What to do when your job conflicts with your personal ethics?

There are doctors who are 'urged to prescribe medications when they may not feel they're necessary.'  There are teachers who are 'pressured to get high test scores instead of teaching the whole student.'  There are judges who  has to give mandatory sentences that they feel are unjust but are bound by the law.

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Anton Piatigorsky - award-winning playwright and author of the new book Al-Tounsi, which tells the story of the way the personal lives of fictional Supreme Court Justices impact their judgments.


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Talk more detail about this. And how it affects people's jobs and how they deal with that we have invited Anton to get to gore ski did John is an award winning playwright and author of the new book called Al mansi. Anti unwelcome omen and thank you for joining us in if you would also a bit more much itself. And it may be well you've outlook on the rating and the goblet com living in Toronto which we complexion BP. I'm back in thinking about it he should for a long time writing it I ought to write stories about people who are in situations where there. Caught in the world compromise. Where they have to decide between the responsibility that somebody's thing that they have on them and their own personal. Guidance. And it makes for it makes for good stories that makes for a lot of thought that it had about it. Here what did you do your research as has happened to you personally or have you interviewed people that have dealt with a. Yeah like on about it particularly at the leaks from law what law enforcement with judges and lawyers on how much of the law. This is because they're really crucial issue. Because the law ask you to be objective so I wrote a novel about judges on the Supreme Court and how they are sworn to hold. The law at 8 PM without getting in felt personally ball at all. And yet they're constantly they're Smart people are constantly facing the fact that you might not agree with the law but there. That year. Sworn to uphold and putting captive they have to wrestle with these issues all the time complicated ways but I researched the law I really on the lot and in development. Yeah I can see where that would certainly be a problem letting tried to eliminate your personal perspective from making a decision and we see them all the time particularly with long courtrooms and judge's always. On admonish the jurors and tellem you know no matter how you feel personally you have to use the law and that's what we're applying the principles of law. I mentioned the medical profession doctors pharmacists. Teachers. And certainly politicians want other professions CD's do you think have to go to this conflict I'm sure there are many many more. Yeah you know the truth is I think that everybody goes on it happens whenever you don't have power and on the yell at some power over you. I'm Ben you are always in the situation where you have to reconcile. What is you might believe in my ways you might want. What is your being cold to do so I think it happens from everyone from the secretary to a lawyer to doctor. You. Every one you know in and an every in every I didn't really a question of degree. You get immediately. More severe situation when you what you feel like the wrong you're doing well and somebody else's rules is really really damaging. So that law enforcement. Which judge is it capping the teachers doctors people who they elect their facts will you really negative toward other people. You know I'm also thinking Anton people in the in the sales business you know may beyond the guy on the car lot you know may be mr. I guess those people don't. Most people don't consider them having a very high moral compass but. Perhaps some album is it might bother him to the point where they could no longer do the job because of maybe not. Look at outright lying that may be in some cases omitting truths. Lee you know be regional chief in Canada that Ronald bridge day. Where many of the big banks in Canada iPad sales targets were all their employees. And they're in a lot of pushing people to help. The hell are the different services to people that they don't bet that the people don't necessarily believe that's right but the banks and AE LP. Or you're gonna that your job and are quite a number of people who have been working out really all the major banks in Canada have been coming out and we can't keep -- think it's right. And it did exactly that issue there's a push to sell. And that pushed it felt might go again what you think is right or clients or what you think is just just accurately in the in the card ample like you. Well that really hits home for me because in my first life I was in a position when there was a sales position and we were pressured. To sell what was known as maintenance agreements a service contracts after the product was bought. On the product came with a pretty good wanting. The coverage that you got from the Salameh this agreement went over and above that. Certainly by. Avoiding explaining in detail but warned that came with a product you would sell more maintenance agreements. And it was an ethical dilemma for me and I as long as I was and eventually left them more reasons and that. I refuse to not tell the truth to customers and and I was typically low on the totem pole and it came to. Sales performance which didn't you know bode well for the future much out there are yeah. You know being compensated a better and other people listen seem to bother them you know they kind of did whatever they wanted to have to make sure they think they would top and is selling those things and and by the way the company's news collapse right now. If of the many other reasons but I can certainly understand that what so what does your research tell you. From people you've talked to and things you observed as far as the best way to handle you know it's it's a tough situation I got. It's in rural split down the middle that some people said yeah they can put them moral compass aside for the job you got a family depending on you you mortgage to pay and bills and maybe not that many options to go to another job bomb so they just give in what is the best you've found a way to deal. Yet the question. I think that I'm required so I'm really. Two pre an independent think in ingenuity in order to deal. That really the past the people who handled it the app that I've seen are the people who manage to walk a line. I'm between having their point being now and yet still and that responsibility. In their positions so a really good example is that they were in charge. In the city Iowa we believe is a federal charge. To add mandatory