What do you think of James Comey?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, April 19th

Tommy talks with Lara Brown, the Director of the Graduate SChool of Political Management at George Washington University, about Donald Trump and James Comey.


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So Donald Trump the president tweeting about. You know white guy in Iraq myself here for one moment because he was talking about Kim Jong-un in the meeting yesterday at a luncheon they were having with the Japanese prime minister and if you look at the video at one point. Will bring in Lehrer around here director of the graduate school political management at George Washington University good morning Lara. At one point he's talking about North Korea and way at the other end of the table you can see. Com well in general Kelley. Lean back and take a look at him as though the look on Kelly's face is where where where is he don't want this would what's what's he saying what's with the way what is all this about. Com but to get back to rule we were talking about the president tweeting about teams combing. It would seem like and I know this happened before an honorary member of the book the more the president tweaks are more books he sells for James combing. Well that certainly. True I mean you'd. Any of the coverage about game companies. I'm first public appearance yesterday. Regarding the there was any room all pretty and everybody. Was packed into the bookstore in New York two by his sucks though. Certainly the president. His attention and bulked line Coby as a critic. Is healthy and to. Sort of create this confrontation. And then that drives sales. Palm so the big I guess. Issue here's a president said. And trying to I'm trying to get this straight the president said he did not. Fired James combing over the Russian investigation but yet he told Lester holt a year ago that he did does that generate. That is correct and this is part of the problem you know with the president and the presidents. Constant Tweety is set. I think daily basis he backtrack. Or are goes against what he said the floor. Or is constantly. Changing story. And and I think most Americans. Are you happy that he will. Stayed consistent in his pronouncement whatever they are that you conceded. There is this constant back and forward. And frankly. Not only two pieces. The American public and his advisors but it really does is put all. The country in its. Kind of uncertainty about what's going to happen he did this when it is that. That the PPP which is. Trade agreement that involved in countries in Asia. Key piece sort of one model and said on Twitter you know maybe he was thinking about getting back in it again and then he went back and said no it was a bad deal I mean. You know surprisingly it didn't sent the market. Into turmoil. Partly because the markets have now learned to ignore what he says on Twitter. Com money comes to the summit whatever you wanna call it meeting with Kim Jong-un and where it takes place and who would politically. I hear how some comment trying to say this Larry there's a big deal. Obama. Is saying you know what in San Antonio and it's also removed foreboding and CNN video general Kelley leaning back in his chair. And looking way down the table at the president is if more volatility it's gonna come out of his mouth now. Do you think they'll be at what do you the president on on point here because the business is. As a big deal. Well part of the problem is net president trump and proceed. Every problem. As seen about that deal right there's only deal being made there's just people and make the deal. Seen. Often lacks that there are very real interest or history or other acts. That are. The reasons why people are in the places that are yen. You know in politics we ought to today where the end it depends a great deal on nuclear use it. And what that means is that. Different people who were situated differently have concerns. Better here real. And I think one thing that the president is over. Is that Kim Jong-un has ample. Reasons. Four whole bean views that he hole. Not least of which is his own power. You know weren't heeded. Some. Give up nuclear arms and decide to chilling with South Korea. He would be creepy completely going against every scene in his own personal interest. And I don't think the president realizes. That as he's seeing that is just about. You know me and him and you know happy one on one discussions. I appreciate you time Larry anything you wanted her we let you go. Now I mean why do you think that the North Korea as a chance to play it for history. But I it's also need massive chance of failure and so this isn't very high stakes game and will see where it really can't. Thank you Larry appreciate your time I really do is always I should say doctor brown Lara doctor Larry Brown director of the graduate school political management at George Washington university of pleasures always. Give a good day.