What to expect from Saints-Falcons

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Wednesday, December 6th

Bobby & Deke talk with former Saint/current Cox Sports analyst Scott Shanle about tomorrow night's Saints-Falcons battle.


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And good evening welcome to our number 20 sports stuff he's body there and he military operating jaguar opinion poll available for you. At WW dot com what did C south team do you think the saints might see in the playoffs. Carolina and Lannan. Both and neither cast your vote on line. And WWL. Dot com. Also taken a look about now talking about some of the college football vacancies and some that have been field or hit on that a little later they're gonna hit to the bowl games of course LA issue and ordained in the sids is both second time in fourth season the tigers and iris will face each other opening get a little. More intrigue at least to be of Libya and a bowl game that obviously because no name in their. Throughout the history LSU. A lot of people. I'll follow the tigers because of they all wore on the more teams that. When they go on the road and didn't miss a neutral site game. He would do flock there at LA issue as a team that their program that. Fans give helpful when they're in this stadium. So interesting match at the and then also he became one of the highest paid. Assisting coaches in the history of college football at the time and that most Jan march you may remember. Free dish on Watson was Clint Clinton was on their rise in the ACC getting the way they were getting close to Florida State. They're not not some wins over Miami Virginia Tech writing an air and they air Willie call our nickel or other quarterbacks at that point damned. And coached Jan martz became a one point 31 point four million dollar coordinator that he made. He joins us smells on became too high as they tornadoes in college football that time exceeding the million dollar range it's that was a record. Where Tim Morris since left Clemson. And go to name for himself at SMU's southern Methodist university and this afternoon he was named Bobbie the head football coach at Georgia Arkansas. Well they what he's gonna do better to break the Obama. It went arkansas' rule you don't arkansas' Roland though the got to recruit Texas. Oh yeah that you guys and I think the big connections at SMU and he's established. I think of all of you are down affair and it would come on yeah Fargas ought to be irrelevant Houston Dallas that you look at those divides how populated those cities are out wins yet I mean they're afraid growls I mean when they won I mean come on. He would Oklahoma's relevant it is enough players and Oklahoma. This the rust is 70% 80% Texas. So they can all go to once schools still that's why it viewed meiji university Florida. And Texas. UCLA wants to be irrelevant like USC ninth when wood Chip Kelly and and the former is back in them. Almond tree was gonna have an an X ten full years we UCLA. Trying to be like USC and in football would you look at tradition. USC's atop don't know them. So Texas should be the top dog but that has not been the case may NN natives all ended with a guaranteed jumble Fisher. Severed five million amplifies day correct the senator how are you kidding me ending to assign the ones that mean the is India for the Boeing and me. When I'll look at where it takes that you look at Florida and look at significant impact this year of South Florida in Central Florida. And their programs again. They're so it is the only way incidents out for the long as they were going and then there's so many players that's why if you can coach. And you know you're doing the EU should have success. Now big with that being said. Artist sells way headed Tennessee. This is so what is Tennessee gonna do. I mean if you look at Tennessee's Phil pharma big guy did that big at their favorite. Because the tradition and big and I trust him and they had did that program headed in the right direction. But still that they got to go to Georgia they got to build to go to Florida Linda had to go get Peyton Manning might I think I don't. Well this team artist he learned from charges some policies crazy from Tennessee. But at the low debt out in the seat no he's got to G Martin won a national championship yet but I'm wondering if he's from the state governor of Tennessee. Because. When all of a sudden Tennessee's playing with the notion that big NN. May be higher lesson miles mobile. Okay and Mobile, Alabama Williams announced yet he. Listen I'm not downplaying Tennessee high school football. But I'm being realistic. It is say I'm not downplaying South Carolina football. And is looking at the numbers might put that there might play findings in Charlotte, North Carolina South Carolina. Columbia. You know you go Indy area it but he still don't have the numbers. Like you have in Georgia in the Florida Panhandle. By him mobiles in that area. And Texas and look we Jana per capital I Mississippi. And they had a lot of stunt. So so that's why. Tennessee fans at times volunteer nation became handle. That they're not relevant. I'm just going by this. In ages social and converted to a faux laugh. But still have whom he would the nanny and I'm nobody yet even he has since Villanova or Florida State it's