drug. And in laws that he'd been required to get yeah you can situation after situation people who are addicts who have all sorts of problems on who. Commit minor offense and that and it required them to jail for a very long period of time. And he thinks it's wrong pew people need treatment according need to match or the smaller car or whatever the situation. So he come out looking to judge judge warned not to. It is the Indian. He continued to do it but he's come out and called Berry. Poor the law changed arms so he had managed to kind of call attention. And today it is wrong or a minute work. Who say. It is not something I believe. While you all so maintaining. So I. That there's a lot of people who were able to. Be brave and sort of public side the problem while still. It would be greatly respect he'll get reprimanded or there you know. If you do that in sales job is just the church. I'm into the and it can't count how bad is how patent you know it works just McCain in the compact worked at work it into the and certainly like in my novel yet find out which steals with charges. I've tried that by late which judges can do that in the most crack easily possible where they can feel it really will be the principal and peered at the law and yet off so. Notching it in ways that say hey this is wrong we have to look at it. To address the media play I think we're back. And creativity really sort of walked a tightrope. Yeah walking the tight ropes certainly is is one note consideration and way to deal with the the other and you get on. A pop press. Trying to bring about change you know is this something that gives you moral problem maybe try to implement change in that so that it doesn't and that might not be. The best thing to do you could be called a troublemaker but at the same time at least if you working towards it maybe that would. Satisfied YouTube ethical Nolan. Absolutely I think everybody has a line where what are all that is implementing change it's trying to. Odd nod at them while you're calling for change by if they're much resistance than there are those times when you think you are morally required. To say no and you gonna become better cost you your job and you have to take that can be courageous. I'm Vicky don't the consequences are much much more than a year and a that you mentioned that job or at least that the reason for different reasons the companies going under. I couldn't record albeit in different reads and has the problem the reason that they are they being de instilled. A culture where about what and where. That that wasn't on. That would pervade everything about everything about a company and over time that can eat away at the Arctic. So ultimately I think you're required to do if you don't take expand Apple's line. Of your home we you know you're not gonna crop we hit it right and an amendment to get ten. I think you're in big trouble than it around. Exactly and and someone just texted me on text message board and they did the thought they says Don. He enjoyed working with you at blank then they immediately recognize that placement that was. So I guess some people just. Giving him in they do compromise it. How'd they deal with that. Mentally to goal from I mean did they just say it's just what it is what it is and is some of the number you got a man's gotta do it a man's gotta do. I mean I think that it it's really hide to howl. Unfortunately it. If I how independent. Independent you can be with your thought. And how courageous he can be difficult circumstances. I mean you know the worst example of it that I I Noah is you don't like it was Katrina not see. Who was sort of mid level not the Ku went on ranging from many should you should be camp. And when he was on trial it depends what. Hey I would just debating the law he that he didn't have any problem in terms of conscience because the law even though he didn't actually agree with that the law. They were the law from and he just was putting a lot to his superiors what to what it. How did you know how do you reconcile that on a personal level I'm. It depends on how much you know when you're making this pitch that at all if you really really do your heart goes wrong in got a at a and it. Harder initially decree Egypt but I think in the long run it paid off our engine your own mental wellbeing to signal that Pakistan. Actually that in fact that exactly mean that. I traumatize my novel concede about a judge should very very strict. And a bit and the law we want to Obey the law all the time and a certain income up each of the repeal it right. And it's a question of how he get to that point that tipping point where he had to decide the cost of not making that decision going to be worked and the car and do something totally outside what you would normally do. Do you think that there is enough protection. Oh from the whistle blower angle that if people sense something is wrong them bothered by it morally and ethically. And they've reported that his son no repercussions that happen to them do do we provide enough for that. Legally. I actually went and did he help about that I think it's really it's it's really. I'm very different like in different circumstances. And it all depends on. On the on the crime war yeah on the crime on what they're saying they should be doing. So. I think it it depends on the circumstance. I personally feel like there's there's that there should be. A pretty good about protecting people who work and produce much wrong but I think. Part of what I a part standing out. Means that you are prepared to take the consequent. So. It I don't know the the full answer to whether or not enough action or not. I got a text Massachusetts coming in here and it says is from a that teachers says every profession especially teaching with the tops pressure. I was a single parent would no child support was called a non conformist and ruin my son's wife I don't know and Tom if you committee with. Tops but it's a program whereby. Soon students so long Louisiana born get a free education as Pedro. On bio on a huge grant in this is gone through some changes over the years but. On this particular person admitting that you know single parent notes shall support. A non conformist general in the sun I don't know how that person dealt with a win this still teaching. Gave it up or just come up with a compass aside. Yeah I mean that that I feel for that her very strongly that the situation and the more precarious and vulnerable you are armed. And the less power that you have the more correct it takes to stand out. And so I don't think they're the heart attack and circle when you draw the line when you don't do it that the league every. Every person gonna have a different line in every at a circumstance didn't come out.