What do we know about the latest London terror attack?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Monday, June 19th

Tommy talks to CBS correspondent Larry Miller about the latest on the London terror attack.


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One of the great things about working at a legendary radio station like this has been around since the 1920s. Is that he can reach ounces CBS correspondent anywhere around the world where news breaks and that's certainly happened. In London where we go to join Larry Miller CBS correspondent mourning Larry. More common for people had just gotten of the car just waking up could you explain what happened in London today. Sure it was just after midnight last night worshippers at a mosque it just left. Ramadan prayers and northeast London. Suddenly eight and sped into them. Ran them over. One person died but at this point we don't know whether or not he was are ready ill with heart attack but there are ten injured. This comes after three previous terrorist attacks in the last couple of months and so then the crowd. I sat upon the man the driver but a white man 48 years old and today and the imam a religious leader. Called for calm so the man was killed on the ground until police arrived in the mayor rest of them on suspicion of attempted murder police are calling this terrorist attack. Is there any in Yangtze motive but he it was it's just somebody that didn't hear from Muslims or was it payback for what had gone on in London. Oh. What we don't know I'm sure that until we know that motive is something that the British police are looking at right now but. For some time the domestic intelligence agency MI five has warned. Of the dual threat of terrorism from the far right and also from Muslim extremists. British security officials. Said that they hate crimes directed at Muslims have increased 500%. After the recent terror attacks in Britain so the community feels under attack. After this particular incident as a mixture of anger this year there's apprehension. Polls for Muslim leaders for home and definite wider community to come together. To every Sumpter and Larry we're talking to Larry Miller CBS correspondent in London generate something a boat to calm the aerial what I was formerly. I hotbed for Muslim activity area or Muslim extremists but that was ten years ago and it's changed completely. Yeah. What in fact you do was a a radical. Islamic leader who is now in jail in America. I do is extradited to America will be there in jail oh with you for a long time. And when he was kicked out of the century park mosque where these people last night were praying. He then created his own prayers congregation if you want equality in the street. In front of the mosques so they would pray in the street. Now he was very radical and very. And inciting or other people so but the simple. Then cleared up in the decade or so since then. You talking about attacks on Muslims being up common give 500 would you sing. 500% in the last couple of months. And so the the reaction from the Islamic community period. There it would it would expect there this year. They want more protection. Synagogues in England I've been here 4041. Years in synagogues in London have had guards. Around them with walkie talkies. Every day of those 41 years and Muslims want that for the mosques is well. Is this. A coordinated effort or are these just lone wolves that designed to take things and in their own hands. A prime minister threesome it says it was it looks like a lone wolf situation. It comes a year to the day after. The assassination of British lawmaker Joseph Cox a young woman. From the labor party and the person who shot her to death was a far right extremist neo Nazi sympathizer. Our authorities worried that this is gonna quickly escalate out of control with tit for tat. And are they taken any steps toward preventing them. I don't know what you're doing to prevent that but that's always a a possibility is that you have as I said MI five saying that. At the the threat is it to me one from both far. Right. Neo Nazi element and we have good number of those people here. And the Islamic terrorists. So they've got a lot of people who follow and that the reason the British terror threat level is that the beer. It's trouble for those reasons. Larry you realize your professional journalists that a claim my eight. Pierce led jail for second and ask you as you travel about London are you hesitant to get nervous to do as they call indoor public transportation or go to certain places. And now you either live your life worries power. Tomorrow I'm going to Queen's Club tennis. To watch is pretty rumble ten tennis tournament. And I'm sure I'll be checked everything I bring him will be checked them all myself which is. And then two nights later I'm going to the west and took the seat theater show. So apple on the subways on the to do to both of those places you either. Live your life when you give up your life. Did you say sandwiches. So what is you bring your own food. Oh yeah now I don't know they like and not really let you do that it surprised he had no booster for Knight Larry thank you so much. Appreciate you as always and went on jewels RT you know unfortunately I don't mean that about UN mile long that I answer heaven today coming into the tennis tournament I'd.