What is LSU's path to the postseason?

Bobby & Kristian talk with ESPN/SEC Network analyst Ben McDonald about what LSU needs to do to make the playoffs.


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Cruising right along and our three welcome in the sports talk here on WW LI MF amend dot com the KG can embodied Arab Christian Derek Bart Menard. At master control in all of sports flash taking your phone calls a final four. 2601870. Text 8787 the NFL Vegas odds. Are out in terms of who are the odds on favorite to win each division we just talked about the NFC south. Couple other divisions as well the saints are nine to five odds to win the NFC south Atlanta comes at a 221. Carolina 31 and Tampa Bay at six and one the royal wedding this weekend even have betting odds on the royal wedding. And mark and body myself. Gonna have some fun with these lines right these are entertainment odds and win it make our own bets within here right here on the air. And no money at stake which could see who would be in the money if we decided to between the three of us. Bet on the royal wedding mark I would venture a guess you know nothing about this royal wedding I mean other than its its royal. I know who's involved and OK fine with the Prince Harry in mega Markel sure but my point my point it was ideal sit there and study and now the royal family in the coming in okay. Yeah if anybody Leo. No I just casually observe. We gonna call of a youth and ordered odds decreasing Gary's getting remarried. No no this feed at odds are idea contended that the kind of stuck there and went right. He's gonna cook received his authority as an extra next week yet. I'm a Vegas give Vegas on our our sports and capital will will put those odd that wreck right in what what what are the odds Christian gets remarried when I was CPU like a little bit legacy members gonna odds and oh yeah BR BR yeah you'll be like. Is Christian did George Clooney in New York. The most eligible that beyond what has this been an afternoon with you first and and he could probably viper and I'm better odds would be Isaak you know how likely is yet. Remarried and divorced again. Know a couple of you don't have confidence in you now and then and you people I scenario let's make a little. We'll pull it off like it's a heightened threat a threat I get trick somebody parlayed a bit hung. Who may have Markel who walked Megan Markel down the aisle and royal wedding IC door Iraq that won the two sides Prince William at 31. Prince Charles attend of one other at 31 where eagle about it. Arrow goes the old man Prince Charles because I. I don't mind to double the odds is wilt in one. And bode well with the choices those prince William and every one. Dorian rag that it wanted to win and l.'s better dad. I'm not sure that come with specific. Prince Charles ten to one or other 31. I'm I'm gonna I'll I'll stick which you guys go for it to our eyes and all that Prince Charles walking. May Markel down the ballot the royal wedding move on what color will queen of the queen's hat be for Saturday's royal wedding I'd hear ago. Cream or ivory 31 blew 41 Y 841 green five the once over 71. Blacked in the one page fourteen to one black purple 141 go to funerals I. Stuff fourteen to one for yellow 21 for turquoise. 45 to one for red 321. For gold forty. Ford's brown 51 and union Jack 100 to one well. There you know like in the my my prayers for you started naming all the colors bluish tightening in in that. I think that you know it's even a bluish tied tenth two record 21 yeah. I think that's around it yeah I could see that is while I was kind of thing is very spring like and it's I think acceptable weddings yes some you give me turquoise is well enough when I won last now. But but I mean I need uncle with gold at thirty to one. A gold act because the royalties and yes it can be gold mark bodies turquoise on gold. I'm I'm get a phone calls and hear from our resident royal wedding expert and Allison and I'll really should first of all she said Doria Rangel and his mega Markel mother okay. So that our oil and then orange is favorite yet her mom or prince Charles Prince William as incestuous there she also just called have been said. The queen has to Wear a color hat. Because in the guards to spotter easily if there's a sure that's what you two gonna go what were you which color what died were rolled through one more time with talent was in my here oh boy okay is a long list. Cream or ivory. Blue. Welcome averaged 31. Blue light our floor in one simply not blue and white when they're both they both want green. Five the once over 71 blacked in the one peak 141 purple 141 yellow 141. Turquoise 21 I'm I'm ago purple. Purple aria. He liberalism. Royal that society royalty national what did you guys do I I. I gold he had Terkel has turquoise when it won but what was the last that a 101 the union Jack as kind of a millennial thing why not we'll colors that. Because had a flag and had to be elected them get to flag gauge how the flag and country and doing your stars and stripes and yet. That I might be very millennial liner that might be hit the vehement in his Tuesday. What color will Kate Middleton who's had the for Saturday's royal way. Higher ago so you have to Wear damn hat I mean I'm like yeah I'll wager yeah with the royal wedding