What drives people to extremism?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, June 15th
Tommy talks with Brian Levin, Director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, about how extremists come to be.

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Brian Levin director of the center for the study of hate and extremism at California State University sand. While Bernadine O'Brien good morning how you do one. And the last the ideal I'd I'd I'd done WWL. We're back decades which I don't like to say that totaled candy yeah he spoke to the shot ideal. He would do as a felon who I dealt with during midday but also ships. Are they didn't we just wild and a lot of fun I you'll do I got sent to sell them on up so they are. Only he but no cargo back and emails I would like to know you spoke to ballerinas and Amer about Bob repeat. You know what. I would days ago. Anyway Brian let's get to the subject at hand and I guess in relation to what happened a moral yes Syria we've been talking about it all morning. While why are people so angry black and white people hate someone to one they go to the extremes and not try to find common ground in the middle. Thank you the first wouldn't sickness that was just in New Orleans not too long ago. All our hearts and prayers are or would congress and police. And then the other victims of this horrible atrocity that you know that that's that's the first six but yeah there's a lot of anger out there. And I think you hit on something. We have seen I think of them rattling what to sociologist. And I try to stay away from sociologist so much that can often but the and and the Europeans go civic or civil cohesion and that is still these institutions. Are exempt properties. Which bind us together. Com and where we've been becomes so outcome oriented and distrustful and talking to each other in our own echo chambers. Are we become slate let's look at like really. We've really come so they use radio outlets who wants to trust in the federal government. Are around the time I was born fifty some odd years ago which at least 7%. It's now under 20% and you can slowly and congress. You can throw in academia. Bit of news media the financial markets. Even science. As having no eight change of distrust and what we've seen is with social media and the Internet. Conspiracy theories and and other types of our opinions. Out has taken over as people can now out. Amplified your anger would have been trying to see whether or not every. Point to that is rational. I'm I believe Brian research shows people rather than wanting to be challenged on their beliefs seek out. The media source that. Agrees with their beliefs and I think the problem has and that's why I have a hard time talking facts in the morning. Because nobody believes it if you if you side effect from the government they think it's phony and then they go on line. And perhaps find a blind they confirms what they already think you know blog a's is something somebody wrote and posted. So I don't know how active how people determine what they believe and if that's got any. Pardon this at all where things are believed that aren't true and that fuels the anger. Yeah absolutely and and and did the bit that I would like chance stand. You know but at getting stuck in. Is folks try to pinpoint to one side of the political spectrum. We're the other with respect to this and certainly you know like you wouldn't eat you have kids you know. And who wouldn't intercepted wrong. You know you'd OK we'll do that at certain acute it was wrong at the same time it. One so. But I understand what you saw it here you're smarter moment. But any more still ahead anymore money Brian just say you know. I talking immediate pro corolla and hand on to say with kids you spend the same amount it's used everybody gets smaller share if you have more better. And it and it both my two deaths than. In any event on. Did it worry about is be one of the Asian. This conspiracy here he stuffed the lack of active listening. And decency dig deep at offensive side and say. Like it exists on both sides so for instance. Dear dear some hard places on the on the light particularly in certain parts of the media. We really deal yet. He'll a hole and here. And I kind of that. Conversation about who else is guilty and I'm talking against my own book now academia. All we do not have the kind of critical thinking and approach particularly with regard. Too conservative ideas and I'm not someone who's you active conservative but I invite folks who conserved to speak to my classes including a dear friend of mine. Who's an evangelical pastor just so. Somewhere analyzing things would in my criminal law class. We restore that we take should the law be more concerned with morality and social order given the conservative person goodwill statistic what hitters. Perspective on morality it might be different from what what my students aren't I'll get somebody else and you'll as people were kind. Still talk we are none of them I go to some of these rallies you know to interview problems. And it's really adjusting their your different courts. Ought to approach you and I call. The indeed the complex ones and they just want these wanna push you enjoy obsolete. Then there that the folks called the street preacher and able and that would be glad to religion I didn't you know they just trying to wanna talk to act yet. And then at the people want to engaged and they do really interesting. Possibly went to a rally this weekend in Hamburg you know which was the largest ones they had in the country. A rally one that could well who wouldn't anti actually reality. And didn't do you were who were folks were more conflicts while the other side it would protesting right across the street. And then and just to remind people San Bernardino was where. I guess was a Christmas party where the couples shot some people. It it was the worst terrorist attack. In the United States post 9/11 to that time in December 2015. And what what's so interesting is. On both sides you can see like don't you know the hard ones who just want to opt. The other site that would that would erupt out. You were people who wanted to engage emotionally distant when he spoke to some of these folks should just. Ideal and he can't actually inside a that you and I'd like confront that and I'm Brian from Kelsey just wanted to ask why you're here. And that figure we're here against security and I say well. We have a First Amendment that Billick we know it you're deer hunters shall real lawn the state it's in the states or they could well I don't know I'll get back. And and can somebody else noticed something going on C San Diego would have no go zones and the most undertake in overtime to get involved in compliance and we looked up when he was talking about. Anti bullying against Muslims students that was it. It will Dearborn Michigan to get that a lot are no doubt sir. Anything Dearborn stay out of Dearborn and you know it it it it's it's it's it's run by who knows. And that that's the kind of stuff and what it does it. It its immense people into their positions as opposed to having active dialogue about you know. Think that we should talk about which include you know maybe we should criticize. Different aspects. Of how we lived in his manifested. Double double strikes once they had to do the stuff turf for more years and secure facility three decades. At various times different types of extremism. Bubble popped. From different places on the ideological spectrum and one of the things we're watching it not only that you know the hard right. Which has gotten a lot of press but the hard left and that's bubbling up it's not quite as famous or as. It's intense needed to do app. We haven't helped the 21. Violent. Political public confrontations since December 2015. To it's something that we're actually looking at and it talking to government officials about. Got a couple of quick questions were willing to go hasn't gotten worse in the time that you've been doing this and and what history shows. And is or is it cyclical way gets bad inning it's better against bad inning it's better. It's it's worse now in this regard we have the most diversified threat matrix that we've had in my professional. I know that means something to you bull what does it mean for us so. How would you say on the threat matrix a diversified threat matrix. If it means like Indianapolis 500 we have a lot of courage opting for the front position with Q extremism. But but the other thing I would say if you look back to the seventies. In the release of these we had on me after about five bombings in. We were not here we have something different now and added what I think is the institutionalization. Of this kind of two camps. It is much more. Much wider and it's 40%. Plus of Americans. Hell hole put his use against Muslims for instance but but I'm on the west we've now seen the collections for instance. On an equal tied to bigotry still wants to shut down conservatives and wants to violently. Confront these issues as opposed to working through the institutions and prophecies of course like democracy. And that's what's happened in in the Virginia yesterday in our prayers are or are with. Our congress and police in the others who who were who were struck yeah. Thank you Brian it was a pleasure and I hope you remember my name and I'll be come back and begging him to give my regards to read the Crescent City.