What seed will the Saints get in the playoffs?

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Wednesday, December 13th

Bobby & Deke take calls on where the Saints will end up in the postseason in terms of seeding.


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And good evening and welcome the sport so I'm all about being bandied ability Deuce McAllister will be with us in next hour. They might have QB QB Drew Brees is what this its sixth morning and LSU basketball stops in the ninth the tigers take on Houston and that is coming up. And it 7:30 this evening. Also these CBS basketball classic fall the most prominent programs and history college basketball UCLA. North Carolina. Ohio State and Kentucky was wealth on December 23 Ohio State coach Chris Holman will be when this tonight. In the 7 o'clock hour tomorrow night who was with UCLA coach Steve Alford who. Right down the street was a part of the generals last national championship 1987 when Indiana beat Syracuse in the national. Title game 260187. You can Texas and 8787. The operating is that while opinion poet the saints make the play else would see do you think they'll be. June 345. Or 6 in the morning is so very very difficult to obtain basin in Minnesota had the bottom out. And Philadelphia to for the saints to get that. You can cast your vote online at WW real dot com and Kasey Kahne and we all know what the saints can just add to that means a first round up. I don't think there well I think is going to be. Three of four. I think beginning get to holes. The whole game and they had one of his forwards and you've you've you can beat the host Carolina flirting and you get the host and then if you win that game. Deacon. The scenario that. You'd have to go at Philadelphia in May be played in the polls again you know which would necessarily be bad he went to Philadelphia report on the team is better now than it was wouldn't. A Chip Kelly was coach in enough polls as play quarterback and that. I think guess. I'd be shocked you know he's a wedding going to be seeded. Bali will be taken for granted they going to be in the playoffs but he's still got to go out there and you know will win on the field. He gained just totally collapse in the end but it is football you gotta athletic play the games. But but I I would say. I'm looking like I think to win them like three of four and one thing and that's where they'll win though you know being seated now what's interest and is that if you look at whether states are right now offensively is kind of somewhat puzzling that you know right now on the NFL assays have been someone. Overall offense. The number one overall you look at the balance the fourth rushing the football their fifth. Passing. And the reason why I bring that up. If you look at what's occurred because we don't use that is happening. Remember when I brought up and and that rams game. That only had 57 snaps the Indian line when it when they had they first have like eighteen or 93 any teams play yeah firms and it was like. It was a ridiculous number. So you look at the number of snaps to hating as the falcons the who's even less. It was a season low fifty twos snaps against Atlanta. We had 57 snaps against the rams that we used to like the shore 65. Or more. And you look you'd civil one away. That that's occurring because we are not converting on third now we're only three of ten. So therefore you convert on third down you gonna have more plagues as yet more sustained drives and that's what I told ES that he. There's been ambles puzzling to me is I'll third down offense. Where. This is 2006. Last season hi everyone a break it down over a decade. The say three to one or two with the patriots in right now or eighteenth only converting. 38 and a half percent would normally we ran it 48 and a half percent. All on on on the back in our should say are the low figure of forty now have to like like 56%. So big that that's somewhat of puzzling to me. Even dole how we ranked in the balance and the efficiency as an offense. But on not getting it done. On third down for instance then you also look at. Then what occurs at time of possession in look Atlanta had the ball 34 minutes 41. Seconds we had what 2519. And it Alanna had 74 plays. We had fifty cute we almost beat we used it I think if you went through all the season the show on paying withdrew reason Helm. We would be that team that would have. Like seven plus snaps. And an opponent have like. 57 snaps. That slide as we kind of flip that we gonna have to turn that around. And and he just goes to show you that even Dolan was possessing the ball. They didn't have a big advantage not at any time of possession but not in total yards they just had 37 yards a Moore in the saint. 