What is Pres. Trump's national security strategy?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Tuesday, December 19th

Tommy talks to David Schanzer, Director of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security at Duke University, about President Trump's new national security plan.


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David Chan's adjoins trying to director of the triangles senator on terrorism. And Homeland Security on I guess you call a Tobacco Road don't judge did David Duke University. NASA says is him roller road. I. Thought but it's not like you here obviously. What did you take from the president's speech yesterday Ian. What do you take from him doing things like Colin. Gluten and congratulating him on press conference it was wheeled that was staged that it's he does it every year but now calling on the speech. Well documents. Strategy here are useful. Help give some insight into know what are presence thinking is this one was done within the first year administration and certainly had some challenges in light of how untraditional candidate. The president was. But I think we also happy about it. In terms of looking at that what what they say in the document and then what the actions and I think so far this presences there's a pretty wide gap between those aspirations and then. But this presidency to do the databases. As as you pointed out. Who is Zuma knew he grew here David who has. Getting over on who is is it bum to do yelled that Yeltsin lord almighty minimum. I'm not feeling well today and I'll get it out of my head eventually. Imprudent his seat. Five moves ahead of the president on the that chessboard so to speak or is the president five moves ahead. Aside moves behind imprudent but the other way around. Well. You know I think. In terms of Russia. Russia is still playing a week and I think we will get the China eventually oh. By. Russia can disrupt. I think the right in the strategy saying that Russia is trying to act as adverse to the western lines that wants to. Break up our collection with Europe wants to confront. Liberalism. I don't think fruits and really has a very strong yen he can cause problems but he has really no friends. And you know I'd trump I think is very confuse. About. And try to deal that in this strategy doesn't really provide many good ideas. About how to deal with this challenge. And an address one Texan oil back and talk about China why do you Tony Tucker lose your mind because the president is associated with Russia you got to answer that. Here is the reason if they are compromising financial ties between the president and gluten. Good news and a driver's seat because no matter what happens he's not going anywhere. But it couldn't has compromising information on president trump. Well and perhaps they could lead the president to act in a way that's in his own so best self interest and not that of the nation because he would. Be subject to penalties whereas. Wooten is not if that clears it up for you David and she had David chance there. Director of the triangles senator on terrorism and Homeland Security at Duke University. Was yesterday's speech primarily. About trade as it relates to the defense of the country. What some sort. As a views that he feels that we've been taken advantage in trade and we need to change those relationships numbers strengthen our economy and our nation. Totally. Do we have always used trade people avoid. A lie with the United States because of our economic power and we've used that to advance our our foreign policy. So for example with that CPP in Asia the they pulled out we got nothing in return now. In other countries in Asia or getting together and go forward with the PPP. Without. So I don't really see how that policy move that is advance our interest at all. So I think trump temple lot deflection if he feels like he's going to use his views on trade and withdraw. From these relationships and still make it stronger. In terms of negotiating and the president says is negotiator. You say we had nothing in return for pulling out of TPP could he be looking for something. To return to TP piano is that likely at all. No I don't see. Agenda at all he says he wants you know Yoko and Earl. Agreement. From countries that he thinks will be negotiated more favorable terms in the TPC. The GDP actually analogue. Very social things for us and I think in the end booked in economically. And from a security perspective after world. We're competing with China in the oh this'll PPP was which hedge against China. Dominance of this region. That we have nothing to compete China's investing trillions of dollars around the world to develop new. I think we're getting left in the industrial. So your take away from the president's speech yesterday was. Well this system. Sort of more traditional US foreign policy the president announced in his campaign that picture. But there's and so very big gap between. We're gonna compete which work correctly with Russia. And the president's actions on a day to day basis we don't really have much of plan I think in place about engage in direct competition. And so. As usual these strategies that remains to be seen actions that really much more important than words. Thank you sir appreciate your time and have a Merry Christmas. Right engadget David Chan's a director of the triangle center on terrorism and Homeland Security at Duke University.