oh all right okay. Eyes so I do know that much of the women have to Wear hats greens are gonna fix in here green's 31 blew five to one peak also by the one. Yellow six to one purple seven of one. Black 821 cream or ivory to one Turk waste in the one. Read fourteen of one orange 161. White sixteen won silver at 21 goals 331. Brown at forty to one and union Jack 100. To want. Yeah union Jack. Ahmadinejad that they want somebody to ban on that yeah without a doubt to lose their money outgoing and although it Terkel eyes again next outing in the ones I'm gone yeah yeah I'm won't silver. At 21 says over and I'm gonna go blue laws Google. Blue was gonna save five to one yet okay I'm gone blue eyes and look what the text here and this is supposed to be a sports show it is but it's sports guys making you bet on entertainment stuff that we have nothing. We know nothing about so it'll be entertaining is gonna review it on Monday and add did you venture to guess well none of us. Well I want the best tags though this is deadly to take some day this is 7788. Christian Gary the odds are he's huge he's gonna marry a Russian mail order bride walk off at even money. And that now that now wow so crazy and now that right and now now now that. Christian and I think that's about right easy on the area I mean over so I. I don't know anything about batting with the even money mean like he just breakeven via. Yes yes yes I don't win anything and yet you don't really do anything today is probably gonna happen. I last won here you know in the the royal wedding bets from days the odds. Will Kate in the queen's hat be the same color in Saturday's runway obsessed with the is pat. Yes I know I say though is parties you pick the good of a Collison out. While I gotta go against this picture coolers. I'm I'm I'm door no I think I think that K like to have a room identity. I'm buses okay now. For those that are texting let's get back to spore was sodomized boards this up first and we'll get back to a slow one. It's the heavy series all of ads on it funny like how they have a line on Wednesday. Douglas. You really are degenerate gamblers you're like yeah give Lisa and actually have some of that I mean come on. You Betty I'll royal wedding and then not now this is a lot of logic it's that downtime for sports though and gotten a lot the battle on. That this is. This is logical this is 33 to money with color are her eyes that hat will match girl. Then on the Internet. Are scouring the web for pictures. Sports often now hard it's hard to (%expletive) off as a sports show. Sports marketing and blatant errors here on lobbied him to LA and government then you guys suck. Well she baseball qualify for the NCAA tournament this weekend when they take on Auburn. Welcome back to sports talk. No longer the royal wedding and the odds. Thank you very much Bobby Christian the sports talk here on WWL. Well she baseball qualify for the NCAA tournament this weekend. As they take on Auburn and well she seal a deal then how the tigers gone from college World Series finals. Two on the bubble and one year it's College Baseball that's out because it happens. When you have a team they have so many stud players on a year ago they all get draft or go to go on a graduate. It's really difficult to replace talent in one year. Look at all these young men at a plant this year as prussian. When Greg indictment arrived on campus in Baton Rouge. He and his Big Easy was junior last year I mean he's he was he was massive look at Michael appear ski. He wanted that big when he arrived as a freshman to the point being is let these guys recruit again yes a down year. Pulmonary old retool again with these players that are currently on the roster. Be a year into the program into a College Baseball weight program watts a difference in guys like Daniel Cabrera the guess here yet another. Well that's intriguing to me Danielle. Daniel Cabrera. When you consider. Chris is that the man that. This tea I think yesterday. If you could at a high school would you have turned down a million now. In her play in Major League east ought to be an assist right. You know because that's what he did to go to LSU. Now all of a sudden when you see that type player you want that instant success. And you have to realize. Hi immature and you congress slow would you look as of late. We talked about this drug against Alabama was seventh at 106 RBIs two doubles and triples home runs in. His past nine games. I look. As a designated hitter now. His feelings to get better but you can be a DH is film maker great living obviously. In the American League regular the president the president designated hitters sixteen years and 27 at bats. 5983. Batting average though are driving in thirteen runs nodding that's the next three run homer yesterday that that's. The next. Like. I yeah yeah and likes judge you gonna seeing Major League might look all of a sudden aren't what you trial. To watch Alex bring in an Astros. Twelve anchors your remember. And look out he meets. He would just plain out there are starting but it is significant plays that he made against the Dodgers to win the World Series and derby and he is like a vacuum. Vacuum cleaner it's also the place now yes exactly. And so when you look at that that's that's kind of intriguing to me when you