343 to 3060. That's something we gonna have to turn around against the jets because I think your creature of habit to beacon turned that around come Sunday in the when Atlantic goes in the town. EUU wanna be. If you like beauty control. Obviate destiny in one way is Jeff temple Asia to execute possess the ball that help solve the defense all in all all that goes hand in hand. So retro be looking for. The calls of the season what are we doing. In those areas as far as number of plays. Third down conversion a time of possess it possession because. Big when you when you look at it. In the Dallas the percentile I guess when you talk about the teens. When you get three takeaways and we ended up plus two. Who drew had that is there's an end and that mattered that you don't lose. You know that would have been the winning form with Peter told me that we gonna Atlanta. And at what time in the game and B plus three in opponent Roy and told yet and and so. But it all starts on Sunday the decaying they got a truly the cliche take it one game at a time. And obviously is what we gonna do against Atlanta. But the wind's gonna count against the jets even though it's an AFC opponent. We have a strong NFC we have a strong conference trig it's all like those tiebreaker is when you look at overall record no he's still have to be the jets on Sunday. And is no reason why B three B monumental. We'll wing it when I mean the monumental the saints are fifteen point favorite. They that that's that's a law that's a lot of points in FL yeah when you look at point spreads and a look at how many games. That you could say we can and we cal where one team over the other. Is. Wavy on a double digit the deaths reported to tell ourselves to get them that guy's floors. The points for a 2601 mates and you can Texas and eats or needs and they were murdered general but the phone lines and will continue to. Get set forth the rest of the show and I go on known of course some football news the jets come in the town and then they bring a stout defensive front. Bob and I had a chance to take a look at some of the gather today and got the Wii and a flavor. On their prostitute we'll talk about Kansas a gimmick to Playhouse which scene do you think they'll be you can cast your vote online its operating jaguar opinion poll at WWL dot com. And welcome back out to the phones ago Morgan City from Brian Brian thank you for calling WW live. Yeah I don't know it does he well. Well I'll say I think we are you better be. All right. So you think oh behind Eagles and the vikings. Yeah our. Delete we all. We could probably. Push bound stretched. Calls and CEO. Other at the Ramsey gonna have a test schedule. The rams are at the Seahawks and ending at the titans. And I think you'll take care of 49 is the last game. But I I did see you know I I did see red losing three in a row starting with the Eagles last than. But I also know that brought clothing gotten taco bill. Ordered not so that he might not just go in deep deep deep space you will. Right yet it's you know it's a division game so. And now now hopefully those damaging game but the saints. The close out against them abated there ready that the U haul packed in. You know Google going home. So yeah. Yet and build a party not as he dropped below you concede that yet he is their quarterback of the future in the gonna pay him to be that. And it might give you look at during the Christmas gifts and you bet there. Yeah you don't movies into because Dallas is in the hunt the cowgirls. And know where the boy you look at Seattle. It they loss at Jacksonville and other holes in the ring Anthony got to go at Dallas. Salon that's going to be interest Anderson out of that's going to be. And. On plan BB. Well at Atlanta in. And it. Yeah I have yet we need to be a lot of proud and listen you can have a great Christmas he would give family because is going to be at twelve noon kickoff open. And you can have you keiki needed to support and beat the dirty birds and and celebrate presidency would you Claman and night. Mean right now. A guy do you use marik. Our note Bravo. Correct one. You know. You guys and thank you thank you ram a rush trying to think so violent and begin now you know we're talking about them poised for a does that still to me mind boggling because. The jets. Or wanted to Wirth she's an NFL now you look at their record of only 15 gains but. Big game been like in every game I think Sean Payton Drew Brees have also that when there was the film. They Armstead the tackles that that. That know you watch the jets they liken every game. But they dig you know and I'll look at in my notes you know we're Dave van L Sonko wind is into port quarter. They gave his outscored ought every opponent in the first second. And third quarter that they're third quarters been their best city make you just at halftime but in the fourth quarter they've been outscored. Two little ones they've given up a 123 points and only have scored fifty. So high you know I got to close out against it's. You know lack of experience against the team and and and had necessarily been account