What is sexual harassment in the workplace?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Monday, November 20th

Tommy talks with Jennifer Drobac, Professor of Law at Indiana University, about sexual harassment in the workplace.


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Jennifer drove back John is right now a professor of law at Louisiana Indiana University morning Jennifer morning mom is all going somebody. Consider first off I'm getting done. It vilified for this is that harassment or harassment. It that way tonight let's aleris. RS mannequin look and tell me is it moved in since we had the color real low going somebody is that. Is that harassment and I you know I don't say the wrong thing here but if somebody is stressed. Provocatively isn't grown to look game I mean not to talk about this professors say help me out. Our rights. Potential harassment occurs on a continuum. From mild behaviors. That. Would require. A lot of them agreed deal of them for there to be an actionable federal case. Do you really severe violent behavior such as raid. So the question about whether boggling. It is sexual harassment really depends on the context. Is the is that you were addressing someone with his size. And making. It did did targets feel uncomfortable. Is this an odd circumstance that would contribute to that. So even at that the mild form of behavior doesn't mean it's not sexual harassment. It just means it's not a federal cases of sexual harassment that you could soup for. And that's aren't talking about that the patient is important and it's a good ones that have. And basically as long as people are civil about it. I think we should go ahead and have the conversation. And and that will lead to enlightenment hopefully hand for everyone's problem. Only ask this then com. A text it to put dissenters and I'm trying to clean up as best I can if if somebody dresses provocatively and they mentioned whereas sometimes women have to have the dress. Taped to them and I guess it can happen the same for men now with the dress whatever not the point. If they dress in a manner as soon to. May be. Looking for soliciting intention of sexual nature com. Is it wrong so look gore and could that be harassment you draw the line between net because with the texture is saying is. The woman in this sound several say it this way is dressing that way because they want you to look but then if you look you're wrong. Well I just read the text so. Right okay so. There are a couple of ways to approach this first of they're going to be differences of opinion that in my view. No but he dresses to attract sexual harassment. And so that your question really goes to. It. If the person doesn't find it and welcomed and it's not sexual harassment. That it welcomed behavior. But. Just wait someone dressed as isn't an instant indication. That says. I want to engage with you sexual pretty boy are I the door is open and for you walk through. And the best way for anyone and do you evaluate his situation. Is to have. You know a respected pastor or grade at best seats on their shoulder as an Angel looking on and the situation. If you can't do it in front of great aunt Betsy warrior respected pastor. I wouldn't get to it shouldn't be happening in the workplace. And really if you want it there on the side as being kind human being don't do it anywhere. You know if it's not OK in front of your pastor why would you treat someone else that way. Army in terms of of the legal guidelines and workplace and so forth for somebody that's listening right now in might be. You know either reevaluating their actions in the pass insane man act that I could easily been. Accused of that are let's hope I don't get accused of that because they didn't know any better. It it gives way to carry yourself and a workplace the way to conduct yourself as a different gender right I mean this this could be the same gender as. You don't football players sometimes they slept you know the others behind in terms of a good player whatever and sometimes people do that in an author's who place our or. A service centers do whatever it is says same genders say did a good job and I can be offensive to somebody as well ranked. Well I think telling them that they did a good job I will rarely lead to. Offense and then with yeah that would put them behind well let's take that into a different context. Mean if one football player is smacking another on the behind. Many of us are assuming that the first line is heterosexuals. If you just change the assumption that scenario. And he's. Day. And that could change the whole perception of that smack on the buttocks. So I don't think we can make assumptions anymore about sexual orientation. Or that way at Mac is intended or received. And I don't think we need to be going around smacking each other on the spot. I mean I don't think great campaign see Europe my pastor would look upon you it's not appropriate behavior and to address. Issue. Well many people may be questioning and and of course our talent pleasure absolutely correct. What is good for the goose is good for the gander and there is a gender neutrality. Down in the sense that. These rules of etiquette and and good workplace conduct toward general. Social interaction applies to both men in Oakland and no matter the orientation and race religion etc. And and putting the answer to that in that the questioning of the behaviors. And I do question your behavior because what might have happened in the past. Might not have been a good idea. And what we're learning to put the hash technique to campaign. And with all of these revelations. Is that there was a lot of inappropriate behavior going around. And women are stepping up to timely and and thankfully and saying you know what that's not OK I don't like to. Being treated. And sexual object to. Or just because I dressed nicely or or being in a wave it enhances. Is my attractiveness doesn't mean that I am actually in the admirable to EU. How do you respond to that. Way is to ask permission nicely. Ask her mission nicely to do what. Well to do whatever you like to do a little edit and and I you know complement somebody threw. And out well and you could even do that packet I could say the economy can tell you haven't really nice time on. And how do you get sense that it's it'd genuine compliment and I've I've even asked do you mind. And and he'll tell me if you do to. Com. Johnny Carson way back in the day. There there's if famous are now maybe infamous clip of him. Dolly pardon was on the show and Dolly Parton has certain attributes I think for which she was known. And among young matches through that both for being a great singer and songwriter and so forth. But Johnny Carson at one point looked over and say you know I give you a week's paid. Our years paid to to look down in May or something along those lines is that indicative of changing room values. Hum what was okay is not okay now home. It did did the system today as it was which however was wrong there was this system within which everybody dealt Dennis ever present and I'm trying to ask. I'm actually how I do understand. And the answer is. Is. That. What I don't think things that it necessarily changed. Were in terms what's appropriate and what's not appropriate. Comment with inappropriate to. I wouldn't say that in front of great aunt Betsy or the pastor. And it was it's sexually abject defying her. What I think what's changed. It is our prayers option but that behavior. And our understanding. That women should be treated. With dignity and respect. I can't imagine Johnny Carson and looking at the crotch of the man and saying wow what a great package. That would have been completely offensive. And and discriminatory. And I can't imagine. Dutton and most men would have thought that was appropriate to. And and the fact that. We thought it was appropriate for him to do something equivalent to a woman. Those were the time. Fortunately times are changing. And we have a greater understanding now there are many people who will read this to. The consciousness because they appreciate their privilege. They appreciate being able to objective find demean other people. But that doesn't make it right to. Anything he ducked I got a bunch of phone calls when you do anything you want to end the full relate to go. No I think the full story itself as people come to understand sexual harassment law and and an end and the emphasis on and just being kind to each other. Along those lines is a better just to just Ellison has something to do with work done even go there don't you mention it don't bring you know. I I and you're confident in your own. The righteous behavior. I would say dictated to stick to the workplace. And and what's important to the workplace. But I would also emphasized. That comment kindness and courtesy. Is never out of fashion. Thank you professor appreciate you time had a nice Thanksgiving and hold you don't you.