see. Top players coming out of high school in May be. They could go to me is that but he decided to go to LSU or any university local university you follow them. And you see their development and when they excel knotted the for a system that though by doubly AAA. We're truly. Are like outstanding stood major leaguers. That's. People don't realize how hard that is. Annika because I played professional football. For fifteen years in a fell twelve years. And Deion Sanders Tillman is not too it is before. Yet again Mina. Any sport but amateur sport no matter what the season he can do I mean delicate. He played basketball football and winning and have the new pricing go run and cover someone. He said not people don't realize. That how hard it is to hit Major League pitching is outstanding at Florida State football baseball. And listen like Bo Jackson. So I'm more impressed and they were unbelievable NFL football players who would be did in Major League Baseball how hard that is considering. The answer you don't realize. Said if I knew pitcher is throwing in 9800 miles an hour I guarantee act in bad 500. You tell me did that that's his reflexes. His hand eye coordination. There was coming daddy said no I can stroke it. And get hits theaters in all of us than their pages coming in 96. And the next ones coming in about eighty to 84 and move and I said that that's in you can be embarrassed and that's why you couldn't. We see this all the time you can bad 300 you succeeding competitive golf I get considered great. And me so that's why I'll always respect. Top notch baseball players and deceit or development in Kenya and Daniel Cabrera is going to be one of those guys. Body. What happens if LSU obviously doesn't get into the NCAA tournament you're gonna have some faction of the crowd the fan base. That's going to say to a stand up there on that. On that you know that false bottom look a little mountain rocky top whenever. And start screening for Paul Norman is ten. And and it would be a few towel exercise. And really a prisoner of the moment. Thing to say and do. Because they were in the CWS finals a year ago. And hitting innocent perhaps its worst case scenario they don't qualify. For the NCAA term I guess what it happened in 2011 for LSU what did so they didn't if they fired and then. The he'll get to the CWS finals next year I mean it's just the way College Baseball as an in particular. To sit here and say that that you wanna call for pulmonary Ted because. He with the CBS finals that qualify for the NCAA tournament and in one year mute rate that's what you somehow some LSU fans are gonna try come at a swift. Well they've made. National championship game for religious better. I mean they won five out of six times and now Florida is gonna have a chance three peat. You know luggage now that's. Kind of remarkable whenever you see. I want a serious talk trying to gain cogs that it just solve the problems they did at the with the parity. But to say all of a son coach and Mary could be on the hot seat I mean almost laugh at it. And the reason while why they saw the look Ellis whose facilities. You know much is given look at his salary much is required expectation and all that okay. So let's say that they don't holds the regional. And I think at least a going. To tournament. I don't know being in a host a regional not coastal regions but could Christian you don't know and we will win at an early double team to get in right now what are they went to lot of aggregates arbor and all of a sudden to have success and in Hoover. Okay they come out of college and then win the SEC tournament and the ya know not even I'm not so much superior to our regional. I don't went out even to winning as the rest. Let's us that as of the two out of three at Auburn and win the SEC tournament no I think you make the case I don't think you have to win the SEC tournament to host a regional. If you have success are getting their you have to win it. You gotta get get there you went two out of three I think you could fill holes because it RPI vs Auburn and what was that means you winning 23 games. Problem I had to trying get why you know winning EST tournament. But you know that they get things right past building and a nod and that's gonna happen that they might not even make it but the point being. Is that let's say they don't play in the post season. Far coach urban area. Are you go to teams that do you like lining up. The heart coach would Mary bought a guitar but would be authority news side. And who sucks right now on the SEC baseball out Alabama Tennessee. OK I'm I'm look at an Alabama morning relishing their new head coach already club but I mean would they slowly steadily where he can likely end up. The thing and listen. If you do that coach McNair is not going anywhere. He has a lot of opportunities learned bans. And the whole nation means so that I mean LSU fans this data gonna be realistic. Ben McDonald former LG pitcher an analyst for ESPN in the SEC network. Join us in about five minutes here on sports talk phone lines open a final four. 26018 semi tech states and the 870. This is WWL. Welcome back to sports talk. LSU for well she pitcher Ben McDonald joining us now. Analyst for ESPN's cal baseball analyst for ESPN and the SE networked bin aria. Good listen no one of