but I thought was Anderson. I think. Bryce pennies to be the worst quarterback the saints faced this year you know you look at Drabinsky with the bears he's upping coming but. Bryce petty has started five games in his NFL career but I'll just look at what Josh McCown. At 38 years of age what he did this season big you know he's a noble one. Third down quarterback completion percentage. He's ride it out almost 70%. Drew Brees the second. Which 67%. In look at Carson went sees that 65. He's keep them at 64 and hassle. And bigot and is that in Josh McCown and I'll look Gannett overall completion leaders. This year as a whole drew reasonable won almost 72% Tom Brady. Is that 67 point four Macau's at 67 point three so the point being judges those seeds. Bryce peddy being that accurate so when you look at the point spread not haven't account available I think that deadly influence that and big I didn't realize this someone give this a trivia. Answer. Who's leading the NFL in rushing touchdowns this year now he's die. Josh McCown is Ty we can you couldn't. For quarterback rushing touchdown as more than half his net. He has five identify how we and MVS five canyon got five and Dag press guy got five mark this very go to guy five. All all running quarter Jude and I think Josh McCown albeit I would all of those guys as far as in the QB rushing touchdowns so. Good riddance hey I dig it does matter when you play team that's why shame on the saints the job on the jets in the get go. And discourage them they should be allowed to take care of business does one think the jets. Because they have sucked on the road. They. Wanna say just hard to come ahead and I think the only game they won on the road is against the browns. Let me see right quick. Yet big deal won seventeen to fourteen. Days and now an impressive win a playoff team now as of late. Big this is in New York go they beat the chiefs. You know in a good she's got all the highest armored haven't than anything lately but look how Carolina beat him. The now's again that was that new yard they had a scoop with scored it this sag accountant. Lou keep you picked up the Iran legacy yards per return for a touchdown. But I tell you look at they've been a lot of gains but it. I think that has heard and not have an account and I mean to go Bryce petty. Considering how the saints he was is playing a hole I doubted it would not make rice patty like a Pro Bowl quarterback now I would be shocked. Commented Jason Gonzales and rest your caller is Drew Brees at 640 is seen inducement tauzin about thirty minutes. It does say they get to the post season what seed do you think they will be its operating jaguar opinion poll you can vote online at WW dot com but first let me come to a CBS Sunday. And welcome back. He is Casey can embodied their ID Miller beer's to the phones we go Gonzales to Jason Jason thank you for calling WW. I do and they Bobbitt that Jason. So I'll pop on the war on fifteen point. That's a lot of credit so I'll work on Monday night they don't know what happened to the hatred of prime time. Game. And operated on a couple of I'm though. Having you don't covered adult is yet to look at. You know one team that has had Tom Brady's number and it's in Miami you know he's he's won seven games against the dolphins in Miami lost nine. I'm not a big about that who who has had there's nobody's head Tom Brady's numbers like did dolphins in the regular season when they gains in Miami. I. There now now does have bright idea that you'd you'd while others say it's could be zealot and he was talking about is they can have a convincing win. And like a 28 to thirteen game and and it's that kind of push you know I don't know what does the points for a disable is seized fifteen. It TBS the saints were never in trouble they won twenty to thirteen in. And now all of a sudden. You know it well the thing is in recovery yet because it's a ridiculous number. It all right Jason and work. All right they say it's really very much to think so one needs only you can Texas states and the gates ended the jets allow and are seventeen yards rushing per game by me. About 230 passing and had their defense is speed it. There was a consistent stretch in which so I wanna say earlier in the season they were Mario and I think that things in the AFC east about six or seven games into the season. And you know when you look at the cloud gained even lost by a 35 points combined total which is about six points a contest. They lost you know seemingly met in their record indicates become an off of the game last week in which have dimmed the team that lost what six straight five straight. And they just got handed 2230. You gotta wonder where they Haiti is that they still in it. Yet their laws eight straight the Broncos and put it two when it is good enough then you have as much else are now about our game the guys only game the jets got what. And a guy outlawed at