright for the so called a basketball yet. Which is the right anti debate that time Bryant is on its own against now Bryant and now when you think about it. Baseball is so here already. And the tigers taking on over Damon. Pulmonary talked about it some new faces and your thoughts on the guys that will be Friday Saturday Sunday this week indeed they get on the beat it. The rotation they settle in on. And done. Well one call it an area network media yet you out yet heard about whether that can't be or. Jarrett because of the way he wrote in the number it's not any item low it. Low volume each got and he was talking about it eat you know hitter spot law a lot of ball in command isn't. It's a burn the count it. It's all up for a ball that glanced garbage war. Victory. Oh you know you you've got it out like that. You talk about any pictures election. So many new guys in the old man. Yeah that not a good situation and know all well and moved back the vote role but he due to lack. Two out there. Apple still orders that you Gilbert. That's why they bury it out ot pigeons on Sunday and in him and keying out or you know one. Went so you guys should go over to. It or don't be surprised at that move back to the bulk. Bradley is our Brian and now you think about it. Baseball. India's PC how tough it is again in the top ten pepper teams. The east Kentucky Florida. That the bulk of the in the west Arkansas highly thought of which image Hewitt had been number. Regional. It's probably gone to a C that it would that be a fair Goer who always is is. How Lee expecting is expected in his program that okay with this team in the holding at the Theo. DNA a sixteen team that posed a regional. What would that be a clear goal was that hey look you gotta get top eight seat is that a few baseball. Well I'm not the answer to look at it like. Well what he'd like I think that would be an air Rath. They're expecting that he'd been you know trying to be one of the sixty regional. Everybody goes ordered. That means nobody art in ought probably expect the heat and he would probably pretty solid number Ricci. Bet you a little yep. And the next group. Eckerd. LAU. Vanderbilt Ole miss those fourteen are all or much about your. Ones together. The we had yet to be eight national lead. You need to be at the end of the year that you've seen it yet to be regional host. You you you're one of the war in Ethiopia regional. Point in the year Alex is right here. I mean you know want to use it but what that would get at the opening program over the next. Brad what you work and on how to people keep up with it on the site. WWW. Tiger great dot com where baseball bat well right now not a battle at the bottom on a lot. You know spring football kicked off the will be mostly bad Bombay well up until now we're at any recruiting news Mike Abbott on. Senior writer attack debate Dexcom at the Joseph the along. Or two and at your door Bryant don't run as always thank you so much for the is good crowd box right now. Are a lot of people outside field but I'm sure that they'll be out you know. Outward the battery people that night. The deal ran as a brat as always thank you so much for the time. All right thank you.