What is hazing?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Tuesday, September 19th
Tommy talks to Emily Pualwan, Executive Director of HazingPrevention.org, about the problems of hazing.

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It's not just Greek fraternities and sororities that are involved in this trying. Absolutely and I think you'd mentioned that Iran on who is what our hair on what caught up in the five players who were just arrested on on eighteen charges cheating happens mean sport in they. In fraternities are right in the military and even in professional so it's definitely widespread problem. In divers gotten a radio wanna things you do the rookies is you know they get this control board that we use. And this that you changed the settings on it. So that when a guy leaves only want girl when he walked back in and silent anything they have dad there than they start pressing buttons is it. At random and they really do mess up DSM the to me that's not hurting anybody that's kind of like. A rookie kind initiation that doesn't involve any. It touching nor putting anybody in danger is that's different than hazing ranked. I would today. Not really and now that. The slippery slope because a lot of people and what is the secret mission should I'm looking. The man stagnation. Especially when your talking about and you're talking about that. We're developing me ask the heavy alcoholic. When. Painting and a lighter arm but he's been our crew. Com public need there this study showed that on it's much much more like more injured Haitian happened and the feed is given a green. For hello this game but. That is where our. While and that's the first question Natalie is how idea. Draw a line between arm was practical joke. And hazing eager sane they're really isn't any. The legal and we certainly troops school policy template everybody should draw a line where they think that they Ichiro. When it gets the her lines and to go back. And you know when it's in the news intently. You see Alex you patient temple Greek my dorm clearly being moved that line and B how they're trying to react to hit it in eight. I think shifting more and if you look at live there call well for the plane and fiction. They can eat that apple lock. When you look at the policies that circle and they are getting more and more are huge because that particularly huge. Content he can't really control the situation. The pendulum tend to swing back more do we do need to stop everything and we can figure out how much you. You know encourage better practice that. Com so and is not about me buddies in my case I would never ever. Think of the touching anybody are hurt anybody physically or anything example would you sane as a practical joke. Can quickly get out of hand and only two guys who were pushing on each other can around him before you know get a full blown fist fight onions. Great orbit GAAP patent and even in the worst state law and should he got re. Harassment and ridicule. And and an ax me congress. Emotional harm as well physical so clearly they're physical hazing Eric are quite a year. Ecological heat. So. There's a group dynamic that comes in the play here is they're on the way a Drupal do things and maybe one person would not. And that sort of human nature itself I'm from that site called group think. Or bystander. Effect. Where you at the curtain now right in and at that moral line. When your ethnic groups and everybody's doing it it's much more likely the column with a group dynamic entity that is shocking news back. Com you look around and everything else you think it's okay you go along even though he probably keep count initial internal. In case you've not heard Chris Newman son Noah was arrested the took a freshman teen may out of his dorm room. Had his arms and legs wrapped in duct tape and was driven to a baseball field and dumped there. He suffered muscle tears in both shoulders and has undergone two surgeries and if you remember here new long ones we had. Guy tight end prospect I think may be was hit in the face with a bag of corn spy Andrei royal and it affected his career. So Emily before we went to the break I was asking you from the standpoint of I guess of fraternities and sororities are bands or whatever where does that instinct come to. Hurt somebody did tase them and why is it that people put up with a. And I think I'm thinking you can actually talk about come pretty bad debt that you experience. There. Our mode. Should hate others. Were those who were easier for. It is and into thinking like a lot times people say well you are in the and it is for those were in power is not so he needs of those who are. Netflix evening and probably are right there are dynamic between those were in control watching the difference he touched it it. They'll double and need. I want to belongs really strong. And you know especially into and even Yahoo! co workers will pretty much. Put up with things. Want to. You know do it there but can afford it. And in many cases they can can can be. Practices can get really dangerous because they were triple. Do they know there's going to be generally speaking once involved there's going to be. Physicals. Is sore or drink in that the end zone and ask him. You know the twenty accurate. So I certainly has that we never tried a year here but I knew what can or young woman. Don't they're brain. But. But I made it into hockey you can bet them permanent decried here. And on the path com she's dear parents electric or air Christian ugly old remember they're grouped. And some uncertainties. Com com and Graham right. Because they accurately here in some Kate is a Turkey and it was scary are cheap on early and it should make you. And I can't come. So. So I think it. That's why the difficulties and back there when there is not any supervision and went out. When you in law. Com you know it can carry it out and who knows what kind. Is there a any indication any data that you those parents who were involved in Greek life. Kinda looked the other way maybe encourage your kids to join and then sale went through it you know through a. I don't know what are saying but there is a data showed you're hearing what you eat Turkey but I sure like. And I think expected back and am anxious are you. I'm carrying on the tradition and happily be. Much of the mark arrived on lynch and stuck in Houston it it's definitely cycle and we. There's certain groups or schools or communities where it. I'm content that it in the culture and really really hard she talked a Michael's. I quickly we only have about thirty seconds left if you can family news com. I'm get a lot of text from people saying hey these people do warned forced to do it although the guy that was. Taken from his Roman and take up beat me he didn't he was forced to do it. Most hazing cases are they. Hum of voluntary or area where some money saying OK I'll submit to this to join your organization or to have you like me. Or is it where there are forced to do things against their will where you don't like so many graves in middle and nine duct tape here. Sure I. I think the and that captures the and he showed that. And kidnapping. Sometimes. Integrity we look like he'd probably be achieved our. He wanted those happy happy about the shadow. And the law. On many laws say that keeping it can predict exactly her property regardless of cheap tickets it will achieve. We weren't content to the activity. So. You are right there's AD. A lot of personal responsibility that each cheek thanked. And one of the things that we do you know soccer nation track where we can't even at Kelly middle school. It's okay you're gonna be anchored you're gonna want to and you have tax. Com where we're talking act child respects you know what to do my own reaction to the checking at a. And I answer quick peer pressure you talked about the group dynamic of people coming thorniest peer pressures the other week and work to. Or oppression in. Our thank you out of it. Came.