all season long that no chance on policies and off. But you know it did come into the dome Bobby and Al we're expected to Guantanamo things up and make it ugly and some of the two would like to Chicago Bears did. And you know probably I would say mutt. Basically about the same at the quarterback situation rethink about an 82 days he become. I mean I am McCown that was have been involved in many not poignant. They have a receiver that I thought intriguing. And he's a second year receiver. That no one who the hell's this guy Rodney Anderson. The use of freeagent. But he is right up there about Michael Thomas and Tyreke hill with the chiefs. As far as a second year of receiving leaders. They got a housing and I didn't want this guy from temple a two he's from Fort Lauderdale, Florida went the tablet to your guy. Big a long lean 63. 19 in the reason I bring you know I was looking at his numbers. A second year receiving leaders though Michael Thomas. Is first with seven to five receptions ride in a thousand yards and twelve yard average four touchdowns. What is fantasy guy Robbie Anderson the he's righted almost fifty a party nine catches been righted and almost 900 yards duties averaging. Sixteen have yards a reception with seven touchdown. So here's the guys produce if you look at. The NFL. That this is always he was there. NFL big plays. Receiving. Since 2016. So basically they'll last two seasons when you look at receptions. About 25 plus yards. Big he's number one. He's number one and a whole National Football League so. You is not Joseph writes that he probably just throw privacy of probably Aniston. Could end up make it a play. But but I thought that was innocent guy that I never heard a lot of I don't follow the jets but. About that's kind of intrigue in his second year receiver like Michael Thomas and averted you know Tyreke hill with the chiefs. But on how to know Robby Anderson it was a good. I batted back to the sole legal and just sit down dumb Michael in Mandarin Michael thank you for calling that we did you have. Thereby mean these guys out there on. Okay soon hey Michael good lawless and all I got a quick question about. And let you talk. I've worked with a guy that's from Detroit in big blind Sam gores and we're talking about bag and it there. And I'm not old enough unfortunately the better around and watch him on board in 93. I I was wondering if you have Barry Sanders on your team and early ninety. Do you think they yell at me its due once the ball. Well I mean ending combat marries and has would have help anyone. I think with Barry Sanders he was that getting to take over a game that then gonna wanna play a game and I don't know about. What do you say would assume all you gotta make plays the ball has the ball to way you have to look at. Who you face in and I know put it this way they NFC was a lot stronger than AFC then. Bridges like the Buffalo Bills that have won a suitable they were always going they were like an NFC team where you had. Five teams that the bills was similar to you look at the giants the Eagles the Redskins the 49ers. We were in that number. Always use this example Michael. I'd played twenty straight games had beaten ANC. We were twenties oh against the ANC and the 21 game we lost that the bills. In the superdome here and never forget I and you you're playing cover two men every play. I know that that's season Drew Brees in the break him a record that season and I got sag fifteen times in the in the sixteen games. And Alice sacked three times in a bills game I had twelve sacks against me in awe of the offense. And I got sacked three times against the bill that's been grew smitten and Hanson and all and they can Carty has been a biscuit. And they can always get asked Cuba. No Barry Sanders. No he would've made any offense better and help any quarterback that he was Agnes. Michael thank you so much so for the call odd days on 93 day thank you for calling WW hill. We may be about. This ultimately it. Yet there on that one oh yeah. Now we've played in the and when we played it did. And dump bucket that get back in the apartment where you are well for. So Isaiah began dating my now using new younger Sean Payton you know what are. Iran in the park where. You know bottom line a little we have the fourth best rushing attack in the NFL's whom has been running the whole hog we be the Ford as it would not running. Yeah. You mean it can't see Doug about like it tends where. Every game we have thirty intense yet no doubt that that that's a winning formula and I'm sure John pains aware of that. It's. Now holly calls a game. And obviously if you burn more on third down then you gonna have more rushing attempts and I think sometimes Sean Payton. When he has to play from behind I don't know how patient he is as far as. Wanting to run the ball maybe it to be patient. That because we got the lead I can say right now we got the lead Dave. And we