What moves have the Saints made?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Monday, August 13th
Bob Mitchell in for Tommy Tucker.  Bob talks to WWL Saints sideline reporter Steve Geller about the Saints.

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All right in his day Bob mental and Tommy Tucker 61717. Minutes after. 6 o'clock here right now we have talked to. Steve Geller of the brand spanking new slate sideline reporter I was listening noon and as a Steve while at the long time coming Steve how. Man thank you so much and yeah it was a thrill to be in this position now and men who is hold different perspective to have. On the sidelines of an NFL game. Actually. Seeing the guys an action you hear you know going from college to the pros you hear the players saying the speed of the game. Oh yeah much faster being down there on the field and then just. Actually hearing really those barred those bone jarring hits. On a crunching going on during the games. It's it's pretty intense I had a great time we can't wait to be in the dome Friday and I just have to be careful about getting run over by some of these guys oh yeah there's there isn't about what you call I guess the yellow brick road on the sidelines and a that's the part that I am not allowed to cross. On there where the coaches and players are but I gotta tell you there was one point during the pre season game. Where I got attacked on the back turn around its Thomas Moore says it and he just six out of ten and says hey man I just wanna say congratulations. That that meant so much to me and it was it was completely awesome that is great so. Any signings or cuts happen yes flu since other saints over the weekend they did get rid of the Vontae Harris after a two penalty filled. Pre season game in heat had been. Our guy dish you could say that was struggling with this team. Are kind of amazing that he was named the starter last year week one was a starting quarterback for this team the first two games. And then we saw Terry Crowley really take over in that position. He was put on waivers and now that Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Have picked him up so piece sticks with that team the saints are gonna see him week one of the regular season in the superdome. It will be interesting to see the revenge factor of Dovonte Harris now who and and yet eight and actually the team brought in its gonna be a big confusing. In the secondary there's another Marcus Williams as Mario Williams is playing quarterback though on has a little more experience. Has been in the time of the year like Pacifica in the league a couple more years. I spent some time with the jets in the Texans but yet to Marcus Williams one as a quarterback what is the safety now should be fun for Zach induced to make the calls on that. Don't eat what is going on with Marcus Davenport. Cameron Meredith and Tommie Liddell there really are and that that the tied them up a blonde like Watson is that his name. A bedroom want to back at practice and I Michael Coleman Allen knew he is one that he he came back him and how now hasn't been practicing. But yeah I know Marcus Davenport. I guess you would say is the biggest negative you could say if you wanna look right now this team. Because we know how much the team traded up. The wire him hopefully being that pass rushing answer still not practicing. Talking to a guy like Zach Strief he was saying the teams being Smart right now they don't wanna rush him back in action but he is missing. These raps with this team so we don't know. How much up to speed he's gonna be ready for the regular season is a serious injury or minor and it's there every once the believe it's perceived to be something that's not serious. But it's been since the first week of care now that he hasn't been an action so I I I just what I would like to see him. At least out they're taking some reps in right now there's just been nothing program to about Meredith are Meredith they've been they've talked about being cautious with him. I practice because he's recovering from that serious ACL injury a year ago. Com but being on to be worried about it all bear. He's just dug getting along slowly and the wide receiver he's been out he has been practicing and I did partake yesterday at least. Let's say it's a delayed take on approach countries season that we need to win or does it matter what no matter what whether you know I was actually surprised to hear about that like the players have even talked about we wanna go 22 and home. They're pre season games are deathly factored into that and right now I guess you wanna build that that. That winning tribute you know that winning culture right now and you can feel with the team that every game. That bear out to take it home I know this pre season match up it kind of looked like they were headed for a loss in the fourth quarter comeback. Was really big I think you meant meant a lot to show that they're still a tough enough and have the ability to come back even when the chips are down. Well one of the very old saints coach is many many years ago was kind scram. And he believed that you need to win pre season games because he said it gets you in the mode to get you in the habit of winning. Yeah absolutely becomes like you said a habit forming opinions you know you get used to that. I just I think that we've seen over the years the team really hasn't. Come you know come to the forefront in the pre season and we've with that has kind of stunted down to start the regular. Regular season coming out the gate now maybe they can you know put that altogether right now. Picking start this season off fast which is deathly going to be needed touch thanks Dave I'll thank you good luck doubly listening to you policy tomorrow morning after all that's Rabin are always trying to talk of yet there just sinks practice this morning and then have off on Tuesday. As they get ready for that pre season match of Friday in the superdome all right but thank you so much.