the intake I said anybody were to start about Daniel Cabrera in particular down the stretch here has just worn out the baseball. And I owl from being too two hyperbolic but. He's the next superstar hitters fellas show I feel like. I have no doubt about the enemy look out beyond which you got. I didn't see the you know it you know but you know baseball lot especially early and I knew BQ it turned down. And I hate its latest so there are people think he's great the only nobody turns down. Over one point five. Dollar luckily I just thought it was a million. Little. It was one point it was confirmed one point five some rumors editor at one point seven but I was confirmed one point five it's so early in the year when I first saw the Q you know when you're here though got to number oh wadded this kid could be the next thing so he really well early yet right. Pretty good. But he couldn't. Nipple that it picture at all like he was at 100 irked you bought the seat at all left inner critic soared to put too little bit the only betting against righty and I've been Amato. I don't see that somebody there on the Kia I'd go see it well I'll tell you what Atlanta but these are great would that ever to sixty points and you know lately the club in RBIs now Rhonda thank pat that table I see now I am glad Q was offered that kind of money because. I mean if the president yet anybody do it wouldn't let up but let's approach. You speak it great bending down earliest and SEC network at Rio bid and McDonnell. Bin. When you look at LSU and expectation is obviously much is give them it's required index victories in the and based facilities all night. And depression or coach an area you earn your Ralph. What would be a realistic expectations. When you when you view. LSU as a team. And need to go to Auburn and no and Hoover and I'll that is images like to make it to an award. They are right now that's all they can hope to do mean as far hosting a regional. I need that kind of stuff that that call out the window right now they just about Eddie they're Pepsi the main goal right now. It is to get. To the FB served as easy turning into the NCAA term they're going to be and yet the key term look at this week and it all has very pivotal they have all these got a base case you guys will be the number one pick in the entire country. 11 of those night learned Kiet. It another key it over there it turned down one at a million dollars or so out of high school to go to all pretty develop pitchers throw batting order that it takes so. It won't be easy over there you know they went to rehabilitate. If you went sixteen game conference play the last year the FTC. You're a 100% brigade into the NCAA term so Belichick went to agree there in gas. Gas now if they only win one is that they get that fifteen copper twin the legal opinion be in it got about 71%. Chance. I'll get into the NC terms of the now have to go to Hoover. And probably win a game or two there to get it beat to be in GA tour. Now then I don't know that I'm lags many Eagles was going only baseball always talk about the home field advantage. Oh what is the rhyme or reason why you look at L issues and they have to go on the road at Orban and they have to do so they haven't done yet this is season though when a series on the road. You stay connected of fans vs playing at the box are on the road. And now all so. When you look I guess is a neutral site at homered etc. on the road bella choose pretty trim and well on the court tuner. Yeah yeah Ali look that there are no primaries that your immediate football you know all that a paid out huge basketball at a banquet baseball a little bit. But not as much petitioning SEC it's been age range your election won all five of their holes. SEC week you know they've lost all for their road but it's like general ability you ignore the yummy Arkansas in the same way yeah I hope you would like to work you could Turkey you know Florida is the only team out to this one every week yet but their play at a level that both audio for very beat out all right now but to took a leap of the that the I think Natalie it's been an ESP villagers battle with trying to yet. LSU is very comparable. In Hoover Alabama the FTP terminology but let it what six collecting your group who are so. It's up all the way from hold them and who knows they may be. You know just negated didian they permit their pick one or two there. Hey how big McDonald's home Ellis who pitcher. ESPN and SEC network baseball College Baseball and all Rubin McDowell on Twitter bin. When you do look at this team and obviously broke down a scenario for LSU to get into determine. The with a can do you know get into the regional draft but is there still hope that they can host of other a region. Now I think that all guys are ridiculous 46 and your PR right now the four door RBIs that pretty predictable. You know the last sector that Mir who went started feeling it and typically to be host a regional you've got to. The inside the pop when he. They were there a Butler they've not a possibility that they went to weak yen against awkward and they go to the SEC tournament they were making a deep run there or maybe when it. Yes I'd write it would be very close to it but. The Whalen she's played this year has not been very insist that time that surely