control facilities do like we control we gonna run the ball is not only not going to be Al drew. I got a little recourse now again we have it be that we. Aria I mean it just got that all. Well he's gonna be. I got the you know those the government Johnson yet he's been most recently spent time with. And he's been to Tampa Detroit he's been all over the league but he was with some earlier this fall in the river yeah he was lit up and it is darn Johnson is that thirty year guy. He played actually four games their alliance earlier this season so big guy he has contributed. As of late. He was undrafted out of Rutgers and 2010 is is best performance came. With the lions in 2014 actually had six sex. So hey. Close I'll doesn't just get it wanted to assess via metadata. Yet that that's assembly George Johnson. Because you know death when it will wary at a law deeds it's a blind I think that's why. All of a sudden. You know he's active deacon we release price harassment umpteenth time. Silly because it that change week to week a week week to week who's available and he contribute for the team. Icon meg James Don Nathan and deuce and Drew Brees had six or deny right here on sends radio WW. And welcome back. To the phones ago James in the Big Easy thank you for calling WW OJ. Yeah this is Jane hello it's me doing these things. Guys listen I you're gonna you're it's morning in order that's been released earlier that would do but what about you know. The lead investigator on grade in all right and you know. You know what it would coach has to do you know routes into an inaugural call that. Well code specifically for guys it is. That the annual goal that we line up against Atlanta they closed out the set in. We got close out the first half call it the what was the actual call and was it a little about formation and outlook there. He was all of the volatile Lou loves him that if he had Joshua rivas he did this that problem by unhappy York. Or maybe even note. I and so an and like they when it went out went up. Is that something this review local and other words good shot they say it you go back and look at that. Is that a reviewer will play. No no you know you don't want to yet yet you see it but that the proper thing it would have been right then it is still now. And I said this I think owners. Cut yeah. Winning. It look like the Lebanese and. He had no it is truly it is not much of me and think about happy yard how far is that I Mena news talk about you know is not as I like it's a lobbyist but the point being to meet Norway made as an official you'd call that let's say somebody was coming all of the edge. Against the rivas Joshua rivas and maybe had a chance to block the field goal. And nine yen and it was affected to me that's when. You would sort of flag that in that I would say you warned it team and you tell Josh Suri was because he was coming into the Gallup Monty now it. Joshua revisited past the buddies had no I have to know better from a veteran and so he's not making any excuses. But the point being that right then you don't take points off the board and then you warned the saints and next time the saints kicking a field goal. And now I in the second half and in Joshua rivas doesn't make an adjustment and and they need to or fly. Right and yeah. Like they say it that night it proper order to people say this cannot be there craw there I mean they've. That there can end on an offensive panel they were not they'd be equipped to restrict that well that's correct. Yeah because that time ran out because there was no time left when an actual the play occurred. But the interesting as a just. Poston gets notes the single game record is suggests a stance against the saints the most passing on to a jet player ever had against the saints. Was back in December 3 nineteen Cindy too when Joseph Willie named head to her feet in the passing notes and the last time the saint had a 100 yard Russia against the New York Jets Bobby. Was November 21 198311. Attempts aren't thirteen year old it's hokey guys. Yeah I think Gaza and ID you look you know on the NFL loves this we've only played the jets. Twelve times in history yet here and guess what the record since then since six trying to see that name of Natal that parity. I couldn't remember Dick I think it was. The day after Christmas are I don't know it was Christmas time we played in new York. At all Giants Stadium. And we beat digits you know with the head coach for the Janzen. And Richard go tying Pete Carroll. He can't tell tape declare yeah I would the jets 9192 we beat the jets only played him a couple of times and we've beat amended Delmon they would be tomorrow there are so would the jets weren't very good men. No all right coming up. The gray when deuce will be would disclose QB to QB and we'll get to dynamism and Derek in the plot sports talk until seven there tonight in LSU basketball vs the Houston cougars right here on WW.