What goes best with peanut butter?

An interesting debate happened at Saints camp; which jam is better, strawberry or grape?

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Another yet saints Kampman you guys are standing on the sidelines all the reporters or talk hang in watching practice waiting on interviews things like that you talk about important weighty issues axes and those. The roster positions. But I've been told that there has been a heated raging debate amongst the media as saints camp. About whether strawberry or grape jelly is better and a peanut butter and jelly San. Yeah you could tell the media hit that training camp wall as well the other day when that start to be the big talk. A lot of folks going with the grape jelly but there's been a big wave of support for the strawberry jam that it would Jammer jellies and you could be using it even more. It's called a peanut butter and jelly and had a peanut butter and champ to me I've always been a great guy and a girl I've never really. I'd do strawberry jelly with Martina but it has to try and you vote for Kennedy and struck out for great young team great our hats are seeing it that important things talk about there the media fighting and debating what to better struck barrier grave on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Steve and I were talking there's been a raging debated saints camp. They're really having an out the media at saint camping has nothing to do with foot. Ball at all novices in its who's going to be the backup quarterback and now they got into a very public even on Twitter and FaceBook. Battle about what's better on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich strawberry or great all know Laurie yes. Try Apple's Alley says a text message today 77 anyway I wasn't even a landed on the last odds aren't. Strawberry preserves that's the winner not strawberry jelly to put us is is no such thing is strawberry jelly. Jolie only gonna strawberry comes in jams or preserves. At first that's not really like god I never knew that is but none iGoogle that that a lot. On the line right here in strawberry jelly I've sent it from smokers I mean I know some markers and make strawberry jelly am looking. And Kroger brand strawberry jelly and that's available like about that right now on line so. Whoever told you there's no such thing as strawberry jelly lied to you in the new for you you lied to me yup. Are you what I'm revealed your favorite not yet strawberry or grade. And apple over strawberry. Apple which are very over grape and apple over drivers and other attacks on peanut butter yeah. Raspberry says another tax team blackberries. Or make in this confusing. Jim Gray ball today apple deli is better than both gray and strawberry on peanut butter sandwich. So there's that the third vote for album. Grape jellies gross. Blackberry jam all mass. Grave. Throw that away and get some may halve gel when the world is may hide hide I don't know. I so I don't know who's winning and I guess apples to look what it is on our taxes does surprises I've DI. I grew up with great. When you were kit yet and as a kid that some my mom made it to that's ally are came down here my wife used strawberry. For this sandwiches for the kids are now I eat strawberry. But she does some you know very unique she takes the peanut butter and the jelly and puts it in coffee mug. And mixes it altogether and then put it on the Brett well and that prevents the peanut butter from sticking to the repeat amount blow job. It's fantastic idea I'll. Never thought so I'm going way as strawberry. Mixed with the peanut butter. As my vote what partners Eric is going to be strawberry but I'd I'd you do the great thing earlier. In life about a Catholic I gotta you graduated. You cannot know over its yeah you're over a member of the great and I just go and I like up reserve might like something noble. Will back blown through it you know reserve has more backbone. You know kind of thicker and maybe got out Chung Chung compare Marianne. And then of course some attacks me and says yeah but what about screaming your chunky. Penalties on ours is another whole debate hall ma'am. Yeah I and I'm chunky now I want big chunks of it I guess and I want talks of fruit like you went one chunks of peanuts at all as an idea I've won creamy. Note note John your premiums start Merriam I'm crunchy and start it was a it was a chunky thing it's crunch is it chunky peanut butter to crunchy that crunchy and isn't chunky. I don't think flight out I'm not fight a debate he has seen things that get people all worked up alive and actually pinpoint forecast centrists say happy home. Have we did lose a meteorologist Dave no spotted WW LTV. Strawberry grape on your pin about and don't start wearing. Chunky crunchy or some news snooze. Aaron that was simple. They're having this huge debate out its sense. Amongst the team about which is better standards. But people are texted me after. I've never had. Ample lot I've had apple but I usually want that on the raisin toast I don't want that I might be an opponent now. I'm OK when Blackberry every now and then. But the seeds or little you know if that's the simple keep it simple. As a son David's you want. You want a really great experience my wife Tommy put your peanut butter and jelly in a coffee mug and stern altogether real nice and then put it on your bread you'll love. And a mean absolutely it's what percentage is semis I Eastwood potato chips on a can opener and Delhi as well people do that respect is to know god. I don't have it with a peanut butter is was Elvis's at a zoning and try it. I you don't eyeliner it's kinda unique is cream cheese and grape jelly on on Brad. He ran down. Yen has now again and then all of a bagel and that grape jelly entry inches innovate on day. Man people applauding me with text messages today it's 7870 with others things that they want on their peanut butter and jelly. One person minds. Peanut butter and bacon. Another says the best is peanut butter and bananas with whipped marshmallow out of a jar as is trying to slice of cheese on your peanut butter with your grape jelly. And the hunt says. Grape jelly. No peanut butter with strawberry quick milk. When I know him but that is a jelly sands is still is with strawberry milk not want Caro Serbs on matters how my god this is getting out ran poison bury all day I assess what's at strawberry are great. And I'm getting everything but strawberry growers grasses that leave you actually listening and happy to urge it's not the I'm not a brand are the last loaf of bread we had molded. We can we we we never finish a loaf of bread my house and strikes this summer a year old so quit it while my youngest kids seventeen now so. Very few peanut butter and I semitism made mine common. Bad usually about Emma gonna get a piece of bread is half a loaf is gone and it's molds we can't keep a loaf of bread until the end where we don't need number red. Dissuading I know I don't want. What is wrong with people in Mexico City they've shut this town a taco stand that was selling torrential like tacos. 27. Blocks for a torrential atop go in a market in Mexico City. Promise tarantulas are endangered and protected groups so the kids against the law the government seized. The address those and had not yet been blackened. He was blackening tarantulas. And put them on dirt he has and serving them for Tony seven bucks apiece. Or you them apparently they're protected species says so they shut him down city can't do that here also is sold. Worm tacos and and tacos and grasshopper tacos. None of the above thank you very much nothing. I'm out by about you did you did goodness I'm gonna get into butter and jelly here on WW LI this is getting stupid man. The media out at saints camp gotten a huge debate that sprint under their social media about what's better on your peanut butter and jelly sandwich strawberry your grape jelly. Text messages coming in an 87 it's every boy's in Barry. Peanut butter and fresh blueberries. Seedless Blackberry. Honey with peanut butter and strawberry preserves. Peanut butter and hero sir up. May hall gets another vote I didn't know it may holidays. Bitter veterans teens Sara. Extra crunchy with mayonnaise those aren't even on the menu and but obviously there's a lot of variations of the PB and us to ask scraper strawberry and you PB and wait a minute that's from Willy Wonka that's not even a real thing.