there in. That though it rallied his troops late in the year and make it gently run it would do something like that so. But mostly it's it it can't happen but it's very unlikely what I think here. Now then you followed K College Baseball around the nation even though you focus on and SEC being on the SEC network. When you look at this ACC. Obviously North Carolina there have teams that I've done about top to bottom. And you look at SEC even look at out west look Oregon State the pac twelve. You look the the big twelve you giggle all through the country. Where you could have a hotbed of baseball. But this year it's things like you truly have the haves and have nots in different thomas'. No doubt you know I mean look the FB he's been the deepest property in the pure they were haven't seen prank at one point early UT HTC typically right. Idea he would. You're right North Carolina. Why does have a you're you're you know Florida State clips and other or are out there you know so. The West Coast is really weird that you all but you know we'll be right here and there bird in order they appear could be. Pretty solid out there. But they like there's nobody out there and that's what kind of concern about the order's ready. They played pregame this year at the top forty mark yet so how do you know how that they really are yeah they're right. It's in the RP. In the regular expect effort that they played seven games. Against the top twenty that are yet issued their board three set ink so. How do you know how that they really article we don't know you know where as we look at Florida. What they would do eighteen games against the or Pia Arkansas won fourteen game Jordan one. You know eight games and so you I think yet the legal battle tested did say some of the other top topic of the plate that stuff yet you'll. You know with Indians beat in but. You've got operate well there's a ought to count the change out there and really whoever's are each playing the best now stretched it is going to be an object. They McDowell full well she pitcher College Baseball analyst for ESPN in the SEC network running down Hammond. Then I high expectations relish baseball fans were distasteful to mean six straight. Top topping national seeds a down year for LSU but has been McDonnell excess it was crystal ball. What does the future how how good do you feel about the future this program. But it was the perfect storm I mean look injuries reported and no injuries are part of the unit but you to meet. All ball recruiting just a little bit agree cute though there but you know they can. Behind the eight bulb in it in Amber's there work there eat it goes at an increase. Irving would just mean at the Watson missed some time and extort never developed that orchestrating don't know now. You know they do it. Those guys did not receive it like you know it's a new year it was Q. Only picking but yet he he be cute and replace it in our week in rotation they lost all recap so. They started the ball will be open they won't be. Because some increase being a bad year. I think the key issues that hit the wrap up more. Zach Watson is intractable sophomore. It Ellis you return opulent wore those guys coming back pressure to go comeback with the recruiting class they have communion insomnia began Bible church because they agreed. The Eagles the only Hugo. Markel give immunity Turkish you to make up Keyon. Preceded ranking nature in its own and get our national. Many things act Watson comes back out of the two. I think that. Watson at by the put money on it now what that leads this legendary pitcher hit the and not many talents that the draft this year I think what that would be your guy's gonna leave. Personally I think he needs of the year. And I note that it needs that the year two it is a very strong pitcher class. Solid is that yet to come back I don't think he's got a bad were equal to decrypt it. And for me you need to the year and so I spec the it you report. Agreed to McDonnell here on sports public drum appreciate the visit the incitement. Earlier the basement ESPN and SEC network College Baseball analyst follow on Twitter at real bin McDonald's suddenly come back. Hear more on sports talk on W two well. Body yet the radio dot com that yet. Probably not but if you don't give it today. I'm telling everybody else of course you can listen to WL anytime anywhere go to the App Store download the radio dot com happen. Then favorite us you can stream all of your favorite shows plus connect easy breezy. With the W do well on FaceBook and Twitter welcome back to sports on Bobby and Christian phone lines are open at 504. 