damage it did over Cuba but it. Knew what have you done Barley lately. And that's what it first entry. At and look at their stadium they got the facilities to have everything. You could have Peyton Manning go to bad far you mean you tell my almost a torn you to use of like. Well he's just kind of like just another program not right and I I mean I mean a global what are you what are you like them but. Virginia Tech and SEC are you might say ninety known not even make of these things having driven rental it was eight years idea when he won double digit gains of more maybe North Carolina State. I mean I don't you know and and that's going to be net debt of the time my hey that's the only man yeah it sounds but a couple of minutes and allow over the G but the Dino I mean that's unacceptable oh yeah are all all I know is what every government lately against Vanderbilt. Tennessee it's him I can't Tennessee in their state if you think about it. It's very compare able tailor issue in Louisiana. You have so you have some big scoops on the level like you got Mathis you have been to deal with. Louisiana's guide you at Louisiana today. Louisiana Lafayette two lanes among the division one schools. But you know the big dog years in the state of Tennessee the difference is that you do have another program it's in the SEC. Before while you know I mean until as a Lleyton and James Franklin. Even even in the Franklin users like coal and they whoever beat Tennessee know you had to be a mosque. But now benefits beaten Tennessee what Rihanna last five years something like that and I mean it's. This is a low point Tennessee football they never until this year was the first inning he issued this clue that they didn't win at least one conference game okay. All ominous say is look. At in the history of truly. High level players NFL cal mountain succeeding at the highest level. I don't think Peyton Manning is from Knoxville and Nashville. He's from you all yes. They did is go to all the lists of like players how many actually from Tennessee. Look at Wright hit right now would be dumped from a lately Alec Tamara you know I want to America from Atlanta. From Norcross Georgia. Boutique public degree Atlantic Christian school religious in Norcross big have real manic crazy they got Norcross high school. Did did the the about four miles apart. So that's why Alec the merits from. Like bridges in South Carolina was relevant. What are the most dominant running backs in saints history. Won the Heisman Trophy George Rogers you you know he's from Duluth Georgia nanny went to South Carolina. I hunt is telling you own that way Aaron the players are. That you look at like. And that that that's why you gotta give people unbelievable credit. And not people. That the Clemson head coach a Dan vote double them up Diebold alleged Atlanta linebacker yet. That if I was like meg we know that yet double doubles Cellini in the Woody's done a Clemson. I'm telling you. This is that added that he is been moved to recruit. And that whole saudis and get players to go to Clemson could closes in the middle nowhere to about two hours of Milan Italian but I tell his country. Oh and it looks crimson as the various small small towns in South Carolina where no idea where they had bush Colombia Colombia is our liberties are gonna allied DN Uggla has been that yeah. Gang green nearly got a bit dabble a lot of credit no doubt about it. All right he's occasion can embodied bailout of its program to pretty much getting sit what's gonna have with Tennessee and just think about now. With two weeks away from the first signing period. And Tennessee doesn't have their coach here. We'll continue its boats up to 8 o'clock tonight right here on WW. You see in the superdome that there is so those millionaire that does the on the big Jumbotron screens this. Fannie and peck play when you talk about the someone jump off sides or things of that. And no looked noise it's huge you saw how big it was last week in new and confusing it's a lot time because of the knowledge in the dome who really lay out. Well coats of the falcons Dan Quinn sent out a a memo. Weeded out and so forth all the falcons fan there is it to you dear Megan blank such and such again she feel in the name of let's say thousand fans. It sank weakened there's a night football we're asking we are. We are asking all of our fans in the batting instate and yet. To crank the noise to another level as the saints visit our house Allen not expect that blank to fully do their job. This is basically giving you an employee of led to your employer to get off a worker. To fully do their job at the highest level on Friday especially at expending all day energy at the game. The battle for the NFC south is that pain we the falcons will bring the juice on the field and answer the same. From use in the states mile please allow employee let's say eight to be a couple of hours late or even. From work home on Friday December 08. We as for your understanding in most and polio support. And brother who really rise Dan Quinn. So I ask you thought the employers of the falcons fan base to get them a little break because they're going to be in exert a lot of energy on. Front and a silly thing. Bob did they are planning on Thursday how do you want to have the home thriller vantage I'm