What to make of the canceled North Korea summit

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, May 25th
Tommy talks to Jim Carafano, Vice President of the Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy at the Heritage Foundation, about President Trump's decision to cancel the summit with North Korea.

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Text come in about Donald Trump and the president obviously president trump. And in North Korean summit. Drug administration has been radically optimistic about North Korea question mark absolute baloney they've been radically nigh eve because trump is unqualified to be president. How's that Nobel Prize party planning going to anyone who thinks it trumps threats are going to get North Korea to give up their weapons is an idiot. And then there's another Texan says promises settles in a position of strength by forcing the north Koreans succumb to us seeking a new meaning. As oppose its questions been on since Donald drums been running for president. Does he have his big master of 3-D HS plan where everything falls in the place I know this it seems as though in this gazed. Maybe we're not any worse off than we were before in three Americans are back at home Matsui Jim Kara Faneuil. As a say vice president of the institute for national security. And foreign policy at The Heritage Foundation the morning sir. They've got to be with you I am by I have split you know throughout our commercials on. You know during the break in my. Number it doesn't mean that's of their four eyes nose and politely and quietly and oil and well that's the other question. Why aren't you wouldn't want to get. Come on president and fund plea make it is like he had to mail me Cintron. In 80 yeah we did this come hungry though. Tell me about North Korea I NN mentioned 3-D HS Israelis not as simple as it appears as a. Outlook is truck is the conventional president he's have. He's the first guys that say that an unconventional space and so when we're in the north Koreans said they want to talk. On the conventional wisdom would look what the orchards are gonna do is just going to be the deal. Just do this same thing they say they indeed need the right who would mean. You lucky that we are declares state and that arms control agreement and that we can all these nuclear weapons again but it. Which says look. This this guy as you have done some things that others have done it before you release it into the we made gestures a different and so did he gave us something for nothing. He says he's different let's let's give them a chance. Right that's the unconventional from talking what are we have to lose is the reality is. We we have a thing. And what happened over the successive weeks since the north Koreans basically have a lot of messages that really did. It really just shows they just want to do the same Purdue diplomacy really do in terms of look well that's that's just not. Where a meeting choke when you're serious calming and yes that happened here. Early but in the interim Jim mint seems to me were no worse Austin we were before of course not and and you get three Americans that are home that would not have been otherwise is that accurate. And it you know several months of a moratorium on in on testing and they just. Give deactivated and nuclear facility. Could be an extra strategy is maximum pressure nuclear deterrence missile defense. Conventional deterrence and their allies in sanctioning that what that does that address that to core interest that the United States that is what is that. Kim cannot directly threaten us. And the utterances Eden or tree and in northeast Asia. The strategy. Accounts brought. The diplomacy is if it's Kim is it is an option that can can choose. He wants to he's certainly better for its country and the escalating threats simplify. And we don't need to diplomacy. He needs to diplomacy. In terms of I hate to say thumbs up thumbs down but in terms of the president handling this situation. I think he'd gone back to these three Americans but you think about that the deport guys they came home that was basically in a home only when they got here and then dyed it. Seems to me like Indy we came out on top is nothing's really changed again I gotta go back to the three Americans at home again so. I have to give the president an a thumbs up on this one. A look like anybody expects diplomacy with North Korea. To be anything other that roller coaster just bought a ticket to the wrong all right this is not get it. Move on a Linear path. And and quite honestly if you listened to all you're tweeting buddies there. And then. Forget this month bloody politically experts but it like the acts were to reduce green being you know on. And what happened less than 24 hours after the president sent that letter as a 24 hours the north Koreans came back. They are much less bellicose. Talk yeah so I assume we're what have we lost your body. Well and we've we've herself actually mean it. I coordinated but this policy is basically saying we don't try opening you know Kim she's tired of immaturity for MS thirteen. The edited to be in there to speak and so has yet I think they're December appreciate you time and. I hope you come back on with a isms we have Danica account has come up that we got to get to. I have a great Memorial Day weekend come on down into loans when you're hungry Yelp which other miles will have on. Others are pretty dark prisons are chicks will be a blast. At a day ago while politics thank you Jim Jim terror panel vice president for the institute of national security foreign policy there needs foundation.