What do two cases the Supreme Court will hear mean for the country?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Tuesday, June 27th

Tommy talks to Josh Blackman, Associate Professor of Law at the South Texas College of Law Houston, about two cases the Supreme Court will hear this fall.


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71878. Degrees right now it's supposed to remain quote iron today and whether people on TV were gushing about violence bettered failed. Knowing I would say is that ninety degrees. Even though it's drive. So it was an open. It in Las Vegas for a while 117 degrees the humidity I don't care. It's still high. Occasion uttered the Supreme Court. Acted on present trumps travel ban yesterday partially inning inning here at all. And it offers money October date. Begin and talk about it during the summertime the other thing Hank said they would hear. Uses cases making a lot of noise about a business being able refuse service. Two gay couple. Josh Blackmon joints right now associate professor of law at the South Texas College of Law in Houston he clerked for me for a couple years now. He did a fine job morning Josh. Good morning. Those parking days. You'll want well thank you appreciate it seriously Tom. Tell me about the Supreme Court yesterday let's start with the traveled in and and move on. To the bakery Tom. In essence this is odd for a the Supreme Court to allow part of it to go on an annual thing Willie here are just the part that they did not grow on jones' work. Well the that apparently surprising outcome I envisioned it differently to keep it turned out. The court support that and. Oh life isn't a judge. That's how life is no matter what you guests are anticipated never happens. Supreme Court so they knew the court that was president trump could important traveled. With respect of people who have Europe and the United States took it from dying the area. Who want compete nightly news of the world but market and that it. He's not a lot. The pertinent here at the American brother. Father in that job opportunities that made it Tulane University. He would be and here and in the travel. But what if there are trying to understand a cement trying to it to be funny. What if they were just coming inning at a brother here or something and to see Marty grow our Jazz Fest or what anti. Well that would be opening bell we should. Within in future litigation. The Supreme Court opinion that it really are credited. And effective arm that go to court you can relate to that. We said them workable. Could that happen is that all will or will trump would now decide what to do it. And not a recent interview back in an elder and applied in the yet where the mat where he'd say that it would be relationship with the United States. So mad and guy in Libya are cred but how I wanted to drop enough in the world. That probably not enough that bill is about but below where it does decide adequate reason Cuba answer. So in essence they kinda kicked it down the lower court saying all right this is the rough guideline. Lower courts you fill in the blanks on each challenge. Exactly so that your feet by eight here's the walk compared immigration groups to pay my guys at the owner Peter relationship. Let him and. The second break judgments we're sorry were running late don't talk about this. Bakery cases well and gay rights and protected class and all that stuff Josh Blackmon our guest. Associate professor of law at the south Texas college of law and Houston and clear things up. He's forgotten more about the law that I will ever know in my life 722 yours traffic and other WL seven Tony six Tommy Tucker talking with Josh Blackmon a friend a virus associate professor of law. At the South Texas College of Law. In Houston we've already covered the ruling on the Donald Trump immigration band now we move on to a case in made a lot of noise. During the year at Colorado bakery refused to make a cake in I don't know exactly how it played out. I think they were gonna make they take till they found out it was a gay couple than they said. They wouldn't. Is the point here John actually keep pointedly case whether or not it's discrimination. War. About being able to run your business as she sees fit. Is Josh turned on. Josh you there. Yet on the part of your perspective now that it's note did you. The question I think it is one of the gate and get people very divided. On the one and yeah law which. Prevent discrimination. On the basis of sexual orientation. And on the other and yet the First Amendment and yet to act at the First Amendment. Yes three B and exercise. That being creed says that I'll be happy many of them or the need Christmas skate at Easter K what are they want. A wedding he did that make me so if it was there. The union with which you find simple. They'll be issue I'm sure if any speakers in your in your audience so that beat the architect act they aren't eating in our. And is being sent to me EK he's being compelled speech he can help make our. Arm and not it would be someone who doesn't want you put them. The but the back negativity around issues. And backed the quarter to eight suggest that does that issue of national importance that the cut the law to grapple here. Do they deliberate. Or think about this do any research have clerks doing. Hum background stuff during a summertime and and Amy on the first Monday of October and start looking at all of this roots process. That is that they're right as it won't matter the justices don't talk with a key each other ball after it are you. Currently the judges and the law are eaten better research in this case. Thinking it through so by the time that he'd argued that all they probably would get them delivered on that. But it seems like we get a lot of decisions. In June. In terms of timeframe when when you think we and I know it is just a guest judge who winner we'd like to are we likely let me phrase it this way too. For them the rule on the travel band before they take thing or not necessarily. All the travel bat a bat pepper minister in the little complicated. Present crop in order certainly needed ninety days of the travel ban and that. In order to. Figure and a bit muted. After nine days the very good partner that he that he does plan. By the time travel ban argue October. He removed the Medina and decide. In which he is simply complicate things he runs court. So we knew that we get in position on the trial. At the KK. That will probably be argued in January. December January. Decision although certainly the intention when your day. It's interesting that. Com. That the president wanted ninety days. And that will expire before. The first Monday in October. And she said rendering it mood but. You never know. The president is likely to order an extension on this now that he. All I think I owe you one. The million dollar question I think is his chances are ordered the third. Quarter. Which. Which will prolong the earth I don't mean this is it over quite yet but did you lose their craft pitching that they met up by October. Sadness collections Josh should implement a back row. A real quick com. He has some and he texted in so not saying that what they did was right and look I agree with you who would want something from somebody who doesn't want to do it. Honorary contractors gave me a testament at this Phelan like hourly wanna do the job and generally want him in the house but they say what about the right to refuse service. And that brings up discrimination and protected class as a non. Right I mean what what what what. A common garden island different and haven't won counters and keep it active customers. That the primary Joyner is built Turkey. That make up for a wedding he equipment K. That Easter day they get on the awaiting its specific very specific act. But are the exclamation mark don't have that you want they don't reflect that that the very specific. An element that is that marriage. And we do. He is going back via Kosher butcher. Not that they've by the law. Arabia a lot quicker that he used. What about the victory but with their base. Mean you have eight who's your religious liberty used to provide an exemption to a general leave the law but will the extent that quite that ought. Now this question made you move means the back row and maybe you're right after. What about a Cass lake. Lunch counter person Edwards you know we have a lot of those anymore but that refuses serve meet some money on Friday. Yeah I mean that that legitimate example and communicate like that. That you can see where certain business owners have the purely outlook to believe. And as a result they don't want by certain services. And they're not. There's not a. That's let it guide you on John Sheila Mae and now we come back and talk to us. We will have a good day judge Blackmon associate professor of law at the south Texas college of flow.