Mercedes-Benz stadium that the Mercedes-Benz superdome. My only thing about it a Mercedes been. And had Iraqis going in hole saudis have part of United States. This authorities say Tuesday about listened. I use an analogy today we built a billion dollar house and we need to probe billion dollar par how small market. I think sometimes. We're still using the coasters. And we need to be is now and fun as all we represented as the city. When Sam disappointed and I think there is. There was looking at the new house and taken out so let's hope this week in this Thursday night. Is one of their wine that turns well from a crowd standpoint that we know it's an important part it's an event at home field advantage is read. Well it's almost to the nicest stadiums and not what I mean about football environment and that this stadium is so nice. That is like the social event. Artists stadium is so nice that you don't necessarily want to be in this seat to watch the game. Because you can hang out like in a nice bar room and can watch and have the NFL ticket yet a number of games going on the same time Bryant so I think it can be special for Atlanta. Co Thursday night but overall. And they might finally maybe go sit in their season emitter of singing caught or whatever but always the it is not a whole Billy advantage. And that that as is the way it is. Nominated there were undefeated. It and out of the Buick is thought you know just like that. The LA a lead on Atlanta Crowell is very similar to an LA rams Karl. I think truly because. A lot of that would go live in the Atlanta area and like loss and then I've from there. Right you know below the Georgia Bulldogs but if you get a live and is on the mayor yes they're big on an average job opportunity and it's now that the outlook still winning on the support of my mountain made today at the Ramsey and it charges a when he thought I'll allow. My maybe support it may be replaced but it's not in their blood money is not like moaning do yes brother dies so. I think big eight could because it is and I'm Tommy could make a difference on Thursday night and. And those hotel and Bobby similar not ignorant and it welcomed him to us where a lot of saints fans born into this thing he's born in the LA issue. Inland as hope was their hope was that those same. Scenario for Georgia Bulldogs fans and a born in Georgia would be born in the falcon fans but that and cents translate you know then no it's not a couple of they had dead Georgia pipeline that I don't have got a fourteen years I didn't realize I know component mr. George Bush library that's experience yeah. And remember a state all right coming back. Much more to get too but first up eight CBS a bit. They're all the latest on the saints and tigers. News weather and sports go to WWL. Dot com to decide unified in Germany like to win the ultimate Christmas present yet you could be Chris Pringle of the year because right now. You could win a round trip ticket. Platoon from the Crescent City to Frankfurt Germany on condors airlines that winning is so easy just go to WW dot com. Now and in doing it yet between one. You got to register before midnight December 15 will randomly select one lucky limp winner from all eligible entries prize valued and that her forty dollars. When a round trip ticket for two Derek from new on the international airport to Frankfurt Germany phone Condo airline ho ho ho from all of us at WWL. Of course general contest rules apply. 2601870. Texas and 87870. Tomorrow. He's state championships began. In the Mercedes-Benz. Superdome the one to keep itself to a the most traditional teams in the state of Louisiana. And a classic 18 state championship showdown. There was saying Jan rams against the K would kangaroo oops that's starting off at noon at 3 o'clock tomorrow division the fourth title game at the Christian and a sensing Janet. Then tomorrow evening the final one on date won the division three Notre Dame. Crowley Ohio's accounting New Iberia full states' image simply about play action cupboards trimming allowed all day long our sister station. WWL 105 point three HD two online at WW dot com or take action on the go with you WWL Smartphone app. All of that begins. To moral Bob via three straight days in the dome with. And streets ME two games each day it's always the big time college coach and will be descending upon the dome take out some of the big talent. Well Bobby and at five A championship game. Coco Williams and not the Honda tigers against the xetra Broncos. That's going to be 88 of tremendous ballgame. The late show with titans in the car cougar is a mean they've they've got some big time gains over come that this weekend. Yeah you look at late chairs program when Perez is now above me coming here if they dale good. And because yeah we get ready this over to my rationally and get what is the Obama players who celebrating the fortieth anniversary and we won the state championship outside you know foray did it have a five day back in 1977. Now anyone with a first the about it yet so we get ready Arlington currently getting ready to celebrating. You know all old teammates together and forty years these says it's a long time and he kind of reminiscent. He was taken some men and it would really was with the but it's all good big look at men. You know public