26018 semi text 870 eights and he's heard from Ben McDonnell and he heard him say that. Hosted a regional Bobby is out for Ellis should just just disqualified and get it. While he didn't say it was out mathematically the united seat probability yes but mathematics ugly said it's those days are are are over at today's sweet Auburn. Christian the RPI's two to four. OK I would beg to differ against tuned in McDonald's date if they sweet Auburn. And they get to the championship game and don't win it they don't win this easy to have a big you know holes. He followed right okay now let's let us and that's a big step and yes I know is that denied probable. But that's why you sing I haven't been madly radically it is not. You like drizzle the Christmas land line up might because they got to still play the game I mean I don't know. I mean I these surprising they win two out of three it already think you win one. I don't do win two out of three and and it somehow. Now. Talking about banning of our royal wedding it all adds that. What thing I'd I'd be disappointed. If Dell issued at least in May the post season. You know not host the region outing but at least night. Get a proposed seasoning goes somewhere. Yeah I mean. Can get I think you'll get into a regional as a as a two seed and look. When you talk about LSU and you talk about pulmonary toward gender readers into cedar is that foresee just getting on Dallas is likely he'll be out right he'll be somewhere as a two seed ounce on it lower than. And two seater regional but you never know pulmonary like like been pointed out he gets his team's hot. Towards in the season it's not unlike pulmonary and LSU to get hot towards in the season a stifling UMass baseball even though he did play well early on in the to make a little bit of. Hello Ron well especially when they've accomplished in Hoover you kind of like a home away from home. This is still on the road always she is now as struggled on the role they haven't won a series it in the SEC bit. I don't know. Christian is to neutral site I mean Seles in Alabama Nolan. Was odd and on my given governor tigers could because I think. I was given I'm an anti euros get a but it tiger is on watch and he would keep Friday night Michael Bay. They lose to Alabama. And then obelisk trying to it again one Alice so mad. Now all of a sign that and Jordan magic in the box well. But not so fast if you ever doubted. Is that a rollercoaster dollars and download sedated and yup again on Sunday. If you ever doubted the mystique that surrounds a building right this is their mystique that you know that almost it's almost. The team is playing you know. The team the mideast plain that the nine players on the field plus the crowd plus the state of like there is certainly a mystique about Alex box you learn that on Friday that he needed to learn it on Friday it's been proven in the past where just magical things happen in that building for whatever reason. Baseball College Baseball gods of touch that building it said there's some divine intervention that just goes on from time to time it has built a. Well what would that win. It was in Baton Rouge. A minute he's graduated. Kristi memento Brothers dull out Christie yet she graduated in Christian they had this she's a biologically engineers. She's really Smart yet again though she sees as a bright future. So what their graduate is ominous go visit my granddaughter. You know Alan's and so I'm I'm hanging out with Tivo watching the game. Chris and I was so Florida when they won. Pals like a felt like you ideas and new world where you watch it a fireworks show that you know an issue and identify how to shot fireworks and I know exactly. Some say hello to keep us places to hide their asses right there yet it's so I'm I'm bacon. And in my cabinet next they have like god you know his best Minnesota my emotions that roller coaster but then they come agony went on Sunday. So is that who knows what's gonna happen over I did not know and albeit unions. Tough test tomorrow night or night you know Casey mice and he's going to be a top five not out but kitten though maybe the guys out to the big McDonnell said he might be the top yet. Tough task relishes this weekend that's for sure but hey. We'll have for you tomorrow start at 530 right here on W two well enough in Dhaka. Coming up tonight a double coverage Jay Cutler said don't lavish show me time for LSU baseball. As they start a critical three game series against Auburn on the road tomorrow what are the tigers need to do in this series to solidify their regional bid chances plus live updates are in game two of the warriors and rockets in the NBA Western Conference finals. The Celtics dropped to grow over the cavs could Boston building true contender with that system to challenge the warriors in the future all that coming your way. At 8 o'clock with Seth Dunlap phone lines are open. At 50426018. Semi tech's 878 semi do you guys kind of a peek behind the curtain body and I told you this earlier you know by alum. Just a total addiction to in practical jokers. Two TV show. So what you gonna go hang out wedeman me on the show they'll try to get them on our show. But I like to see you on their I would love to do it I would love to do it to me things I wouldn't say. All went out of doubtless that they need to get EU I could see this and if French Quarter Jackson square. Pages to pull off some stuff yeah because a lot of people that it's alone. Is it crew the mine I know you've faced in order name. But but I know you'd people right here Newby island I would caveat I try to win this sounds if we get the jokers on. Tolerance on until weasel my way onto an upload them they're always going to tour impractical jokers. New Orleans now hosting with you know Chris to Gary being apart what I want to be any in any good that you punish me I'll lose. Embarrassment. I have no shame sports saga rolls on next Arlo horse race and Nancy and NASCAR coming your way next hour as well you're on WL.