takes here okay. And then this guy is significant and what I mean by that he's like their Marcus. Are assisting morning's Marchand Lattimore Desmond Trufant. Desmond Trufant was dealing with a concussion. Issue but the keys full participation of pregnancy will play. Against the saints. So Deke when you're talking about a match ups and and you know you want Michael Thomas obviously excel I can see Trufant. Along would Alford the pin out of engages in put only crew from Michael Thomas I can see that matchup. Now we talked about holiday short week how you practice in. This one takes their. They have a couple embedded delusional some of the Expos and Dennis says remember how long you'll give them yeah. Bobby druze bit off target the last several games maybe needs to practice on Wednesday. This is from. And 95 but it's a missed the 9200. That this is somebody local who okay. Drew is off target. We have the third best passing attack in the NFL. And he's any good blitzer percentages. Look he's over 7%. What the hell are so Armstrong okay. What are you talking about fans are you dead delusional. Breeze miss one throw. Florida coroner Rowell Betty always hits big Jewish studies a human being. And he's not perfect. And it's un believable. That fan base and expectations. Oh hole would they have one Drew Brees. I'll never understand it. And I think some bands that never truly appreciate it into a Drew Brees is no longer hair. I'm a district. The local people all that and I'm out now on this of falcons fan from a 985 area code. They took over thirty yards anymore. Had to go to the run had no choice. I admitted to work and much improved the bill that's all good till you meet the real team tomorrow. Go falcons. Need to Newton. Okay. That did the real team. Are you saying the proud of this evidence fiber bettered United's three saints decisive wanted to of the skins and then. And are you bragging about Matt Bryant's arm over Drew Brees I think they're very similar. They go to go the football. And the acrid. And you cable lets them. You one thing that I know Dennis Allen. Speaker any game plan to stop Drew Brees said. Well Glaus get Adam does it have an Ramallah lists Russia. You know let's blitz that we get it moving at a show them run limit their right now Matt Ryan and Drew Brees is too good. Edges out now blitz and because that ball's gonna become an all they know where to go when it and you gonna get burned you gonna get burned and and you you know wish you had. So mother defense and other words. You know lived by a sword die about a sort of going to get better I drew Ricci V dime about a sore right feast or famine. You'd be starving you would not be feast in over the long haul if you didn't go out get after Matt Ryan Drew Brees now with that being said. The a look at a public report and where an where Brett. Drew Brees and they're trying to blitz him as quarterback rating is a 114. Now if you look at. Did dig and authors stated. That's what was what and hide he's been overall is that a hundred he's not a nine and a half. But opponents. Big business united of a big fan and the it did it's Alan that the bids as that night. The we only given up a 77. QB rating. When we blitz opponents but yet to look at who you blitz. Brian it would quarterback like a guy like Matt Bryant as satellite. They go who who would you consider someone. But yeah we Cuba within dizziness and nobody's doing. Okay we played the bears. Bride to be used to. Right you young men and yes right so it doesn't matter who you glitz and who you're trying to attack like man I knew that more since then it. The there's no other team in the National Football League right now you can look okay. The New Orleans Saints lost to New England then also Minnesota and ramps. Altria those teams in first place needs is a divisions that's a combined record of the listing the things slow to of Tony now wins and seven losses. Doing instant into Minnesota's Tim into an LA rams or NAND and three. So as so I'll win thousands who they play when they played them. The saints at the top eight episode deemed all living right now because we've done this once a year and hopefully does that happen. You're looks like right now we have one of these games how how we lost that I team. The jets you know the jets are better than I think their record right but that that would be watered those gains in the jets who come here like that that we lost that implying breed because Digg this year. We have beaten a team who's supposed to be a problem and no one's maybe you like all while. It didn't quite work out you have to look at the quarterback play who you face in the world teams and what their record. I had these occasions and Bobby Hebert on disability a sports style continues here all in WW. All right Andrea Ford is out Andrus peat. Will not play tomorrow night he is Al. Questionable. Mark Ingram toe he did not practice states Iran homestead thigh he was and sort of injury he was limited to practice day. Marcus Williams groin injury was limited more sound that a more ankle that limited. Our defense of entry Hendrickson. And the in limited also they are limited at practice that that those guys able dismissal. This is questionable listed as limited Karr make PJ Williams dealing with a shoulder injury and had an injury can crawl. Key aids day clown was a full go today now out of the Atlantic game Bobby's car and in the vitro but trusted injury. And patty aired so mate. Is and back entry. Two guys who did participate full. And for tomorrow post in the iPad stay for the falcons are cornerbacks Desmond Desmond Trufant nearly with a concussion and Bryant who with a bank interest. Right yeah big they have their garments so you know it's telling me both. The saints and the falcons gonna have their starting guards out there because telemarketing is actively moving or is that albeit tackle. And being an actress beat out regard it and you get out and Libby drowning guard so would other than that. Is. Not the right now. And as to what it looks like you could see we gonna get to see national stage that match up more shot Lattimore you study the woods could be intriguing. Is he gonna file lol. Julio jolts. Because I think at times they did have competency crawling they can roll the coverage. And he's not just gonna go away several Julio jones' you might just have been playing one sided if feel dealing was ankle injury. Memo the words came in New Orleans Saints foe saint linebacker Scott standing now analyst tax what Scott saints and falcons. Size of this Roberts for us the fans give prom dubbed the play is give pump don't what is about to sink to the falcons. Well I think for me what I got traded on the topic and Malia and new arrival I understand but it was. But the rivalry between the cities enlistment for the fans talk about it in that span department Atlanta. And I think that helped fuel a rivalry and that they apparently was low level is too good team and analysts seem like. When Mike was they were really good team and heroic battle against. We look at this is that they gave credit when we were when we pan on top though it was good to acutely rivalry and and I think it in the model I think both these teams don't. And after because. Now Scott you've been alive back here to challenge is that this. They give plays all covers in your locker man you gotta have that clocking head who's in his own and you have to close that gap. But then you also lit up the responsibility feed that ye are no man's demands situation you've got to cover both inside and outside in. Trying to have leverage and and now hopefully to pass rose gets there deployed being gonna bring it out if you look at these two backfield. For instance. You look at Allen Tamara Mark Ingram they combine the 248 yards. From scrimmage. Now that you look at last year. Gives the saints. With the body Freeman and chemical was able to do and Ned what do we. Three match of the head to order 96 charge basically 300 yards. And then they had 230 seat charge it and we seventies took combined for 532 yards from scrimmage into being. Talk about the challenge is a bowl. The saints linebackers and if I was linebackers. Makes it phase in the lives of those jewels that big Coleman if Freeman embarking human Allah Comerica. Yeah and people all meals are armored dynamic what they do. Freeman coming back. From an entry into another note there opposite the vehicle management. Yeah you like the bigger threat that but on the beeper on the back this year when you're running back to run the ball in the tackled. Well what these guys and and not only that the they have the ability at all backfield run screen. Taxable equivalent to make plays. It put a lot of current linebackers capital where those guys are at all time in the Utley is no bill that would like these things. Went with the guys on the field are collected the ball pretty little bit more Coleman the bigger back you can get themselves pretty good. From the it went off because enough rounds. There does sync button like they were plastered. A lot Kyle imminent and that Oprah. And it has gotten lucid about it missing button but he still like them made at the top ten office. He you know it's a crazy. You Celek all to say they came as the Baltimore a lot of penalty number three. Yeah it doesn't it's amazing that perception of what you look at it could you get to a certain point like for instance land a scoring offense. Did they are by far ahead of every one last year three points better. 33 now have 34 points around there. Well this year you know. Not so much if you look at the scoring offense they average in a pit boys vessel but 23. So odd that you would you get used to it is like how we get used to Drew Brees always make it plays and and and what you expect like if your felt it's been. You expect Julio. A big divide is pass rush it's on the do that it doesn't happen. But outright grant program that you goes gut. Do you think Lattimore follows Julio Jones around our disease stale one sided if you come back from minute during May begin crawling a few cracks and Leo. That was crawl and play and he might be the most Crumpler Mateen and outstanding. You you can you'd have the ability as landmark. Be in the a truck help the in the U percent. I don't know you run around you'll Julio view that medical Mora. I think that the cops are gonna grow this year humidity keep those guys crumble in the field. From a same iMac analysts like come expose TV Scott Shanle and Scott Shanle nets and Scott Shanle onto the Scott thank you so much that now we appreciate. Sky sports sub rolls on two I was down two to go here on WW.